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  2. kallecux

    Smart Implant is switching OUT1 when restarting HC2

    Yes i have firmware 5.1.
  3. KurtJordan

    Hi from Spain

    Hello, New member from California. I hope you are doing all good. Hope to learn a lot from you all.
  4. This thread has helped me several times, thanks Yngve. But I wonder if Motorola has updated its systems? I don't get my Fucus 73 cameras up in HC2 anymore, but Fucus 66 still works. Anyone else with the same problem? The username and password (in the Fibaro fields) is still admin / admin ?
  5. mmmh what shall I say, at first thank you very much for your excellent support. Do I have a lot of triggers? I dunno. One off my manager say that humans are lazy an pointed to me>> he is right! There for I have home automation to make my life easy (at least after some time) When I adjust my chair or the TV and light switch on, no handy or phone needed. So at the moment before I started with ER almost everything was working well without any interference from me. If Tv is on and curtain closes TV light goes on if not normal light goes on, Kitchen I am not happy with but must think what to do with it. After some relax we go to bed and and all goes out and complex will be armed according who is present. The outside lights have their own scedule. I am on the way to become a happy camper espacially with your help. Next project will be what you mentioned and I saw on Gompa's video Node red for voice control of theTV and others. In ZeroBrane xecution error: cannot open HC2.lua: No such file or directory Program stopped (pid: 4964). Debugging session completed (traced 0 instructions). Program completed in 10.79 seconds (pid: 4964). remark: I switched all HC2 scenes on manual (except arm/disarm) to avoid some wierd behaviour. Now I am curious what will happen later on today For the heater its not okay the http is giving an error and the sono is giving the message while it is afternoon. Question I am using GV for time because if HC2 the exact time is missing the GV is catching it up. So if ER mis the exact time what happens or Er cannot miss the rule that should be nice than I can work with fixed times That is why you see tow triggers Thanks in advance --Avond Rule.eval("$Dagdelen=='Avond' & $Stookseizoen=='Ja' & LocatieGezin:ison & deurnaarSerre:isSafe => httpGet('')") --aanroepen http request local http = net.HTTPClient() function call(url) http:request(url, { options = { method = 'GET' }, success =function() fibaro:debug(url.." ,done.") end, error = function(errorcode) fibaro:debug("error=" .. errorcode) end }) end --call("") ------ -- 279 is the Virtual Device ID -- 28 is the Process button ID local sid, bid = 249, 28 -- Create TTS params object local params = { -- TTS Message message = "Hallo, Saartje zet de verwarmingsthermostaat naar comfort avond 22,1 °C", duration = 'auto', -- Duration: "auto", xx seconds language = "nl-nl", -- Language: fr-FR volume = 50 -- Volume } local _f = fibaro local _x ={root="x_sonos_object",load=function(b)local c=_f:getGlobalValue(b.root)if string.len(c)>0 then local d=json.decode(c)if d and type(d)=="table"then return d else _f:debug("Unable to process data, check variable")end else _f:debug("No data found!")end end,set=function(b,e,d)local f=b:load()if f[e]then for g,h in pairs(d)do f[e][g]=h end else f[e]=d end;_f:setGlobal(b.root,json.encode(f))end,get=function(b,e)local f=b:load()if f and type(f)=="table"then for g,h in pairs(f)do if tostring(g)==tostring(e or"")then return h end end end;return nil end} -- Make a request to the remote to process params object instantly _x:set(tostring(sid), { tts = params }) _f:call(sid, "pressButton", bid) ---- Rule.eval("@14:10 => httpGet(' data.json?heater=0&setpoint=167&thermostat=0')")
  6. shaunm85

    NEST integration

    See Sjekke comment above, not a comprehensive list but gives insight if you start looking...
  7. jakub.jezek

    Smart Implant is switching OUT1 when restarting HC2

    @kallecux we have report with issue on Smart implant firmware 5.1. Do you have Smart implant on firmware 5.1? We made test on firmware 5.0 and it seems to be ok.
  8. Hello, I have 2 smoke sensors FGSD-002. First one: When I insert the battery, the visual indicator glows red (ready for inclusion). I turn on my domotic box (Jeedom) in inclusion mode. Near the z-wave controller, I triple click the B-button of the motion sensor. Nothing is detected. I can easily include other z-wave devices without any problem. Second one: When I insert the battery, the visual indicator glows green (previously included in another controller). I want to reset the smoke sensor. I press and hold the B-button for 3 seconds until visual indicator glows white. I wait until the visual indicator glows yellow (4th menu option). I press the B-button briefly to confirm my choice. Normally, I should have the visual indicator changing colour to red and fading with a short beep. Nothing happens. When I insert the battery, the visual indicator still glows green. Can you help me? Guillaume
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  10. kroeatschge

    Neo Coolcam motion sensor parameter changing

    hi guys, try changing it on the master device, not a slave device. should work as intended then. BR - kro
  11. Try setting them on the master device, not the slave device. should work regardless if template is available or not. BR - kro
  12. Hi, I posted you a version of the scene (complete with the framework) I made some updates to support open/close/isOpen/isClose. There were some other syntactical bugs in your script. Anyway, have you tried to run it in the emulator? That is a good way to catch bugs and test your logic. Ex. I set _System.speed(true) to run it faster than realtime to see if timers run at the right time.... Ex. At the end of the scene I simulate some trigger to trigger the rules. That is a way to see if you get what you expect ...These steps only work if you run offline emulated. -- Simulated triggers if _EMULATED then rule("wait(00:10); mystekkerStoelSjaak:power=5") -- set to 5 after 10min rule("wait(00:11); mystekkerStoelSjaak:power=0") -- off after 11min rule("wait(t/16:00); myLightSensorBuVoor:value=100") -- set sensor value to 100 at 16:00 today end Why you didn't get any triggers I can't tell. Sometimes it seems like scenes need to be re-saved to make the HC2 register the triggers (you have a lot of trigger!)
  13. malitan

    scene making lua

    hi @Brendanlim, Could you add schedule for me please, for example between 24:00 to 08:00am when the motion sensor deteced motion. thanks a lot,
  14. Olex

    HC2 will not boot af power failure

    I have also seen this problem before. And also today! There has been a power loss in my home area for a few hours yesterday. When the power come back, the HC2 did not start properly, all others unit on the networks responds remotely. I’m not home at the moment, therefore it’s a bad feeling to know that you CAN’T connect to your “smart home” after a power loss! This is obvious a problem that had to be addressed in a firmware update asap. As for now, I must wait until I come home and manually switch off/on the HC2 again. Edit: when I log in to my home network system, I can see that the HC2 has beed given an IP from the DHCP server. It is part of the home network, but it is not possible to access it remotely. Thanks and regards, Olex
  15. mlol

    HC2 Nie świeci żadna dioda

    Witam, mam następujący problem. Po włączeniu zasilania diody migają i po kolei zaświecają się, dochodzi do ostatniej po czym wszystko gaśnie i nic się nie dzieje. Nie mogę zalogować się, ping nie działa, urządzenie nie jest widoczne w sieci LAN. Co może być, macie pomysł, czy raczej kurier?
  16. Hi jgab, I am lost, I saw in comming events now none I open a door started my fountain nothing is listed?
  17. Let me go back a vew revisions to see where it was going wrong, my previous version shows immediately incomming events
  18. eskils1111

    scene making lua

    Thank you, i will try it.
  19. Open, close works on off does not work set value 100 is open set value 0 is close For me wierd I do not see any trigger is listed
  20. The "Ding Dong" you can remove It's only _debugFlags.triggers=true No "set _debugFlags.triggers=true" The rule doesn't work as there are no :isClosed command defined. What are the Fibaro:call and fibaro:getValue commands to control your curtains? Can you use "turnOn" and "turnOff". If so you can use :isOff, :isOn.
  21. The list in debug is only ding and dong --TV aan >> Licht aan Rule.eval("mystekkerTV:power > 100 & myCurtainFront:isClosed => myVerlEetkamerPlafond:on") set _debugFlags.triggers=true gives error(I am doing it wrong )
  22. Devices you want 'power' events from need to look like --[[ %% properties 14 power 16 power 18 power 48 value 54 value --]] Also, power events are notorious for arriving in batches... I would expect you need to do something like Rule.eval("once(mystekkerStoelSjaak:power > 3) => mystekkerTV:on") Rule.eval("once(stekkerStoelArleta:power > 3) => stekkerTV:on") Rule.eval("once(mystekkerTV:power < 25) => stekkerTV:off") If you set _debugFlags.triggers=true do you see the incoming sourceTrigger with propertyName='power' ?
  23. Good mornig jgab, This is not working what I am doing wrong? --TV Rule.eval("mystekkerStoelSjaak:power > 3 => mystekkerTV:on") Rule.eval("stekkerStoelArleta:power > 3 => stekkerTV:on") Rule.eval("mystekkerTV:power < 25 => stekkerTV:off") %% properties 14 value 16 value 18 value 48 value 54 value mystekkerTV = 16 mystekkerStoelSjaak = 14 stekkerStoelArleta = 18
  24. Have you declared 'power' as %%properties for the devices in the scene header? If you set _debugFlags.triggers=true do you see the incoming sourceTrigger with propertyName='power' ?
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