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  1. Hi, i'm trying to use Siren6 in my HCL. Manually can i on/off the siren but i can't do in scene, there is a way to implement ON/OFF as "then" action in a scene? Thanks in advance Michelangelo
  2. Hi all. Does anyone know if the Aeotec Gen7 Door/Windows sensor will have full support for the Fibaro HC2. I have just included it and will only pick on the contact sensor and not the gyroscope. I am hoping there will be an official template released for this. If anyone can help out, that would be ace! id-0371-0002-0007-01-00--.zip
  3. Hi guys, So I am wondering whether it is possible to use a 3rd party USB stick such as the Aeotec Gen5 z wave stick to configure the z wave network with Fibaro HC2? The reason I want to do this is in case the HC2 fails, I can connect the a replacement HC2 to the z wave stick which "remembers" the network, so I don't have to manually add the modules to the new HC2. Basically I might end up with some zwave modules that are not connected to a physical switch and are less accessible, making it a pain to re add them if the HC2 fails (which I believe happens quite rarely?) Thanks
  4. I posted this in the last Beta and I am disappointed this was not addressed: It is becoming increasingly irritating that Fibaro has failed to provide a template for full support of the Aeotec Nano Switches and Dimmers.The Home Center 2 does not synchronise properly with the momentary switches so the lights can be off when it is still showing as on.The energy consumption continues to increase based on the previous reading that stays "stuck" on on.If I go to the Read Configuration option on the web interface, it will read the configuration of the device and reset all the readings.This is the only way I know how to get it to synchronise with the device apart from pressing the off button on the App or the web interface. But even then I need to do a read configuration to get the energy monitoring status correct.So, it seems to me this is a top selling product and it is a direct competitor to Fibaro equivalents so Fibaro is dragging its feet in providing proper universal support for z-wave. This is totally contrary to the way z-wave alliance partners should behave.
  5. Hello I have HC2 with the latest 4.532 beta The Home Energy Meter seems to be on the latest firmware. Only Total of Power in Watt an the the Total of Energy in kWH are updatet. All of the other readings aren't updatet in HC2 I've tried to change the parameter 101 to 4144911 to have all the readings in HC2, but in my case, it allways stays at default, which is 2. Also any other parameter can't be changed. Below screen shots of the Aeotec Firmware, parameters, the Aeotec Parameter Calculation sheet, the Polling intervall If I set a polling interval, in my case 30 seconds, the readings in HC2 get updatet. Also the Aeotec ZW095 home Energy Meter doesn't show up in the actual Android Fibaro APP. Does anybody know, how to change the aeotec parametes? Thanks in advance Best Regards Fabir
  6. Problem in configs, and this option "eat" battery.
  7. Hello Everyone. I am relatively new to Fibaro, but have quite a few devices now configured. I am now looking to enable control of a 15AMP heat pump that is used to warm my swimming pool. I found the AEOTEC HEAVY DUTY SMART SWITCH GEN5 - https://aeotec.com/outdoor-z-wave-switch This seems absolutely perfect, but it does not appear to be compatible with the Fibaro Home Center. When I add the device I get an error "Learning Mode Error" and the device fails to add. Is there any way around this ? I am in desperate need of making this device work Excuse my ignorance, I am still not across collecting log info or troubleshooting join problems. Thanks for the help.
  8. My aeotec RBG bulb will turn off physically but the switch on the UI will remain "on". this is causing my scenes to not run correctly. Sometime when I turn it on it turns on then I will turn it off and it will flip the switch back to on even though the light is off. Has anyone seen this before?
  9. Hi, I have been looking on the forum about the subject in the title, but I can't find an adequate answer. So, would it be possible to use Aeotec gen5 z-stick in combination with Domoticz as a primary controller and the HCL as secondary? thx, Rik
  10. G'day All, Just giving you a heads-up regarding a defect in the LUA code generator for the Aeotec Garage Door Controller. Specifically, when there is a timeout applied to the trigger. if (( fibaro:getValue(72, "state") == "Open")) then setTimeout(function() local delayedCheck0 = false; local tempDeviceState0, deviceLastModification0 = fibaro:get(72, "value"); if (( fibaro:getValue(72, "state") == "Open") and (os.time() - deviceLastModification0) >= 900) then delayedCheck0 = true; end The "value" parameter should be "state". The controller doesn't have a base property called "value" so the fibaro:get() function returns nulls. After that the whole scene falls over. Cheers
  11. Hello, I have purchased an aeotec Siren, gen5, https://aeotec.com/z-wave-siren. After some difficulty i managed to pair it with my fibaro hc-lite. For those who need help with that, it wouldnt get detected and i had to try a few times, after holding down the button for over 30seconds, the light stayed on and for a few seconds (probably did some sort of factory reset), then i clicked the button again and it paired quickly. However, it paired as a switch, on and off. Does not allow me to have special settings ect. Under the advanced settings there are some things you can do with the siren, like change the tone or the sounds level ect, howevere would be nice if you could change the tones based on certain scenes? Has anyone figured that part out? Thanks,
  12. Hey I’m very new to home automation and I ended up choosing Fibaro and it works okey. I’m using an power adaptor measuring the usage in our office but I want to measure all power im consuming. I’m living in an apartment so I can’t access the power meter but I have the fuse box inside. Picture added. First I was thinking to flirt with the property owners and add one optic camera like IKEA Sparsnäs https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&nv=1&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=sv&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=https://m.ikea.com/se/sv/catalog/products/art/90292645/&usg=ALkJrhg7TS3H1EfCZjKDzwuJ1bxWXP1H7Q Hope the link works. But then someone told me that it can’t be integrated with Fibaro so here I am asking you for help. I found Power Clamp but can I connect that inside my apparent?
  13. Hi All I’ve just bought an Aeotec Wallmote Quad controller. When I add it to my HC2, I can select what to do when I press or hold any of the four buttons. Nice! But: I want to use it to control a Fibaro Dimmer. The Wallmote has swipe commands that should do this, but I can’t get it to work. Please help!
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Aeon Labs Minimote Icons (black and white)
  15. Hi, I have a some Smart Dimmer 6 modules from Aeotec which are connected to a HCL (v4.160). Including and switching/dimming works OK, but I cannot use them in a scene (graphical). Is there any way, that can be solved (e.g. by adding the template manually)? Thanks. Willem-Jan
  16. hi, I bought a bunch of MS6 devices Some included okay and some are proving a challenge I've noticed that some half include (ie I might get temp and motion but no humidity) I also noticed that some are including as ID 0 I tried different power supplies, different cables, close to the HC2 and not so close I tried the factory reset (hold include button down for 20 seconds) I just trying to figure out if I missed something or just got a bad batch Thanks
  17. Hi, I have a Home Energy monitor (HEM2) and have the clamp in the main live into my meter box to try and understand what the house is drawing power wise. I seem to be getting two power readings that are different with both changing over time but none seem fully accurate. One power reading seems accurate some times and the other power reading seems more accurate at other times if I look at what is running in the house at the time. I have only one clamp but the inclusion created 12 devices in in total 1471 (device id = 1471) 1471.0 & 1471.0.1, 1471.0.2 (device ID 1472, 1473, 1474) 1471.1 & 1471.1.1, 1471.1.2 (device ID 1475, 1476, 1477) 1471.2 & 1471.2.1, 1471.2.2 (device ID 1478, 1479, 1480) 1471.3 & 1471.3.1, 1471.3.2 (device ID 1481, 1482, 1483) I can get power readings on 1472 & 1475 1472 - api details (power = 895.79w) {"id":1472,"name":"House Energy 1","roomID":234,"type":"com.fibaro.energyMeter","baseType":"com.fibaro.meter","enabled":true,"visible":true,"isPlugin":false,"parentId":1471,"remoteGatewayId":0,"interfaces":["energy","power","zwave"],"properties":{"parameters":[{"id":3,"lastReportedValue":1,"lastSetValue":1,"size":1,"value":1},{"id":5,"lastReportedValue":50,"lastSetValue":50,"size":2,"value":50},{"id":6,"lastReportedValue":50,"lastSetValue":50,"size":2,"value":50},{"id":7,"lastReportedValue":50,"lastSetValue":50,"size":2,"value":50},{"id":9,"lastReportedValue":10,"lastSetValue":10,"size":1,"value":10},{"id":10,"lastReportedValue":10,"lastSetValue":10,"size":1,"value":10},{"id":11,"lastReportedValue":10,"lastSetValue":10,"size":1,"value":10},{"id":101,"lastReportedValue":14,"lastSetValue":14,"size":4,"value":14},{"id":102,"lastReportedValue":590080,"lastSetValue":590080,"size":4,"value":590080},{"id":103,"lastReportedValue":2049,"lastSetValue":2049,"size":4,"value":2049},{"id":111,"lastReportedValue":-740793856,"lastSetValue":-740793856,"size":4,"value":-740793856},{"id":112,"lastReportedValue":120,"lastSetValue":120,"size":4,"value":120},{"id":113,"lastReportedValue":1800,"lastSetValue":1800,"size":4,"value":1800}],"zwaveCompany":"AEON Labs","zwaveInfo":"3,3,67","zwaveVersion":"1.19","pollingTimeSec":0,"configured":"true","dead":"false","deviceControlType":"0","deviceIcon":"102","emailNotificationID":"0","emailNotificationType":"0","endPointId":"0","energy":"1379.51","liliOffCommand":"","liliOnCommand":"","log":"","logTemp":"","manufacturer":"","markAsDead":"false","model":"","nodeId":"212","parametersTemplate":"317","power":"895.79","productInfo":"0,134,0,2,0,28,1,19","pushNotificationID":"0","pushNotificationType":"0","remoteGatewayId":"0","saveLogs":"true","serialNumber":"","showEnergy":"true","smsNotificationID":"0","smsNotificationType":"0","unit":"kWh","useTemplate":"true","userDescription":"","value":"0.00"},"actions":{"reconfigure":0,"reset":0},"created":1480078127,"modified":1480078127,"sortOrder":406} 1475 - api details (power = 2.44 kw) {"id":1475,"name":"House Watts","roomID":234,"type":"com.fibaro.energyMeter","baseType":"com.fibaro.meter","enabled":true,"visible":true,"isPlugin":false,"parentId":1471,"remoteGatewayId":0,"interfaces":["energy","power","zwave"],"properties":{"parameters":[{"id":3,"lastReportedValue":1,"lastSetValue":1,"size":1,"value":1},{"id":5,"lastReportedValue":50,"lastSetValue":50,"size":2,"value":50},{"id":6,"lastReportedValue":50,"lastSetValue":50,"size":2,"value":50},{"id":7,"lastReportedValue":50,"lastSetValue":50,"size":2,"value":50},{"id":9,"lastReportedValue":10,"lastSetValue":10,"size":1,"value":10},{"id":10,"lastReportedValue":10,"lastSetValue":10,"size":1,"value":10},{"id":11,"lastReportedValue":10,"lastSetValue":10,"size":1,"value":10},{"id":101,"lastReportedValue":14,"lastSetValue":14,"size":4,"value":14},{"id":102,"lastReportedValue":590080,"lastSetValue":590080,"size":4,"value":590080},{"id":103,"lastReportedValue":2049,"lastSetValue":2049,"size":4,"value":2049},{"id":111,"lastReportedValue":-740793856,"lastSetValue":-740793856,"size":4,"value":-740793856},{"id":112,"lastReportedValue":120,"lastSetValue":120,"size":4,"value":120},{"id":113,"lastReportedValue":1800,"lastSetValue":1800,"size":4,"value":1800}],"zwaveCompany":"AEON Labs","zwaveInfo":"3,3,67","zwaveVersion":"1.19","pollingTimeSec":0,"configured":"true","dead":"false","deviceControlType":"0","deviceIcon":"102","emailNotificationID":"0","emailNotificationType":"0","endPointId":"1","energy":"1379.51","liliOffCommand":"","liliOnCommand":"","log":"","logTemp":"TxtGreen","manufacturer":"","markAsDead":"false","model":"","nodeId":"212","parametersTemplate":"317","power":"2436.61","productInfo":"0,134,0,2,0,28,1,19","pushNotificationID":"0","pushNotificationType":"0","remoteGatewayId":"0","saveLogs":"true","serialNumber":"","showEnergy":"true","smsNotificationID":"0","smsNotificationType":"0","unit":"W","useTemplate":"true","userDescription":"","value":"0.00"},"actions":{"reconfigure":0,"reset":0},"created":1480078127,"modified":1480078127,"sortOrder":409} The energy readings from both are the same Does anybody know which parameter I should be using thanks frank
  18. Hi , I am looking to measure the three things in relation to my house power and will be using Aeotec HEM clamps (all single phase) Power consumed by the house Power generated by the panels Excess power generated by panels if house consumption is less than panel generation So far this is my proposed setup I may need a second HEM at position 1 to measure excess current heading back to the grid I was wondering if anybody has this type of setup and how are the clamps arranged ? Thanks _f
  19. Hi, I have a 14 of these multi sensors around my house and I am trying to configure them as best as I can. All of my devices are USB powered and were included under usb power. All are running 1.7 fw I am also trying to rule out these devices as a potential root cause for what looks like busy zwave traffic / slow responses. I looked at the parameters and there would seem to be options that can be tweaked. For example i can switch off reporting for UV as all my devices are internal. I was wondering has any user changed specific parameters, why they changed them and what was the impact/benefit. Thanks _f
  20. Hey! Anyone have experience with the Aeotec Smart Switch 6 and HC2? Does it work and does it have templates?
  21. I have just bought an Aeotec Door/Windows Sensor 6 and found that it has included ok but does not report if the sensor has been breached or in a safe state. Can anyone help me on this? Link to sensor on amazon so you know which one i am talking about: - http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B016ZV42GU I have tried the following to rectify this: - * Carried out a reset of the device * Removed and included the device to the HC2 * Soft Reconfigure There is no firmware update due for the device. I have attached the templates just in case it will help. At a bit of a loss. If anyone can that, that would be cool. Thanks, Andy
  22. Hello guys, I have got there strange behavior with HEM-3 version 1.8. With this particular device, there only Meter on Phase 2 meassure correctly, but phase 1 and phase 3 meassure only 50% of energy, based on voltage multiply by current. See attachments for seeing the difference. I also shut down reports for whole HEM. And customer has not power factor 0,5, i'm 100% sure about that. Electrical connection is corect. Did you met this strange behavior or something similar to this? There are some strings in CZ. Výkon = power. Cel. W. Fáze 1 = Power on Phase 1, ...
  23. HI we just got the Aeotec smart Switch 6 gen, it identifies with the HC2, but it won´t work. We change the 81 parameter so that it may show the changed state but nothing happens Anyone has played with this yet? Gracias
  24. Hello! Does anyone know if the Aeotec HEM DSB28-1C (60A) is supported by HCL? Im thinking of buying this one, but want to make sure it works with my system first. Many thanks in advance.
  25. Just chance upon a z-wave compatibility guide which I believe many forumers have been looking for. http://www.vesternet.com/compatibility/z-wave-compatibility-guide
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