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  2. JanRemco

    Thoughts on Fibaro? Am I alone?

    Fibaro seems to be very good in making excellent video's on YouTube, but when it comes to real world support and possibilities it is just not reliable. I have high doubts about the quality of their software, and am convinced that the current HC2 software is very buggy. As it is not the first time we users have to navigate around this, i'm also looking for a more stable environment. Its just a toy, and it will not get any better. Jakub, maybe you have a good supplier in Czech Republic, but that is not everywhere the case. The email-adress for dutch support in my country doen't even reply.
  3. TurboWannaBe

    What should I use for house entry Lamp 8Watt

    Why not use a Dimmer 2 from Fibaro?
  4. dacianova

    Samsung Smart Appliance Link is broken

    Within a few days, no Samsung pincode can be obtained. Is there another possibility?
  5. I have filed a template for the Sensitive Doorstrip over two years ago. Have not heard anything - and the doorstrip is stil not included in the Fibaro system. I cannot believe it to be difficult to include as the strip can do nothing other than report door opened or closed.
  6. Thomasn

    play over Sono's music file

    Yes it is possible. Use the search function on this side. Lots of hits!
  7. petergebruers

    Switch 2x1,5kW stuck (welded) because of 20W LED driver

    That's good news. Thank you for reporting back!
  8. futyma

    HC2 nie jest glownym kontrolerem

    Ktoś rozwiązał problem?
  9. It is not supported from Fibaro. However, you could possibly make a VD crontroling it through the cameras ip address. Have not seen it done yet.
  10. it's possible to integrate HC2 with an ip-camera by specifying URL:s for the video stream and controlling it with left/right/up/down URL:s etc. This is one-way communication from HC2 to the camera. Now, some cameras can be armed/disarmed, which means that it will start to record when it detects motion. The idea is that this should trigger an alarm in HC2. My idea is to have a scene which can arm/disarm the camera and then, when the camera detects motions it should trigger a scene in HC2. Has anyone figured out how to trigger a scene in HC2 when the camera detects motion? Is there any kind of support for this? Also, is it possible to arm/disarm your camera through HC2?
  11. jakub.jezek

    Thoughts on Fibaro? Am I alone?

    Hi @Calf, If i were you i would check with FIbaro partner (distributor; check https://www.fibaro.com/en/where-to-buy/) for your region. Fibaro partners/distributors have much faster response from Fibaro then end-customer. Are those (links below) issues regarding RS3?
  12. This might be an ideal reality in an ideal world. Real reality is, that Fibaro does not really care about their customers. Look at how the Nest plugin, or any other plugin or template is just put aside. This is becoming more and more a closed system, so it only encourage users to move away. There are some players out there and being one of the top players is just a question of time and the support of the customers. it can change overnight, when they start to feel betrayed. Additionally, no one can build a home automation from Fibaro products only. You have to buy certain things from other vendors, like valve actuators, etc. Even the thermostat is something that you usually own already, before buying a Fibaro HC2. Expecting somebody to just swap a $250 thermostat for something less fancy, it's just out of reality...
  13. Dear All, I come from the KNX world and am discovering Z-Wave, its ecosystem, specs, compatibility, certifications, etc. its pros and cons, it is an interesting journey. I've started using a number of Fibaro components (RS3 in particular) and I'm really surprized by the lack of finish of those products and the absence of communication from the vendor. I have specific bugs, well identified, documented, sometimes with videos, that I sent to the support team but haven't had any response at all (sent about a month ago!). I also shared them here but with no feedback either - which I was fine as I had no specific/hard expectation when it comes to a community forum. Am I a snowflake or is that a shared sentiment? If those products are supposed to be for the hobbyist and for tactical deployments for fun, fine, but that's not really the perception that Fibaro wants to send AFAICT. So, if this is supposed to be for real-world deployments to be at the core of a building, how is non-responsive support or the absence of visibility on when core features will be fixed something OK? Maybe my expectations are too high but I'm very skeptical at this point and can't really make sense of the situation. I'm also wondering whether I'll have to replace my Fibaro components by something that works as expected. Thoughts are welcome. Thanks.
  14. Is it possible to use a scene to play a music file from NAS via Sonos? I have already found a few entries but unfortunately this has not worked until now.
  15. marshal

    HCL Stuck in recovery mode

    My problem Solved!! After a week that my HCL was turned on in recovery mode, i select Recovery option and after that everything was ok!! It is very strange, cause i was tried all options of recovery mode, even i upload a new patch but problem didn't solved!!
  16. unknown32

    Fibaro Single Switch HomeKit - FQBHS-213

    I always thought that a Neutral is yellow/green and I can't see a yellow/green cable behind the wall socket. But I'll try it out tonight/tomorrow. Really curious
  17. Hello looking for a switch for 8W LED outside Lamp.knowing the melt issue. can someone give me a solution for a switch? Single switch or dimmer switch or third party switch? having this device and wanna switch it with fibaro. SLV LOGS WALL Leuchte Aluminium Schwarz https://www.amazon.de/dp/B008RTJEL2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_MWQzCb22M15Y0 kind regards
  18. marshal

    HCL Stuck in recovery mode

    I have this problem too! Can anyone help me?
  19. Macschimmi

    Samsung Smart Appliance Link is broken

    So wie es scheint hat Samsung die Webseiten neu gestaltet, das ist immer sehr Dumm wenn die Links über das Webinterface gehen. Stimmt aber, der Code kann nicht mehr abgerufen werden. As it seems Samsung has redesigned the website, which is always very stupid when the links go through the web interface. But it is true, the code can not be retrieved.
  20. MasterB

    Fibaro Intercom and 3CX

    Hi, would be awesome to get access to the API! Any news?
  21. tking

    Fibaro Single Switch HomeKit - FQBHS-213

    You can get the neutral from wall socket but You need to know, that it is the same neutral cable which is connected to Your lights.
  22. Tried node-red and the Telegram Bot functionality. It uses the node-red-contrib-telegrambot node. The total flow I use is shown below, the new nodes are the telegram receiver and the telegram sender. You need setup the bot and get a token according to the instructions that come with the node. You also need to get the chatID that is created when you connect to the bot. The Telegram receiver will send the message to the HC2/ZBS wit the format {type='telegram', msg={chatId=716577613,messageId=52,type="message",content:< the message >} } the 'msg' field is the telegram message as received. To send a message back to Telegram use Event.postRemote(_myNodeRed,{type='telegram',{type='message',chatId=<chatId>,messageId=<msgId>,content=< message >}) Easiest to define some helper functions that copy the chatId and type and messageId from the incoming message function telegram(ref,msg) local tmsg = _copy(ref) tmsg.content=msg Event.postRemote(_myNodeRed,{type='telegram',msg=tmsg}) end function telegramAsk(ref,msg) local tmsg = _copy(ref) local opts = { reply_to_message = tmsg.messageId, reply_markup=json.encode({keyboard={{'Yes'},{'No'}},resize_keyboard=true,one_time_keyboard=true}) } tmsg.content=msg tmsg.options=opts Event.postRemote(_myNodeRed,{type='telegram',msg=tmsg}) end rule("#telegram{msg='$msg'} => log('Msg:%s',msg.content); telegramAsk(msg,'Really?')") rule([[#telegram{msg='$msg'} => cmd=msg.content; log('Telegram command:%s',cmd); || cmd=="turn on lamp" >> lamp:on; telegram(msg,'Lamp on!') || cmd=="turn off lamp" >> lamp:off; telegram(msg,'Lamp off!') || cmd=="turn on TV" >> TV:btn=1; telegram(msg,'TV on!') || cmd=="turn off TV" >> TV:btn=2; telegram(msg,'TV off!') ]]) Everything in the 'msg' field is copied over to the payload for the Telegram message, so options like buttons, pictures or whatever Telegram support can be included. So, now it is really easy to chat with your home Flow.
  23. I want to make a scene that works like this: When I trigger my Verisure alarm, the Verisure smart plug sets to off. I have a Fibaro wall plug that then gets W=0. If Fibaro plug W=0 then between 90 min after sunset and 22:45 the Sonos will play radio (this I know how to do). but if I come home and disalarm the Verisure, the Fibaro gets W>0, and then when trying to play my Sonos, it will almost imediately stop due to that the Fibaro W is not equal to 0. So what I like to achieve is: When Verisure is alarmed and clock is between 90 min after sunset and 22:45, then play Sonos. When Verisure is not alarmed, be able to play Sonos. If Verisure is alarmed and the Sonos i playing, and I come home and disalarm the Verisure, stop playing. Is there a way to trigger the "Stop playing Sonos" when a device is changing its state? Meaning, if Fibaro goes from W=0 to something else then trigger the scene?
  24. pepijn

    Fibaro virtual device Xml read

    Yes! Thank you so much it works perfectly! now the only thing i needed to do is set everything in a variable outside the function array right? some thing likes this gives me a error. do i have to declare it before the function? is it possible that you give me an example for one? @jgab function array(a)return type(a)=='table' and a[1] and a or {a} end local ID = (string.format("%s",loc.id)) for _,loc in pairs(array(l.locations.location)) do fibaro:debug(string.format("%s, id=%s, type:%s, preset:%s",loc.name,loc.id, loc.type, loc.preset)) end
  25. Jamie mccrostie

    Controling a 25m 14.4w led strip as main light source

    Yes fibaro RGB module which is powered by the first power supply then in turn tells the amplifiers to dim So your exsisting wall controls would be redundant but you could wire a momentary pushbutton to fibaro rgb for local control Push once on push again off push and hold dim up you only using 1 channel so you only need 1 push button
  26. Sorry for that but my initial setup was made by an electrician guy and i don't have many knowledge about how this thinks works 100%. I am trying to understand what is the possibilities of fibaro dimmers or rgbw so i can explain to him to hook them up. I think in my case i dim the amplifiers not the power supply directly. If i get you right you suggest to hook the fibaro rgbw on my amplifiers so it can dim them ? In my current setup i use this power supply https://www.meanwell.com/productPdf.aspx?i=312
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