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  1. @TezaSee how you go with Global, I don't claim to be a programmer, but it works for me. I use predefined variables for very little but I'm sure I should probably use them more. I have them for decklight brightness settings , pre defined temperature in the attic 20 30 40 and corresponding fan speeds for cooling, humidity options in the cellar, and things like that so I can call that in lua scene, I don't know what others use them for but imagine one variable called 'lights' and having all the light id's stored so then if you call that variable in lua script with the ids you get all the lights. Hope this helps ! Cheers, al.
  2. Cool, I am still one of the ADSL crew and was aware that my connection wasn't up for it, but yeah NBN should alleviate the issue so, good point. ( I forget sometimes that there are other aussies on the forum ) Is this something that is being looked at ? Not the datacentre per se, but a reduced requirement or tweaking to see how other than Europe may be able to implement the google integration ? Cheers, al.
  3. Seems my upload speeds are too slow .. Australia is an internet backwater ! Once we upgrade our internet it should work according to 'those in the know' I'll report back in a couple of months if all goes to plan ! & Thanks to @I.Srodka for above and beyond the call of duty support ! Cheers, al.
  4. Hi @Tom Ek, so you had it running on these mobile devices ? maybe wait for @I.Srodka or @qbasob as they probs have more idea than me, but I'd try uninstalling the apps to clear any cache. Then reinstall and try again. Also reboot everything as standard procedure. Cheers, al.
  5. Hi @Teza I Use similar conditionals for this nightlight scene but .. it lets me grab back door access, someone getting up from the couch, going to the toilet at night etc etc when the primary areas lights are off .. .. I suspect though that it is the conditonals in day/night .. mine looks like this .. so it turns one variable off then the next on ( Otherwise they are both night & day and lights get confused ) Hope this helps ! Cheers, al.
  6. Cheap Z-Wave devices

    Interesting, topic, we pay probably the highest (I'm assuming) globally for all the zwave components here in AU/NZ , it's ridiculous how expensive things are when you only have a small population, so we don't even get these smaller manufacturers understandably changing frequency for our market size. But even if we did have these cheaper alternatives, I'd still be dubious. I can't tell you the number of Chinese 'things' I've purchased thinking it was a bargain and ended up throwing away, ( then having to either spend the other 50% saved, or just get the name branded one anyway ) the only issue I've had with a Fibaro branded component was resolved and replaced. Still some people use lesser known brands and some use overpriced name brands .. the thing I always think about though, is .. if a widget has say a bit of plastic, a certain number of chips and some metal in it .. and another widget has to have basically the same in it to function .. then how can one be 2 or 3 or more times the price ? As I'm in marketing and sales for a small engineering firm, I can tell you my opinion .. someone is either meeting all the required certification criteria, &/or making more margin, and someone is cutting corners if basically "like for like" items are significantly disparately priced. .. In this case, because I like to sleep soundly at night, and these are things that I rely upon stuck in my roof space or wall, to keep me secure, and safe .. I'd personally pass .. we aren't talking sneakers or t-shirts here ! Then you have OTA updates, which can fix any niggling issues, or improve functionality etc .. I mean I get it ($) , but .. I wouldn't get it The upside for people like me though, is if more people buy the lesser known brands, market pressure will reduce the pricing of the named brands assuming margin is the root of the pricing difference ! Just my 2¢ worth. Cheers, al.
  7. Doorlock Issue, Camera Issue, Secondary Controller

    @fat yes as you suggested you can as I just confirmed. It is functional at least and useful for services access. Just means you can't add users remotely, but being as they aren't logged as to who accesses the locks anyway, it doesn't probably matter at this stage. Once the hc2 catches up it will make me feel more comfortable. Cheers, al.
  8. Replacing battery on Fibaro door sensor

    @Sarzeau @Flowy Nothing to lose by this : delete it from the web interface ( click the x ) and then force delete, I rebooted at this point then try deleting the unit with a tripple click while in delete mode reboot and re-add. I just removed one of mine this way that wouldn't communicate, and it is now re added OK. Cheers, al.
  9. Notifications

    You can use push if you set up user phone. Some people suggest it's not reliable but it works OK now. ( not 100% but usually. ) Otherwise you can set up a telegram account which is what I use and it's amazingly good ! I read through @Lambik awesome guide ( he's the telegram guru ) and it's brilliant and free ! Cheers, al.
  10. Doorlock Issue, Camera Issue, Secondary Controller

    KAS isn't going to be much joy, it's 6 digits .. doh !
  11. KB: FIBARO Intercom iOS app installation

    Yep no doubt, but, every serious solution is Mobotix, Helios they are all 4 figures .. I'll end up with a ring probs, but might be able to get some integration with my new satel security system... ( once it turns up and I work out what I can and can't do ! ) It's ridiculous what we pay here for zwave as it is, but market size is the determining factor I suppose. Cheers, al.
  12. How smart is your home?

    Hi @chigori, Great topic ! the question rather might be how creative do you feel ? .. would love to hear what others are doing and what they think is clever / smart etc. Mine is by no means a very smart house, but it is a bit clever, and it really suits us and makes our lives easier / safer or more comfortable ( which is the point I suppose ), and I don't think control makes it smart, i think it's more how you implement the control to achieve an objective that makes it smart. I have a list of not implemented, or imploemented and failed, or implemented and withdrawn as it wasn't really as cool as I thought. Google home has removed a lot of the sonos talking i used to have set up. For me, really anything repetitive, or comfort based I think personally are the best things you can automate. So control through the app doesn't interest me, double clicking a switch or having something just happen automagically is clever to me ( not necessarily smart ) My Fibaro system looks after from the driveway towards the back ; Automated night lighting along the driveway * Automated gate control ( Partially implemented, but not completed yet .. Likely with either fibaro intercom or Helios, but they are both so bloody expensive ! ) Front door control ( Lock & Camera ) LED strip lighting for night safety down the hallway. LED strip lighting under the kitchen kickboards for safety / comfort lighting LED strip lighting in toilet at night for low impact lighting. Humidity control for walk in robe ( along side ensuite with exhaust fan control and lighting control at night ) Humidity control for main bathroom with exhaust fan control. Towel rail control for chilly mornings, not for warmer mornings. Bathroom & Ensuite underfloor heating for the same ( chilly not warm ) *Airconditioning control based on presence. ( Not completed yet. Cant find a replacement controller that will work with my A/C yet ) Wine cellar humidity and temperature control ( dehumidifier / humidifer control ) Fibaro buttons for my very elderly motherinlaw, RED panic ( all lights on full if night time and chirp alarm ) ( otherwise day time chirp alarm and push / text email a list of people ) ( also tied into an aeotec single button fob ), Green normal lights on, Black for night lighting ( mounted on a white bedside cabinet easy contrast at night to see ). Under bed lighting for my motherinlaw ( and just recently us !) so the strip leds come on when it sees feet on the floor at night and the lights are off .. which then triggers hallway low level lighting to the toilet and kitchen .. Rest of the house Sonos music based on presence and time of day and * person ( person not working yet so on hold ) *Roller shutter control based on temperature outside and time of day. ( Not quite completed yet. Shutters in and wiring ready within the next month, just need a few $ to get the shutter controllers together ! ) Will also use this as a thermal mass shutter to heat the slab during the day in winter and close it up to keep heat in during evening & opposite in summer .. Ventilation window opening if the air conditioner isn't on, if it's cooler outside and if it's over set temp inside. Ventilation window closing if the airconditioner is on, or if it's warmer outside, and over set temp. ( opposite in winter ) Deck and outdoor lighting based on time / lights on in the house or not, access lighting for back door approach. Automated watering based on weather, weather forecast, lux & UV, along with time of day. Garage door control Much of the above I've duplicated at the farm also but with the addition of Control of my little observatory, based on current weather, time, ambient temperature and forecast weather. Control of the dehumidifier in the observatory, and red LED lighting based on a number of parameters to maintain night vision. Automated shutters for storm and when alarm is set and we are back in the city. At least that's all I can think of while sitting here at work ! Cheers, al.
  13. How to improve signal range, really big house, 8 bedrooms

    Yes, I run an extension cord in the roof space to the furthest corner of my house and have a power plug plug into it. It doesn't do anything, but gives me reliable access down to the back yard shed ! Cheers, al.
  14. KB: FIBARO Intercom iOS app installation

    Thanks ! @I.Srodka I'm currently trying to source one here in Australia, at least so I can get an idea of the pricing in AUD .. have they been made available over here yet ? Cheers, al.
  15. Doorlock Issue, Camera Issue, Secondary Controller

    Yep, I had them working fine until I tried to get fancy and synch them, now that they are working I wonder why I bothered, as you can't get individual notifications for which pin has accessed the door, and I can only get 4 digit pins. I seriously wonder how many of the devs at Fibaro actually use Z-Wave on a daily basis ! I was better of not synchronising, and just lock and unlock remotely, but still have 6 to 8 digit pins, and still not knowing who has accessed the door .. I think I'll get a Vera as a gateway, apparently they handle security items better than Fibaro, but the HC2 is still hard to beat for everything else. Cheers, al.