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  2. sachinsancheti1

    HCL Scene not following 'at Sunset' condition

    Hi Alfons, It worked just right. Thank you
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  4. Bodyart

    RS-232 communication - Pioneer

    No, the code is reading IP and Port from your settings.
  5. Witam... Mam pasek led Yeelight'a i za cholerę nie umiem go uruchomić jako wirtualne urządzenie... Korzystam z tego poniżej i albo jestem za tępy albo nie umiem go wprowadzić... wrzucam pobrany plik, uzupełniam IP i Port i nic...
  6. I'm not using habridge. I have the Fibaro skill installed
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  8. talar26

    Ikony zmienna

    Witam serdecznie. Mogę prosić o pomoc ? Jak ustawić ikonę w zależności od zmiennej to znaczy jeżeli jest zmienna o nazwie Lampa i wartość jest 1 to ikona ma być np. 20 a gdy zmienna ma wartość 0 to ikona jest 21 jak to napisać w urządzeniu wirtualnym. Pozdrawiam
  9. Novaspiro

    Homekit - Single Switch: How to On and then off

    This is simpler.... with the Single Switch 213 Go to Parameter 10: Select "Auto - Off" Go to Parameter 12: select the desired duration. I left it at 1 second. There you have it, all contained in the same device. and use a very simple relay.
  10. DziDu

    alert bezpieczeństwa

    Tez mam to samo. Tak przy okazji zadajecie polecenia w jezyku polskim?
  11. Hello, i wonder if you can help me? Google maps is not working on my HC2 - i get the message : (No api keys) and (exceeded request quota) with Java script control. I can still use locations in Panels to set GPS /Scenes etc, but wonder if you can fix the problem with API  as i prefer to look in map to set destinations1054055367_Skjermbilde2019-03-22kl_21_32_11.thumb.png.8f47797313125765f2455bb283c9433d.png

  12. Dman568

    Loop Scene

    Hi All Any idea how to get this scene to loop every 20 mins until i close the door? local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); if ( ( fibaro:getGlobalValue("TimeOfDay") == "Night" ) and ( tonumber(fibaro:getValue(262, "value")) > 0 ) ) then fibaro:call(208, "sendDefinedPushNotification", "173"); end -- sleep for 20 mins fibaro:sleep(1*1000)
  13. fat

    Dimmer 2 Module question

    I use Clipsal Saturn with bell press LED switches and found it better to have the LED on all the time. It’s a handy feature to help find the switches at night especially for guests who stay
  14. ctyd

    Netatmo windgauge still not included

    same issue with Philips Hue and Nest Plugin
  15. pogo

    False alarms from a thermostat

    Yes... The same with Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor. Once it's high temperature alarm, other time low temperature... but different values (the time scale makes it look like it's lower than it really is, so one picture with 3 picks together, and second with only one peak zoomed)
  16. Hi Guys, hehe I checked my settings. In Fibaro acording what you adviced. In my phone )IOS) in location I do not see Fibaro? In docs it show at home "false"( as I write this I am at home with my ohone besides me) This window I do not have
  17. knuth

    HeatIt Z-TRM2

    Following a dialogue with ThermoFloor, I have summarized the recommended set-up as follows: Note that this is slightly different than recommended in the installation manual, for instance: - The only association is in the .0 unit, using group 1 to associate to HC2 (using the M association) - The hidden units are different In my case, I have only one external sensor. In all other units, I hide slave .2.1 as well, as shown by (x) The room assignment is a personal choice. I have moved the "mode" and "Voltage" units to the Common section, to have them available without cluttering the room views. This seems to work well, except for the false alarm problem I have reported today in the HC2 forum. Another small bug is that the .1 module occasionally flips from "Heating" set point to "Energy saving" or "cooling" mode, for no good reason. But the mode itself (.1.1) remains Heating, so no big deal. I would be glad to share further Z-TRM2 experiences, problems and solutions with you. Contact me by PM if you don't find it suitable for the forum.
  18. gormnass

    HeatIt Z-TRM2

    I've just bought 11 new z-trm2fx (replace all my first gen. Multireg / Heatit thermostats) and is about to install them all. Already replace 2 devices, and must say I am a bit confused about all SLAVE's in the thermostat. (Devices with only number (eg 751.1 and 751.1.1 are hidden) Stue = Living room Have been trying following the Heatit setup guide but are still a bit confused. As @knuth, I also get ERR during inclusion, but thermostats seems to work. Are there anyone who can explain all the devices in the thermostat? Feks in FIBARO HC2, main thermostat in the room, I can choose a thermostat for the room (one set and one mode) Which one to choose ? And why? best regards Gorm
  19. Sankotronic

    Outdoor Coloured LED Spots?

    Hi @malitan , I buy light fixtures in a local store because I wanted to be sure that HUE color GU10 bulbs will fit inside since they are a bit bigger in size than white only LED or halogen GU10 bulbs.
  20. This comment could also have been placed in the "Third party devices" forum, as it relates to alarms from a HeatIt Z-TRM2 thermostat for floor heating. But the supplier insists that the problem is with the Fibaro HC2, making this the right forum. I have 13 of these thermostats. Occasionally and randomly, I receive a message by e-mail from the HC2: "<Device id> Important! <Device ID> detected high temperature. It may mean potential fire". There is no actual high temperature. What happens, the supplier tells me, is that a single bit (from where?) makes the HC2 think the temperature is 255 C, if only for a split second. This fake measurement is even reported from slave units that have no sensor attached (e.g. a room sensor input not used). Has anyone experienced similar behavior from other devices? False alarms are really annoying! What I plan to do is a) to disable all slave units that are not used, like the room sensors where I use only a floor sensor. I know how to do that - does anyone see a reason not do disable in this case? These units are already hidden. b) to look for ways to disable the entire "high temperature" alarm feature for these units (I have smoke sensors to do that job). How do I disable the alarm feature? c) wait for confirmation from HeatIt/ThermoFloor that their reports to Fibaro have led to a solution, at either end
  21. I prefer the one suggested by @Timbo , as this seemingly is a complete z-wave device. The one you found, @Fabir , requires too much tinkering to include it through the UBS. But I may consider it as a stand-alone (asking myself, do I really need this alarm in the HC2?) Thanks to both of you for looking this up.
  22. malitan

    Outdoor Coloured LED Spots?

    hi @Sankotronic where did you buy light fixture ? could you share the link with us ?
  23. LeeSteventon

    Outdoor Coloured LED Spots?

    and then prsumably you control the colour and all other settings through the Hue plugin?
  24. domin12

    Lokalizacja telefonu

    @Akronaut iOsLocator z tamtego posta bazuje na serwisie "Znajdz mój iPhone" więc chyba się nie zrozumielismy. I tylko jeśli syn ma włączoną tą funkcje , a zapewne tak jest , to rozwiazanie działa bdb i nie rozładowuje telefonu .
  25. Sankotronic

    Outdoor Coloured LED Spots?

    I use this kind of light fixture: but with inserted Philips HUE GU10 bulb: Just need to take care that size of the light fixure is big enough for LED GU10 bulb since they are a bit bigger than halogen ones.
  26. LeeSteventon

    Outdoor Coloured LED Spots?

    Hi all, I'm looking for the best options for outdoor LED coloured spots / lights for use with HC2. Not looking at LED strips, specifically spots that can be directed at things such as buildings / plants. One option I found (at least available here in the Netherlands) are lights by a company called MiLight. However, they are controlled by their own controllers (wifi, wall mounted, app on phone, etc.) and to get them to work with HC2 seems a bit antiquated (opening of boxes, re-soldering, etc.) which I'm hoping to avoid. Any suggestions?
  27. Jak zakończy Pan projekt i bedzie wstranie pdesłać kod Arduino i w fibaro jak to jest zrobione. Sam szukam dobrego rozwiązania a termostaty sa bardzo drogie Z góry dziękuje .
  28. Hi. I have a library, which want to use with Fibaro: https://gist.github.com/SquidDev/86925e07cbabd70773e53d781bd8b2fe At the first part of script I see code which not supported. And I want to rewrite it for Fibaro. local function _W(f) local e = setmetatable({}, {__index = _ENV or getfenv()}) if setfenv then setfenv(f, e) end return f(e) or e end As I understand, this is something like emulation of OOP, so this function allows to create CLASS analog. Do you have ideas, how is it possible to rewrite this code in order to support Fibaro?
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