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  1. Variable triggering scene when it shouldn't

    Hi all, I can confirm the same behavior since some versions ago. It happens on both HC2 and HCL. In block and Lua. Restarting HC is the only solution. Unless you delete the scene and create it again, first time wright. According to me, it happens if you save a scene in between too much.
  2. @vanni177 Hi, see post below . But why controlling devices and scenes through API and. That can be done directly via the fibaro skill. Mayb better to answer in below post instead of hijacking this one.
  3. @jodohl hi, also my HC2 / Amazon echo 'aka Alexa' integration is working fine. Some delays upto 4 or 5 seconds but nothing more than that. As Robmac is saying, a good wifi connection is required. Here in Belgium at a certain provider we can choose a 'channel' on our internet modem. Some 'channels' on wifi are of better quality in parts of the house than others. As far as I could read, you didn't mention if your Alexa is responding correctly on other commands (Joke, weather, news, wikipedia, ....). Is that working fine? BTW, I was that happy with my Alexa and HC2 integration that I've created my own skill (house status). It's published but not yet approved. It tells me some status of the house after asking Alexa 'Alexa, Open house status'.
  4. Adding all modules in same room

    It's a gateway setup where HCL is the slave of the HC2 which is master gateway.
  5. Adding all modules in same room

    @Mediacut, 50 modules indeed is a lot. You need to find a proper way to mount them into cabinet. The reason I have 2 contollers is that I ever started with HCL but switched to HC2 since some months. HCL still has all devices included. HC2 has all scene's and VD running. In short, I didn't want to exclude / include all devices while migrating
  6. Adding all modules in same room

    I don't see any reason, except for the one mentioned about the mesh network, why you can't do this. All devices related to lights, alarm and heating are in the same place in my case. I don't have any problems with interference. See pictures below. There are some more in the back of the panel and also in the cabine next to this one.
  7. Alarm panel gateway setup and Fibaro support feedback

    I could use variables but somehow this means I need a scene monitoring all my sensors for breached status. It was easier, and probably less resource consuming, to use the alarmpanel. If you mean to write variable with hcl and read it with hc2, it goes beyond my idea only having scenes running on hc2. All 3 scenarios working are only the ones where hcl is executing the scene. For Hc2, it never works. Unless you mean that is working sometimes on your setup?
  8. Alarm panel gateway setup and Fibaro support feedback

    @T.Konopka Yes. Start(HCL) --> stop (@disarm) --> start (by HC2) Hereby the picture from both HCL and HC2
  9. Alarm panel gateway setup and Fibaro support feedback

    Hi @T.Konopka, I've tested the most basic setup. I'll explain as detailed as possible. HCL : alarm panel active. A custom scene is defined as action (if alarm is On then sirene is On - blockscene, both 'run scene manual' and 'do not allow alarm to stop scene while alarm is running). HC2 : activate the alarm panel. I created a scene with the exact same name as the HCL scene and the exact same logic (if alarm is On then sirene is On - blockscene, same config as HCL). Test the newly created scene by manually triggering the scene: ok, working. Add the scene in HC2 alarm panel. Save the alarm panel. Both HC2 and HCL now have the same alarm panel configuration and the same PIN code. Turn on the alarm. Breach a sensor. Alarm is triggered. Both HC2 and HCL are counting down the breached sensor. Both HC2 and HCL alarm panel are counting down to activate the scene (I configured delay on activate scene action). Sirene is going off. Switch off alarm (disarm) Sirene is going off again. !!! Meaning, ... only now the HC2 scene is fired. Exactly as I described in my case. Let's repeat the scenario. Inactivate the scene on HCL. So this is a scenario I didn't try yet. Bot alarm panels active but scene not active on alarm panel (I didn't change anything on the scene parameters). Turn on the alarm. Breach a sensor. Alarm is triggered. Both HC2 and HCL are counting down the breached sensor. Both HC2 and HCL alarm panel are counting down to activate the scene (I configured delay on activate scene action). Nothing happens. Scene on HC2 is not triggered. Now, trying to understand what the engineer says (in the other way then I initially interpreted). Did I misconfigure the gateway connection setup? What else can I configure or how else can I configure? Unless I missed something, it is not working. Either way, the scene on HC2 is either not triggered at all, triggered only once alarm is disabled or triggered immediately while sensor is still counting down. With the additional scenario I tested now (both alarm panels active but scene only active on alarm panel of HC2), I think I've tested any possible combination of alarm panel configuration. Any other idea's?
  10. Alarm panel gateway setup and Fibaro support feedback

    @T.Konopka Thanks for checking. If I misinterpreted the answer, my apologies but creating the very same scenes on HCL and HC2 is not what I had in mind (and doesn't sound logic anyway). First, I don't understand why you should create the same scene on both while I only want to have alarm panel active on HC2? The reason why I only want active alarm panel on HC2 is the use of a Lua scene to be triggered by HC2. I'll test it the way you explained and will let you know.
  11. One for the die hards I think. A while ago, I had very strange behavior. I connected the power of my HC2 close to a socket which had powerline adaptor connected. On the same electrical circuit. Once HC2 connected, the powerline adaptor signal led switched to red (bad connection). Once HC2 removed and connect to other electrical circuit, powerline signal led was green again. Somebody has an idea what can cause this? Is this interference? Can this interference (if coming from HC2) cause trouble with other electrical components (meaning, can this be related to possible other failures of users here on the forum)??? This is the powerline adaptor. No idea which brand it is.
  12. I'm having problems with the alarm panel in a HC2 - HCL Gateway setup. To clarify the setup, see screenshot below. HCL has all devices connected to. HC2 only has scene's and VD's. All devices are visible in HC2 and all actions on a device can be performed through both HCL and HC2. Now I want to migrate the alarm panel from HCL to HC2. But I can't get it working correctly. Below you can find the behavior. Alarm panel has only basic scene as an action. Same behavior with standards 'scena'. - alarm panel only active on HCL with scene: Ok --> working - alarm panel active on HCL and HC2 with only scene active on HC2 : NOK --> not working - Scene on HC2 is only executed if alarm panel is disarmed. - alarm panel NOT active on HCL but active on HC2 : NOK --> not working - scene is executed immediately while sensor breached is still counting down. Alarm panel is off in GUI but remains On on Fibaro app. Only manual arm and disarm of sensor will disarm alarm panel. This is what I have send to Fibaro support june 22nd. July 26th, I finally got an answer. See below for their answer. First of all I want to apologize for such late answer. 1) First of all you have to have correctly configured “gateways connection” option: a) In case of alarm the most important thing is that you have to have the same PINs for alarm on both gateways. 2) You need to set scenes as Active on both gateways. If you will have the same PIN code and the same scenes active on both gateways, everything should work well. I hope I was able to answer to your query. Case closed. That's it. As far as I understand the question from Fibaro. They even didn't read my mail. Ok, I can expect typical 'Helpdesk questions' like 'did you configure the same pin?'. But these are not questions and they just close the case. So, anybody on the forum that can help? Has an idea what I missed or can try? @T.Konopka, maybe a push towards support again? I have a good working stable system (in contradiction to others). This is the only leftover to migrate all scenes from HCL to HC2.
  13. HCL freezing continuously

    hi @LMR I own HCL and worked with it for about a year. Recently I switched to HC2. I migrated (re-developed) all my scenes from HCL to HC2 (lua scene's). HCL is still having all devices. Both are stable. What I have learned from the period only running HCL with about 20 devices and 50 or more scene's? - limit the number of time based scene's. I only had two. One for sunrise lights and one main triggered by several variables in order to monitor some other timebased scenes's. - first time right. Certainly with timebased scene's. If you needed to change your timebased scene several times, delete it and create it again. - create several small scene's instead of 1 big one. - don't use long sleep timers in your scene's. Limit the number of scenes with sleep timers anyway. Limit the sleep time to some minutes maximum. In case you need several of those, work the general timer (see above). - my opinion? In most cases, you'll find human errors in the logic of a scene or in scene dependencies. Loop through the scene's again and document your scene's in a flow. - in case you changed scene's frequenly and added or deleted triggers. Delete the scene and create it again (first time right). This is anyway an issue I have on HC2 as well. Advantage of HC2 is that you can see what's happening in the debug log. for example, I've added a 5 minute timebased trigger in the scene as a test but wanted an hourly trigger. Once removing the 5 minute trigger, scene is still triggered by minute timer after saving. I guess HCL has the same problem, but there you don't see it. I hope that above recomendatios may help you.
  14. I'm running a gateway connection setup between HC2 and HCL. All devices are configured on HCL while I'm migrating (reconfigure) all scene's on HC2. I noticed the alarm condition of a device is not correctly synchronized between HC2 and HCL. Since Disarming delay is configured correctly, I assume this is a bug. See screenshot below
  15. Migration from HCL to HC2 possible?

    I'm wondering why most of you want to migrate your devices from HCL to HC2? I recently switched from HCL to HC2 as well. But my plan is to only migrate all intelligence (scene's, VD's, ...) and keep all z-wave devices connected to HCL. By time, you can connect new devices, or some to HC2, but as long as the HCL is working, I don't see any advantage in migrating those to HC2. Am I wrong?