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  1. erik.simonson

    Netatmo windgauge still not included

  2. erik.simonson

    everspring SP816-1 Compatibility?

    @FIBARO: Would you be able to comment on this? Seems like there is a bunch of us.
  3. erik.simonson

    Automatic Restart or Reboot Home Center lite

    Hello, Anyone in this thread able to help out? Thanks Erik
  4. Hi, I have a Pebble (not sold anymore since it is accuired by Fitbit) smart watch. On this watch I have configured the Pebble app "HTTP Push" to post a call to my HCL 4.170 to initiate a scene. This was working previously on the old API but not on the new one. I have configured the app according to the attached file. Nothing happens and I have no clue as to why. Can I find any logs anywhere? I have tried the same thing using the addons to Google Chrome on a PC. It worked, however I had to reenter the login and password. Anyone having any clue on what can be wrong? ADMIN'S note: https://forum.fibaro.com/topic/30009-how-to-properly-attach-images-and-clips-to-your-posts/
  5. Hello, I have been on 4.120 and now 4.130 almost since the respective firmware was released by Fibaro. However, it was only as of today that I adopted the FibaroID fully by completing the HC Wizard that from what I understand erased my previous admin account and replaced it with my FibaroId. All good so far. However, previously (i.e. on 4.130) I have been accessing scenes by using the following format: http://admin:password@ (For the security minded person: Yes, I am aware I am using my password in clear text above.) However, with adoption of FibaroId the user name in the string above is now containing an @-character and so I decided to create a new user (not the super user). I did that and I changed it also in the client that is making the HTTP-call to my HCLite (and yes I enabled the corresponding scenes for the new user). I have tried both of these formats http://newuser:pass@ http://newuser:pass@ None of the above is working. When entering the same string in my webbrowser I get error 501, connection refused. When using!/scenes/sceneAction by filling in scene 56 and action start I get the expected result from the scene. So I am quite sure that it is some sort of access issue Can someone point me in any direction? Thanks, Erik
  6. erik.simonson

    HCL & weather info

    Install 4.084 and you will have YR weather instead of Yahoo. Based on my experience, 4.084 is working as good as 4.080. I updated only to gain the YR weather.
  7. erik.simonson

    HCL & weather info

    For me the YR weather works beautifully (in Sweden) on HCL 4.084
  8. erik.simonson

    Netatmo Plugin & Wind gauge

    Thanks for the input. Unfortunately it won't work since the HCL does not support LUA.
  9. erik.simonson

    Netatmo Plugin & Wind gauge

    I sent an email to support@fibaro.com asking that exact question a couple weeks ago since I am considering buying the Netatmo wind gauge. My question was also for use with the HCL. They said it would work. Try sending an email to them. Even though it may take a few days to receive an answer, they have peroxided good support for me earlier. Please report on any progress.
  10. I have been using the Aeon Labs multisensor for a few years successfully. I am living in Sweden so the winter is somewhat cold. However, when it broke down about a year ago I contacted support. Reasoning that it was mounted under a roof outdoor I claimed it must have been a product issue. The answer I got was that any temperatures below 10 degrees C is extreme and not supported. Subsequently I am also looking for a better solution....
  11. erik.simonson

    Mail and push notification stop working

    This thread might help: http://forum.fibaro.com/index.php?/topic/18877-hcl-notifications-does-not-work-anymore/
  12. erik.simonson

    HCL: Notifications does not work anymore

    Issue resolved by good help from Fibaro Support. Solution for me: 1. Ensure there is no strange character as in the attached picture under your notification settings 2. Remove app from Android device 3. Remove device-id from Configuration-->Access control in Homecenter 4. Reinstall the app on the Android device 5. It is working!
  13. Hi, My Netatmo rain gauge is showing 1.6 mm/h in the Netatmo app. At the same time my Fibaro HCL is showing 0.7 mm/h. My Fibaro is consistently showing approximately half of the actual value. Is there any way to calibrate the value within Fibaro? Thanks, Erik
  14. erik.simonson

    Intention of this forum

    Hi, Since I (and a few others) have noticed much lower frequency of answers from Fibaro staff at this Forum I have started to find out if there is something going on with Fibaro. I have looked at Fibaro facebook (very active), I have looked into the bugzilla.fibaro.com also very active. The conclusion is that Fibaro seems to have changed their strategy on how they will (not) interact with customers on this forum. Therefore I sent an email to their support to try to find out what I/we can expect here. It seems to confirm that Fibaro does not know how they will handle the forum. However, according to the email it is clear that they are working on more stable software for HCL. I thought I would share that conversation with the rest of the community. Piotr Wardęcki 16 Nov 15 Hello, Yes, we are currently working on new software, stable version. There are plenty different projects ongoing, and I can assure that Fibaro is constantly developing. I am not sure about the forum. Of course we check our forum, and our workers are also involved in some discussions. In case of any technical problems, please email us to get help. Forum is a place where you can share your experience with Fibaro, not necessarily get help. Erik Simonson 15 Nov 15 Hi, I am a curious owner of HCL. I have currently the beta version of 4.057 installed. I have noticed that Fibaro is no longer providing any answers on your forum forum.fibaro.com. Also there has been no updates for a long time with regard to smartphone app or the software on the HCL. What is the situation? What further development have you planned? What is your strategy for the forum, should we expect answers there? Best Regards, Erik
  15. erik.simonson

    Push notifications no longer working

    So I have checked both the ID's and they correspond to the two android devices I have. Also, looking at ID's for mail the email-address is correct. I am still receiving info on freeze altert etc directly from devices but nothing from scenes. This has been working a year or two ago, but the last 6-9 months it has not worked and Fibaro does not seem to keen to address it. Also, yes, there is a dropdown list in HCL with two choices, my two Android devices. When running the scene no notification. It seems from other posts that it is not only me.