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  1. Witam, czy ktoś może mi powiedzieć jak wprowadzić centralkę Home Center w tryb recovery? Jedyna dostępna instrukcja obsługi, woła o pomstę do nieba - powinna być raczej ulotką reklamową.. http://www.fibaro.com/manuals/pl/HCLite/HCL-PL-web.pdf Proszę o wskazówki, bo mam taki komunikat: Backup file error Please Wait Backup file is corrupted. Please try again.
  2. Hi, I am new to Fibaro but managed to set up part of my system. Now I want to configure the FGS-222 to turn On and Off a lamp. I have 2 switches in parallel that goes to terminal IN1 these are momentary keys(Push buttons). The lamp is connected to relay output 1. How do I setup the HCL parameters to get it to work? I tried different settings but not really got it right. in one setting I got it to toggle by pressing the button extremely short time. If the lamp is OFF I want it to go on if I push any button. If it is ON I want it to switch of by pushing any button. I do not need any Automatic Turn off delay. Thanks for any help. Helge
  3. Im trying to set an association from a tdk wall switch to a virtual device to allow me to alter a variable in HCL. I have searched and searched this forum but to no avail.
  4. Hi every one! I met new problem whith HCL.I use HCL normal but some day which disconnect.I have to reset that and operate again.But problem that still again.I reset again and normal.Why is it?
  5. Hello, I got my HCL and one FGR222 module (roller shutter 2) last week. I did HCL basic setup easily (general setting and rooms creation) but I didn't success to include my FGR222 module. So here is what I've done and the result I got : - I set HCL to learn mode from the interface (by clicking "add" button into "add/remove device panel) - I connected the power supply on FGR222 - On HCL interface, I saw a log meaning inclusion is in progress. Here is the log (sorry it's in French) [22:57:15] Home Center en mode apprentissage [22:57:23] Module ajouté [22:57:24] Ajout du protocole des noeuds terminé [22:57:24] Ajout des modules terminé [22:57:24] Ajout des modules terminé [22:57:31] ID 6: Received association report from group 3 [22:57:32] ID 6: Received association report from group 3 [22:57:32] ID 6: Set association for group 1 [22:57:33] ID 6: Received association report from group 1 [22:57:33] ID 6: Set association for group 2 [22:57:33] ID 6: Received association report from group 2 [22:57:34] ID 6: Set association for group 3 [22:57:34] ID 6: Received association report from group 3 [22:57:35] ID 6: Set association for group 1 [22:57:35] ID 6: Received association report from group 1 [22:57:36] ID 6: Set association for group 2 [22:57:36] ID 6: Received association report from group 2 [22:57:36] ID 6: Set association for group 3 [22:57:37] ID 6: Received association report from group 3 - I wait few minutes but as nothing happened, I clicked on "close" button - Then I got again turning balls I let it turned more than 15 minutes and it still the same. So I reboot HCL by pushing power button. After reboot completed (3 leds on) I tried to connect to HCL and I got error 503 (server unavailable). I had to use factory reset option to get it working back. I made this operation about 10 times and always the same. Between my HCL and FGR222 there is less than 1 meter and I tried this operation by using automatic or manual inclusion but the result is always the same. At each time, I must reset FGR222 memory to get inclusion "working". After looking on internet, I saw during normal inclusion that some parameters must be received by HCL from module but not in my case. So please, could you tell me what's wrong? P.S : the z-wave led is never on on my HCL, even during inclusion, is that normal? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, can anybody suggest me a Siren to add to my HCL system ? I had some search in the forum, and found several products, but not yet found an 100% hassle free that can be easily managed without LUA. Thanks in advance Fabio
  7. Hi all, I have a HCL with 4.057 Software Running. I have an Aeon DSB28 that is giving me some real problems. The Aeon has been added successfully to the HCL and the template loaded. However there are several slaves that are giving out data that I don't want. If I delete them, they just come back. I only have Clamp No.1 installed (230VAC, UK Single Phase), so Clamp 2 and Clamp 3 are non-existent. The data found on the Meter Total updates regularly and seems to keep track of usage. However, the Clamp No.1 actual reading is static, never updates and just gets added to the Meter Total meaning the power usage shown on the top of the screen is way out from what I'm actually using. The problems started on upgrading to 4.057 so I'm guessing its probably a software bug that I'm stuck with? Anybody else had issues?
  8. I wonder where I can find the firmware update button, if there is one? I have two fibaro wall plugs, the old one has software version 22.22 and the new one 25.25. If there is no hardware difference this firmware update option should be available according to the information given on http://www.fibaro.com/en/the-fibaro-system/wall-plug One additional question: On the mentioned site there is a picture showing "Change Icon" under the device properties. Is this option removed or how can I change the icon on the wall plug device? I am using HCL with firmware 4.057 BETA. Thanks in advance.
  9. I would like my Foscam Ip Cam to move(PTZ) to a specific position when a Scene is triggered. Eg Smoke Scene. Foscam move from TV Room to Kitchen to take snapshot/record. I have a HCL V3.601 and Foscam is already setup to work with HCL. Any advice appreciated
  10. Hi, Can someone explain to me how to correctly set-up a HCL as a secondary controller. I have a large house and noticed that some of the devices which are farthest from my HC2 have connectivity issues so i bought a HCL when i heard i could use it as a sort of range extender. Both of the devices are connected to my LAN and i have their IP adresses. I have fiddled around with it and now see the HCL as a Slave device in my HC2 settings => Gateways Connections. However i have no idea how to check if it is now working? I also noticed the functionality: add secondary controller controller transfer broadcast node information frame. Do i need to use any of these. Both controllers are on 4.057 beta. Thanks! Florian
  11. I'm quite new to Fibaro and have some basic questions: 1. Just had a problem that the WEB Server was no longer responding. Unfortunately I have been traveling and I had no longer access to the HCL. Shades did not went down and the light was on (could see it with an IP cam..). So I had to shorten my trip to fix it. Now to my question: is there nothing like a “watchdog” implemented which checks the functionality regularly and if a problem is discovered it starts the process/processes again. (worst case an restart of the whole HCL). Or, is it possible to issue a time based restart command from a scene? 2. What is the right way to shout the HCL down (perform a init 0)? 3. How to delete/clear the event logs e.g. in the alarm panel and event panel? At some point in time the events will fill up the flash and who knows what this will do to the system? 4. Is https possible to the internal web server? 5. How can I ssh into the HCL? 6. On the back of the HCL are 2 bottoms; one with a power sign and the other with a + sign. The bottom with the power sign seems to me just a reset bottom. Is this a reset bottom? Is it not dangerous to use this bottom because the system (Linux..) may get corrupted? What function has the 2nd bottom with the + sign on it? 7. Is this a known problem that the Web server does sometimes freeze? Many thanks in advance, Ulrich
  12. hi i have been asked to answer the questions bellow could anyone help i have been using the hc2 but not really up on the hcl. if anyone can answer i would appreciate it regards simon. 1) I can't seem to find many reviews online about the lite. Amazon UK has a few reviews on the lite and they're not great and they are the only thing worrying me. What is your view on the lite, given the amazon comments? 2) When was HCL released and do you know if there is a newer version due to be released in the near future? 3) I note that the key difference between the HC2 and HCL is LUA programming. I'm not familiar with coding at all. Is LUA code something a beginner could handle easily without devoting much time? 4) I note that HCL cannot handle complex scenarios which HC could via LUA. Can I have a couple of example complex scenarios that HCL could not handle? I'd like to make sure the HCL can do the sorts of things I'd like it do to. 5) I already have nest smoke alarms and plan to install a 3rd generation nest thermostat (when released). You have confirmed that HCL works with Nest. Is it easy to link the two together? 6) I already own three D-link 932L IP cameras. I've read somewhere (I think) that hubs can be connected to D-link IP cameras. Do you know if the HCL can be connected to D-link 932L, if so is it easy to do it? 7) Does HCL have a facility where it can read my location via GPS and react accordingly? Is this done via phones? 10) I note HCL does not have voice activation. I have also read that devices like Echo (Amazon USA) can be used to control smart hubs via voice activation. If I decide I wanted voice activation later, are there products I could use to do this with the HCL? 11) Does that HCL have IFTTT?
  13. I currently have a virtual device in HCL that switch the RGBW Controller on to a preset colour. GET /api/callAction?deviceID=46&name=setColor&arg1=20&arg2=11&arg3=0&arg4=20 HTTP/1.1 Host: X.X.X.X Authorization: Basic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I would like to know if it is possible to set this to a preset options from the RGBW (eg LPD or AURORA?) Would be great if my LED Strip light could be switched on to LPD in case of fire or flood sensor tripped. Please note this is needed for a HCL... Thanks
  14. When looking around at compatibility lists on the net they often refer to HCL or HC2 4.x. If I am running a HCL with 4.x should that be fully compatible with modules for HC2 4.x? Is there something in the support for modules that differ from HC2 and HCL on the same firmware? /Anders
  15. Hi All, This Lua Script does exaclty what I am looking for to use the rain delay in the Sprinkler Panel for what would be a more automated method instead of the built in functionality which is pretty manual (so much for "smart" home) Problem is I have an HCL, so I would need to understand how I program this virtual device without LUA Thanks to Vesternet for the original LUA script http://www.vesternet.com/resources/application-notes/apnt-78#.VgRbcrTJ8UW Any help "translating" please. Thanks
  16. Have you ever experience to use iBeacon with HC2 or HCL ? Or any suggestions how to use with Fibaro ? Thanks in advace.
  17. Hi guys, since installing roller shutter 2, the wall control of my Busch Jäger switch works differently. When I want to stop the roller shutter (f.e. process of closing when pushing the right switch direction down), I have to push the left switch two times (1x up and 1x down) to stop the roller shutter. So, it's quite difficult to stop the roller shutter in the certain position. Without the roller shutter 2 I just had to push the right switch in the opposite direction and it stopped immediately. Is it somehow possible to change parameters, so it works as before? Thx for your help.
  18. Hi guys, I have problems with my Z-Wave.me Wall Controller in my HCL. It's found but I can't configure it. So, I can't use it at all. Can someone help? Thx.
  19. Hi We recived a batch of brand new HCL yesterday and we wanted to add an Aeotec micro motor controller to our system, sadly this wasn't possible. The HCL is running under 4.044 we added a door sensor a double switch realy and made a scene, working all right so far, but when we tried to add the motor controller clickcing the ID button the system recognize the device but then stall on the device configuration process. We have been using this devices with HC2 working fine the up, down, pause commands (the slider to set the blinds control no so well), so we are going nuts to find what may be causing this. We have reseted the HCL Several times trying diferent approaches, but with no luck we always end in the repair website for the HCL Any comments are welcomed. Gracias
  20. Hello i have an itach ip to IR and trying to get codes for volume + and volume - for my denon 2310. The code works fine when i test it from the learner window but when i copy/paste into the HCL's interface it does not. ON/OFF function works perfectly from my HCL. Any idea what the problem might be? thanks
  21. Dear all, I need your the community support . I'm trying to configure the HCLite to open my roller in the morning only when I'm not in Holidays. I can not use the LUA because I have the HC Lite, I tried creating a variable that indicate when I'm in vacation and when I'm going to work and I test the variable before the timer. This solution in general working well, I have the problem when I change the variable value from holiday to work because if the roller is closed the system open immediately the roller and ignore the timer condition. Someone could you explain me the reason or do you have any idea to solve this problem? Thanks for any suggestion. Luca Scene
  22. I have an HCL and an RGBW controlling 2 lengths of LED strip. I also have a motion sensor and TKB socket. The motion sensor turns on the LEDs and the socket connected to a lamp. No problem. I have attached a momentary switch to Input 1 on the RGBW module and this works well by 1-click turning the LEDs down, and another to turn them up. Is there a way to turn the LEDs completely off (and on again) using this switch? Also, if this can be done, can it be linked to the socket as well so that they are both able to turn on and off via the momentary switch? This gives me the added use of being able to turn on the lights at the wall when the motion detection is disabled..e.g when I need more light during the day.
  23. Hi All, I recently bought an IPCAM (IPC-20C) and could integrate everything to the Fibaro system. Now I am wondering if there is a scene to use the Camera in my Alarm settings. I am looking for a scene where the motion detection of the camera leads to some other actions (i.e. send mail, close blinds etc.) Is there a solution with HCL or is this only possible with HC2 and LUA? With thanks in advance. Regards bewler
  24. Hello, according to FGD211 Dimmer instruction manual it seems that is possible to control scene with S1 Dimmer switch, is this possible with HCL too? Nothing is mentioned in FGD211 instruction manual, it says just that is possible... If someone can help me on this showing some block diagrams example thanks!
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