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  1. schata

    HC 2 all modules are gone etc.

    Hi all! After several years without huge trouble, I experienced something strange yesterday. At first I wasnt able to login from mobile devices but from my pc. Password wasnt accepted. Then I reset the password from my ipad and things started to get crazy. I got an email with a new password. After logging in, the only what remained were the rooms. All modules were gone. There was nothing but the rooms. Also, a lot of buttons were gone. See the screenshots. I even cannot restart the HC from the settings window. Also no backup can be chosen from there. Then I started the box in recovery mode with the physical buttons and was able to restore it to factory settings. Then I logged in with admin/admin and selected the backup which was stored in the cloud. Restoring perfectly worked. I saw all my devices and all was well. Then I took my ipad and...again...I wasnt able to log in. admin/admin or the password from the backup worked. Then I tried it from my pc and the same happened here as well (log out -> log in -> "wrong password"). Anybody seen that before? It is strange enough that it suddenly starts to tell that the password is incorrect. It was never changed. But the more strange behaviour is when the password is reset, all modules are gone. Picture 1 -> No restart or reset buttons available Picture 2 -> Backups cannot be restored (missing buttons) Picture 3 -> Z-wave window without any information or setting window for the polling interval BTW, the box was configured from zero two weeks ago when we moved to a new house. So there should be nothing wrong with years-old configurations and broken scenes or whatever. Hope someone can help! Thanks
  2. schata

    Confused by advertising

    As you are from Germany you know Fritzbox is. The newest model with Intercom connected to the gigabit port and 6Mbit upload. NO kids blocking the bandwidth, no wife streaming 4K moovies, nothing. Thats definetely the Intercom what caused the problem. Behind the insulation is wood material what makes it very easy to mount it in. A long thick screw is enough should work pretty well. Anyway, I´m, done with it. Now I have a Doorbird Intercom which isn´t that cute as Fibaro but it works in the same network without any problem. It´s reliable and thats what I expect from a device which costs that much money. It would be worth the money when it would work.
  3. schata

    Confused by advertising

    Hi!! Thanks for your post. This is way more explaining as what I got from the official support. They simply told me not to use when it becomes hot. It detail: >40°C at the heat sink. So the hardware doesnt seem to be a problem. But there is huge problem witrh the software. It doesnt show ring event very often on iOS devices, there is no iPad app. An intercom display is usually installed in wall. Shall I nail my iphone to wall??? Using the iPhone app on the iPad ends up in horrible resolution and the screen rotates automatically from horizontal to vertical mode and I have to tilt my head to see whats happening on the screen. In rare cases where the the ipda or iphone rang there was no stable connection and the sound was very very bad. The video quality like the sound, unstable, froze several times within a 10s call. The bahavior was the same for WiFi and LAN. I tried it on two different network with completely different configurations (hadware). And reading all the posts here, it doesnt seem to be a malfunctioning device. It seems like the software even didnt reach the BETA status before it was released.
  4. schata

    Confused by advertising

    Fibaro support replied. "It is not safe to use the device when the temp. raises above 50°C." Well, when this is true, then the device needs to be pulled from the market. It got 46°C in free space at 20°C ambient temp. The IR light wasn´t on. The difference between IR and no IR is 10°C after 4hrs in free space. Taking this into account the Fibaro Intercom cannot be mounted into any wall at all as (doesnt matter what type of a wall/material) there always will be some thermal insulation what will heat the device up even more. So my Intercom is going back to the seller. My summary: not acceptable thermal issues blurry spots in the image unstable connection ring function stops working even at the intercom itself (no ring sound) 50% of the ring events are not sent to the iOS devices WiFi and LAN shows both the same issues no iPad app and flipping iPhone app when running on the iPad extreme delays in video and sound transmission and even longer when establishing a video connection after a ring event Thats a sad story as the Intercom is super cute and the features are great (on the sketch at least). But the software behind all this is far away from being usable and reliable.
  5. schata

    Confused by advertising

    Thanks for the advise. I already sent them an email and hope to get a reply although in the past it didnt work well.
  6. schata

    Problems with iPhone and iPadd

    Hi Fibaro Team, I kindly ask to support me to solve some problems. 1. The ipad where I´m running your app on doesnt ring when it is locked. I have to leave it always on when I want to be notified about a visitor. Thats not really acceptable from several points. 2. The sound is scratchy and there are cuts in transmission, so several words may be missed. Not acceptable for an Intercom at all. 3. I also experienced that the ring function stops working sometimes on the device itself. I press the ring button an nothing happens. Normally it makes a sound with blinking blue lights. Sometimes it does not and in this case no notifications are sent to the iOS devices. The Intercom needs to be restarted to get it work again. 4. The ring tone cannot be changed. The app ring tone it horrible. The problems exist on both WiFi and LAN connection. I really love the disign of this cute device but all the points above make it unusable at all. Thanks Alex
  7. schata

    Has anyone working intercom?

    Same here plus blurry spots in the image. Thought LAN would solce some problems but same behavior.
  8. schata

    Confused by advertising

    It would be nice when Fibaro could make a statement.
  9. schata

    Confused by advertising

    Yep, Fibaro is the only one who can answer this question. Fingers crossed they do!
  10. schata

    iPad app and ring tone

    Hi Fibaro Team, 1.) I´m wondering when the iPad app will become available. Having no option to connect an intercom to a larger display (iPad) is something I dont understand. Now I´m using the iPhone app on the iPad but thats horrible. The screen rotates by itself and what I see on the screen is not full HD or HD. And it doesnt run stable. Connection gets lost randomly and I only see "feed loading" for 30 sec or so. 2.) Also the ring tone drives me crazy. It like a phone from the 70s. 3.) According to the advertising the is an option to open the door just bringing the mobile phone near to the Intercom. I dont see any option for that in the setting. And it is not activated by default. How can it be activated? Thanks Alex
  11. schata

    Confused by advertising

    Thank you very much for this clear information. 85 degree makes me feel much more comfortable. The Intercom will go back anyway. There are blurry spots in the image. Lens is clear. Looks like bad lens.
  12. schata

    Confused by advertising

    Sure, I could do all the measurements. Equipment is all here. My job are lasers and everything surrounding them . Thermal management is one of the most critical points. So I could do almost every thermal test. But thats not my job. I think what we all need is a clear statement from Fibaro. What are the absolute max. rating of the device body(heat sink temperature? How about mounting into an insulated wall? The manual doesnt give any information.
  13. schata

    Confused by advertising

    I´ll try to run another test as IR light also produces a lot of heat. So temp will go up in the night view mode. The general temp. within and insulated wall doesnt change much between day and night. So my concern is that when IR produces additional heat in the night the temp will go even higher as I measured yesterday as the wall material wont dissipate the heat better in the night as in the day. A clear statement from one of the officials would be very nice. Otherwise I´ll have to send it back as I´m not going to use a device which might or might not be safe to use in insulated environment.
  14. schata

    Confused by advertising

    I first measured the temp of a calibrated heating plate to make sure the readings will be correct and did not measure at shiny surface of the device which is the steel ring actually only. The temp was measured at black anodized heat sink. It doesn’t reflect any surrounding heat which may effect the readings. I run another test. With help of a CO2 laser i built a piece of an insulated wall of padding foam. Not the same but in terms of insulation pretty similar material to real wall insulation. The temp raised to 57 degree after about two hours. My my wife asked me a pretty clear question after also reading all available docs about this device. “Will it burn down my new house when mounted into insulation?” What is the max. temperature the black heat sink can get without damage the device? Is there a thermal shutdown to prevent it from start burning as a result of overheating? Thanks Alex
  15. schata

    Doorbird intercom integration

    Hi all! Is it possible to integrate DoorBird like the Fibaro Intercom into scenes? Thanks Alex