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  1. removing sensor from Z-wave network

    Thank you @petergebruers, for your experienced nice explanation
  2. removing sensor from Z-wave network

    Not one device failed (about 40). The distance to HC2 was about 3 meters. Only those d/w sensors which are glued to the door/window frames are failing to exclude. I will try again with lond waiting time as you suggest. Can z-wave network get stressed by excluding and including 'many' devices in sequence? As i can see my d/w sensors are all version 1.
  3. removing sensor from Z-wave network

    Hi @petergebruers, before my HC2 'crashed' and i started to rebuild everything from scratch, all those sensors were working properly. Your as well as @Sankotronic's battery check scene didn't show any 'anomalies'. Even my Voltmeter (that never lies to me) is showing good battery levels. As you suggested, i started to remove the devices and build a mesh network with mains powered devices So every Z-wave device i removed first and then readd to HC2 network. I had also some 'spare' d/w sensors which were never included before, so just to play with, i've included (after removing) them too for future installation. So my HC2 does fail to remove and add devices. Only those d/w sensors glued to the doors and windows i wanted to reset without mess. Why i want to excluse the devices? Because i'm following your advice, first to exclude in order to include without having to reset the devices.
  4. removing sensor from Z-wave network

    Yes, i've tried... Moved my HC2 approx. 1 meter to the sensor, but... no success...
  5. removing sensor from Z-wave network

    I've tried that ofcourse, but without success Hi @FunkFib, i wasn't trying to reset, but remove == unpair the device from Z-wave network.
  6. Hi all, does anyone know how to remove (unpair) a door windows sensor without dismounting it from the door of window?
  7. 403 - Access forbidden

    Hi @10der, we're not giving up, are we?
  8. 403 - Access forbidden

    Great tip Peter thank you very much! I have only2 mains powered module, but will include all the wall plugs in the first place
  9. 403 - Access forbidden

    Just got replay from support: Hello, Please clear the Internet cache of your browser. You can also try to access Fibaro with another Internet browser. The way of deleting cache varies depending on a browser. Please find an instruction in the link below: http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser’s-Cache I don’t see any 403 error (in during some action) through port forwarding connection so it’s most likely internet cache. Additional information to check in case of 403 error: The next thing you need to do is to make sure, that you’re loged into SuperUser account. If yes please fallow: Please try to create backup. If it will not end successfully then the problem is with Wizard procedure or still in Alarm. Wizard: Go to settings and chose Wizard tab. Please fallow the steps shown on the screen. You should proceed with although one step of it. If the Wizard will lead you directly to the end please try to put in your browser lines (with faze HC_ip replaced with your HC unit IP address in local access): HC_ip/fibaro/en/wizard/?steps=localUser HC_ip/fibaro/en/wizard/?steps=remoteUser HC_ip/fibaro/en/wizard/?steps=update HC_ip/fibaro/en/wizard/?steps=alarm HC_ip/fibaro/en/wizard/?steps=localization HC_ip/fibaro/en/wizard/?steps=devices HC_ip/fibaro/en/wizard/?steps=hcname Alarm: There is a chance that some of your devices has been armed. Please go to the HC_ip/docs to access docs of your Home Center. Go to devices and roll down first list (GET /devices). Scroll down and use “Try It!” button. Now you need to use “search” function of your browser (hold Ctr (command button on MAC) and pres F button once). Type: armed: “true”, and find the modules that are still armed in your system. Now you can either delete device with ID that represents or change it state to disarmed in your system. -- I've ofcourse clear the cache in the first place... I've tested with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and MS Edge. No device is armed.... I couldn't ofcourse exclude any device, when i've erased the Z-wave memory in the recovery process; after recovery i had clean empty HC2. So now i'm resetting all devices to factory default and reincluding one for one.
  10. 403 - Access forbidden

    Hi @petergebruers I really don't know what support did, except they resolved some minor things like repair of backup table, which was showing non-existing backups and endless reconfiguring of non existing device. They loaded new version of 4.160 FW and made some backups for testing. This is what i'm aware of. I wrote them mail this morning and again 3 hours ago, but untill now, there is no reply. I can't judge correctly whether the recovery took longer than normal. I don't know if the internal drive was examined. I'm having currently only a handful of freshly included z-wave devices not a dead one and my HC2 is behaving strange. Besides the 403 and 503 error i had weird experience when i wanted to make backup. My HC2 said: "There was a problem with the connection to the backups server. Please contact support." Sometimes the pages in the gui are renderred partly, or empty. This in short.... I'm rebuilding my HA from scratch and just waiting when the next disaster will happen, because i simply don't know what's going on.
  11. 403 - Access forbidden

    Hi @gucio1234, the VD's and scenes i use are the old @Sankotronic codes, used by tens, maybe hundreds users very long time without problems.
  12. 403 - Access forbidden

    Hi @10der, fibaro support was investigating my HC2 and the conclusion was, that i had unofficial software installed - meaning my scenes and VD's and i had too much VD's (124) and too long remarks in the code (using @Sankotronic's scenes) and that the remarks ware slowing down my system and there coul'd be "unwanted characters" in the remarks, whatever thay may be. So after the actions of support i had not working system, which was working allrights untill the failure occured. So i desided to do system recovery and started from scratch yesterday. After upgrade from 4.056 to 4.160 i've defined my zones and added rooms. Then i've installed 2 fibaro multi sensors (eyes) 2 VD's from @Sankotronic for Philips HUE lights and 4 Very smart lights scenes. I wanted to make backup to make save the changes, but in the Backup & Recovery page i saw empty backuptable with the text: "There was a problem with the connection to the backups server. Please contact support." This morning i saw on my screen 403 and 503 errors. I've contacted support again at 8:12 by mail, but untill now support didn't respond.
  13. 403 - Access forbidden

    Hi @Jamie mccrostie, i've deleted all apps and now waiting.....
  14. 403 - Access forbidden

    I did recovery and erased my z-wave so i had a clean HC2. Then i've installed 2 fibaro multi sensors (eyes) 2 VD's for HUE lights and 4 @Sankotronic Very Smart Light scenes. But, i'm still encounter 403 and 503 errors, while fibaro support isn't doing anything anymore. Anyone an idea? Any help will be appreciated. Some more explanation Just to clarify, because a friend f mine pointed out, that mentioning @Sankotronic's code, coul'd leave wrong impression, that he's code coul'd be faulty, but that didn't came to my mind, when i wrote this. I was just pointing that @Sankotronic's is known to be well structured, clean lua code, which was extensively tested before beeing posted here on forum. With mentioning his code i just wanted to proove, that there must have been something different going on in my HC2. I hope this clarifies enough. Thank you.
  15. 403 - Access forbidden

    I had the same and the similar 503 error so the support opened a case and they were working on it several hours today and reported it back as resolved, but... My HC2 is extremeely slow, it takes more than 30 seconds to refresh whatever web gui screen. Scene's are nbot working, button on VD's are not responding... If my house was depending on Fibaro, i woul'd be sitting here cold and dark for days... Let me hope, that Fibaro suppiort will solve it tomorrow.