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  1. OversætDeaktiver øjeblikkelig oversættelse The HC2 does not restart automatically after a power outage. Restart can only be activated by pressing the reset button on the back of HC2. Fibaro please fix the issues.
  2. Hi guys. What Satel products work with HC2? Is there an official guide somewhere? I have searched and found nothing i can use. And - how does it work in everyday life? Can you turn on/off the alarm from inside Fibaro? Im looking to buy a new alarm system and i want it integrated with Fibaro. Thanks!
  3. Hi All, I have Fibaro HC2 controller. All fibaro devices are working well with this controller but i am facing problem with other z-wave supported device in HC2. 1. I add a device (Aeotech siren Gen 5) in HC2, Device added successfully and received all it's parameters but When i go to the Advance tab of it, parameters are in undefined mode. i can't able to set it's parameters to control device features. (Image is attached) 2. I add a device (Vitrum Curtain control Wireless Switch) in HC2, Device added successfully but i couldn't found this device parameters nor it's template in HC2 browser interface. There is a notification that this device has no template please download and send query to Fibaro Support center. I tried but received a mail daemon error in email response. (Image is attached). Please help me if you have faced this problem as i have to complete my task of home automation. Thanks in advance.
  4. I've got the IDLock working normally for some time, then decided to install the Z-Wave module to integrate it to my HC2. The device is recognized, but there's no template, and limited functionality should be expected. However, the lock doesn't respond at all to any attempt to lock or unlock. Any ideas? And Hopefully Fibaro will provide a template for this module some time soon. Thomas
  5. Hi! I recently changed my router (it was not working) connected to HC2. After that it just doesnt reflect on Fibaro Finder or Advance IP Scanner. All the other devices on the network wireless or wired are reflecting on the systems except for the HC2. Router is kept on the same gateway so as all the other devices, but the HC2 cannot be viewed on the browser. If i Plug my old router back and hard wire my HC2 it does open back there. But on the new Router it just doesnt work. Best, Kunal
  6. I have : - wall switches and dimmers from TKB HOME. They are TZ65D and TZ 66D. - sockets switches and sockets dimmers from TKB HOME. They are TZ67F and TZ69F. All of them are connected to HC2 with software 4.100 but I observed my problem with earlier software versions as well. If I operate my switches/dimmers from HC2 they are working OK and the HC2 reflects the state of the devices. If I operate my switches manually they are working OK but most of the cases they do no report the current state to HC2. Eg . If I manually switch ON the light, the light is switched ON but HC2 shows it is OFF. That gives me problem with some scenes which should be triggered regarding if the certain light is on or off. I tried to reconfigure z-wave mesh network for some devices but it did not help. Any hint / idea on this ... What is your experience of using TKB Home devices with FIBARO HC2 ?
  7. When you have multiple HCLs as a slave and HC2 as a master for covering whole project, it's needed to import some devices. Sometimes imported devices in HC2 has a different value, from those in HCL. Please Fibaro, can you make additional command to REST API that represent button "Synchonize" located in "Gateway connections". It's realy pain, to make virtual device for such synchonization.
  8. Hello Fibaro. Just another issue which I wanted to ask for: So far it is not possible to get an overview of the system state including central logging of scene/VD output. If I want to know whether a scene is running or not, I have to go into the scene to check output. Very annoying with many scenes and not really comfortable. Same is with output (debug messages, messages) from scenes. I have to go through all scenes to check the outputs. I would like to have one place where all such internal states are displayed. One Dashboard where I can see which scene/VD is actually running, which not. Where I have the outputs of all scenes in chronological order with an automated mechanism to identify the individual scene messages - i.e. "timestamp - scene name - message". I think it would make the HC2 much more comfortable to handle. User can see with a glance if there are problems with a scene or can get an quick overview if system is working normal. In addition it would be good to have certain states presented there as well. Like whether the HC2 is in armed or disarmed mode, last breach, last alarm etc. Actually I am trying to build that myself out of the REST API with some python scripts but I think it would be great to have this provided as a Fibaro feature. The actual functions for this are too scattered between screens. Like there is already one central event page but I think in the acutal form with all the small symbols and text and sorting it is not very "readable" and it is not including the scene messages. I see which motion sensor was breached but only in the devices view where I not have any chronological sorting. I just see all the motion sensors and have to find out myself, which one was breached when. Would be happy if others jump in or present their ideas or solutions for this. Regards.
  9. Hi guys! I have problem with Login to android tablet application. It says that hc2 cannot be find ! But, in adding, all the IP and others are okey. I thas been checked with fibaro finder. After trying new user, It connects but after 3 times closing the app, It wont work again. Where is the problem ? thanks in advance
  10. Hi after trawling through a few sites and you tube videos i managed to get Amazon Echo to work with HC2. so i decided to write a small-ish tutorial to make life easier for anyone else that wants to do the same. Download the instructions from http://www.yorkshireautomation.co.uk/echo i have put the Raspberry Pi image file and a pdf of instructions there and it takes about 20-30mins and you are up and running..... Video Below: Thanks all and Enjoy!!!!
  11. I brought HC2 last year in December. Because of my work I had just little bit more than four months to play with it in all this time. HC2 came with 4.056 firmware and as soon as I took it out of the box and connected to it, it was offering upgrade to 4.070 so I did it. Despite some problems, system was growing pretty fast, but programming was (and still is) quite challenging. Thanks to many members of this forum on their work and help that I manage to do something useful. I use jompa68's Alarm Clock, and Boomx's script to collect data for Netatmo wind and rain gauges. I also use cag014 solution for devices and scenes ID to be stored in global variable, and krikroff's Sonos remote and many many other solution given here by members petergebruers, chaicka and many others. Thank you, thank all of you for all good ideas, solutions, code and help! So, here it is in one picture, and it wouldn't be possible without your help on this forum. It is now on 4.100 with 72 modules included and the rest is in my signature I promised some members here that I will share what I have done and I will keep my promise, but just not yet. I have to go to my work again and I have to leave my "Angelina" to wait for me to come home to clear some bugs in code that I made and to give her more abilities. Luckily for me my wife is very supportive so I get list of her wishes and improvements that I can make every time when I came home. Thank you all and see you soon! Here is updated layout of my Angelina on 28th March 2017: To see it in all it's beauty click on picture, then on "Full size" in lower left corner.
  12. Hi all, I am looking to build out my understanding of the HC2 Rest API. Specifically its capacity to execute a lot of calls (as opposed to what functions are available) and what else leverages the API and battles for capacity. I have two reasons for posting the topic - (a) I may be having an issue and am trying to debug and (b) increasing my systems knowledge. My understand is that the API is used the following... If an http request is made to the HC2 from an external system If a http request is made from a browser to the HC2 .. but is it used for ... The android app I run on my tablets/phones ( yes ? ) The iOS app running on some ipads/phones ( yes ? ) If the HC2 scene makes a http request to an external system ( assume no ? ) Does the HC2 FW itself leverage the API in anyway ( assume not ?) If a scene executes a http request to localhost / (assume yes ?) .. what else uses it ? now if I send a lot of API calls.. What would people expect to be a resonable number before thresholds are hit (100 per second, 400 per second, 1000 per second ?) ----- assuming the are basic calls, (ie return a sensor state, true-false, return, global variable value,etc What starts to happen to system resources ? ---- Do I start to run out of memory ----- Do I see my CPU utilisation start to peak close to 100% ------ or does the system stay stable and the eveything start to slow down ? Thanks Frank
  13. Hello, I do not know if somebody posted it here. Fibaro, can you add label from virtual device to a condition into block scenes? It could save us many trouble with compare some desired values with label in VDs. I know, i can make it into Global variables, but they are unreliable (mine opinion only), because i think parameter "invokeScenes" is set to false by default. Many times happened to me that scene did not run, even if Global variable had desired value.
  14. Hi, I have 3 FGD212 Dimmers (with Bypass 2) which, from time to time, are turning off the light for no clear reason (no scene to trigger this) and after a couple of minutes turn on back the lights. All three of them are doing this, but not at the same time and not with same frequency. All of them are working with calibrate settings and all were updated from 3.3 to 3.4 firmware. On a couple of cases I noticed some messages related to voltage in log box (between HC2 logo and weather panel), but disappeared quickly. All of them are in the main electrical circuit, so I think that if indeed was a voltage problem all three should turn off at exactly the same time - but this does not happen.. My HC2 have 4.090 firmware. There is an API or something to see historical messages from that log box? Can somebody give me a hint what to look for next? How can I make them stop turning off and on by themselves... Thanks, Andrei
  15. Hi there, I just started to explore LUA. Last week i bought a NoDon WallSwitch (4 buttons, 4 functions per button: SinglePress, DoublePress, Hold, Release). I needed to program it to start separate scenes (this was the easy part) and also be able to use the Hold/Release option to set 2 dimmers separately to a specific level. I could not find any samples, so i decided to write my own (actually by first own LUA script). Please have a look (reuse it for your own is much appreciated). Any comments or feedback is appreciated. --[[ %% properties 166 sceneActivation %% globals --]] -- Change the value below to match the ID of the wall switch of your choice local WallSwitch = 166 -- NOTE : Change the value also in the header to match the ID of the wallswitch -- LUA code for NoDON WallSwitch (4 buttons, 4 triggers each : SinlgePress, DoublePress, HoldPress, HoldRelease) -- Hans Somers , v0.6 , 14AUG2016 -- v0.1 Button 1,2,3,4 are programmed to start a separate scene with Single or Double press -- v0.3 Button 2 and 4 are programmed for PressHold to set a dimmer to desired level -- Button layout (this is for NoDon Wall Switch) -- Button SP DP HP HR -- Button 1 10 13 12 11 -- Button 2 20 23 22 21 -- Button 3 30 33 32 31 -- Button 4 40 43 42 41 local ButtonPressed = tonumber(fibaro:getValue(WallSwitch, 'sceneActivation')) -- Declare button values (change this for other switches) local Button1_SP = 10 local Button1_DP = 13 local Button1_HP = 12 local Button1_HR = 11 local Button2_SP = 20 local Button2_DP = 23 local Button2_HP = 22 local Button2_HR = 21 local Button3_SP = 30 local Button3_DP = 33 local Button3_HP = 32 local Button3_HR = 31 local Button4_SP = 40 local Button4_DP = 43 local Button4_HP = 42 local Button4_HR = 41 -- Scene IDs for scenes to trigger with Single Press or Double Press local SC_Scene01 = 9 local SC_Scene02 = 10 local SC_Scene03 = 17 local SC_Scene04 = 19 local SC_Scene05 = 12 local SC_Scene06 = 11 local SC_Scene07 = 20 local SC_Scene08 = 21 -- Dimmer 1 to be set using HoldPress, change this to your Dimmer device local ID_Dimmer01 = 157 -- Start level for dimmer 1 local LV_Dimmer01 = 0 -- Increment value for dimmer 1 local IN_Dimmer01 = 5 -- Max value for dimmer 1 local MX_Dimmer01 = 100 -- Dimmer 2 to be set using HoldPress, change this to your Dimmer device local ID_Dimmer02 = 161 -- Start level for dimmer local LV_Dimmer02 = 0 -- Increment value for dimmer local IN_Dimmer02 = 5 -- Max value for dimmer local MX_Dimmer02 = 100 if ButtonPressed == Button1_SP then -- Start scene for Single Press Button 1 fibaro:startScene(SC_Scene01) elseif ButtonPressed == Button1_DP then -- Start scene for Double Press Button 1 fibaro:startScene(SC_Scene02) elseif ButtonPressed == Button2_SP then -- Start scene for Single Press Button 2 fibaro:startScene(SC_Scene03) elseif ButtonPressed == Button2_HP then -- Press and Hold Button 2 to set the Dimmer level -- Turn Lamp on at current dimm level fibaro:call(ID_Dimmer01,'turnOn') while ButtonPressed == Button2_HP do -- if Max level reached reset to 0 if LV_Dimmer01 >= MX_Dimmer01 then LV_Dimmer01 = 0 end -- Set lamp to desired level fibaro:call(ID_Dimmer01,'setValue',LV_Dimmer01) -- Increase LampLevel with IN_Dimmer01 % LV_Dimmer01 = LV_Dimmer01 + IN_Dimmer01 -- wait 0,5 sec fibaro:sleep(300) -- Check again for Button Pressed ButtonPressed = tonumber(fibaro:getValue(WallSwitch, 'sceneActivation')) end elseif ButtonPressed == Button2_HR then -- Do Nothing elseif ButtonPressed == Button2_DP then -- Start scene for Double Press Button 2 fibaro:startScene(SC_Scene04) elseif ButtonPressed == Button3_SP then -- Start scene for Single Press Button 3 fibaro:startScene(SC_Scene05) elseif ButtonPressed == Button3_DP then -- Start scene for Double Press Button 3 fibaro:startScene(SC_Scene06) elseif ButtonPressed == Button4_SP then -- Start scene for Single Press Button 4 fibaro:startScene(SC_Scene07) elseif ButtonPressed == Button4_HP then -- Section for Press and hold Button 4 to set dimmer to specified level by holding the button -- Turn Lamp on fibaro:call(ID_Dimmer02,'turnOn') while ButtonPressed == Button4_HP do -- if Max level reached reset to 0 if LV_Dimmer02 == MX_Dimmer02 then LV_Dimmer02 = 0 end -- Set lamp to desired level fibaro:call(ID_Dimmer02,'setValue',LV_Dimmer02) -- Increase LampLevel with IN_Dimmer01 % LV_Dimmer02 = LV_Dimmer02 + IN_Dimmer02 -- wait 0,5 sec fibaro:sleep(300) ButtonPressed = tonumber(fibaro:getValue(WallSwitch, 'sceneActivation')) end elseif ButtonPressed == Button4_HR then -- Do Nothing elseif ButtonPressed == Button4_DP then -- Start scene for Double Press Button 4 fibaro:startScene(SC_Scene08) else fibaro:debug('Error, unknown button pressed:' .. ButtonPressed) if ShowDebug == 1 then fibaro:debug(ButtonPressed) end end
  16. Hello out there I have got a HCL with a lot of devices (about 60) and now I want to turn the System to HC2. Is it possible to easy migrate all devices to the new System? Without a complete re-inclusion? I do not want to pull every socket and every power-/ blind-switch out of the walls to exclude und new include them. The scenes are not that important, I could write them complete new on the new HC. Important for me is not to open all sockets and switches and also to do the tricky inclusion of the window-sensors. Hope there is a way for it... Thanks to everybody who could help or give me a hit!
  17. Morning all. Having issues trying to re-include a TKB TZ68E to my HC2. I wiped the HC2 without removing any devices first and started the upgrade process from 1.038 to the latest version 4.090. I have now setup my rooms, and almost all of my devices but are having massive issues including these wall plugs. I have 4 of them and none of them will include at all. I have tried the triple clicking of the only button on the front of the plug but just will not include. I have tried holding the button down for 10, 15, 20 seconds and still nothing. Tried plugging it in with the button held down and nothing. :_-( When they were first included to my HC2, is was as simple as putting the HC2 in inclusion mode and turing on the power to the plug and it was included. As this is still thinking it is included to another device (my old HC2 version), it will not include this way. I have been to the TKBHOME website and the instructions are rubbish. Just tells me to "INCUDE" it, GREAT! Any help on this would be massively helpful. Thanks, Hallamnet
  18. Hi, i can create a virtual devices for set the value temperature in panels? thanks.
  19. Hello everyone! I'm trying to figure out a good block scene to help elder people in their bedroom, during night (e.g.: Wake up to go to the bathroom at night). I'm using motion sensor + dimmer modules + door sensor. My concern: not trigger the scene with motion sensor while he/she is moving in bed during sleep time, but only when he/she stands up to go to the bathroom. Any tips?
  20. I know the HC2 can include gen5 devices, since they themselves are downwards compatible. But can the HC2 itself act as Z-Wave Plus controller and thereby use all new functions introduced with Z-Wave Plus? Will that be possible with a firmware update for the Z-Wave RF module, that's integrated into the HC2?
  21. Hello. I installed a UPS in my house wich is monitored and controlled by a Raspberry Pi. Is there a posibillity to shutdown the HC2 with an API command via HTTP from a Rasperry PI? There will be a power down for about 3 hours next week in my small town, my UPS can keep up the power for about 35 minutes. So I'll try to shutdown the Rasperries and the HC2 if the load of the UPS is smaller the 5%. I would be happy if there is some solution out there [EDIT] I forgot to tell that the Firmware fo my HC2 is 4.056. [/EDIT]
  22. Hi Folks, Looking for some opinions as to whether people think it is a good (or bad) idea to reboot the HC2 each night or each week Thanks -F
  23. Hi @ll. Since there were some discussion going on in the FW 4.082 thread, I thought we should make that issue more prominent by a new topic. Since we rely more and more on the HC2 to manage our homes, a proper backup solution for the HC2 is needed urgently as well. No one can send HC2 away for days or weeks. There should be a way to fulfill security issues on one hand and user requirements on the other in one solution. Maybe some Statement of Needs to start with: - system should create a secured(/encrypted) backup of all HC 2 data (secured with internal Fibaro signature/key) - user should be able to input a key phrase for securing backup file (key phrase AND Fibaro signature secure backup file) - backup file should be stored outside HC2 - user should be able to define place to store backup file (network, PC harddisk, USB stick) - backup file should be restorable on new HC2 gateway <- most important! Fibaro could use signatures to secure backup file, new HC2 hardware have same signature inside so is able to read backup file from other hardware + user has to enter key phrase to make a certain backup file usable. By that mechanism I think we should be able to secure the backup file enough. File could not be used on different HW (Fibaro's internal key is missing) and cannot be used by any user on any HC2 (because initial user's key phrase is missing) Of course there is also the problem with Z-Wave security to be solved by which (if I got that right) all devices are bound to one gateway during inclusion. So a new HC2 HW would actually bring a new Z-Wave "key". But maybe we can have a function to read out Z-Wave key to input that one in a new HC2 hardware. Hope you can consider this solution. Thanks a lot. And thanks a lot for optimizing this forum as well. Seems to me in the last days were a couple of very positive changes here! Please go on like this! Regards to all.
  24. Hi there I've connected HC2 to internet and I've monitored the internet data usage of ADSL. Even when no devices connected to internet, HC2 uses 9mb per hour. It is 3GB per month ! I think it is too much. How should I do to reduction ? Thanks
  25. HI, I am implementing an OpenRemote interface and may have come across an issue. All sensors in OR poll constantly according to what has been has been configured A sensor in OR is a way to read back the status of any device. The polling rate for a switch needs to be 1 second so you can see the status has changed when it is clicked. This creates a possible problem Multiply x 100 devices and you get a lot of API calls just to keep OR functional. I have noticed an increasing use of memory since I started implementing OR This surfaces two issues in my mind Do we know how many API calls (per second, per minute) that the HC can hanndle If I am close to the threshold or prove that it is becomming an issue, would a slave HCl alleviate this stress ? Thanks Frank
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