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  1. Locating RGBW remotely

    Evidently this does work, I've had the same problem and have asked our local importer /distributor for a solution. He advised me today that he had it working and was going to send me the details. When I receive this I'll add the solution to this post.
  2. Rebooting HCL Secondary controller from HC2

    I see on Market place a vsl for rebooting and back up for HC's Is it possible to reboot booth master and secondary controller thru the one action ? or is it as simple as using the vsl shown twice with devices separate login:passwd and IP address?
  3. Aeotec MS6 PIR hanging breached

    Ha, apart from the workers wearing high viz now not much has changed.
  4. Aeotec MS6 PIR hanging breached

    @petergebruersopps that should have read UBS for that photo I know this post is on MS6 but similar issue shown here on UBS on alarm sensor
  5. Aeotec MS6 PIR hanging breached

    Thanks will try that because yes there are many humidity reports coming through. Continent, no your thinking out west of us just Islands in NZ and not many spiders. Here's a UBS thats frozen in my system right now, its remote unfortunately so i cant go and try to retrigger it.
  6. Aeotec MS6 PIR hanging breached

    Bet they work well outside where i live. limited ozone layer down here. And I believe one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Ive also noticed UBS freezing when being used for Alarm PIR use.
  7. Aeotec MS6 PIR hanging breached

    Yes iv'e had this to, ended up increasing Fibaro configuration setting to "send message of potential fire " to 1000 degrees
  8. Aeotec MS6 PIR hanging breached

    I have them in all bathrooms and every now and then they seem to hang. This is spread over all of them not just one device. They come right eventually but leave lighting scenes running in the mean time.
  9. Any one had any issues with Aeotec MS6 on USB PIR hanging in breached state? UPDATED If any one is interested here is Aeotecs response-- "Try setting these parameter settings just as a test to see if the sensor works better for you Parameter 5 [1 byte] = 2 //set binary sensor report If that isn't helping, try adding in this parameter setting: Parameter 3 [2 byte] = 10 //set timeout of motion sensor to 10 seconds Parameter 4 [1 byte] = 5 //ensure max sensitivity of PIR sensor"
  10. 403 - Access forbidden

    Also had this on job the other day. Couldnt include device to slaved HCL giving 403 error. Turned out although not showing on HCL GUI, when hcl phone app was opened it was in alarm state. Cleared alarm state on phone settings all ok Maybe delete phone and tablet apps ? Worth a try.
  11. How to improve signal range, really big house, 8 bedrooms

    For a couple I keep being asked where the home automation cabinet is.
  12. How to improve signal range, really big house, 8 bedrooms

    Ive just done a 780 sq Meter house, had it all working on single Hc2 until the cars got put in garage. I had to add a slave HCL to get the Garage working again just too many jumps out and too many tiled surfaces in between. Two stories, air-rated concrete upstairs flooring and external cladding ,timber framed internal walls, 120 physical modules. Hc2 central on the ground floor but right beside 16m high main entry stair well area.. If I did the same project again I would add one more Hcl. It would definitely speed up inclusion .
  13. 2 way Lighting Circuit with a Single Switch HK

    In that drawing the black is a live feed in and the blue is a strap wire to the second switch, both phase wires. Take a photo if you can.
  14. 2 way Lighting Circuit with a Single Switch HK

    That sounds like a live feed looping in and out of your common terminal and the yellow and red wires being your two strap wires to the next switch. So there must be a forth neutral wire also?. A photo or a drawing as @I.Srodkasuggests would take away the guess work
  15. 2 way Lighting Circuit with a Single Switch HK

    You have no neutral. Buy a dimmer, the switch wont work with out a neutral wire but the dimmer will if wired correctly. You can set the dimmer up to switch the load if its not suitable for dimming. The questons your asking suggest it would be prudent to get a electrician .