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  1. I would like to disable standard dimming funkcionality, while holding button, because I have scene set on button hold. Bulb automatically lights on and it is unwanted. Is it possible to disable it?
  2. Hello Fibaro Community, I have three dimmers in my setup, and I'm trying to control two of them using the switches on the third. Here are the details of my setup: Dimmer A Master: 46 Slaves: 46, 47, 48, 49, 50 Configuration: Connected to a incandescent dimmable load with a momentary switch on S1. Dimmer B Master: 288 Slaves: 289, 290, 291, 292 Configuration: Connected to a LED + Bypass dimmable load with a momentary switch on S1. Dimmer C Master: 352 Slaves: 353, 354, 355, 356 Configuration: No load connected. My goal is to control Dimmers A and B using the S1 and S2 switches on Dimmer C. I'm not entirely sure how to set up the associations correctly to achieve this. Could anyone guide me through the process or point me to the relevant documentation? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance! Pablo
  3. Hi, I have been using dimmer 2 for years with old ceiling spotlights. But now I have set up new 5 watt led spotlights from Biltema (https://www.biltema.dk/byggeri/belysning/indendorsbelysning/indbygningsspot/indbygningsspot-led-ip20-2000041100 - only available in DK, S, N, FI). I have one group with 13 lamps that I might want to make dimmable and 7 in another group which must be made dimmable. Another group of 13 lamps is expected soon must also be dimmable. Dimmer 2 does - as far as I understand - not work with less than 50 watts. So I hope the groups with 13 lamps (65w) will work without any trouble? But I have had som trouble with the group with 7 lamps. I think I have torched the dimmer. I am unsure if I torched it before or after I also installed a bypass. I have a new one, but as far as I understand it is important do know if the lamps are resistive, resistive-inductive or resistive-capacitive. I have asked Biltema. They do not know! Does anyone have experience with these lamps from Biltema? Don't I stand a fair chance of torching another dimmer even with a bypass unless I find out what type they are? Thanks,
  4. I tried to find answers to the following questions, but I haven't found a definitive answer. I read that Dimmer 2 can have multiple uses, but I'm interested in normal light dimming. I want to set the brigthness only from the smartphone, but also use normal switches on the wall to turn the light on/off. I also want the dimming value to be to be programmed according to a schedule, and respected when operating the light switch manually. Sorry, I don't know some of the corect terminology and if the following use cases are possible. Can I use Dimmer 2 module with a common on/off switch (the kind that holds the position)? Can I use Dimmer 2 module with a push switch (the kind that that is pushed once and returns back to the initial position with a spring, like at a door bell)? I suppose a second push would have the opposite effect. Can I use Dimmer 2 module with 3 common on/off switches that work together? Specifically, I can turn the lights on from the switch near the door, and then off from either of the two switches on the opposite wall. I this case I need one or three Dimmer 2 modules for the three phisical switches? Can smart light bulbs (think Philips Hue) be used with Fibaro 2 Dimmer / Switch?
  5. Hi, I have been adding my fibaro dimmers to my new fibaro HC3. When I add my Dimmer1s, they show up on the devices table with a Role of "dimmer 2" and in General it shows the Type as "com.fibaro.FGD212" When I add my Dimmer2s they show up as either "Dimmer 2" like above (what I would expect) or some get added with a Role of "Multilevel switch", and in General it shows the Type as "com.fibaro.multilevelSwitch". Why are the Dimmer2 being added as "Multilevel switch"? Does it matter? Am I adding them wrong? The "Multilevel switch" has only 41 parameters the Dimmer2 has 59. What am I missing? Thanks Rut.
  6. Hi All. I want my Walli Dimmer 2 buttons 1 & 2 change the behaviour from default: button 1 switch ON, button 2 switch OFF the light To the following: both buttons switch between the actual ON/OFF state i mean, touching any button it just switches the light Is this possible?
  7. Hi, Im trying to sett up a wakeup light in the kids bedrooms with the downlights and dimmer 2. Is there a solution to this that don't involve me having a doctors degree in LUA coding? I have seen some dawn simulator LUA threads, i just don't have the time and will to use hours to get this working. Also it seems most are used for HC2 (don't know if that mathers) Getting the kids out of bed in this dark time of the year is challenging Any help is appreciated
  8. Hi, I would like to use a Dimmer 2 in detached mode (ie, without a connected load) to control another Dimmer 2 that has a connected load... is this possible? Do I need to have some sort of load connected to the dimmer that I want to use merely as a remote? Thanks, M
  9. Hi, Does anyone have experience building a cabinet with dinrail modules with Fibaro dimmer/relais. I have a project with 4 cabinets and about 25 dimming modules per cabinet. I know about the Din-rail adapters but what is inportant reguarding cabels, cooling, spacing, signals and other stuff ??? Like to hear your thoughts.
  10. Hello, I created following scene that turn off all the lights in my apartment: This scene should be automaticly launched while button 2 is pressed 2 times on Dimmer in Lobby. But it's not launching. It is properly running by mobile app. Does anyone knows what I am doing wrong ? What to check ? Regards.
  11. I have three RGBW controllers, each controlling three mono-chrome LED strips. Control using the app or GUI works fine, both on/off and dimming. For direct physical control, I use switch number 2 on a Fibaro dimmer installed in a wall box behind a double momentary switch. Switch number two on the dimmer is associated with the appropriate output channel on the RGBW controller. The way this is supposed to work, is as follows: When the switch is operated, the information is "shared" through the association, instructing the RGBW to act accordingly. For on/off this works fine. For dimming, however, I am not able to control the RGBW. When I push-and-hold the switch, the LED strip starts to change after a short delay, but then quickly "jumps" to the extreme position (0 or 100%). It seems the z-wave communication between the dimmer switch and the RGBW controller is too slow to handle a dynamic dimming situation. There is no load connected directly to switch number 2 on the dimmer. I have tried to alter the parameters on the RGBW controller, but I have found no setting that allows me to do a controlled dimming of the LED strips by using the switch. Any suggestions? I may add that for one LED strip, I tried a similar setup but with a Fibaro double switch (not a dimmer) as the parent device. This did not work at all, so in this case I use a work-around through a script triggered by the switch actions (push, push-and-hold etc.). But for the ones with a dimmer as the parent device, it seems I am very close to making it work properly and I would like to keep the "association" method if at all possible.
  12. Hi all, I have 5 Philips garden LED lights installed. All connected to a Fibaro dimmer 2 module. According to the Philips manual, these LED lights support dimming. When I initially dimmed the leds in HC2, this worked fine. However, after several hours (20?) the lights stopped working . In HC2 I got a red notification (overcurrent?) and when I opened the led driver (SLT12-700IF) it smelled like burned PCB. I expected that the way light gets dimmed by dimmer 2 differs to the way this is done by a conventional LED dimmer so I disabled dimming in the settings of this particular Dimmer 2. Still I suffer that the lights stop working and I get a notification in HC2. Each time, the led-driver smells like burned PCB and after I have swapped that specific led-driver , the issue is gone for some time. Ugly thing is that I now have already replaced 4 drivers in ~2yrs time and I have no clue what I can do against this. I havent tried another Fibaro module yet nor did I test if the issue is gone when I remove the Fibaro module completely. Does anyone understand why I suffer this issue? Is the SLT12-700IF not compatible with Fibaro, even when used without dimming? Any setting in Dimmer 2 that I can to change to prevent this issue? Regards, Jules
  13. Hi there, I am using Fibaro to automate my house. I have a lot of dimmer2 installed. I'm using OpenHAB for the automation. I would like to receive an event in OpenHAB whenever somebody operates one of the dimmer2s. I checked al of the parameters but could not find a way to do this. Thanks for your help, René
  14. Hi, I have a single switch with a fibaro dimmer 2 that controls two lamps. I would like to change this such that I can control both lamps seperatly. My plan is to change to single switch to a double switch (and connect them as described in the manual). I intent to add a second Fibaro Dimmer 2 in the second lamp. My plan is to configure the system such that one of the switches (s1) in the double switch controls the dimmer 2 that is connected to it (and switches / dims the lamp connected to it), and that the second switch (s2) is just read by the fibaro. This signal is sent to the 2nd fibaro to switch / dim the 2nd lamp. Is there a way to do this? Thanks for your help. René
  15. I am having installation issues. I already have about 7 Fibaro Dimmer 2s ("the appliance") installed, but this one has me stymied. I have 3 wires in this wire box. I tested the wiring with a simple on/off switch and this works as does the bulb. Just a heads up, I do not know what the third wire does but it does seem important. I followed the instructions on page 9. When I returned the power to the appliance, for a split second the light goes on and the Dimmer displays a green light. Immediately after the light goes dark and the appliance goes to a solid red and stays there. I attempted the various calibrations (especially blue, but also red, white, green, violet and yellow). All pause for a bit and return to solid read. The appliance does broadcast and I have integrated it into my Openhab system. In that system I can turn it on, but at whatever percent, it jumps to 6% only or turns off. I have attempted to changes the wires but the appliance is dark in all other configurations. I can get the light on by placing a wire connecting Sx to N (keeping the rest of the configuration the same), but the appliance stays dark. I also have another unused appliance and I attempted to attach it in place of this one, with the same issue, so it is something with the configuration. Any ideas?
  16. I have three rooms with a Dimmer 2 in each. The dimmers are activated from motion detectors in each room. While cleaning I'd like to have the lights at full output and I have set parameter 19 to 90%. When activating the toggle switch the lights will go to 90% but when the motion sensor see a motion it will activate the scene dimming the lights to 8%. Is it possible to make S1 override all scenes as long as it is on? At the moment I turn the motion sensors towards the wall so they aren't activated but that is no sophisticated solution!
  17. Hello everyone. I am really considering to move on fibaro eco system but i have some thinks i want to resolve first. For start i have to say that my configuration until now in my home was mainly at Apple Homekit eco system and Hue lights. I thought to move on fibaro system only because it combines as the advertisment say everything at least the hue that matters for me. SO i went and buy a HC lite to start building my system with my Hue lights, for the first hour i was trying to set my hue lights as Lights on fibaro app but that wasn't possible because as i figure out the compatibility they say it has it's only as devices and not as lights. And because all the above i don't want to go out and buy 7 dimmers and a couple of switches i need and then figure out that it's not compatible with my lights. The tricky part is that i have my main led strip that is about 25meters and another two lights source about 10 meters that i want to control via fibaro. As you can see in the pictures i know use Dimmers from Vimar to control my lights but i am going to replace them with vimar simple switch so i can make thinks less complicated. My question is there possible to use fibaro dimmer two dim that kind of lighting ?? Thanks in first place !
  18. HI, I intend to buy a Fibaro Dimmer 2 and use it for my bedroom ceiling light. I want to setup a wake-up light, i.e. that every morning Monday to Friday it will at 06:00 start to slowly dim up the lighting in the room from 0% to 100% in like 15 min or so... I cannot really tell from reading manuals if this is possible... So is it? :) Best regars, Kronos
  19. I have one Dimmer 2 in a 2 wire connection. The load is 6 x 12v halogen spots, 35 watt. The load should not be to much as far as I can see, but I get Power Surge error all the time. The transformer is a standard transistor type. I have tested the following without any luck: 1. Adjusted max and min parameter 1 and 2 to minimum 20 and max 70% 2. Forced several autosync #13 3. Then manually forced the dimmer by parameter #30 to Trailing Edge mode, and tested leading edge as well, no changes 4. Even tried to change L and N to the "wrong" position just to verify 5. Fully reset the device Firmware is the latest, I think it's V3.5. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thomas
  20. Mam do Was wielką prośbę. Otóż. Niby proste sceny: 1. Jeżeli wykryjesz ruch i oświetlenie < xx lux alarm nieuzbrojony to zapal światło (i nie gaś) 2. Jeżeli światło włączone i nie ma ruchu przez 10 sek to zgaś światło W obu scenach wyzwalaczem jest czujnik ruchu. Wywala mi cały czas, że przekroczona liczba instancji .Dodatkowo potrafi powiesić centralkę (raz na jakiś czas). Poza tym mam lag na włączeniu. W motion sensor mam następujące paramerty Parametr 2 Detekcja ruchu - czas bezwładności - obecnie mam domyślny 2 Parametr 6 Detekcja ruchu - czas podtrzymania alarmu obecnie mam 5s W scenie zadałem wyłączenie oświetlenia 10s po zaprzestaniu ruchu Proszę wskażcie gdzie mam błąd. Jakie wartości powinienem wpisać w parametrach 2 i 6 w MS? Coś jeszcze powinienem ustawić? Męczę się tym dobry tydzień. Niestety na tą chwilę wymiana na HC2 odpada :( Sceny w załączeniu
  21. I am eager to understand the function of the different "Devices" showing up on my HC2 when installing a Fibaro Switch2 or Dimmer2: A Fibaro Switch 2 will show up in the HC2 as Master + 4 devices. From previous helpful answers I have accepted the Master as merely a "shell". I also see that one of the slave devices is named "Remote", so I assume this is to be used for direct association to a remote of some sort. But why do I see three switches and not just two for each of the S2 and S2 terminals? One of the three seems to be directly controlling one (and just one) of the remaining two. But not the other way round. Switching A will switch B, but not C. And B will not switch A. I´ve tried to figure out the purpose of this arrangement, but ran out of ideas. Any insight into this question will be appreciated! The manual did not provide any help.
  22. When i installed a dimmer2 and connected it to mij hc2 it created a set of devices. One is de dimmer to put on of or control light power One is a remote switch. How can i use this? I see 4 numbered events where i can activate scenes. The manual is verry verry basic and does not tell the full operation and nothing about programming on hc2. What i understand is: push puls switch once: lights on to previus power strength push puls switch again once: lights out Pusch puls switch two times : lights to maximum How can ik regulate light strength with the puls switch? Or is this not posible? Then programming. Can i read puls switch events to scenes? Is this done bij de remote switch device? What is event 12,13,14 and 16? Can ik opperate de dimmer bij programming and ignore puls switch actions ( i want to use the puls switch actions in custom scenes). A lot of questions. I hope there will be some answers. Thanks for that.
  23. Droga społeczności, Pytanie nowicjusza: Mam taką instalację: dwie lampy z żarówkami LED (IKEA http://www.ikea.com/pl/pl/catalog/products/10371203/). Sterowane są z przełącznika w którym mam jeden przewód L (wjeście) i dwa przewody wyjściowe (COM1 i COM2). Chciałbym te lampy dodać do systemu - ale zastanawiam się jak i czym. Bo z tego co czytam to bez dostępu do kabla Neutrall mogę to zrobić tylko przy użyciu DIMMER2 - z tym że ten ma tylko jedno wyjście - nawet jeśli by je połączyć to powstaje kwestia zainstalowania bypassa (na jednej na obu?). Taki rysunek poglądowy... Z góry dziękuję Bartek
  24. Hello all, Situation I've been rebuilding my house and i have this room in which i have a philps hue light in the centre of my ceiling. This can be controlled by my homecentre 2, which tells the hue bridge what to do. Some spots are also mounted in the ceiling, they are LED and dimmable and they can be operated by a dimmer2 (tested) On the wall there are LED lights, this ones are not dimmable. Also on the wall there is a double switch. What i want When using switch A -> spots and wall lights ON/OFF (spots back to the last intensity of light) When using switch B -> philips hue light ON/OFF (back to the last intensity/color) i've tried I tried wiring the dimmer 2 on the ports S1 and S2 and i have the feeling i will get the spors and the philips hue working. I wanted to put the wall lighting between the switch A and the S1 port to use this loop to power these spots (so control them by the "old-way" circuit) I dont dare to divert to far from the existing schema's that are provided. What i need What would be a good electric schema for my lights and switches Can i use my dimmer2 or do i need additional hardware?
  25. Hello, i'v installed a dimmer2 (FGC-212) with a 2-wire connection to a regular 60W incandescent light bulb with a toggle switch. I can control the dim level using the app BUT if i swipe it to more then approximately 80% , then the light goes off. In the dimmer advance settings, i'v selected the "toggle" option. I have also get this error message in the notification area "Caution! Mains voltage drop detected" In addition, i have some questions that i hope you can answer : 1. Can you set the toggle switch of the dimmer to off / dim max when using the switch? means that i could dim the light only from the app. 2. Can i use the dimmer on a non-dimable LED just for on/off the light (since i have a room that i can not get N wire to there). 3. Is there any way to control TV ( i saw an LG plugin but i'm not sure how to enable it) 4. Can i connect a roller shutter + light to one roller shutter sensor (i guess not, but maybe you will surprise me). Thanks !!
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