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POWER USERS - IR transmitter working with HC2 ?

Dennis - 2013-05-22, 17:05
Post subject: IR transmitter working with HC2 ?
Is there any IR transmitter (like the SQ Blaster, iTach ) that is working good with HC2? So i can control IR equipment tv's, media players, Roomba's etc. ?
elmips - 2013-05-22, 17:22

I suppose Kira128 would work with HC2 as this is a standalone webserveur who can be controlled with GET command from an HC2 virtual device.
not tested myself anyway.
Plan to do it someday ! ;)

Here is some infos about KIRA128

Shad - 2013-05-22, 19:28

KIRA128 works great, you just need do call url from virtual device.
GrZeCh - 2013-05-22, 21:49

I've managed to make Raspberry Pi work with IR transmitter and receiver. I'm using Raspbmc Raspberry system so I have also media center connected to my TV and with installed lighttpd server and simple PHP file I can send TV, blue ray player commands (which remotes I've read using IR receiver) using simple GET URL from HC2 virtual device.

Raspberry pinout:


How to connect IR receiver and transmitter:


How to configure lirc under linux (Raspbmc SSH access is pi/raspberry):

and how to install lighttpd with PHP (sorry but only in Polish language on this website but you will probably find other english blogs telling how to do that):

so for a price much lower than Globalcache devices you have IR transmitter, IR receiver and media center which can read data from network samba or NFS share or of course from some USB connected HD or pendrive.

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