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  1. Hello all, I just updated to the last HC2 firmware (4.032) and still have the same difficulties with my smoke sensor : The Fibaro Marketing announce this on the official page : (A nice graph of smoke with green to red colors). But when I look in my own HC2, there is nothing like that. I get only the Temperature from the sensor. (No smoke at all, even we tried today to put the sensor in real smoke) So, Fibaro team, when i had an HCL, you said i should consider an HC2 because it has this feature. Now I ve an HC2, with the lastest firmware, it still an unavaillable fonctionnality (like many others) Please provide a way to get THE SAME screen that your marketing announce. Regards,
  2. Hi there I have the TKB TZ88E power socket and having reconfigured this on HC2 4.042, it has appeared with 4 devices. In ver 3, it was just one device. Since the split into 4, I get the switch control on the first device and the power reading on the second. What is the reading in the middle of the second device.. is it the current power input?? I would assume it is.. it does keep fluctuating around 240.
  3. Hello! Last night i tried to upgrade my system to 4.048 but I guess something went wrong. L After the upgrade instead of rebooting all leds where lit up and stayed that way. After about 20 mins I disconnected the power supply and reconnected it. HC2 began to boot up normally but when all leds where lit up they stayed that way for a while, then all leds turned off and nothing else happened. This still occurs when I try to start it normally. I then tried to access it in recovery mode: the leds start flashing from left to right until all leds are lit up, they stay lit up a short while and then turns off. Then power turns on and after a short while powerled and the two closed to it and the recover led is lit up. It stays that way but I can’t connect to the server. I figured maybe I pressed the recover led to long so it booted up with static ip so I tried to connect it to 3 different pc:s om which I changed network settings to: ställer pc på submask def gateway: HC2 begins to boot up normally but when all leds where lit up the led furtherst to the left is lit for a while, then all leds turned off and nothing else happened. This still occurs when I try to start it normally. Still connected to the pc I then tried to connect in recovery mode but that does not work either. This time when I boot hc2 up its starts normally by flashing leds from left to right and ends with all lit up a short while. Thereafter power and recovery leds are lit up. I still can’t connect to the server by entering in the webbrowser and does not respond to ping. I would really be grateful for any hints on how to fix this
  4. I'm a new HC2 user and having some trouble getting scenes to work. Can someone take a look at the attached image and provide some feedback? Thanks in advance for your help. It seems like the IF/THEN logic of scenes is completely broken. Time-based scenes don't run when the "IF" condition is TRUE. Then, when I manually "RUN" a scene, it runs even if the "IF" condition is FALSE. What the heck am I doing wrong?? Scene.tiff
  5. Hi I hav just added my second Qubino Dimmer, but it turns up as a thermostat. I have removed and added it back, but with the same result. Both my Qubino dimmer have FW 1.12. The only thing I can think of is that my HC2 had 4.035 when I added the first dimmer and 4.037 now. Any ideas on what to do?
  6. Hi All, did someone know how install downloaded template into hc2 gateway? In brief, after i've added the aeno labs siren gen5, hc2 show a warning alert regarding the siren, the message say that this device is not well configured because, doesn't have a template associated, and link me to download it from directly. After i've downloaded it, it is saved locally on my pc as zip file containing an xml file, maybe the template. But the last miles is miss. How it's possible to install it, in order to configure the Siren? Any helps is appreciated. ng--
  7. I have a number of smoke sensors, one in particular that is about 6 feet from the HC2 beeps intermittently. The HC2 is not reporting a low battery so I can only assume its Z-Wave connectivity issue. The smoke sensor is not marked as dead nor are there any Z Wave issues in diagnostics. When will the HC2 log that this is an issue in the event log. If nobody is there to hear the beep, how are you ever meant to know there is an issue ?
  8. Witam, Mam problem z centralka HC2. Mam ją oczywiście od niedawna i powoli testuje i w sumie to uczę się na niej. W centrali jest wpięte około 20 urządzeń ( większość fibro ale również PowerNode oraz Zipato ). Jest stworzona jedna scena która wywołuje się co kilka minut. Bardzo często centralka mi sie jakby zawiesza - wyskakuje komunikat "HC2 - 503 server unavailable ", mam możliwość "Refresh Page" oraz "Restart Page". Do funkcji "Restart Page" jest potrzebny login i hasło - oczywiście różni się od mojego standardowego dostępu. Jedyne co pomaga to restart prądowy … a, no i oczywiście API również leży wiec nic nie mogę zrobić. Centralka jest zaktualizowana do najnowszej wersji. Ma ktoś jakieś pomysły jak sobie z tym radzić i gdzie jest problem ? Z góry dziękuje za pomoc. Pozdrawiam
  9. My HC2 has crashed, it started by all my devices stopping working, looked at the HC2 and the software update led was lit, so ive tried reststarting it but now only the power led is on, i cant access the HC2 any way, any ideas, ive only had the box 2 weeks and its crashed on the 1st day, then managed to get it to reset and now its disabled! can anyone help please Ally
  10. Hi Every morning i forget to disarm my permitter (night) alarm. Now I would like to create a scen that does it for me :=) Senario: in the morning between 6-7am monday to friday then motion is detected in the bathroom then disarm So I need some help with he lua cod for the timerange ==================================================== --[[ %% properties 9 value %% globals --]] if ( ( tonumber(fibaro:getValue(9, "value")) > 0 ) -- Motion detected and THIS ===> ( (os.day= monday to friday) and (os.time = 06:00 to 07:00) ); ) then fibaro:call(61, "turnOn"); -- example code for disable permiter... End ====================================================== THX in advance
  11. Hi, I'm trying to learn how to use Lua, but struggling to get my head around it with no examples, if possible could you post a scene on here with a breif description of what it is, ie the ID and what they are, it would be very much appreciated Thanks Ally
  12. Why the power meter announce me 26449999999999994W ? I'm happy that my electricity provider do not uses fibaro systems for the billing ... i would get some surprises ... Really anoyings bugs ... even on last firmware 4.033
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