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  1. Dear Fibaro, After having used the system for a couple of years now, I would like to share my primary annoyances with the system: I got the feeling that the creative people that built the original functionality must have been fired as some point along the way. * the panel for energy consumption is really great, and the built in functionality to add a default power consumption for on/off switches that without power metering is as far as I can tell kind of unique among controllers. And the same goes for temperature measurements.No other system that I am aware of allows for an as flexible adjustment of sensor readings before they are stored overall. And the summaries are nice. But, what about humidity? Is this not what kills buildings ? Not worth having the same control over? What about CO2-levels? Radon metering is coming now too, and makes huge sense? Naively you would be able to have just a simple copy of the temperature panel show up for humidity measurements, but maybe I am too optimistic. * The heating panel is ok and I love the ability to easily set Holiday and adjust the schedule manually for a few hours directly from the Apps (phone and tablet) BUT - how come there is not overall "Away", "Home" and "On vacation" modes for the whole system set up by Fibaro? First of all, I think that the term "Holiday" that you chose for the heating panel is not optimal. I am not a native speaker, but there are "Bank holidays" too, and this does not mean that there are less people in the house, most likely more people actually. So, "On vacation" or "On Holiday" is perhaps better?? Or, something. Anyway, the problem is that there is no way to interact with the heating schedule system in a sensible way, so the users are doing the job that should have been done by Fibaro developers and setting up a consensus on how house state should be stored in variables. The heating schedule mode and the user developed house mode do not interact, so in the end you have just a silly situation. This is not creative and forward thinking, it is just dumb. * The Lua library was probably never intended for home automation, IMHO. I have stated this before, but I think it needs repeating. A serious library for Home Automation would have an robust way of setting up timers and a structure for setting up delayed events (with restarts if triggered again) and stuff like that, which you will always need at some point. * Why there are two different ways of making HTTP calls in scenes and in VD:s, I don't know. Really silly. * Why are we not allowed to have a look at the network structure built up by the controller? It would, I think, potentially save users a lot of frustration if you could just have a look at how things are set up in the end.
  2. 403 - Access forbidden

    It seems that I have been able to get unstuck somehow. I think I tried everything at least twice, but somehow at one time when I had restarted the whole system and waited 10 min for everything to be well and truly started again, I was allowed to remove a device that had obviously not been included correctly when I tried, and then also not properly removed from the system when performing exclusion. So, there was an ghost "empty box" device in there. Exactly the time that I described above, I was allowed to remove the ghost device. And then, all of a sudden, I was also allowed to access the z-wave system and remove also another device (that was just not working properly). And, now everything works like before!
  3. 403 - Access forbidden

    Sorry, I can't help you, but I can report that I am having the same/similar issue. When I try to delete a device that I need to remove from the system due to it malfunctioning, then I get the following: The z-wave core also seems really unstable. I noticed earlier that the server would hang in a frozen state, so I could not access exclusion and inclusion procedures. Not sure if these issues are related, but this is becoming very annoying.
  4. Homecenter 2 on POE+?

    Ok, so that’s why the power supply is 4amps then.
  5. Homecenter 2 on POE+?

    For me, the physical appearance of the home center 2 is an issue that I think Fibaro did not consider. I don’t like tech stuff actually, and having a home center 2 displayed front and center is just not an option. I realize that the design helps sales, but I stick it in a cupboard where no one can see it, underneath a shelf. I would also not place my fuse box in the center of a room, no matter the level of fantastic visual design that went into the process of making it. Now, running power to the home center in its central position in the house has always been a bit awkward,, and I realize that actually the power supply provided by Fibaro (4 amps at 12Volts) is actually overkill for the device. Being informed of power consumption is my thing, and it seems that the home center itself really just needs about 15W, which places it well withings the range of supplying power to it the Ethernet cable and POE+. Has anyone tried it?
  6. Do you know... (OTA updates)

    This is not entirely accurate actually. I can, for instance, update my plugin switch from Aeon labs perfectly fine, and it seems also my Zipato RGBW bulb (although it is not ON now, so I cannot check remotely). My Qubino gen5 dimmer does not work even though it should, but who is surprised about that really considering how well Qubino and Fibaro seems to get along. So basically, while what @tinman stated could have been true in theory, I think it is safe to assume that it depends on whether your company and Fibaro has an agreement or not. Zipato for instance is not such a big player in the non-controller hardware space so that Fibaro would be forced to support them no matter what in order to not have a terrible product. I for one would like to be able to update my Qubino devices in the future, and have templates, but that still seems like wishful thinking (right @Fibaro ?)
  7. Maximum thickness handled by Swipe?

    Hi, I need some insight into what Swipe can handle. As I understand it, it can see through surfaces to a certain extent. How thick can the surface bee? (Inner wall material I am thinking..)
  8. TUTORIAL RAM update HC2

    Ok. So then why should one update memory on the HC2? It seems that we have basically shown here that for most users that operation will not likely give a performance boost, and it will certainly void your warranty and take away some hard earned money from your wallet.
  9. TUTORIAL RAM update HC2

    I just wanted to point out that the structure that the Fibaro block scene transforms into on the Lua side is not really good (=efficient) Lua. Date / time triggers (checks) are done on strings, and they are expensive (and not the best solution to the problem IMHO. So, the problem for some users that are experiencing slow systems and have multiple scenes that are based on block scenes (perhaps magic scenes are built the same way?) may not be in the simplicity of the code structure. That is not important. A thing that may actually be important, however, is to check what is done in-between the "if" and the "then". Ok, so you are having problems with your system then I assume? For me, the Z-wave engine does not seem to be a major consumer of resources, but maybe I have an odd system. Please find attached images of my system load (on the new 4.150) when performing a full Z-wave network reconfiguration (a network heal). The only process I imagine that would tax the engine more than that is perhaps device configuration (or reconfiguration of all devices in the network, of course). I don't wan to do that to check however , and those operations do not occur frequently enough for people to be experiencing issues with their systems generally because of them. This is what I am thinking anyway. So, what does the problems that might warrant a memory upgrade look like? I just don't see it in my system, so maybe you are then having >> 100 devices in there and my system is just to much of a small potatoes one to pick the issues up :-).
  10. TUTORIAL RAM update HC2

    I am happy for you if you got a boost out of upgrading your HC2 memory @gucio1234 but I guess for most users the effect would be minimal. Or actually, maybe quite a bit, depending on the way you look at it, because what I see is the cause of great performance issues with the HC2 (where the added RAM and even a better CPU would help) is the maybe not so optimized scenes we are running. In part I think Fibaro is to blame for this, since the Lua API is not really built for home automation, in my humble opinion. This fact then causes users to maybe not always implement the best solution for their scenes, and waste a lot of memory and CPU power - and then you really need the upgrade. Ive got slightly over 60 physical devices running (101 z-wave devices according to HC2) and everything automated. Not a single block scene though, and that is because I really can't trust the HC2 to generate good code after having looked at what the blocks scenes look like in Lua. Anyway, below are dumps of my current diagnostics. I could easily double the size of my system before memory space would become the bottleneck. Of course, this is just my system, so your milage may vary. However, I think it should be pointed out that adding more memory may not always fix the perceived problem. Please check your loops and excessive printing to a debuging console first Please read this Lua Performance Tips and realize that string operations - you should not do them as often as you are doing them now (for instance). And use local variables (but wisely).
  11. Heating Panel: Strange Midnight Behavior

    Sorry, I just have to comment.. 27 to 31℃??!? What kind of a room is this??
  12. Internet Speed Connection with HC2

    Really, I think you should not try to do this in Fibaros products. Set up a Raspberry pi and use snmpwalk (if your router supports SNMP) to get the transfer speeds. I found this article that may perhaps help you: http://www.domoticadomestica.com/como-integrar-tu-nas-y-tu-sai-en-tu-red-domotica-con-el-home-center-2-de-fibaro/ I suggest that you then install influxdb + Graphana on your pi and get data into that, and graph it there. There is definitely a learning curve here for you, but the end result will likely be much more what you expect/want than if you try to get it into your HC2. If you need the information in your HC2, I am sure that you can construct a Virtual device that gets the data you want from influxdb. However, how you can handle that data in HC2 will never be anything like what you see in for instance the Temperature/ Power consumption displays. Fibaros Home centers are very nice consumer products, but not the most tinker friendly, and I think they should not be thought of as such.
  13. Export HC2 Event Table Data

    Of course, for more simple extraction of a small set of the data you could also use the new Export functionality in the Consumption -> Temperature. Simple, but also less powerful.
  14. how to use heating panel with wall plug fgwp101?

    Hi, Not sure that I understand what you are trying to achieve. However, I suspect that you are trying to do something manually in Lua that the thermostat that you bought combined with the schedule set up by the heating panel will do automatically for you. The heating panel will have a main temperature sensor for each room, and some actuators (such as your thermostat or your linked device that you appear to have set up using your fgwp101) and the heating panel will then do what it can to make the temperature in the room reach the value that you set for the zone that the room belongs to. Using it's actuators. So basically I believe that you may be trying to recreate in your Lua code functionality that is already implemented in the heating panel. I cannot be entirely sure though, because the code is not really transparent. Please try to use clearer variable names (not temp!) in your code, as it will help you understand what is going on later. Trust me.
  15. limits

    Great collection of information @Sankotronic! The only problem with it is that it was not made available within the "developer" site! (Ping @I.Srodka)