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Found 12 results

  1. Does anyone know if fibaro has any compatible bulbs that you can change the colors with the HC2 GUI (without using LUA)?
  2. Hi, I have created a LED lamp spot without a wallswitch. The idea is to control this light remoteless by z-wave. I tried to connect the wires without using the IN1/IN2/IN3/IN4 but it's not working. (I can't detect the z-wave device and it's not responding to the reset button) Do I need a wallswitch to have this up and running or do I need to rewire the IN1/IN2/IN3/IN4 some other way?
  3. My aeotec RBG bulb will turn off physically but the switch on the UI will remain "on". this is causing my scenes to not run correctly. Sometime when I turn it on it turns on then I will turn it off and it will flip the switch back to on even though the light is off. Has anyone seen this before?
  4. My fibaro RGBW are giving me a world fo pain Does anybody have experience with this device Z-Wave Qubino RGBW Dimmer Plus http://www.vesternet.com/z-wave-qubino-rgbw-dimmer-plus
  5. Hi. I have a Fibaro RGBW module that I connected to a RGB strip (note that there is no +W). I use a Raspberry Pi + Domoticz + Aeon Z-Wave Stick as a controller. Everything worked fine. Then I connected an analog temperature sensor LM35DZ that outputs 0-10V, so theoretically should work well with RGBW module. I attach a scheme of how I connected the modules. RGB color-changing functionality still works, however I seemingly can't figure out how to read a temperature/voltage from the sensor. I understand that the trick is in properly defining a parameter 14. I tried a number of different versions of parameter 14 that I found on the Internet or deduced myself. I can't get anything to work, including 39320 which I think should be the correct one (1001-1001-1001-1000, all normal monostable out, in4 analog in). I don't need any switches, I want to operate RGB through a Domoticz only. Is it possible to operate an RGB strip at the same time with analog 0-10V sensor? How should I connect and configure the node? What parameter 14 should be like? Thanks in advance, m.
  6. Hi, I've been looking to find a way to mimic a dawn awakening using a RGB strip driven by a fibaro RGB module @petergebruers provided some RBG / HSL translation and I've been working on the colour sequence that is stored in an array It's essentially burnt orange -> yellow -> blue'ish -> almost white There area few of the transitions I am not 100% happy with but I was looking for a few people to test what I have done to date and see if I am on the right path The scene has a sleep of 1 second but in reality I'd probably have it close to 10 or 15 which would give an overall start to finish time of -10 minutes to aid a gradual wakeup Comment out line 7 if you don't use a HomeTable Line 61 contains the reference to the RGB strip, amend as required. @andyp - You expressed an interest in this before All feedback welcome - Feel free to tweak the colors or just pass back comments Thanks -f -- DAWN SIMULATOR USING AN RGB STRIP -- THANKS TO petergebruers FOR THE BULK OF THE CODE -- BETA --[[ %% properties %% events %% globals --]] local jT = json.decode(fibaro:getGlobalValue("HomeTable")) --Hue_2_RGB( v1, v2, vH ) function Hue_2_RGB(v1, v2, vH) if ( vH < 0 ) then vH = vH + 1 end if ( vH > 1 ) then vH = vH - 1 end if ( ( 6 * vH ) < 1 ) then return ( v1 + ( v2 - v1 ) * 6 * vH ) end if ( ( 2 * vH ) < 1 )then return ( v2 ) end if ( ( 3 * vH ) < 2 ) then return ( v1 + ( v2 - v1 ) * ( ( 2 / 3 ) - vH ) * 6 ) end return ( v1 ) end function RGB(H,S,L) if s==0 then return L*255,L*255,L*255 end local var_2 if ( L < 0.5 ) then var_2 = L * ( 1 + S ) else var_2 = ( L + S ) - ( S * L ) end local var_1 = 2 * L - var_2 return 255 * Hue_2_RGB( var_1, var_2, H + ( 1 / 3 ) ) , 255 * Hue_2_RGB( var_1, var_2, H ), 255 * Hue_2_RGB( var_1, var_2, H - ( 1 / 3 ) ) end local R,G,B=RGB(120,0.5,0.5) fibaro:debug("R "..R.." G "..G.." B "..B) R,G,B=RGB(120,0,0.5) fibaro:debug("R "..R.." G "..G.." B "..B) local dawnHSL={ {0,0,0}, -- turn off. {0.03,0.67,0.012}, {0.04,0.68,0.013}, {0.06,0.69,0.014}, {0.08,0.70,0.015}, {0.09,0.71,0.016}, {0.10,0.73,0.017}, {0.12,0.75,0.018}, {0.13,0.77,0.019}, {0.15,0.79,0.020}, {0.19,0.83,0.022}, {0.20,0.84,0.023}, {0.21,0.86,0.024}, {0.22,0.87,0.023}, {0.23,0.89,0.026}, {0.25,0.91,0.028}, {0.41,0.90,0.033}, {0.41,0.88,0.034}, {0.41,0.86,0.035}, {0.42,0.85,0.036}, {0.43,0.83,0.037}, {0.44,0.81,0.038}, {0.44,0.79,0.038}, {0.44,0.78,0.040}, {0.45,0.77,0.041}, {0.45,0.75,0.042}, {0.44,0.73,0.043}, {0.46,0.72,0.044}, {0.46,0.70,0.045}, {0.47,0.69,0.046}, {0.47,0.67,0.047}, {0.48,0.66,0.048}, {0.49,0.63,0.049}, {0.50,0.61,0.050}, {0.51,0.58,0.051}, {0.52,0.56,0.052}, {0.53,0.53,0.053}, {0.54,0.51,0.054}, {0.55,0.48,0.055}, {0.56,0.46,0.056}, {0.58,0.44,0.057}, {0.59,0.42,0.058}, {0.59,0.39,0.059}, {0.59,0.37,0.060}, {0.60,0.35,0.061}, {0.60,0.32,0.062}, {0.60,0.28,0.063}, {0.60,0.24,0.064}, {0.61,0.22,0.065}, {0.61,0.20,0.066}, {0.61,0.18,0.067}, {0.61,0.16,0.068}, {0.61,0.15,0.069}, {0.61,0.14,0.070}, {0.61,0.13,0.071}, {0.61,0.12,0.072}, {0.60,0.11,0.073}, {0.60,0.10,0.074}, {0.60,0.09,0.075}, {0.60,0.08,0.076}, {0.60,0.07,0.077}, {0.60,0.05,0.078}, {0.60,0.05,0.079}, {0.60,0.05,0.080}, {0.60,0.05,0.082}, {0.60,0.04,0.083}, {0.60,0.03,0.084}, {0.60,0.02,0.085}, {0.60,0.01,0.086}, {0.60,0.02,0.087}, {0.60,0.01,0.088}, } fibaro:debug(string.format("R G B ")) for k,v in pairs(dawnHSL) do local R,G,B=RGB(v[1],v[2],v[3]) fibaro:debug(string.format("%05.1f %05.1f %05.1f",R,G,B)) fibaro:call(jT.master_bedroom.LEDLight, "setColor",math.floor(R+0.5), math.floor(G+0.5), math.floor(B+0.5), "0") fibaro:sleep(1000) end
  7. Hello all, Brand new RGBW module plugged into a new 24V LED strip and power supply. Module seems to be stuck on the white channel. If I turn the device off in Fibaro, the white channel stays on. I can select other colours, but its leaving the W channel on all the time. I've tried a factory reset. The device isn't using any switches at the moment. Thank you,
  8. has someone got this device working with hc2? >> Z-Wave LED RGB Bulb dimmbare E27 Leuchte (AEOEZW098) I have it connected to hc2, but its only visible as dimmer and not as rgb device.
  9. Hi I want to build a hideout for my kids. And in there i want it to be a RGBW-led strip as light source controlled from a fibaro RGB module. But is there anyway i can control the color with a physical button or ordinary rotary dimmer/pwm dimmer? I want this just so the kids easily could change the color by themselves and not be depending on the UI in HC2.
  10. Hi, When switching the rgbw controller on/off it will loose its color setting or the program it is running. I'm looking for a way to restore the last settings after the device is turned on again. Couldn't find anything in the forum, so any help or links on how to achieve this are most welcome... thanks in advance Thijs
  11. Hi. I have been using the Fibaro RGBW module together with Vera 3 but I never did get the inputs to work. The module has 4 inputs and 4 outputs, and then one would like to be able to use the controller to control the outputs as RGBW leds and the inputs as inputs. After giving up one Vera 3 I bought Home Center 2 (a bit more expensive). Now I can use the outputs and inputs in some sense. Please help me out with the questions below. One can configure the module in 3 ways, as I can understand it, RGBW, RGB, and Input/Output. When I conf. the module in RGBW or RGB, I get a nice controller in HC2 being able to set outputs and also being able to use the small special programs (Storm, Rainbow etc.). But I can't see any inputs. When I conf. the module as Input/Output, I can use the inputs, but now the RGB output control has disappeared. Why is that? Is it possible to use the fine looking HC2 RGB controller and also use the 4 inputs at the same time? Thank You all
  12. Hi all, I noticed that RGB led strips do not turn off completely, I mean that with RGB off anyhow a slightly light is coming from the leds, there is some parameter to be changed for that? Max
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