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  1. Langedijk

    Non-Fibaro devices still cannot be updated OTA

    To respond to your graphic card example. Currently Microsoft does expand driver updates automaticaly. Result in many cases is that advanced graphic cards are upgraded with poor default drivers and system owner is not in control. I would advise Fibaro to stick to improve devellopment of Fibaro hardware and stay away from performing updates on third party hardware. This will only result in more instable solutons as Fibaro is not in control, and can not be held accountable for revision history of third party products. So I would prefer Fibaro to keep full focus on Fibaro product improvement. I use danalock devices and are able to update these devices with a app on my Phone. Further I use sensative strips with stable factory default firmware, and forrest automated curtains. In majority firmware updates in non advanced devices is not needed. More advanced devices should have a independent update procedure, or otherwise I would think twice before putting my money in these solutions.
  2. Langedijk

    Showing status variable in the iOS App

    Yes, you will find the coresponding image that you assign to thevariable in the top right corner of the VD on Android and iPhone app and on the web based interface. The VD is attached, just rename the viriable values and image ID to your needs. Variable.vfib
  3. Langedijk

    Showing status variable in the iOS App

    Hi Dan, I made a VD with some buttons to change the global variable. example: fibaro:setGlobal("Aanwezig", "Aanwezig"); Then upload an image for each variable value and put the Lua code below in main loop. Adjust the numbers to the id of the representing image. In my example the variable = Aanwezig This variable has four posible values: Aanwezig, Afwezig, NietStoren or Vakantie. If the variable can't be identified then it will be Ongebekend. local iconAanwezig = 1092; local iconAfwezig = 1093; local iconOnbekend = 1102; local iconVakantie = 1091; local iconNietStoren = 1136; vDeviceID = fibaro:getSelfId() if fibaro:getGlobalValue("Aanwezig") == "Aanwezig" then fibaro:call(vDeviceID, "setProperty", "currentIcon", iconAanwezig) else if fibaro:getGlobalValue("Aanwezig") == "Afwezig" then fibaro:call(vDeviceID, "setProperty", "currentIcon", iconAfwezig); else if fibaro:getGlobalValue("Aanwezig") == "Vakantie" then fibaro:call(vDeviceID, "setProperty", "currentIcon", iconVakantie); else if fibaro:getGlobalValue("Aanwezig") == "Niet storen" then fibaro:call(vDeviceID, "setProperty", "currentIcon", iconNietStoren); else fibaro:call(vDeviceID, "setProperty", "currentIcon", iconOnbekend); end end end end You can then Always recognise the velue of the variable by the image in the VD
  4. Langedijk

    danalock stopped working

    My Danalock V3 with HC2 4.530. works as expected. Please try auto calibrate on the Danalock (push the small button with paperclip three times) This usualy will solve communication issues. Kind regards,
  5. Langedijk

    Suspicious login attempts

    I am running Google Home and IFTTT integration. I only receive these emails two or three times a week. My guess would be it is from IFTTT. I dont think google services will host on Amazon I use IFTTT for geo based home/away variable on HC2 per user and must say that this is not accurate.
  6. Langedijk

    temp sensor calibration issue

    Hi Jon, I think it's right to alter the compensation. The remark of RH_Dreambox that the Fibaro sensor is acurate is not good advise. The measured temp can be right, but when you use the temp sensor of a smoke detecture, it will be on the ceiling and you sure want to compensate the measured temperature. I did try on my HC2 installation, when i use the slider I am able to change the compensation, also the default button will give the desired result (back to 0). However when I put a manual value in the numeric box, then the setting is not changed. I think this is a software bug. 'So try using the slider, and don't forget to save. Kind regards oh yeah, delete browser cache and history en reboot your browser will also help sometimes. I am using Google Chrome Versie 69.0.3497.100 (Officiële build) (64-bits) Kind regards
  7. Hi Peter, I am able to use the key and manual locking from the inside, however this will sometimes cause confusion in the lock status to my HomeCenter. Most of the time this will correct itself after a HomeCenter command. For stable operation I try to avoid any non HomeCenter instructions untill future firmware improvement to the lock and/or full device template support in the HomeCenter. So for the time I only controll my lock via the Fibaro App. Regards, Menno
  8. Hi there, I want to share my experence with my Danalock v3 on the HC2 v4.160. The first day I did have some issues. My door mechanism is very old and not Always consistent with regards to the turns it makes to lock and unlock. Also sometimes there was some kind of resistance in the mechanism causing to activate the Danalock's safety circuit. So I decided to replace the mechanism in the door and after that did a calibration. Everything is running perfectly now, but I have the feeling that you should avoid different sources of controlling the lock. If I combine z-wave, Bluetooth and manual lock/unlock, then sometimes the lock will stall. When I only trigger the Danalock via the HomeCenter 2 mobile app on both IOS and Android, I experience 100% reliable use of the lock. I trigger the lock via Lua in scenes using fibaro:call("deviceID", 'unsecure'); and fibaro:call("deviceID", 'secure'); Further I trigger the lock via Magic scenes created by the Fibaro Keyfob configuration. Block scenes are not working because you can not select the Danalock. The work around is to create to simple scenes in LUA one to lock and one to unlock. These two LUA scenes can be succesfully used in Block scenes with no limitation. In my case it seems that the Danalock app (IOS) is not fully stable and is causing most of the unpredictable behavior of the Danalock. So I avoid the Danalock app and only use this app for calibration. Kind regards,
  9. Langedijk

    Fibaro UK Ltd. has decided to stop distributing

    Sometimes partnerships end. These things happen, domotics is still a develloping market and will cause changes in vision of different companies. Why worry about that?
  10. I have some strange issues with custom device images. When i put custom images devices, VD buttons, etc. there is a difference between images in web based acces to my HC2 compared to the images in the IOS app. On the IOS app I see images I did use in the past. Eevery time when I perform a backup recovery, the problem turns back. If I then import a lot of new images, delete them again (this will increase the images ID number) untill I reach a fresh image name, than the images between web based access and mobile app are in sync. So I did find myself a workarround However each time I do a recovery, the effort to reach a fresh image range will be more time consuming. It seems to me that when I upload a new image, the system will make a copy of the image for use in the mobile app. When I delete the image, the web based image will be gone, but the mobile app copy is not deleted and will not be overwritten once an new image is imported in the web interface. This would explain the mis match. Is this a known problem? Is there a way to solve this. As my Fibaro environment is increasing in size, the change that I make a LUA mistake that requires a backup restore is increasing. Help or sugestions to adress this issue is highly appreciated. Kind regards, Menno