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  1. Is there a 1-10v device for the HC2? A device outputting the needed 1-10v for making it control led-drivers with 1-10v dimmer onboard.
  2. How to connect a Fibaro RGBW controller to a 220v LED strip 220v LED strips can run for 50m vs 12vDC/24vDC that have a limitation of 5m/10m (then you need to start adding amps, additional controllers and return wires) You will need: 1. Fibaro RGBW controller x 1 2. Home Center 2 3. Fibaro Dimmer x 3 4. 220v RGB LED 50m roll Connect before each of the R,G,B lines a dimmer on each line. Let's call them RDimmer, GDimmer and BDimmer The RGBW controller will not be connected to any LED strip. It is just used as an interface for the users. RGB device ID is 100 RDimmer is 101 GDimmer is 102 BDimmer is 103 Create a scene and add the following code. Change the device IDs with your own. CODE --------------------------------------------------------------- --[[ %% properties %% globals --]] local colorSet = fibaro:getValue(100, "lastColorSet"); local RGBWTable= {}; local i = 1; for value in string.gmatch(colorSet,"(%d+)") do RGBWTable = value; i = i + 1; end local RRR = math.floor((RGBWTable[1] / 2.55)) ; local GGG = math.floor((RGBWTable[2] / 2.55)) ; local BBB = math.floor((RGBWTable[3] / 2.55)) ; fibaro:call(101, "setValue", RRR); fibaro:call(102, "setValue", GGG); fibaro:call(103, "setValue", BBB);
  3. Yesterday evening I was going exchange my old filament lamps with new LED bulbs. My good old motion detector equiped entrance lamp did not survive the LED test and finally died. It was already late and no light is no option, so I thought about replacing the existing motion 'facett' like section with a fibaro sensor and use a dimmer inside. To my suprise the fibaro 'eyeball' fits just perfectly in, and is also securely kept in place without any glue or the like. Just wanted to share this here as to my girlfriend nothing changed - the light switches on and off as before See pic attached. cheers, gruberb
  4. Has anyone tried the new Qubino Flush Dimmer Plus yet? I have two, but they will not complete the configuration, they always say configuration failed. I have tried close to the HC2 and still the same. They can still be used and can be turned On and Off using the slider, and Off using the button but not On which is strange. Cheers Mike
  5. Last week I got 2 x FGD212 dimmers, 3 x Popp 123850 plug dimmers and 1 x WallC-S2 wall controller. Before I received the HC2, I used the wall controller as primary controller on all 5 dimmers, both dimming and on/off worked like it was supposed to, with buttons 1 and 3. Now I've set up the HC2, with the wall controller as a second controller, working with the Popp dimmers through association, still with buttons 1 and 3, and have no problem what so ever. I'm still able to dim and switching on/off. Inclusion of the FGD212 dimmers went smoothly, and they can be controlled from HC2, even from within scenes triggered by the wall controller. What I can't do, is use the "Switch On/Off and Dim (send Basic Set and Switch Multilevel)" I currently have working with the Popp dimmers, with the FGD212s. I've associated them in the same manner as the ones working, but get no feedback from the FGD212s. I have searched all over for similar problems, but can't seem to find anything. Is it a parameter that needs to be altered to get it working like it was without the HC2? Any help is appreciated! PS: As of now I'm using HC2 ver. 4.058 beta, but I've also tried 4.057 beta and 4.056.
  6. Recently I've experienced my dimmer turning off by itself It started after I moved a wall-plug to a near vicinity of it (wanted to measure usage of a freezer), and when I compared the consumption in HC2 I could see that the dimmer turns off every time the wall-plug usage drops to 0 (see attachment below). I can only say WTF!?! /Anders (All modules are Fibaro modules)
  7. Hi, I was assuming that the dimmer2 (FGD-212) had the capability to dim and switch 2 lights seperately..... Looking at the installation and documentation I can only switch one lamp with one module. Not a big issue, I can use the module somewhere else...but question is which dimmer module is capable do to this? It is a single wallbox so no space to install 2 dimmer modules. Was looking at qubino ZMNHBA2 but seems that one is not capable of dimming, only switching. Currently there is a jung 1252ude double dimmer installed with 3 wires...one live, 2 switch wires. Hope somebody knows a solution for this setup with usage of zwave network!
  8. Hi all I would like to connect a Dimmer 2 in a electrical diagram as the one attached (It explains how to connect a Fibaro Relay Switch). I have tried different configurations but I have not managed yet how to set it up. Any help would be appreciated? Regards
  9. Hello, A few of my dimmers disappeared in my app on mobile devices iPhone and iPad. The last one disappeared after a sof reset. Anybody the same experience (and maybe the solution)? Thanks in advance. Wessel
  10. Hello, I've seen from the manual that it's possible to use the dimmer with a standard switch. It looks like I loose the possibility of dimming from the switch, is that correct? My question is: is it possible to use a normal switch with the dimmer module set as "Momentary switch" and manually using the switch to dim the light? Thanks, Dem
  11. Hello everyone, I could need some help with setting up some LEDs. Here is what I am planning to do: I want to group 3 or 4 of these LEDs: Trilux InperlaLP C05 BR22 1800-830 ETDD 01 Techspecs (EN) - Installation (EN) Techspecs (PL) - Installation (PL) I would like to control those groups together with one Dimmer Module from Fibaro but I am not exactly sure if this would work, or how I would need to wire them togehter. The LEDs are said to be "electronically dimmable". They are powered by a DALI compatible tranformer as shown in the pictures i've taken: Package Transformer 2 Transformer 3 I am also not sure, if I need to connect the units in a circle, in a row, parallel or whatever. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Michael EDIT: Updated Links.
  12. Hi I hav just added my second Qubino Dimmer, but it turns up as a thermostat. I have removed and added it back, but with the same result. Both my Qubino dimmer have FW 1.12. The only thing I can think of is that my HC2 had 4.035 when I added the first dimmer and 4.037 now. Any ideas on what to do?
  13. Mam ustawioną asocjację w Dimmerze pod drugi klawisz, aby włączał/wyłączał RGBW. Włącznik bistabilny. Problem w tym, że zawsze włącza RGBW z minimalną jasnością. Przykładowy scenariusz: - włączam RGBW z aplikacji www i ustawiam jakiś jasny kolor - wyłączam RGBW z aplikacji www - dla sprawdzenia jeszcze raz włączam przez www - RGBW włącza się na poprzednio zdefiniowany jasny kolor - wyłączam przez www - włączam RGBW drugim klawiszem przez Dimmer - RGBW włącza się, ale ma ustawioną minimalną jasność Wersja oprogramowania: 4.042 Czy to błąd czy muszę coś jeszcze ustawić?
  14. Hello! I've purchased an FGD211 Dimmer module but I'm having some trouble making up the required connections for my lighting installation. What is confusing me is that I cannot map my lighting installation to any of the diagrams in the instructions. Also, any other diagram I find online regarding dimmer installations seems to assume there are three cables connecting the two switches - I only have two cables connecting the switches. You can find my lighting installation wiring diagram in attachment. Thanks in advance for any help you might give me. Best regards!
  15. Dimmery Fibaro są beznadziejne - palą się, topią, buczą, nie pracują niemal z żadnymi LED'ami. Chciałbym więc powoli zacząć je wymieniać na coś co... działa, współpracuje z żarówkami rodem z XXI wieku i nie próbuje spalić mi domu Czy ktoś z Was może ma u siebie coś takiego? http://qubino.com/products-2/flushdimmer/ Wygląda to bardzo obiecująco i na pewno solidniej niż moduły z Fibaro. A może ktoś z Was tym handluje w Polsce? pozdrawiam Grzegorz
  16. Hello, according to FGD211 Dimmer instruction manual it seems that is possible to control scene with S1 Dimmer switch, is this possible with HCL too? Nothing is mentioned in FGD211 instruction manual, it says just that is possible... If someone can help me on this showing some block diagrams example thanks!
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