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  1. Hi there, are there any plans to extend the product offering for HomeKit? Especially the fire detector, the dimmer, maybe a switch to operate window blinds?
  2. Hello Everyone. I have what I consider a pretty typical setup. A nest and FIbaro lights and smokes. Pretty basic 10 circuits, nothing special happening here. While I think the Fibaro app is pretty decent, I wanted something I little more focused and polished for me. So, I have built a Android and IOS app which is modelled on the look and feel of the Savant app: https://www.savant.com/product/savant-app The app is fully working, just need a visual improvement - but it looks decent already. Its a side project - so dev will happen when i have time. I never planned on realising this in the wild, but a few people who have seen it love it - so thinking about submitting to relevant stores. Its boring features are: - Picks up weather and such like - Pick up NEST information (via Fibaro home centre or home centre lite) - Get all relevant devices from the system - Allows you to input your IP / user / pass (and saves) to allow connectivity to the home centre / lite (can use dyndns for those not on static IPs at home) - Runs via HTTP - so will work inside and outside the home. (use local IP on the internal only devices) The more interesting features are: - Allows you to (So much easier than Fibaro) create scenes on the app - in a lovely interface. - Will sync all settings of the scenes with either the Fibaro box, or Dropbox (or similar) - Might make it control the Nest also and other device types which fit within the focus of the app & alerts - Keeps the device alive if desired (prevent screen off) What im looking to do: - Get some flush wall mounts of ipad Minis / Andriod tabs made up (using 3D printers to keep costs low) - Have these as wall mounted control centres - keep the cost very low. - Allow people to re-use these old devices - rather than capture dust in a draw. Is there much appetite for such stuff in this community? If so ill look to finish it up and develop. Ill probably put it up as a paid app, mainly to cover costs and support / continious development. I will stress this is not a replacement for the Fibaro app - its just more focused and beautiful.
  3. Hi, I have been having trouble installing last dimmer in our flat in a circuit that has 3 momentary wall switches and one switch in a fuse box. I have a spare Fibaro Dimmer module but not sure how to install it. The approach that i am trying is to to install the module prio to the fuse box switch. I am attaching the photos the switch. Can someone point out how the dimmer module should be incorporated here? Let me know if there is any additional info that i should provide, Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, I recently took out my HC2, reset and updated it, and added two Fibaro Dimmer 2's. The dimmers are functioning normally, but the interface shows these additional devices, with a "remote control" being visible and others being hidden. Can anyone clarify what these are please? EDIT: It is also showing me a firmware update available for both dimmers but they are for the hidden (8.0 and 4.0) devices and not the visible ones. Thanks! PG
  5. Hi, I want to use dimmer to controll device other then light (fan), but the interface does not allow me to change device classification. So when I turn or switch off lights in the room - the other device is also switched. As I remember there was an option to change dimmer's classification, but now it is gone. Any ideas? P.
  6. The dimmer worked perfectly for 8 months. Now it keeps changing the "32. On/Off mode" parameter set to "1 - on/off mode enabled (dimming is not possible)". When i set it back to "0 - on/off mode disabled (dimming is possible)". What could be the problem? And more importantly, how can i fix it?
  7. Drodzy instalatorzy, Mam zrobione (narazie testowo na kablach i oprawce) podłączenie 2 żyłowe (bez kabla N) z dimmerem i bypassem w/g schematu z pudełka. Zasilana jest żarówka LED z IKEI (https://www.ikea.com/pl/pl/catalog/products/10371203/). Wszystko działa z godnie z przewidywaniem, ale przy wyłączaniu żarówka robi takie śmieszne mrugnięcie: https://photos.app.goo.gl/YjoqVjcl0KHp80hS2 czy można jakoś na to zaradzić? Pozdrawiam Bartłomiej
  8. Hi I am completely new to Fibaro and currently considering wiring up my newly renovated house with 35 dimmers and switches for each and every light circuit. The dimmer 2 and switch 2 look really good on paper and seem to do exactly what i need for basic light automation. I even ordered one and tried one on a test circut and it worked well. But what I worry about is that it needs to be really reliable. I simply cannot have the situation where I need to trouble shoot the system every few weeks, or work out why some of them are no longer found by the controller - these are the kinds of things I have been reading about. I'm dreading the situation where a simple wall switch does not turn the light on anymore , and I have to waste time to troubleshoot. Although I am very technically minded, I don't want something so simple like a light give me a headache - if this is not mature yet, I don't want it. Especially the physical switches that are directly connnected to the Fibaro need to work rock solid and near 100% reliable. The physical switches must work even in case the controller is out of action for whatever reason. If the software control, the remote access or the scenes have some issues now and again that's ok for me. It would be great of some of you could comment on long term reliability with the dimmers and switches, is it mature enough to use it throughout the house, I mean on EVERY circuit? Thanks in advance for your valuable experiences Felix
  9. Hi Is there a way to set dimmer level memory on FGRGBWM-414 v2.5 I'm refering to the function of parameter 19 at FGD-212.
  10. Hello, Can I regulate speed of 70 Watt Fan with FIbaro dimmer?
  11. I'm fitting out a new apartment, and my electrician is planning to use LEDs that aren't themselves dimmable: http://www.lited.fr/products/cobi/ http://www.lited.fr/products/wash/ He's planning to add dimmable drivers - with a push-to-dim (switchDIM) mode - Driver LCAI 15W 150mA–400mA ECO slim http://www.tridonic.com/com/en/products/led-converter-lcai-15w-150-400mA-eco-slim.asp I suspect that this won't work with the Dimmer 2, because the dimmer needs to control the dimming function. The switchDIM mode in the LED driver is designed to be hooked up to a simple push button. So I think I need to get him to switch to something from the BASIC series that's compatible with a phase-cut dimmer (which is what I'm assuming the dimmer uses). i.e. one of these:- http://www.tridonic.com/com/en/products/BASIC-series.asp Thoughts?
  12. Hi, i had installed a few days ago my first dimmer 2. It works fine with my in wall LEDs. But one question; If i turn off the light with the dimmer the LED lamps "fade out". I search an option to disable the fade out effect and ant to have a "switch off, lamps get off immideately. Is there an option/parameter to turn off this fade out effect? Thanks and best regards
  13. When i installed a dimmer2 and connected it to mij hc2 it created a set of devices. One is de dimmer to put on of or control light power One is a remote switch. How can i use this? I see 4 numbered events where i can activate scenes. The manual is verry verry basic and does not tell the full operation and nothing about programming on hc2. What i understand is: push puls switch once: lights on to previus power strength push puls switch again once: lights out Pusch puls switch two times : lights to maximum How can ik regulate light strength with the puls switch? Or is this not posible? Then programming. Can i read puls switch events to scenes? Is this done bij de remote switch device? What is event 12,13,14 and 16? Can ik opperate de dimmer bij programming and ignore puls switch actions ( i want to use the puls switch actions in custom scenes). A lot of questions. I hope there will be some answers. Thanks for that.
  14. I am looking for a simple wall plug that I can plug in a socket to switch a led lamp on and off but also be able to dim the lamp. Is the Fibaro wall plug capable to dim the light as well? if not, is there another product which is capable of doing so? I saw a everspring wallplug but that seems to run in issues on a fibaro box (notification logs clotted up)
  15. Cześć Od nie dawna zostałem uszczęśliwiony kupując dom iz w komplecie był zamontowany już jakiś system Fibaro Więc jeszcze nie wszystko z nim ogarniam jeśli chodzi o oprogramowanie Tak się nie szczęśliwie złożyło iż w wiacie przy tarasie elektrykom zapomniało się założyć kabel do włącznika oświelenia albo go ktoś skasował Czy można by tak zrobić by z ubs w salonie który mierzy temperaturę wysterować jasnością dimmera2 ? Z tego co doczytałem w instrukcji ubs i w internecie to podpinamy pod IN1 i GND przycisk monostabilny i można tak zrobić iż przytrzymanie przycisku będzie regulowało oświetleniem dimmera2 na tarasie ? Jak rozumiem z opisów w ubs uruchamiam funkcję aktywacji sceny, tworze 1 scenę jeśli ubs sceneActivition 12 to uruchom scenę regulacja oświetlenia taras i 2 scena w scenie regulacja oświetlenia taras wpisuje zgodnie z tym co rozumiem i już ? A jednak nie działa mi niestety, wiec błędnie rozumiem czy mógł by Ktoś mi pomóc ? --[[ %% properties 195 sceneActivation %% globals --]] local dimmer = 195 if ( tonumber(fibaro:getValue(dimmer, "sceneActivation")) == 12) then local deviceValue1 = tonumber(fibaro:getValue(dimmer, "value")); if (deviceValue1 > 0) then end
  16. Hi, I have tried to figure out how to dim lights in steps. I want to dim light 10mins after they have been turned on and 2 minutes after that turn the light off. Since I only have a HCL i have tried to understand how a block scene could solve it but I cannot really figure it out. Do someone have suggestions? /Roger
  17. Czy da się skonfigurować dimmer tak, żeby stopniowo rozświetlał żarówkę, powiedzmy w pół sekundy? I tak samo ją gasił? Zastanawiam się między dimmer a switch, a nie potrzebuję żeby żarówka ciągle świeciła w połowie mocy. Chodzi mi tylko o "przejście".
  18. Hi i am starting to put together a system. It’s not a big flat but I decided to have every light and every other thing I can in the system. So a lot of lights, even more rgbw led strips, iPads in the walls, and sonos speakers. So so I want to create a ‘party’ mode as it’s a pretty young and fun place. I would love to take the rhythm of the music played in the Sonos and have the lights change brightness and/or color to it. Any ideas?
  19. Witam. Posiadam dimmer fibaro (nie dimmer 2) i zakupiłem bypass 2 aby nie mrugały żarówki ledowe. Po zamontowaniu jest to samo - mrugaja po wyłączeniu jak stroboskop. Czy dimmer nie współpracuje z bypass 2? Jak w inny sposób mogę rozwiązać problem mrugania?
  20. Hi, I am new to HA and Fibaro. I have installed a FGD-212 Dimmer 2 module as a proof of concept. It is controlled via Home Assistant and OpenZWave. The module is wired using 3-wire connection and a toggle switch. Everything is working well so far. When the light is turned on/off it fades to the target max/min brightness % respectively. Is there a way for the light to go immediately to the min/max target brightness without fading? I have experimented with some of the advanced parameters, but cannot get this to work. I suspect it's possible that OpenZWave may not not be applying settings correctly, however I would be grateful for any suggestions. Cheers, TM.
  21. I have an RGBW dimmer from fibaro, selected as four individual dimmer. (zwave version 3.52, fibaro version 25.25) 1. when i select the momentary switch to switch on the light or off, then the light goes on, but the status in the app or webui doesn't change. its displayed as off. What can i do about this? 2. Show energy consumption measurements are selected but still not power reading in the app or webui.. When i turn on the light the energy consumption will stay on 0W. What can i do about this? -Sam
  22. Hello all, I'm working of a Zipatile controller from Zipato. But all my dimmer modules are FGD-212 modules. There are recent firmware upgrades I don't have. How can I update the modules myself, via the Zipato controller? I can't find an instruction on upgrading the firmware anywhere. Regards, Pieter
  23. I have a setup, where I have a number of Fibaro RGBW controllers, controlling white led strips. For a wall switch, I have a Fibaro relay, with two momentary switches connected to S1 and S2, but nothing connected to Q1, Q2. I've associated the Relay with the two groups of RGBW controllers. It works kinda okay, but not perfect. Here's how it works: - Press & Hold on any of the buttons will turn on one of the led groups and dim it slowly to maximum - Press & Hold again will slowly dim down the led group - Clicking the button will turn off the light - Clicking the button again will turn on the light, but not return it to its previous brightness, instead turning it on at the lowest brightness value (1) Sometimes I need to click twice, sometimes press&hold only works for the second attempt after turning it on. But the most annoying is that it does not return the brightness to the previous level when turning on. Any ideas why? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Peter
  24. Mam problem w sumie już od tygodnia z tym walczę. Szukałem na forum ale nic nei znalazłem. Mam dwie sceny 1] KeyID:20 OFF-ON scena ściemnia na 20% 2] KeyID:21 ON-OFF rozjaśnia na 80%. (Sceny na blokach w załączniku) PROBLEM: Jak jedna uruchomię to sceny uruchamiają się raz jedna raz druga i tak w kolko. Tak jakby włączanie scen przez KeyID 20 i 21 w jakiś sposób nie działało. Starałem się dodać zmienną żeby na druga scena nie startowała od razu i dalej nic. Dodatkowe pytanie o co chodzi w IF (L.Dzieciecy-pilot == KeyId: 21 0s) na końcu jest 0s czy to znaczy że sprawdza warunek po x sekund ? A co z warunkiem po "i" jest wykonywany wcześniej niż pierwszy warunek !? PS. Jestem nowy proszę o wyrozumiałość nie wymagam od razu rozwiązania oczekuję raczej wskazania gdzie szukać rozwiązania.
  25. Hi! I am a newbie and sorry for asking questions that may be answered elsewhere. I want to control the temperature level of an old boiler by changing the Resistance of an input to it. Ideally, I could use a Fibaro dimmer(?) to do this by controling a pontentiometer (not sure if this will work). Two questions: - how can I change the scale from "%" to "degrees Celsius" as viewed in my Vera Plus controller. Reprogramming of Fibaro or Vera? Luup programming? - what is the output of the dimmer? Less Tension or Current(?) in Rx dimming mode? Any ideas? Any other component that you would suggest. Can the Fibaro Relay be made into a dimmer? Thanks, Bengt ADMIN NOTE: No need to apologize for asking a question. The Forum is for asking questions As there is no solution offered by you I moved the topic to a correct forum. Please, read descriptions of forums before posting.
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