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  1. what is wake up interval? and what is the best value of it? i have fibaro motion sensor and it is not response because it is waiting for wakeup and also i cant modify the wakeup interval
  2. Hi, Does anyone have any idea how to connect the relay switch or dimmer2 according this schematic. https://www.dropbox.com/s/itls19qlcttyp0u/schemat-krzyzowy.jpg?dl=0 On last wall switch i do have a N and L wire to supply the power to the switch. Regards
  3. Hi everyone I want to start a complaint about the Qubino flush relay's still not supported by Fibaro. Still templates are not available for these modules. I do not know why Fibaro still are not supporting these modules but to my opninion they should starting supporting these by now. Especially keeping in mind all other brands are supported much better. I did sent templates to Fibaro several times. A lot of customer have these units, probably because they support energy metering. So Fibaro, what's goinig on here? Please reply so we have as many as qustumers possible to put some pressure in Fibaro!
  4. Just chance upon a z-wave compatibility guide which I believe many forumers have been looking for. http://www.vesternet.com/compatibility/z-wave-compatibility-guide
  5. Witajcie, chcę do swojej centralki podłączyć dodatkowe switche 2x1,5k. Poza standardowymi Fibaro są dostępne również switche Qubino. Za qubino przemawia: - pomiar zużycia prądu - możliwość podłączenia czujnika temperatury Dallas - cena (jakieś 10% tańsze) Czy nie będzie problemu z integracją tego z Fibaro, wykrywalnością czujnika temperatury, ikonkami, dostępnością ustawień itp.? Czy lepiej darować sobie i kupić oryginalne switche Fibaro? Najbardziej obawiam się, że ew. brak wsparcia mógłby kiedyś dać mi się we znaki przy jakimś kolejnym update HC2. Doradźcie proszę
  6. To everyone who currently has Fibaro HC 2 i just have a few questions: Are you happy with the product? What issues do you have with it? Do you get any lags or whereby scenes or devices do not respond to commands? We are currently building a new house and got a quote of 120K (in South African Rand, which in USD works out to around $12000) for the following products: Description Quantity FIBARO Relay Insert 2 * 1.5 KW 90 FIBARO Relay Insert 1 * 2.5 KW 31 FIBARO Motion Sensor 10 FIBARO Flood Sensor 2 FIBARO Smoke detector 3 iTach Flex WiFi 6 iTach Flex Link 6 Blaster Cable 6 FIBARO Door- and Window Sensor 10 FIBARO Z-Wave Home Center 2 1 Before spending that much I want some real reviews of the product and real life experiences. In my country (SA) there is very little support and nowhere I can go to view the products. Appreciate all feedback Thanks
  7. Is there a way to increase the range of a Fibaro door sensor? Other z-wave (non-battery) devices re-transmit signals, but not battery operated devices? I'd like to monitor my garage door, but it's too far away.
  8. Can we use Fibaro Products in India? I see from the Home Center 2 product manual (http://materialy.fibaro.com/karty%20produktow/ProductsCards.pdf) that supported Z-Wave radio frequencies are 868,4 MHz EU; 908,4 MHz US; 921,4 MHz ANZ; 869,2 MHz RU; 915 - 917 MHz IL. For India the Z-Wave Frequency coverage seems to be 865.2 MHz (http://z-wave.sigmadesigns.com/docs/Z-Wave_Frequency_Coverage.pdf). Is it legal to use Fibaro products in India?
  9. Hello, I've got many roller shutter 2 modules mounted and they work fine (except the calibration problem I wrote about in another post). They are all mounted on the right side. One of them however in mounted on the left side (I've split the balcony blinds in 2 parts) and it seems that the Fibaro module interprets its open/close status so it tells it's closed when it's opened and viceversa. Didn't see any parameter in the manual, is there something I can do about it? Thanks, Dem
  10. Hello, the electriciang that is coming next week just told me that the corridor light system is called "intermediate lighting" (basically I can turn it on and off my 3 different points), can that still works if I put 3 relay modules? Thanks, Dem
  11. Any idea why my Fibaro PIR is reporting it to be -17.78c when the room next door has Fibaro PIR showing it to be 20.80c????? I am still running 4.048 still but as there are no fixes in 4.049 that would benefit me, I am not going to upgrade.. Could this be sign that the battery is dying or something else. The Lux level seems to be right so not sure why temp is wrong??
  12. Have you ever experience to use iBeacon with HC2 or HCL ? Or any suggestions how to use with Fibaro ? Thanks in advace.
  13. Hello! I'm new here and I am just building my smart home. I want to install air conditioning in my flat, and here comes the question - can you recomend me any ac system interactiong with Fibaro? How ac unit is connected to Fibaro? Thank you very much for your answers!
  14. Dear, I'd like to know if Fibaro works with Lutron. If yes, what kind of Fibaro's component I need to buy? Many thanks, Yukio.
  15. Hi there, I've been using Home Automation for a few years now; and I'm really looking for some advice. I've gone through X10 and HomeSeer (hard work to set up / maintain, UI stuck in the 80s) and currently own a Vera 3 with Z-Wave, Hue and Sonos plus a few other bits. Vera's UI is ugly and also rather slow. The final straw was a recent S/W upgrade that broke the integration with my Visonic PowerMax alarm panel. I am really considering a wholesale switch to Fibaro & HC2, but I've been browsing the forums for an age now and can't really get a sense of what's compatible with what. I would like to switch to HC2. 1) With a UPS, can it reasonably be used as a standalone alarm panel, that you can arm/disarm from the web or phone UI, using only Z-Wave sensors? I could then buy a load of matched Fibaro sensors, which seems like the best / most compatible solution? 2) If a physical alarm panel would be better, which ones are recommended by the community that use wireless sensors, where the sensors are also available to HC2 to use as scene triggers etc.? The main constraint is that any solution needs to be available for sale in the UK and work on European frequencies. The alarm integration should also ideally be officially / natively supported. I'd like to control InfraRed devices in a couple of rooms - not sure what to use to send the IR commands? Needs to be a wireless IP device. Currently use iTach Flex and Roomie. I would also like it to work as easily as possible with Philips Hue, Sonos and Foscam FI9826W IP Cameras. Purchase timeframe is within the next couple of weeks. I have scoured all the forums for a simple list of devices, panels etc. that are fully compatible with HC2 but no luck. Hopefully one of you experts will be kind enough to offer some thoughts - many thanks!
  16. Hi everybody! I would like to get some help from you, experienced guys in Fibaro and home automation systems. I will start with Fibaro project in my house, but in some aspects I can't find solution even after one week of googleing. If anyone here has will to help I will be thankful for that. My problems 1. How I can install 10 IP cameras and connect them on Fibaro HC Lite or HC2, without any issues? Also if you have something to recommend (camera) for night and day vision with good picture quality say so. 2. How can I attach any TV or radio on my Fibaro HC Lite or HC2 without making virtual devices and implementing LUA codes etc.? Is there any other more simple way? I still don't know which kind of TV I'm going to get, but I wouldn't like to be limited in choosing them because of Fibaro. 3. How I can make, that my coffee machine makes me a coffee through Fibaro if it has a lot of functionalities and it is impossible to setup how strong coffee I want or what amount of coffee do I want etc. The only way to do so is just to preset and prepare coffee machine and to turn it off or on when I press some virtual button on my mobile phone. But it can be tricky. 4. How I can run my AC unit and setup its temperature set point through Fibaro? Same story was told for TV, I don't want to use only some of the AC's I want to know some universal solution for all types. Relay module, dimmer, roller shutters, door/window sensors, flood sensors, thermostats etc. are pretty much understandable to me, so with lights, blinds, windows, heating I do not have any particular problems, but with above mentioned....well, yes, I do have Any assistance will be appreciated! Thanks to everyone and if I missed sub-forum, moderators please react Kind regards!
  17. Dear Fibaro Users, We are pleased to announce the launch of our new platform, which goes live today at developer.fibaro.com You’ll find everything you’re looking for as a developer in a few easy clicks. This platform features by now: FGHC Rest API - Documentation of API for Fibaro Home Center, containing functions description FGHC LUA API - LUA functions description, used for creating advanced scenes and plugins Plugin's creating manual - now you can create and install your own plugins to extend Fibaro Home Center functionality Fibaro Developer platform will be still developed. By visiting our new website, you will notice links to materials being prepared right now and soon, you'll find further content there. Visit us at developer.fibaro.com !
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