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  1. Scene ignores TIME when VARIABLE is changed

    Thank you guys for help but i contacted support and solved this problem. Yes, the solution is simple - just to uncheck the variable under triggering variables, but Fibaro not always recognize the change and you need to re-add the scene with variable already unchecked.
  2. Scene ignores TIME when VARIABLE is changed

    Yes, but the scene runs everytime the variable is changed. Everytime. Not only at 18:00.
  3. Scene ignores TIME when VARIABLE is changed

    But why it is ignoring the time?
  4. Scene ignores TIME when VARIABLE is changed

    @samuel I dont think this is the same case. Fibaro is ignoring Time and the whole scene stands only on Variable, for no reason. If i am not doing something wrong, there must be a bug in the system.
  5. Scene ignores TIME when VARIABLE is changed

    @hTiger1 Yes, i tried, still the same
  6. Scene ignores TIME when VARIABLE is changed

    @hTiger1 Doesnt work anyway Everytime i manually change that variable / or / the variable is changed by different scene, this scene will trigger even with uncheck "ALARM".
  7. Hello guys, I have some trouble with creating scene, which has to TURN ON a Fibaro Plug at exact time, but only when variable is met. The problem is, if i tell scene to TURN ON plug at exact time, it works fine. But, when I add variable next to the time with "And", scene completely ignores the time and runs every time the variable is met. So if I or a different scene change variable to OFF, this scene will automatically trigger despite it shouldnt untill 18:00. Anyone knows why please? Thank you!
  8. Cheap Z-Wave devices

    Okay guys, the plug just stopped communicate over z-wave network after five days of use. It can be turned on and off, but only with button. I tried do re-add it if that would solve that communication problem, but i cannot connect the plug with Fibaro anymore - obviosly z-wave chip was somehow damaged. Note: After i plug it in, LED flashes five times with violet color
  9. No cosumption screen for third party power plug

    @Reintjan Both apps working the same way - Yes - if you tap on device, the only thing it is going to do is to switch device on and off. Same for me. BUT. - If it would be a Fibaro Plug and you would tap on "Dukdalf", it would open a consumption history as you can see at 3. and 4. image in my last post. - I would be completely okay with this to happening, but only if Neo Coolcam Plug wouldnt have the same consumption history panel as Fibaro plug in web APP, but it has (first and second screen in my post).
  10. No cosumption screen for third party power plug

    For example: Fibaro Plug from Web Neo Coolcam Plug from Web Fibaro Plug from mobile app BUT if i tap on it, it will show this: Neo Coolcam Plug from mobile app - and if i tap on it, it wont open that consumption history as you can see above.
  11. No cosumption screen for third party power plug

    @Reintjan As i said above, if you tap on Fibaro plug in your mobile app, it will open consumption history with Instant, Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly consumption. If you would tap on Neo Coolcam plug, it does nothing, it wont open anything. But from web app i can see fine those data even on Neo Coolcam plug. Exactly the same way as with Fibaro plug.
  12. No cosumption screen for third party power plug

    @10der I dont know why it needs template for this when it is just consumption history what i can see without problems in web app, but not in mobile app.
  13. Hello, I bought a Neo Colcam power plug which is working pretty well with Fibaro, except I cant look at the consumpiton history from mobile APP. If i tap on Fibaro plug, there is screen that shows daily, weekly... consumption etc., but when im trying to tap on Neo Coolcam plug which showing actual consumption the same way as Fibaro plug, it does nothing - it wont open that consumption history as it doeas with plug from Fibaro. From web i can see consumption fine in device settings and also in panel with all graphs etc.
  14. Cheap Z-Wave devices

    @Bodyart vážne? really? thanks guys btw. ...and with the consumption screen not showing in app?