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  3. I'm having the same issue with arm / disarm notifications with block scenes. I have 30+ sensors... Have you tried increasing the maximum running instances allowed (max=10) ? As I can see you have 2 allowed on the photo.
  4. GavinZA

    Manual Light Switch not working

    After connecting the Fibaro dimmer 2 the manual light switch does not work. the automation works but the manual wall switch does not. is it supposed to work as normal or does one loose that function once the dimmer is installed?
  5. petergebruers

    Geek stuff: Z-Wave Routing, Packets and Serial API

    I forgot to test MAC + USB hub + dongle. Surprise... It makes things worse... Apparently the same hub now increase the noise floor... Noise: Ch0: -75 Ch1: -79 Doh! Voodoo!
  6. Gronas

    Pogoda z plugin Yahoo Weather

    Jakieś wieści o problemie? Mam system od kilku dni i Yahoo mi pokazuje 0C, 0%, 0km/h bez względu na ustawioną lokalizację.
  7. petergebruers

    Geek stuff: Z-Wave Routing, Packets and Serial API

    I am trying to help a guy with 10 - 20 nodes, mostly Qubino and Fibaro stuff. His controller is a UZB1. He gets poor performance, not many of the nodes seem to have the controller as neighbor and log files indicate RTT is sometimes as expected but often shoots up in the seconds range. I wanted to check the range of some of my devices anyway. Having a portable controller station (My MAC or a Lenovo laptop + UZB1) running my Python NOP test enabled me to map range and indicate weak spots. I might post some data later. But then I forgot... RF is almost like voodoo... I am an engineer and I toyed with FM radio transmitters when I was young. I might be able to explain why this users' range is not good and might be able to fix it. I have tested the range of the UZB1 on my Macbook Pro and it is OK. It depends on the other device as well and a Wall Plug Gen1 is not as good as a Roller Shtter 3 = Z-Wave Plus. Then I used my Lenovo Laptop, to see if the results were consistent. Range on my Lenovo was reduced by 50 % compared with my Mac and an extension cord improved things a bit but it was still bad My suspicion is, not only the fact that the Mac is a large slab of aluminium gives it a good range... But it might have less noisy USB ports (supply). Then I put a small, unpowered USB hub (4-port) between UZB1 and Lenovo laptop and the result was that the range got almost as good as on my Macbook This got me thinking... Why? I added a function to my test-python-script to get the "Background Noise" between NOP test. Dongle plugged directly into the laptop: Noise: Ch0: -80 Ch1: -85 Noise: Ch0: -68 Ch1: -77 Noise: Ch0: -80 Ch1: -74 Noise: Ch0: -74 Ch1: -79 Dongle plugged into the USB hub: Noise: Ch0: -89 Ch1: -91 Noise: Ch0: -82 Ch1: -89 Noise: Ch0: -85 Ch1: -94 Noise: Ch0: -79 Ch1: -88 Without the hub the noise is 5 to 10 dB higher, and this is what kills the range. My theory is that the extra capacitors in the hub filter the supply voltage to the UZB1. But that is hard to prove right now. For sake of completeness... The docs say: The rssi level is defined as the RSSI measured at the antenna when no Z-Wave traffic is present. The dynamic range of rssi measurements on a 500-series Z-Wave chip is from -94 dBm to -32 dBm. The precision of the measurement is +/- 2 dBm. The returned values assume a path loss of ~7 dBm from chip input to antenna. To put that in perspective, where I am sitting now here is a representative NOP stat: Status TX ms #rep RSSI ACKCha LTXCha Routing Scheme Repeaters Speed Tries Fail_from_to OK 30 0 -88 1 1 DIRECT 0 0 0 0 40k 1 0 0 So RSSI of -88 for this node is clearly close to the background noise level of the UZB1 plugged into the hub. I am sitting at the edge of the range of my Wall Plug. If I were to plug in the UZB1 directly, the noise would overwhelm the signal and I get 0% ACK... It is still OK for my MAC (but not great and it will switch to routing mode if it gets a bit noisier). Figures on my Mac, UZB1 plugged in directly: Noise: Ch0: -94 Ch1: -94 Noise: Ch0: -92 Ch1: <MIN Noise: Ch0: -94 Ch1: -94 Noise: Ch0: <MIN Ch1: <MIN That <MIN means "lower than measurement floor" so less noise than -95 dB. A few dB better than my Lenovo I think... Note: users of eg Z-Way can find background noise in "Expert User Interface".
  8. Im looking for a scene that will dim my hall lights after sunset if there is no motion within 15 minutes, if motion is detected restore the light level. In my hall i currently have 3 Fibaro motion sensors, 1 Dimmer 2 controlling one light and a Philips hue bulb. Has anyone something similar i can adjust for my needs? Thanks in advance!
  9. Bodyart

    SHALOM !! :) (Hello all )

    Shalom @waz, welcome to the forum
  10. Really hope Fibaro will implement a page in the new app that gives a similar picture of status of many rooms at the same time regarding light, movement, temperature etc similar to what is found in the old app. I really would miss this if it disappears ..
  11. kosmacz

    Android remote login fails

    Welcome This is a problem only with Android version 9.0 Pie ? regerds kosmacz
  12. HC2 is powered by backup ups and does not lose power. Instead, the rgbw modules are food directly from the power net without ups. every time If the power is turned off when the power is restarted, the modules do not keep the color settings and start with white color.
  13. mahab

    Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 - Delay in reverse

    Can someone from the support please answer this important Question??
  14. Hi to all, i will suggest the following option. if it is connectable with fibaro I does not check right now. have a look. https://www.siio.de/illuminator-tradfri-lampen-mit-dem-mac-steuern/ ikea tradfri is steerable with Mac within shortcuts and easy menu. will fibaro come with this option? best regards
  15. No, this is a bug - didn't anticipate that the scene could be removed (only stopped/disabled). For now just restart the supervisor, I will release a new supervisor today or tomorrow with a fix and some other improvements too. Thanks /J
  16. SorinSCI

    New Home Centre App - User Authorization Issue

    I have this issue too
  17. hansib

    append google sheet with value

    Anyone have a hint?
  18. Jak za daleko to może być tak że 5 razy działa a później np już nie? Jak otworze bramę garażową (gdzie jest wall plug x2) to wtedy działa
  19. @jgab , the Supervisor-scene crashed after I deleted the EventAlarm399-scene. It might a not allowed to delete a scene watched by Supervisor? /F
  20. from developer console : You have exceeded your request quota for this API. See https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/error-messages?utm_source=maps_js&utm_medium=degraded&utm_campaign=billing#api-key-and-billing-errors _.Jc @ js?v=3.exp&sensor=true&libraries=places:58
  21. hi all , trying to understand this above message , below is a very simple scene , if on of my lights is on then the relevant variable will turn on ( see attached ) . not sure why is it causing me this above alert. (Number of instances of scene has been reduced due to exceeding limit. ) thanks
  22. waz

    SHALOM !! :) (Hello all )

    SHALOM !! (Hello all )
  23. Hello all, I need your help, because I am struggeling to find a solution for controlling my lights via HC2. Did anyone controlled Livolo Zigbee Gateway using the HC2? Livolo Zigbee Gateway link https://www.livoloeurope.eu/livolo-full-product-catalogue/livolo-zigbee-touch-light-switches/livolo-zigbee-gateway-vl-c700zw Livolo Zigbee touch switch link https://www.livoloeurope.eu/livolo-full-product-catalogue/livolo-zigbee-touch-light-switches/livolo-zigbee-1gang-1way-touch-light-switch-vl-c701z The background is following: since I do not have a neutral lead available in the wall switch socket, I cannot use Fibaro single Switches to control the lights, because it is not working without having the neutral lead available. I know that there is a possibility to use the Fibaro dimmer without neutral lead, but I wanted to use touch switches. I found out that Livolo Zigbee touch switches can be used without neutral lead and was hoping that someone of you know how can I integrate Livolo Zigbee via the livolo zigbee gateway to HC2. If someone has a better solution, I am very happy to hear it. I did not buy yet the Livolo Zigbee touch switches but I already have the normal Livolo touch switches like in link below: https://www.livoloeurope.eu/livolo-full-product-catalogue/livolo-wifi-touch-light-switch-with-glass-panel-vl-c701-11 The idea to use Livolo Zigbee touch switches comes, because I can reuse the glass panels that I already have. Hope that I made myself clear and that someone can help me further. Thank you in advance. Best Regards, Alex
  24. SLE

    Hello from Sarajevo, BiH

    Thank You
  25. Jamie mccrostie

    Fibaro Dimmer 2 and LED Driver

    That RGB module install is not as hard as it sounds then you dont need a new driver
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