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  2. Well, my own fault. Different name in "HomeTable" and code. Q2, code starts both lights in WC but does only turnOff 1 of them. Strange... -- wc, uses a local flag (inBathroom) Rule.eval("for(00:10,wc.motion:safe &wc.dorr:value) => not(inBathroom)&wc.tak:off; wc.spegel:off") Rule.eval("wc.motion:breached => wc.dorr:safe & inBathroom=true ; wc.tak:on; wc.spegel:on") Rule.eval("wc.dorr:breached => inBathroom=false") Rule.eval("wc.dorr:safe & wc.motion:last<=3 => inBathroom=true")
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  4. Veki

    Poor Fibaro skill

    Dear admins, can You tell to us will Fibaro skill ever work without delay, support LUA scenes, suport block scenes without devices, etc??? Do we really need to instal other software (HA-Bridge, Node-RED, etc) to get all that we need from HC2 and Alexa. It would be nice to say if You are stopped upgrading skill.
  5. Does the version in example_rules.lua work? It seems like it doesn't think that wc.door is defined which is strange. Can you send me the whole main() setup code?
  6. @jgab i am testing your "bathroom" settings but i get this error when start scene. What have i miss? [DEBUG] 10:11:01: House - EventRunner v1.0 [DEBUG] 10:11:01: Loading rules [DEBUG] 10:11:01: Rule:1:for(00:10,wc.motion:safe &wc.door:value) [DEBUG] 10:11:01: Rule:2:wc.motion:breached => wc.door:safe & inB [DEBUG] 10:11:01: Error loading rules:Error evaulating 'wc.door:breached => inBathroom=false' /opt/fibaro/scenes/413.lua:780: /opt/fibaro/scenes/413.lua:1198: no triggers found in rule '["=>",["prop",["aref",["var","wc"],"door"],["var","breached"]],["set",["var","inBathroom"],false]]'
  7. petergebruers

    String Formatting <pre>

  8. OK, thanks. Let me rephrase: Is UserDescr stored on the physical device, or is it soley kept in the logical device meta data on HC2? Cheers, jayrock
  9. AutoFrank

    actions based on Presence

    Hi, I use a mechanism in my LAN monitor VD (see link in my signature to find VD) to send just one message when a device goes offline and another one when it comes back online. It uses a table/array (stored in a global variable ) to track both offline and online state of the device but another table element to track if the message was sent when the state changed ( I think it is called alerttrack in my code) When the device changes state, it sends message and sets alerttrack=1. This then prevents it from sending message again. When the device changes state again it sets alerttrack =0, sends message, sets alerttrack=1 again. It would seem similar to what you're looking to do. Take a look at the code and it should be obvious how it works ...
  10. ggoetz56

    String Formatting <pre>

    Hello, with LUA i know \n newline; \f formfeed; but in "Fibaro-VD" I sometimes found <pre> and </pre> obviously to separate an format stings. What is the exact meaning or difference to cr+lf \r\n. Want to get a chr$(10)+chr$(13)at the end of a line and keep formatting for an outputstring. Thanks Gerhard
  11. https://packetsender.com/ Have setting up Fibaro HCL and attempt to test it Locally . with port 80. sending ASCII /0/status Always got HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request\r\nServer: nginx/1.9.5\r\nDate: Fri, 17 Aug 2018 05:38:13 GMT\r\nContent-Type: text/html\r\nContent-Length: 172\r\nConnection: close\r\n\r\n<html>\r\n<head><title>400 Bad Request</title></head>\r\n<body bgcolor="white">\r\n<center><h1>400 Bad Request</h1></center>\r\n<hr><center>nginx/1.9.5</center>\r\n</body>\r\n</html> Just want to test a simple commands on HCL anyway to solve this ? thanks
  12. 1152

    Automation of underfloor (water) heating

    Hardware wise you may want to check out a couple of these to connect to your actuators, (page in Norwegian, but text mainly in English): https://www.tronika.no/no/zwave-klimastyring/1058-vannbaren-varme-kontroller.html?search_query=danfos&amp;results=11 https://www.tronika.no/no/zwave-klimastyring/1060-din-rail-regulator-z-water.html Your question about motion sensors, or other devices that provide temp readings, and thermostats opens up a discussion of its own. Others may be able to expand on this. As to your question about the boiler control, pls ad a drawing/pic of your system.
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  14. Can someone help me. I have been thinking about how the logic would work and cannot come up with the correct Lua code to make this work correctly. Goal: want the door to unlock when I arrive at home and lock when I leave and send a message (push, email etc..) every time. but if I am home/not home I don't want it to keep locking/unlocking and sending me a message *I already have fibaro looking for my phone to see if I'm present. a global variable keeps a number count present =1 not present = 0 so the logic I came up with is like this: Check Present=0 then lock door and send message check present =0 (still not at home) do nothing check present = 1 unlock door and send message check present = 1 (still at home) do nothing etc... let me know if you have questions or suggestions.
  15. amatt


    @Javier Carelli I have not.
  16. After looking around on the net and not being able to find definite answers I decided to join the forum and ask (some silly questions) some of you experts. I’m in the design stages of the automation system in our new build house and I have my heart set on the Fibaro system. I’m looking to install HC2 to connect, amongs other switches, various motion sensors and hoping that I can use the temperature readings to control zonal heating. I’ve got 2 pumps supplying 2 distributors for underfloor heating (one for each level); 4 zones upstairs controlled trough actuators and 3 zones downstairs controlled again trough actuators. What else do I need (or can it be done?) to be able to control the heating without installing a thermostat in each room? In a classic system there is a thermostat (wired or wireless) that tells the Combi boiler to start heating.... As I have different zones to be controlled separately does the boiler need to be something special or can work with any? I appreciate all the help that I could get at this stage.
  17. PreHack

    sensitive strips

    @tinman I think it's possible to remove the controller association completely to get around the delay problem, I have done that before and it seems to work.
  18. jack.daniels

    Fibaro Home Center Lite and Microsoft Azure IOT

    Good choise! HCL is a perfect target Yet, thanks for a good job!
  19. AndyY

    Universal Binary Sensor Hanging

    Hello, Maybe its a problem like this: You can check if there some misplaced coating in the socket of the connector. I had similar problems and I carefully scratched pieces out with a thin needle. The female connector fits much better now and since then I had no problems anymore. I have 2 inputs and 4 temp sensors running about a year and no hanging... Other problem: sometimes i got short temperature peaks witch are totaly wrong without doubt. Sometimes much to high somtimes much to low. By next reading its ok again. Hope this helpes. Regards
  20. description is device property, exact as value or power is, so you might have thousands of changes per day with (let say) no issues.
  21. Vinisz

    Fibaro Home Center Lite and Microsoft Azure IOT

    Nice, Looking forward to the update....
  22. Henn Sarv

    HC2 - Dashboard - HEating

    Looks like dashboard is useless and forgotten feature and no one uses-develops this
  23. Maybe my solution help you: https://github.com/dr-boss/hc2-sql-log , but in result of forum search engine you will find many others solution to send any data to sql server. Second forum with many example is freach forum: https://www.domotique-fibaro.fr/
  24. jgab


    Yes, you can drag in the whole home table with hometable = {kitchen={lamp1=23,lamp2=33},bedroom={lamp1=88}} Util.defvar("devs",hometable) Rule.eval("log('%s',devs.kitchen.lamp1)") Here everything hangs under the root 'dev'. Typically you want to define variables a level down which is why I usually do: hometable = {kitchen={lamp1=23,lamp2=33},bedroom={lamp1=88},myVD=133} for v,t in pairs(hometable) do Util.defvar(v,t) end Rule.eval("log('%s',kitchen.lamp1)") Rule.eval("log('%s',bedroom.lamp1)") Rule.eval("myVD:btn=2") Also if you do Util.reverseMapDef(hometable) The logger will print the hometable name instead of the integer value of the device.
  25. jompa68


    Yes i have seen that, very helpful. If i want to use data from "HomeTable", does Util.defvar support it? Util.defvar("myVD",vd_exampleName)
  26. Robvw_ehv

    Missing LAN settings after recovery

    Geert, I experience exact the same issue, no options to select in dropdown menu within Lan settings. I can't make a backup because at the it says that there is an error encrypting the backup file. and I can't select an older backup as they became incompatible. So I am desperate at this moment. I just opened a topic about this. Rob (Netherlands)
  27. jgab


    Guess you have looked at https://github.com/jangabrielsson/EventRunner/wiki ? Lots of examples in the left hand menu - script tutorial etc.
  28. jompa68


    Yes, EventRunner Framework is the one i am trying to understand now. Looks promising so far. Nice with all the examples in example_rule.lua Guess i will come back with more question
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