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  2. morpheus75

    Yale Conexis L1 - Inclusion Error

    Hi @andyhud only other issue could be faulty lock. In my sisters case i think i have mentioned before the lock was working perfectly but not being included with zwave so convinced the retailer to accept it back and send me a new lock. They wanted us to contact Yale first which we did. long story short they sent a new lock and i replaced it and the module added first time. I then sent the old lock back. maybe you need to try that? could actually be fault on the module section of lock. cheers
  3. Today
  4. Hi there, I am facing such a problem as I can't send anything by using TCP connection from Fibaro to my Raspberry Pi using a C language's Socket Server. For more information, I am leaving my C's Socket Server as below. I can use telnet from my computer to send string to Raspberry Pi but I can't receive any string send from the Fibaro. I am using Raspberry's gpio to send Infrared code. #include <string.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <unistd.h> #include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/socket.h> #include <netinet/in.h> int main(int argc, char *argv[]){ int sockfd = 0,forClientSockfd = 0; sockfd = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM,0); int port = 8982; if(sockfd == -1) printf("Failed to Open Socket.\n"); struct sockaddr_in serverInfo, clientInfo; int addrlen = sizeof(clientInfo); bzero(&serverInfo, sizeof(serverInfo)); serverInfo.sin_family = PF_INET; serverInfo.sin_addr.s_addr = INADDR_ANY; serverInfo.sin_port = htons(port); printf("Starting Server at Port %d", port); bind(sockfd,(struct sockaddr *)&serverInfo,sizeof(serverInfo)); listen(sockfd,5); char sock_message[] = {"Hello\n"}; forClientSockfd = accept(sockfd,(struct sockaddr*) &clientInfo, &addrlen); send(forClientSockfd,sock_message,sizeof(sock_message),0); char inputBuffer[256] = {}; while(1){ recv(forClientSockfd,inputBuffer,sizeof(inputBuffer),0); printf("Get:%s\n",inputBuffer); } } The Client Server's Code in Fibaro HC2 as below, and I am using a button to send String. if not (started == 'YES') then started = 'YES' tcpSocket = Net.FTcpSocket("",8982) end Thanks
  5. andyhud

    Yale Conexis L1 - Inclusion Error

    @morpheus75 - Yes, I have tried adding right next to the lock,. I put the HC2 on a mains extension lead and long network cable and added the lock while the HC2 is sitting on the floor next to the front door Yale did send me a supposed "firmware update" dongle which looks like the Z-Wave Module 2 but has a usb port on it. I plugged it in and the lock seemed to go through an update but the Conexis App on my phone still shows the lock on firmware 1.0.0 and Yale cant confirm what firmware was on the module they sent me in the post. Brilliant Irrespective, I added the Z-Wave 2 module to my HC2 the other day as I say and it flat out doesn't work (as per my screenshots above) but I left the module physically in the Conexis L1 lock with 4 brand new Duracell Ultra batteries. In the 2/3 days since my last post above the lock was nearly dead! You could hear the motor getting slower and slower even though I still couldnt communicate with the module via my HC2 so I've taken the Module out and now put in another 4 brand new batteries and the lock motor is now much faster and more "alive" I'm really struggling with Yale on this. I'm tempted to buy another lock and see if that shows a newer/latter firmware version from factory in the Conexis L1 lock.
  6. morpheus75

    Yale Conexis L1 - Inclusion Error

    @Liam17 i have v1 modules on both my locks and i do find that the lock sometimes doesnt update the hc2. this means when the door is locked manually by lifting the handles it should have sent a signal to hc2 indicating door is locked. when this happens and i run a scene to unlock the door it unlocks perfectly. however if the door status in hc2 is unlocked and i send the same unlock signal it doesnt do anything as the hc2 thinks that the door is already unlocked so then i have to manually unlock with my yale keyfob. from my experience i have around 75% reliability. maybe when i get v2 module it may get better
  7. Momos

    Yet Another lastWorkingRoute visualiser

    I think i got to the root of this problem. Now my zwave plus double switches are updating correctly. Yesterday one my Fibaro zwave plus wall plugs started to act strange, as in not responding to any UI or LUA commands, but only to the physical button press. After some fiddling time and hair pulling i noticed in the GUI a lock icon on the wall plug... somehow it changed its mode to secure ?!?! I never add any device in secure mode and that wall plug was working fine until yesterday. Excluded it from the network, added it again with the default add settings (not secure) and lock icon disappeared. Wall plug started working again from GUI/LUA. Remembering the issue with the double relays.. i see they all have the freaking lock icon in the GUI . go figure... redone above procedure an them and now they work fine and update mesh How could a device switch from non secure mode to secure by itself.. that's beyond me ...
  8. kroeatschge

    Fibaro HC2 Consumption + Qubino Smart Meter

    hi @MonkY, there was a thread in this forum where they used a workaround. It was roughly like this: - take an unused output of a fibaro double switch - calculate qubino measured value minus all other measured values - add the result to the consumption of this unused output like this you get the true total. I think it was this thread: BR - kro
  9. Yesterday
  10. Are you finding that it just doesn't unlock despite being triggered by the scene/button? Considering purchasing this but need it to work everytime without fail as was planning to have the door open by an Aeotec Key Fob (so wouldn't have yales keyfob as a backup if i can help it)
  11. Hi, I have a problem when linking my heat controller to window sensor. What I want to achieve is that despite of schedules, when the window in the room gets opened, the heat controller should close the valve. When the window is open again, it should return to the normal operating mode. Both the heater and window sensor are linked to the same room. Both up to date regarding software version. I can see a read only parameter 'Opened window detected' but it never gets set. Can you help me and point me out what has to be set to make it work like 'smart home' should? Regards PeCe
  12. Hello, I have a few problems with the Heat Controller and the Fibaro App. 1. Some Heat Controllers frequently need to be calibrated again because the app shows a warning that the Thermostatic Head is not calibrated anymore. 2. All Heat Controllers have been updated to Firmware 1.1.0. However the app shows that an update is available for all Heat Controllers, the Firmware Version offered is the same. The update process can be started and shows as successful in the app, but the Firmware stays at 1.1.0. (The Version in Fibaro App says 1.1.0 in HomeKit App it says 1.1) 3. The app sometimes shows different error messages. I have attached them as screenshots. 4. Some Heat Controllers randomly start opening the valve fully and closing it directly after. The LED indicator shortly blinks white before or while they do this. No user input or schedule change leads to this behaviour. This is disturbing especially at night. 5. The packaged Secure Codes which are stickied onto the back of the quick start guide are completely wrong. They do not match the engraved Secure Code on the device. It took me several hours to figure this out. This looks like a huge mistake during the production process and I doubt that I am the only one whose Heat Controllers got shipped with wrong HomeKit Codes. Just now I got a new error message which I have never seen before. See attached.
  13. drboss

    RTSP Support

    First the converter form rstp take cpu resource. Second without limitation of resolution and numbers of cameras is to dangerous for stability of HC2 / HCL,... depends of motherboard and other resource. In this situation I prefer two system - Fibaro for BMS and other for CCTV. Only with one video connection to HC2... video-door phone
  14. ianakapilotlight

    Life360 API

    I think you need to have separate Life360 accounts to do this.
  15. I agree the more professional solution would be that fibaro make an update of their system. please...
  16. StefanS

    Qubino smart meter

    @T.Konopka any news about the Problem with the 3 Phase Smart Meter not usable with Fubaro? I‘m also getting no values from my Smart Meter. I Hope my prediction of not getting any answer here won’t be right
  17. tinman

    Transfer configuration from a HC2 to another HC2

    did you made backups as i told you? did you interrupted the process? (reading "tried to recovery" probably you did it) When you followed my advice, no reason to worry about, Fibaro Support can restore it within minutes
  18. Hi there... I just installed and included a Qubino 3 Phase Smart Meter. I tryed both ways .. Secure and non secure inclusion, but I do not get all modules listed in HC2. I can only See the power consumption of 2 phases and the value does Not change in any way. Is someone of you using the same Smart Meter and can give me an advice what to do? thx Stefan
  19. Smarterelec

    RTSP Support

    How is this not resolved yet with an onboard solution??? Fibaro?
  20. Fireblade900rr

    Transfer configuration from a HC2 to another HC2

    Now i have 2 not working home centers...great. I DO NOT RECOMMEND using this Feature ! Tried to recover from file, but this is corrupted, how do i recover from cloud backup ?
  21. tinman

    Transfer configuration from a HC2 to another HC2

    yes it is, but you have to have on both 4.511 installed. Create as well on both cloud backups, to double check if backup is working. Having backup of your source HC2, you have not to care about, even if migration fails, all the data can be restored by Fibaro Support.
  22. Hi ! Has anyone used this Feature in Fibaro Remote Access before ? Is it really that simple ? Are all Z-Wave Devices transfered with original ID ? Scenes are working ? I am a bit afraid of trying this.
  23. What was the solution??
  24. TSN

    SolarEdge Monitor

    Hi, i changed line 174 to: local jsonlifeTimeDataReturns = jsonTable.overview.lifeTimeData.energy now it works for me..... and added yearly saves in € (in the LUA code and the vd) THX for the LUA script and the vd, looks and works great!!! greetings TSN
  25. I have a Aeon Labs multisensor 6 connected to my Home Centre Lite. On the Devices tab, it shows, in a graphical format, the operation of each of the functions of the sensor (temperature, humidity, lux AND Motion); Under the devices tab, Motion was last detected 3 hours ago (see first attachment); However, I know there has been motion in the last 3 hours. When I go into the Event Panel, I can see motion occurred less than 20 minutes ago (time now is 9.09pm) (see second attachment). Why is this? Any help would be appreciated
  26. Landshark

    [SCENE] Check status of doors and windows {v1.0}

    @Sankotronic , this scene used to work perfectly but I now get the following error and no popups on my phone, any ideas? HC2 version 4.510 [DEBUG] 11:12:25: It is open: Eetgedeelte DC Serredeur [DEBUG] 11:12:25: [1;31m2018-10-14 11:12:25.564024 [ error] API: Not found [DEBUG] 11:12:25: It is open: Keuken DC Keukenraam oprit
  27. Seems they are not interested to answer to any question about update the plug in, to fix also the thermostat part
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