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Pet peeves with the Home center 2 (and HCL most likely)

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Dear Fibaro,


After having used the system for a couple of years now, I would like to share my primary annoyances with the system:


I got the feeling that the creative people that built the original functionality must have been fired as some point along the way. 


* the panel for energy consumption is really great, and the built in functionality to add a default power consumption for on/off switches that without power metering is as far as I can tell kind of unique among controllers.

  And the same goes for temperature measurements.No other system that I am aware of allows for an as flexible adjustment of sensor readings before they are stored overall. And the summaries are nice.

 But, what about humidity? Is this not what kills buildings ? Not worth having the same control over? 
 What about CO2-levels? Radon metering is coming now too, and makes huge sense? Naively you would be able to have just a simple copy of the temperature panel show up for humidity measurements, but maybe I am too optimistic.


* The heating panel is ok and I love the ability to easily set Holiday and adjust the schedule manually for a few hours directly from the Apps (phone and tablet)

  BUT - how come there is not overall "Away", "Home" and "On vacation" modes for the whole system set up by Fibaro? First of all, I think that the term "Holiday" that you chose for the heating panel is not optimal. I am not a native speaker, but there are "Bank holidays" too, and this does not mean that there are less people in the house, most likely more people actually. So, "On vacation" or "On Holiday" is perhaps better?? Or, something. 

  Anyway, the problem is that there is no way to interact with the heating schedule system in a sensible way, so the users are doing the job that should have been done by Fibaro developers and setting up a consensus on how house state should be stored in variables. The heating schedule mode and the user developed house mode do not interact, so in the end you have just a silly situation.

This is not creative and forward thinking, it is just dumb.


* The Lua library was probably never intended for home automation, IMHO. I have stated this before, but I think it needs repeating. A serious library for Home Automation would have an robust way of setting up timers and a structure for setting up delayed events (with restarts if triggered again) and stuff like that, which you will always need at some point. 


*  Why there are two different ways of making HTTP calls in scenes and in VD:s, I don't know. Really silly.


* Why are we not allowed to have a look at the network structure built up by the controller? It would, I think, potentially save users a lot of frustration if you could just have a look at how things are set up in the end. 



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