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  1. Virtual device as room temperate

    The virtual device is capturing temperature from an external device. This is not a z-wave device. Therefore, it does not show up as (possible) temperature of the room and can also not be used in the heating panel.
  2. Virtual device as room temperate

    If a temperature sensor is installed in a room, that one is selected as temperature for the room (displayed at several places on the UI and used in heat control or so). Is is possible to have a value of virtual device defined as temperature of the room? Sorry, I found another item about this subject. This can be closed.
  3. I also tried the Aeotec Smart Dimmer. After including it, the dimmer works, but still has 'not configured' with every device. I'm not sure, it is a big issue, as they seem to work. The biggest problem is that they cannot be used in a scene (graphical blocks) on a HCL.
  4. Hi, I have a some Smart Dimmer 6 modules from Aeotec which are connected to a HCL (v4.160). Including and switching/dimming works OK, but I cannot use them in a scene (graphical). Is there any way, that can be solved (e.g. by adding the template manually)? Thanks. Willem-Jan
  5. Fibaro Dimmer 2 FGD-212 - Double switch setup

    The dimmer is for dimming only one light (or two, but then the cannot be dimmed independently). The S1/Sx connections are for the single or double switch (again to control one light). See also the manual of the dimmer 2 module.
  6. I have Finder (max 20A load on 230V). I already have them for years and I never had a problem of one getting stuck.
  7. I have a number of power outlets which are controller from a central place by way of relays. To make sure, there is problem whatever you plug in, I have Finder relays which are controlled by ZWave relays. The Finder relays are really very good and never get stuck. Maybe a bit overkill, but just to be sure....
  8. Fibaro heat controller for floor heating?

    If you want to control temperature for all rooms at once, you can control the pump with a wall switch or relay switch with a single temperature sensor. If you want to control the rooms separately, you can use valves per room/group with relay switches and a temperature sensor (e.g. Fibaro Motion) per room. Be aware that the pump needs to run now and then, to make sure it does not get stuck (e.g. in summer).
  9. Smoke sensor > temperature

    I have a smoke sensor version 3.3 which gives a 1.5 degrees difference with other thermometers, so I would like to correct that. Before the template items, there is a temperature correction time (-100 .. +100 degrees). I tried that, but it does not seem to store the value. Is there a way to use that?
  10. Replace icons

    Icons replaced on location and that indeed works. Thanks!
  11. Replace icons

    That is at a customers location, so not really happy about this!
  12. Replace icons

    I'm trying via the remote login. Since I'm not at the location, I;m not able to test with local access.
  13. Replace icons

    I'm using the standard icons of the light bulb which are available with other modules in the Fibaro HCL. By the way, with other modules, I can choose althernative icons. With the wallplug, no alternative icon can be chosen.
  14. Replace icons

    I have two Fibaro wallplug modules for which I want to change the icon, but I cannot get them uploaded. I have tried several browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE) and on Windows as well as Mac. But nothing works. If I select the two files, it shows c:\fakepath\<icon> And when I confirm, it gives a white screen and nothing has changed. Any idea how to get the icons updated?