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  1. @I.Srodka - I've just disabled chrome on my mobile. Than enabled and installed updates, cleared the cache and all app memory... The same effect - the screen dims for 2 seconds (tries to do something) and nothing happens. Please note that I have tested it in 3 configurations - google home mini + tablet, google home mini + android phone 1 and only android phone (both google assistant and google home from the same device). The result is the same. I could bet that this is something in my google account that is either cached or some parameter set...
  2. You are partially right... In the previous test I have looked in google home. But I have Google Assistant also, so after your last mail I searched there again (tried that before) and... The result is again the same. Clicking "Link" dimmes the screen and nothing happens... Here are the screenshots to proove the path... It seems that it confirms what happened before - Fibaro seems unlinked, but if I try to link it again, it just does not kick the process succesfully... Whatever - i think I have bothered you all too much. I will live with that somehow or try to do it again after any kind of update or so... No worries... If you have any other idea just let me know. If not let's close this topic.
  3. Nooo... This is what I try to do from the beginning (and try to describe it here)... Of course I can get to skills (or devices, or connections, or however we may call it). I can find there lots of connectors/skills, I can setup new ones (e.g. for Netatmo thermostat that I have), but Fibaro on android is not listed there (I don't see the connector neither on the list of new nor on the list of already set linked). Below you can find he screenshot... Netatmo is linked. Fibaro does not exist on the lit at all (not for linked, not for new, nowhere). This is why I wrote in the original mail that the linkage process is different for fibaro than for wemo and Netatmo... I don't know why. Or perhaps I still don't understand something...
  4. Helo @I.Srodka , As I understand, I would get this screen if my google assistant would start talking to fibaro. But now the only thing I can get is the screen below in google assistant. After I click the "Link FIBARO to Google" it darkens the screen for like 2 second and does nothing (comes back to this screen). It does exactly the same on my tablet which I used to establish initial connection via GoogleHomeMini. So I can't define new connection and I also can't completely remove the old one (well, perhaps it is removed by now but for sure something is different comparing to the first connection setup). I have used the clean phone... The same. I have "factory reset" google home mini - the same. It has to be stored somewhere in the google account definition.
  5. OK, so having asked the original question... I have to admit that I have not used the google assistant on my mobile so far. I started to use it with GoogleHome mini... After the support advised to use google assistant on my mobile I initially searched for that from the tablet that I use to control home devices. It turned out that the tablet was not eligible to run "google assistant" (old Android version) so I have switched to my phone... And voila, now I have also the google assistant running on my mobile... BUT... While I can make BOTH assistants ("mini" and mobile) talk to fibaro, they both say "It looks like your FIBARO account is not linked yet", they present the "Link FIBARO to Google" (seems ok I know) on the screen but they do not start the linking procedure (the screen darkens for 3 seconds and nothing happens). So opposite to the first time when I was able to successfully link fibaro, now it consistently fails on all three devices I tried. I assume that something from the first trial has remained in the parameters, but??? I can't connect HC to this FIBARO ID because you cant have the same HC connected to different FIBARO IDs (one to one) or so it seems.... I use the main FIBARO ID for other purposes...
  6. Hi everyone, I am Tom, I am new here... I have recently bought "google home mini" and connected it to Fibaro_ID account. Unfortunately (I wanted to be too secure) I have connected it to wrong Fibaro_ID account i.e. the account where there is no HCL attached (it is just empty account). I have realized my mistake and wanted to UNLINK the account from google_home. And here the PROBLEM starts. I just can't unlink it succesfully - fibaro does not exist on the devices list available in google home application on my tablet. Netatmo and other services are there, but fibaro (due to this strange dynamic linking procedure which is initiated by "talk to fibaro") does not have the service on the normal list (it is somehow hidden). I have even removed Fibaro_ID account, but the only result I got is that fibaro now again initiates the linking procedure (shows the link on welcome home screen), but is does not show the form to enter new credentials. Can you unlink your accounts and link them again? Have I done something wrong/stupid etc.? Anyone? I tried to talk to support, but the response is not helpful so far... Pls help