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  1. Homecenter 2 on POE+?

    A little bit later than expected but today I put my HC2 on a PoE+ switch UniFi Switch 16 POE-150W. Starting up well, and first hour everything works. The only thing I aspect trouble (if it comes) is on the z-wave range, because this could be asking more or less power that you can't control. I see the port 7 max to 14,06 and mostly on 12,46W now Test run is on!
  2. Ubiquiti UniFi

    Version 1.0.0


    Some network icons.
  3. IP Device Local Network Detector & Scene

    There are many ways to detect your phone or make auto lights go on it. And yes you must make global variables. I have 3 phones to detect with 3 globals with 0 and 1 for example. all 3 with the precense detector on 0 and home status goes on Away... > lights of 1 motion sensor in hall or 1 of the 3 phones on 1 home status goes on Home > lights On and you can go on like that... See my signature for some solutions I use from great people that are around here
  4. CO Sensor test (not sending notification)

    thanks for the answer I prefer the test spray to make good system test. Just like I do with a smoke sensor test spray. But besides this I still want if you press the test button the CO sensor goes into breached mode. this is because if you have a scene or notification to test you can do it with the test button and not running in your house with candles or that kind of stuff to test it The smoke sensors work like that so it's logic to make the CO sensors work the same way. - Make the test buttons for the internal test including getting into breached mode. - Always use the test sprays to make a good test of the internal (optical) sensors
  5. CO Sensor placement! [ read this !! ]

    Thanks! Looking forward to see the documentation and (video) instruction improvements
  6. CO Sensor placement! [ read this !! ]

    Agree with this... people make mistakes about this I was aware of the internet site but the manual with the CO sensor is incomplete. Also think with pictures added it on site and manual is more clear Hope that fibaro with make a new video of the CO sensor installation, with complete instructions like the video I added. Besides this I want people to know the danger of this "killer" and the importance of placing it in a good way. Ask around you with friends or family where should you place a CO sensor... 8 out of 10 doesn't even know it or would place it in wrong way. With some years of experience in the fire detection sector I know the importance of placements of (smoke) sensors and with that the interest of placing CO sensors in good way. But I want Fibaro to make the documentation complete and give better information and awareness of the CO sensor The Fibaro CO sensors are great let me be clear about that!
  7. CO Sensor placement! [ read this !! ]

    Hi Srodka thanks for fast reply. I really disagree with answer. I also put a international company in the post with the same recommandations as the dutch. I'm aware that it should be universal but the detailed information is not there! -The 30 centimeters from surrounding walls is international placement requirement - The horizontal distance between 1 and 3 meters from the CO source is a international requirement - Never place the CO alarm here section is a international requirement (if people don't there is bat airflow sensor won't work properly ) The place of installation is good yes but not in a CO source room! The manual has 134 pages so other 5 can be added easily.
  8. After I bought the CO Sensors of Fibaro I saw the documentation and the requirements of placement are incomplete. The only picture is the one of 1.5m from the floor that's it. But this is not the only requirement of placing. Please read the following instructions (dutch) of the fire department netherlands. https://www.brandweer.nl/brandveiligheid/koolmonoxidemelders/meer-info/plaatsingsadvies-co-melder?param=0 https://www.brandweer.nl/media/7272/plaatsingsadvies-co-melders_dec2017.pdf translate EN >> In a room with a gas appliance (possible CO source) On the ceiling - At a horizontal distance between 1 and 3 meters from the CO source. -Central to space. - At least 30 centimeters from surrounding walls. - Not next to existing air intakes or air outlets or other objects to it ceiling. With a sloping ceiling - At a horizontal distance between 1 and 3 meters from the CO source. - Place the detector on the high side of the sloping ceiling. In a room without a gas appliance Bedrooms At (minimum) breathing height - Breathing height is the bedroom in bedrooms altitude on which one sleeps. - Not next to air intakes or air outlets. - Not behind objects such as curtains and cabinets. Other spaces At (minimum) breathing height - Depending on activities in the room corresponds to breath altitude sitting or walking height. - Not next to air intakes or air outlets. - Not behind objects such as curtains and cabinets. Never place the CO alarm here - Not next to air intakes or air outlets - Not behind objects such as curtains and cabinets. And see instruction video english for complete instructions of placements. a few years ago, 2 girls died in my village because of carbon monoxide poisonings. After this there was nationwide an action for the purchase and proper placement of the detectors supported by fire brigade the Netherlands Fibaro I recommend that you adjust the documentation a.s.a.p!
  9. Hello, Finally I have bought the CO sensors and place them in right situation. (documentation of placing is incomplete other topic) But when I test the sensor I after the first beep got the alarm signal and inside the HC2 i receive notifications of testing. (test in progress and test completed) But the sensor isn't getting in alarm state and also isn't sending a alarm notifications. Because of this the alarm test isn't complete in my opinion. With smoke sensors we do also a test and the sensor is getting in alarm state with sending the notification. Fibaro please fix this quickly that with the test the sensor get a alarm state and send the notification
  10. Homecenter 2 on POE+?

    If i'm correct the HC2 have a standard ethernet port witch is not PoE. I upgraded my home netwok to Ubiquity with also a UniFi 16 PoE-150w swich so i'm able to test it if there is a solution. I'm not aware there is something of a "reverse adapter" for ethernet ports only thing I know the PoE injector adapters exist. edit: I see a splitter now, will order one and test it after X-mass
  11. What is id.cloud.fibaro.com?

    Would be nice if the web interface and App gets the same look and feel like the cloud site.. White/ Blue / Dark grey clean simple and modern
  12. What is id.cloud.fibaro.com?

    registerd also.. looks nice. But as always should be nice if Fibaro communicate this is coming. Or at least make something of New things topic where we can look at these things. And also always when CES is on.. Fibaro pushes a update and Silent for till the CES is over
  13. WOL (Wake On Lan) Scene

    sorry for late response.. there is also a WOL plugin that worked for me, used it before. Not now anymore btw. test WOL with other computer, or app to test is. In begin with my testing the router blocked the package.
  14. WOL (Wake On Lan) Scene

    2 scene's and 1 VD
  15. WOL (Wake On Lan) Scene

    Think you are looking for this from Krikroff http://forum.fibaro.com/index.php?/topic/13066-wake-computer-wol/#entry15888 http://forum.fibaro.com/index.php?showtopic=12051#16189 http://www.domotique-fibaro.fr/index.php/topic/107-wake-on-lan-wol-d%C3%A9marrer-son-ordinateur-%C3%A0-distance/