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  1. Got a solution and some "tricks" lock has to be close to include/exclude, as stated ~1m from HC2. after forced removal, reboot HC2 to get fresh start. I did inclusion procedure 3 times in a row without exclusion. and it takes some time to sucessfully finish the inclusion. Check from data tab if lock element has all serial numbers and software versions, if not, try to include again. Whole thing seems odd, but lock works now nicely. Zwave signal must be good, if too long lag between command and execution try to reconfigure mesh network.
  2. Hi, got mine today after long following the forum on the matter, felt safe, but got stuck with almost same situation... seems like zwave module on danalock is not working like it should (updated firmware to latest after playing with HC2 inclusion), somekind zwave communication problems... For exclusion found just a one way: remove batteries from lock, do force removal on HC2 on both elements of lock, restart HC2, reset lock and you can try again. Without batteries removal HC2 gets some communication and does not remove lock, asks to use normal exclusion whitch does not work. sometimes just learning error... However Danalock app itself works fine, even you can start zwave inclusion from there, but will stuck half way like with normal HC2 inclusion... lock just gets its id and nothing more, can not add parameters, no templates or possibility to create one from the button aso. Will look at it tomorrow with distributor. Is there a danalock FW/Chip difference now as older ones seem to work, or is there some problems with 4.180... Has someone sucessfully included danalock in 4.180? Feedback on it appreciated.
  3. Hi all, Thank you jakub.jezek, I managed to update FW to 1.3 and HEM5 resurrected partially. voltage is displayed and updated on all 3 phases, 3 phase simultaneous wattage is displayed and updated. However Amps and Wattage is not displayed correctly if consumption is only on one/two phase. Device is accepting parameters. I did set it to update on all measurments param 101 set to 4144911, update interval 111 set to 5 sec and polling to 5 sec. Do you have better parameters set or some guidlines...?
  4. have been on the site, it helps understandig how to steer a device not update globalvar. got an temp solution by creating webpage on the server with needed data from mysql formatted to json and hc2 to pull the data from the webpage over VD. nasty but working...
  5. I am still stuck with 1.1 without possibility to upgrade OTA at the moment... As I understand from previous posts update to 1.3 resolves issues...
  6. Ok, here it comes: IMG before save. Text answer from Hc2: [12:20:45] ID 810: Set parameter 101, value = 4144911 [12:20:45] ID 810: Set parameter 111, value = 240 [12:20:55] ID 810: No report was received for parameter 101. The device might not have this parameter. [12:21:06] ID 810: No report was received for parameter 111. The device might not have this parameter. IMG after save.
  7. Hi, do you mean with initial firmware or after upgrade? FW 1.1 gives the same result as discussed before.
  8. Hi, As having similar problem, can someone write an example of updating global variable straight from browser http request, I mean like: http://username:password@HC2-IP:hc2port/api/globalVariables/"variable_name" "+ update to data" or point me to some site where I can get a clue for that. As HC2 does not provide a solution getting data straight from mysql database, I need to make another machine to update global variable. Thanks for your time.
  9. Hi Jakub, can you keep us posted about developments and maby ask Aeotec to keep us posted also and Fibaro can do the same thing and maby we can get a working solution and an good example for all parties benefit out of this situataion. If we can go positively through with it all and get a positive solution, it can be "road building" for the future. My 5 Cents...
  10. Hi to all of you who are following this post. I do agree/disagree with all parties, it is not Fibaros fault or it is not equipment producers like Aeotec's fault - that's life - someone understands things a little bit different and produces hardware/firmware or controller OP system set differently, I am not to judge or to find out where is mistake - where is 0 instead of 1 or vice verca. Anyone is doing that is their best intentions - I'll hope... (If repairs are available like firmware update, please use it instead of forcing people to buy next controller and raise a possibility to go over to next controller - of course thats another theme.) However, the end user and middle man: "the seller" is on hit on every f*****g case -not working - refund/pay fees. As jakub.jezek told he can raise up conversation between Fibaro and Aeotec to get OTA update communication for HC2 for Aeotec HEM Gen5 (it is OTA update for device not system update), I think if Fibaro is afraid to send an email, Jakub can send an email that Aeotec will send an email to Fibaro regarding OTA update, it is childich but can be arranged, I guess. I understand that Fibaro does have heavy load on updating/developing better sytem for us, but anyway someone from company can make some small e-mail conversation directly to Aeotec to make out OTA update for the concerned device for HCL/HC2. I'll understand that every equipment producer is batteling over the market with everyone else who do make similar products, but the happy end user/reseller should come first and everything else second... bad experience is told to 20, good one to 2, same applies to all resellers. Most of world is going for quality not quantaty. The Hem gen5 is out over a year for my knowledge and we do not have anything else to substitute for it as old gen-s are sold out and not produced any more, so there has been a lot of time for two big companies to find common goal... or share point al least. I'll still find after several years that Fibaro HC2 is the best for me and my clients. But with an attitude of "our worries are big and yours are ..." is not for my liking, maby it is just communication/growing error, I'll hope. Fibaro PLEASE LISTEN to your sellers/representatives, if possible please STOP making new version developments, release and adopt some "new" devices, fix even small bugs, you are ahead of others I think, you have some time. Sending an email or picking up a phone is not so hard or costly, if needed I and many of us can do it for you to make the system better and most of us pleased. Sry for my bad english as it is not my main language... Sry if I offended someone...just sad at the moment...
  11. To: T.Konopka Hi, Can Fibaro do something about OTA update for this device? Or do we have to purchase another controller for doing the update... If any estimated timeline is in Fibaro mind, it could be nice to know...
  12. Hi, thats great news. Can you point me to a tutorial or describe how to update hem with HC2 the update button (on kWh element) does say up to date. I have never done it... Did you do it directly on HC2 or with other controller?
  13. No change with version 4.140.. all remains the same...
  14. melomaan

    HC2 and external database

    Maby Anyhow we just gotta move on with things we can affect to be positive for us. Otherwise drop it and move on ...-until you have power to deal with it