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  1. Hi, Have this strange issue for the 3rd time this year. One of my dimmers will not turn off, this has happened several times before on different devices sometimes on several at the same time. Rebooting HC2 does not help. Pushing the wall switch makes it turn off shortly but it turns on again a couple seconds later. Any ideas?
  2. Hello I just start on fibaro and on a light switch I installed fibaro dimmer but on s1 I have set my push botton but it does not operate .... any idea why? i know it must be a stupid question ... thx in advance Greg
  3. I am using fibaro dimmer and I connected two Flourascent lights with it of 13W. when I am switching off switch attached to it, it just dims the light and it cant switch the light off. Hope some one will help me
  4. Hi all, i have searched up and down for this I'm still not sure I've found the answer, hence the post. I have just bought a dimmer switch to use in my living room and have the following set-up; 2-way dimmer light switch wired up to a 3-core+earth wiring system (for the purpose of detail, it's the older colour system (red/yellow/blue+green(earth)). This is currently wired to a dimmer switch with 3 connections (common, L1 and L2). Can someone help confirm how this should be wired up to the dimmer control (Z-Wave Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2 250W) I am confident enough that the wiring to the Fibaro Dimmer is correct but i'd like for someone to confirm it plus how the light switch (yes it's old and there is a replacement standing by ) should be wired to the Fibaro Dimmer... Cheers
  5. Hello, i'm wondering if it is possible to use my philips hue remote control also for the lights that I have connected to my fibaro dimmer2. I have integrated philips hue with my homeserver2 so I can control them by the homeserver. But it would be nice if i can change the lights also with the hue remote control. My idea is te create a scene that reacts on changes that are made to the HUE lamps using te remote from philips. Is there anyone who has some experience with that? Greetings Wouter (I'd like the fibaro Key Fob better, but i don't know when fibaro is releasing it).
  6. I am using the Fibaro Dimmer 2 in several places around the house, and have had no problem with it until now. I replaced an Elko GLE 315 dimmer with a Fibaro Dimmer 2. My problem is that dimming with the S1 connected momentary switch does not work. When off, clicking once results in lights going to 100% with a very slow start. Clicking and holding to dim down does nothing while holding, when releasing the lights seamingly goes off, but HC2 reports dimming level around 10%. The same happens with just one click. I am unable to dim the lights to any level with the switch, but doing this through HC2 works just fine. This is the setup of the dimmer and load: Electric system: European 220v/50Hz 2-wire system Connected load: Two SLV ceiling lights. Each light has an electronic soft start trafo and two halogen QRB 111 G53 12v lamps. https://www.slv.com/en-de/luminaires-lamps/kalu-wall-and-ceiling-light-double-headed-qr111-round-brushed-aluminium-max-100-w-147266.pdf I think the problem might be releated to the soft start function of the two electronic trafos. I sometimes get "no load"-error or "burnt out bulb detection error" in HC2. I am guessing that the soft starts creates a pulse of some kind that the dimmer detects. I have tried several of the advanced parameters including: 14: Auto-calibration status set to 0 15: Burned out bulb detection set to 0 - disabled 19: Forced dimming level - x% this does nothing 32: on-off mode set to 0 - dimming is possible 34: soft start set to 0 - no soft start 35: Auto calibration after power on set to 0 - no auto calibration 40: reaction to general purpose alarm set to 0 - no reaction 45: overload alarm report set to 0 - no reaction 46: load error set to 0 - no reaction 47: overcurrent alarm report set to 0 - no reaction 48: surge alarm report set to 0 - no reaction Any suggestions greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Hi, Is there a way to associate a RGBW controller (FGRGB-101) as a master, with a Dimmer 2 module (FGD-212) as a slave, either as a Z-Wave direct association or with a LUA script on the main controller? My goal is to dim LEDs connected to 110-240V AC, with a distant low voltage RGBW module. LEDs are connected to a Dimmer 2 module. 30 feet away, a 12V DC RGBW controller interprets the variable output of an analog sensor. I'd like to dim the distant LEDs accordingly to the level the RGBW module would set if it was directly connected to equivalent 12V DC LEDs. In other words, can the dimming level information of an RGBW controller be passed to a Dimmer 2? I know that two RGBW modules can be synchronised, but I don't know if an RGBW module and a Dimmer 2 module can be synchronised.
  8. I have two motion sensors and two dimmers installed to control hall and landing lights. I have successfully configured an association for the hall sensor and dimmer so that the lights come on at night when the motion sensor is triggered. However, I cannot get the same to work for the other motion sensor and dimmer on the landing - the motion sensor is being activated but the dimmer isn't being activated. The settings on both (set using Vera control panel) are identical: Any ideas how I can get the second one working or is this a known limitation wth Fibaro devices?
  9. Hi everyone! I am new to Fibaro (and home automation in general) but so far I really like what I see! If I may use your collective expertise - I have couple RGBW controllers that I use to control LED strips (white only) around the house. Since I don't have any color LEDs, I use the controller in the input/output mode to control several strips from one unit. This works perfectly except that now the light does not show under lights in the mobile app. I have to go to "rooms" - "bedroom" in the mobile app to see the light and control it. Is there a way to clasify the outputs as lights so that they show up properly? Thanks! Jan
  10. Hello everyone! I'm trying to figure out a good block scene to help elder people in their bedroom, during night (e.g.: Wake up to go to the bathroom at night). I'm using motion sensor + dimmer modules + door sensor. My concern: not trigger the scene with motion sensor while he/she is moving in bed during sleep time, but only when he/she stands up to go to the bathroom. Any tips?
  11. The slider for a multilevel output (ie: dimmer) should scale based on the minimum and maximum levels setup in the parameters for the device. Example: Minimum device output level set to 20% Maximum device output level set to 70% Slider 0% = 20% output Slider 50% = 45% output Slider 100% = 70% output As of v4.082 the slider is set to the actual output %. This makes devices with a narrow min/max range hard to control.
  12. 1182 Hello everyone, I'd like to add a dimmer on lights, that are operated with several momentary wall switches (bushbuttons). I do not really understand the wiring diagram in the user guide on fibaro.com. Do I need to install the dimmer module right at the relay in the fuse panel or is it possible to connect it at a momentary switch? The diagram shows the connection of lines to the S1 and Sx port. But WHAT lines (L, N)? Where do they go on the "other" end? Thanks for your help! Frank
  13. We have several projects. And only 2-wire connection available for all light sources. So we decided to use Fibaro Dimmer 2 configured as Switch. We stucked with several interesting problems: 1) We have 400Watt light sources. Halogen lamps. Is there any amplifiers which able to connect to Fibaro Dimmer 2 in order increase power? Is it really possible with 2 wire connection? 2) We have vacuum fans (30 Watt). We aren't able to control motors with Fibaro Dimmer 2. I guess consumption is very big on start, and dimmer turns off.
  14. Hi, I searched an searched and can't find this .. (so presumably its very easy ) I'm trying to find the http request syntax (that I can drop into a browser) to set the dimmer level of a fibaro dimmer I tried and and a few others It would the dimmer equivalent of Does anybody know the correct syntax Thanks -F EDIT not sure if this helps but I plugged it into the HC2IP/doc page and it came back with no content I need a full string as I'm working (trying to) with OpenRemote
  15. Is there a way for a scene to trigger each time a push button connected to the S2 input on a dimmer with the scene activation setting enabled is activated? I can only seem to trigger the scene when the sceneActivation state changes. ie: double click after single click. I'm trying to setup a sensor override push button where the following should occur: single click = toggle light (on/off) + enable sensor override hold = start dimming light + enable sensor override release = stop dimming light double click = disable sensor override When the sensor override is disabled, the motion sensor will have control of the light. Cheers.
  16. I am new here and need your imput to setup a wireless home automation systems which include 1) 8 zones of Audio which include ( 2 x Living room, 3 x bedroom, 1 x kitchen, 3 x bathroom. 2) 5 zones of lighting control with dimming 3) 1 unit of window control. I want to be able to use fibaro systems and app to control all. I need help to choose the right lighting, electric curtain track and multi room audio systems to effectively work with Fibaro
  17. Hi all, I've been searching and reading in this forum and haven't found my exact problem and it's solution just yet. I have a dimmer 2 (fgd212) connected to 5 Pharox 4W led bulbs. I've bridged the leds with the Bypass 2. I've got a dual momentary switch connected to the dimmer, just like in the Fibaro manual, see the attachment. The dual momentary switch is connected with leads between 5 and 10 cm. When I connect the dimmer to power, it starts calibrating. The leds go in increments from off to full bright, so the dimmer is able to get the leds at different light levels. After calibrating the leds get stuk on a single light level, I guess something like 30%. The don't switch off, they don't burn at full level, not through the HC2, nor with the momentary switch. I've looked at all parameters, changed them, did exclusions and reinclusions of the dimmer, etc. No luck. I connected the dimmer to a old fashioned light bulb, not using the bypass, furthermore the same setup. I just had to enable the S2 switch in the settings and it works flawlessly. What could be wrong with the led setup? Thanks in advance, Evert
  18. Hi, I have a first gen Dimmer module. It has been working great until I updated to 4.080. At first I could not understand why the dimmer lights it control will not switch on or off when I press the switch, but the associated lamps do. I had to revert to the iphone app to switch of my lights. I then realised that it is because the dimmer's settings (parameter 14) reverted back to it's default value of "momentary switch". I use a toggle switch to control these lights (dimming is done via the app). I need to change this setting to option 1 - Toggle Switch, but every time I make the change and press save, it just reverts back to option 0 - momentary switch What am I doing wrong? Is anyone experiencing the same or has found a solution?
  19. Witam, zakupiłem dimmer fgd 211 v2.2, mam centralkę HCL aktualizowaną do 4.080 Z centralką mam sparowanego wall pluga, działa dobrze. Podłączyłem dimmer w puszce zgodnie ze schematem, wrzucam w centralce dodawanie urządzenia i tryb uczenia, jednak po trzykrotnym naciśnięciu przycisku B w dimmerze centralka go nie znajduje i nie paruje się z nim. Dodam że po podłączeniu dimmera i załączeniu zasilania światło się zapala. Proszę o pomoc
  20. When I build a scen blockscene and use the command "Turn on" then the dimmer turn on the light to the last used level. But if I use the command "Set value" and use the value "50" (or "100" or "255") nothing happens. How to do if I want a scene to activate the dimmer to a certain level, e.g. 50%?
  21. When I build a scen blockscene and use the command "Turn on" then the dimmer turn on the light to the last used level. But if I use the command "Set value" and use the value "50" (or "100" or "255") nothing happens. How to do if I want a scene to activate the dimmer to a certain level, e.g. 50%?
  22. I have installed a TKB Dimmer Socket to control a table lamp in my hall connected to Fibaro motion detector. The scene sets the lamp at 80% initially and when no motion is detected for a set time it reduces it to 25% and turns it back up when motion is detected etc. I know there is no template for this device and may be that is my problem. I have requested one from Fibaro. However the issue is the bulb flickers for a while when it first comes on, it has a dimmable LED bulb in it. After about 20 minutes it settles down. Anyone else experiences this or have a cure for it ? Thanks Andy
  23. Hi guys, I have just installed dim2 ver3.3 , I use AC COB gu10 as load , with bypass2. some of them are buzzing, do u think i need to change this bulbs?or I any config of dimm2 can solve this issue? without dim2 no buzzing many thanks for advice
  24. Hi, My current dimmer is installed on a place i cannot reach easily therefore i like to replace it with a fibaro dimmer. Can i remove the physical dimmer and only use the fibaro dimmer? all drawings i found are based on using the dimmer including physical dimmer or switch. Thanks,
  25. I have tried to install a Fibaro Dimmer 211 module in various ways based on diagrams found on internet, but without succes. As you can see in the attached diagram, I have two switches that switch 2 lamps (only one on the diagram). Currently my switch has 3 connections: a double brown, a gray and a black wire. I have shown the other existing wires in the switch box in the diagram (an additional brown, 3 blue and 3 green) Can anyone tell me how to correctly install the Dimmer 211? Many thanks in advance, Sven
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