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  1. Nice turorial! It’s a way to send this pop up for a specific user? How to run this scene at startup? For example to send an message when HC2 restart and boot again? I try to run this scene at startup and also add a line to send me notification on iPhone. Notification is received but pop up missing. In debug nothing show and when I test its run ok, but after restart not work. --[[ %% autostart %% properties %% events %% globals --]] local sourceTrigger = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); if (sourceTrigger["type"] == "autostart") then fibaro:call(1454, "sendDefinedPushNotification", "1575"); local popTitle = "FIBARO reboot" local popContTitle = "FIBARO 1 was rebooted!" local popBody = "Main FIBARO HC2\n".. "was rebooted.\n" .. "\n" .. "All is ready for use." local popImage = "http://MYFIBAROID/fibaro/icons/scena/User1338.png" local popType = "Info" ------------------------------------------- HomeCenter.PopupService.publish({ title = popTitle, subtitle = os.date("%H:%M:%S | %d.%m.%Y"), contentTitle = popContTitle, contentBody = popBody, img = popImage, type = popType, buttons = { { caption = "OK", sceneId = 0 } } }); end thanks
  2. Checksum status: Corrupted

    I write to them, unit is new, has 4 months. I think I’ll sent to them.
  3. Checksum status: Corrupted

    I disconnect disk from HC2 and make a copy on HDD, after connect again into HC2, show is disconnected I try to insert again in pc....make a sound when connected but can't access. Any sugestion?
  4. Checksum status: Corrupted

    The stange thing is that I can backup and I also restore from this stick so is not an hardware failure. I contact support and now wait theirs suggestions.
  5. A pin is more than perfect! i just found this already exists in demo mode and is great. 33FEEB42-6379-4DD9-9B52-4B0BED94E72B.MP4
  6. Checksum status: Corrupted

    Hello, I buy a new HC2 to keep as a backup in case my main HC2 hardware fail. In meantime i decide to use this HC2 to my vacation house and decide to add only 4 double relay for lights. All settings was made in few minutes, all work perfectly. After setup finish i made a backup to save settings. Also this step work perfectly. I delete also old backups and keep only actual backup. Now, after all, i hit from mistake Recovery tab and noticed that i have an error: Checksum status: Corrupted Anyone has any iddea how to fix this? Thanks
  7. Virtual module?

    Please see my first post, it's a link there
  8. Power

    Hi there, Since all my house it’s all fibaro, maybe someone has any suggestions how to declare power consumption from severals fibaro relays that control via contactors some heavy duty device in my home, swimming pool and boilers and driveway heater. Since i have all device on fibaro so my power consumption is almost under control, but some devices ruin my job. I try some external power meters from Other z-wave sellers but they not have template and on iPhone app I can’t ses anything. I retuned them, useless. I write to fibaro on this forum several time be about a manual power declared to new relays but but...we need to wait...maybe forever for that, so any LUA suggestion? Don't suggest to buy older modules....I just replace all whit new one z-wave plus. Thanks
  9. Power consumption declared

    I have few old modules, but ....is old....why not use new module? FIBARO....help us
  10. FGS-223 switch 2 with 25A contactor

    I ask same things, i use contactors for swiming pool pump. You can write here, maybe we become more, this will be add to a new update. https://forum.fibaro.com/index.php?/topic/28682-power-consumption-declared/
  11. Preventing logging our from app

    My ipad is logged in since last year, i don't have any trouble whit this.
  12. Hmm....try imperi home, has many function for protection, but app is ugly. You can’t compare whit Fibaro iPad app....but Fibaro has also some minuses. What I like at imperi home? Protection for global settings (whit Touch ID or code) Protection for specific device same, whit Touch ID, password or simple confirmation. This is more safe for wife or children My iPad from living wall is a great tentation for son and big challenge for wife So a master protection that leave app in user mode, not in admin or installer mode will be necessary. Also confirmation for an action is also nice, many time when I’m in a rush i press from mistake anything else.
  13. Virtual module?

    Plugin is available, but don’t know how to install. i will dig tonight..
  14. Virtual module?

    Hi, I try but nothing. i write on franchise forum, maybe they answer. i thaug