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  1. litfoo

    Fibaro App (old) crashes on launch (S10)

    I am also running old Fibaro app on S10 with Android 9 App works with me for a few days, then suddenly I get 'Home Center not found' and I cannot access my HC2 Only remedy is to uninstall and re-install the app - which is obviously not ideal I have had to do this a couple of times already - all my other devices (android & iOS) are working fine so suggests an issue with S10 and/or Android 9
  2. Hi Sankotronic, Thanks so much for the guidance - it makes complete sense. I will have a significant amount of Dimmers, sensors etc. so will definitely follow your steps. Am looking forward to getting everything configured/setup and then look forward to creating some scenes. Awesome community here so am sure I'll be back asking many more questions litfoo
  3. many thanks for the information above - very helpful!
  4. I have set Parameter 80 to 0 - LED Inactive for the moment so there is no visual (colour) indicator. Where do I see 'event' logs of devices in the web interface? basically the logging of motion detection with timestamp etc. Also, is there a log showing all changes? changes to Lux and/or temperature too
  5. Thanks for that hTiger1 - makes sense and i now have it working
  6. Thanks I.Srodka, I changed to 4 - Red, then 'Save' but the radio button remained against 10 and blinking was not red I then tried 0 - LED inactive, then 'Save' (image below) - radio button still against 10 and blinking colours are same as before Any ideas what I may be doing wrong? I expected to choose say 4-Red, 'Save' - then the radio button is against 4 - Red and LED blinks red Many thanks, litfoo
  7. Hello there. Apologies if a newbie question - I have just added my first device into the HC2 and the other half was wondering why this device appeared to be going crazy Is there a way I can turn off the blinking light when the motion sensor reacts to motion? Is there a specific parameter I should be looking to control/edit Many thanks litfoo
  8. Hi all, I searched through the forum and there does not seem to be much recent activity regarding this. Has anyone had much success in using the Harmony Home Hub Extender with Fibaro HC2 ? http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/harmony-home-hub-extender If so, please can you share the level of success - what you have manage to achieve etc.? Many thanks
  9. I am surprised not to see the Amcrest cameras here - for example the Amcrest Pro HD IP2M-841B Has anyone managed to successfully get this cam or any other Amcrest cameras to work - JPG and/or MJPG