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  1. Today
  2. No worries. If you want to use the existing wall switch, then you'd need more cables in the wall. So yes, you'll need a switch that sends a zwave message to the controller in order to turn the lights on. Haven't used the Walli but I think you can set it up so that it activates certain scenes when you single and double click. ie single click, toggle light; double click toggle TV.
  3. Yesterday
  4. From your screenshot it seems that you remove check for "Use template for parameters". Just check that, save and then setup parameters as needed.
  5. You mean On/Off Quick app (not virtual device) You can do it in the same Quick Apps ....
  6. Just co to recovery mode and reset the HC2. After that HC2 will notify to upgrade the firmware (it could take several upgrades to get the newest version) Please follow next steps
  7. Please try to delete the device, I mean go to remove device and press tamper button. In some cases the devices could be already associated with some controller, so needs to be removed first. Any controller could remove any device.
  8. Not enough information. Going to try to help anyway Does your load meet the minimum requirements outlined in the manual? I guess the load explains this observation: They might be 2-wire or 3-wire, with or without bypass. Too many variables. Your autocal values (I know it is calibrated bacause p30 =2) make sense: p1 = minimum = 7 and p2 = 62. Cannot judge that without having more details. I guess your dimmer actually works, right? It is only the software part that looks a bit strange. I would exclude the dimmer and include it with a >= 60 W incandescent light bulb just to see what happens. I do not have an HC2 online, I cannot tell if the most recent firmware update changed anything here. My gut feeling says it is unlikely.
  9. Hi, I have many dimmer 2 in my house, but one of the is acting strange. When I added the dimmer it shows with 3 lights instead of one: And there is just strange settings: I have deleted it and added it 2 times with the same behavior. Any ideas or is it broken?
  10. I connect my HC3 always to ethernet but It was easier for HC3 lite to connect it through wifi but now I will connect it always to ethernet. Thank you for your help.😄
  11. @ABDULLAH258 Is there a reason why you want it to work with wifi ? I would always recomend using ethernet.
  12. @Phenix I reconnect to the ethernet remove the QA which I modify and reinstall it as native and it directly read my rm4 then I reconfigure my Quick apps working with rm4 and all restore to normal. I try to edit at manage file this code at line 97 local myIP = network.networkConfig.eth0.ipConfig.ip I verify network.networkConfig.eth0 is not nil by local myIP if network.networkConfig.eth0 ~= nil then myIP = network.networkConfig.eth0.ipConfig.ip end after that I give another error in line 130 local ipa1, ipa2, ipa3, ipa4 = myIP:match("^(%d%d?%d?)%.(%d%d?%d?)%.(%d%d?%d?)%.(%d%d?%d?)") I try at this a lot to define above (myIP) but it doesn't work after this I put before it I see it at Checking IP address format in Lua | Some Lua code to share (wordpress.com) if not ip then return false end local ipa1, ipa2, ipa3, ipa4 = myIP:match("^(%d%d?%d?)%.(%d%d?%d?)%.(%d%d?%d?)%.(%d%d?%d?)") it disappear and another error of (txMsgTab) came in line 269 for i = 1, #txMsgTab do
  13. Three years ago I had this code on my HC2 to change the start up level on Dimmer 1. It did work at the time! I do not have a running HC2 anymore, so I cannot help you any more than by posting a link to the code. Here it is: Have fun with automation!
  14. Problem solved. The Heat controller was still paired with the Vera plus I was using. Hard resetting did not solve the problem.
  15. Yes the code does not work when connected to wifi, you also did not tell us that you changed the code- so would be helpful to tell us the full story at the start to better diagnose the issue. suggest you restore the code and connect to Ethernet to see if it solves the issue - let us know how you get on?
  16. @ppeterr Ok Thank you for your answer I will do this now
  17. The error tells me that the code doesnt recieve a IP from an ethernet port. So, i hope you can fix this by putting back the ethernet converter, and use that instead of wifi. [DEBUG] [QUICKAPP1613]: ./include/manager.lua:97: attempt to index a nil value (field 'eth0')
  18. @Phenix Thank you for that Ok I will reconnect it to the ethernet again I was Trying to edit the code to bypass the part of eth0 i did it but give me another error in (upvalue of myIP) and it keep going with this every time I put condition to bypass error it give me another error. connected to ethernet again will be easier thank you.
  19. Yes I am using 10der code I didn't change the name of it but I unlock The device
  20. Thnx for ur fast answer! But if I do would like some sort of wall switch. Then the Walli would be ok? Or perhaps an wireless Z-wave button device attached to the wall
  21. So, when i look at the video, posted above. It states "you need to be connected to ethernet". So maybe put back that ethernet converter back?
  22. Watch from 1min30 Hi @ppeterr not my code done by 10der
  23. Last week
  24. Hello All! I have a problem with connecting the Everpring SP103 motion sensor. Despite putting it in the mode of connecting to the Z-Wave controller (I press the Tamper button), the device is not detected by the HC3. My configuration is: HC3 as master and HC3L as slave. SP103 is to be connected to HC3L. Do you have any idea what I can do to use it? If you do not have a solution to the above problem, can you recommend some external Z-Wave motion sensors? Normally I would use Philips Hue but it will not work with HC3L.
  25. Uhm hi! I am a bit late here but maybe someone can share the new code where you use the parameter instead of adjusting? I don't know how to replace the fibaro:call(88,'setValue','8') with a parameter call. Tjanks
  26. Hi! I have just bought a Heltun Thermostat and I would like to update its firmware to 2.5. I can't find any firmware update entry it its advanced device properties. Is this supposed to work or is it my Home Center 2 that doesn't? Thanks
  27. no problem. this QA works directly on the devices and not through any other hub.
  28. Thats an excellent video. I think it will not work for me as explained in the video. I control scene's with a icasa wall controller, colors are set through the phillips hub with touchlink. So, i really need to read out the status from a Hue lamp when this is set with the wall controller. And use that, to set the other led strip to those value's. Thanks for your time, you do wonderfull things! I love your kitchen setup
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