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  1. Hello people, I am planning to build a small cabin where everything will be z-wave. I am planning to have no wired switches at all. However. The cabin will be unattended for long periods of time. In this time I am fully dependent on having some electric heat on to prevent water to freeze. All electric heat will be managed by Fibaro switches and a room controller adjusting temperature. However IF the hub fails, connection is lost etcetc, I am fully dependent on that the switch is Fail Safe On, meaning that heating panels are on if connection(or anything else is wrong) for whatever reason is lost. Can you please confirm that this is possible to achieve?
  2. Can the Fibaro switch or rele work for this solution? see picture
  3. Hi all, I ordered the Single Switch 2 (and Double Switch 2) - but unfortunately they just do not fit into the installation socket - it's just the 45mm one. Is there any (non Fibaro) wall switch alternative, which combines the feature of Z-Wave receiver and switching contact (maybe even without Z-Wave being online)? I would just change the whole switch if there is one existing which combines the same features? Regards, Andy
  4. The guide about installing Single Switch 2 (http://manuals.fibaro.com/switch-2/) assumes that there are three cables inside the switchbox. However, my installation is missing ground ("earth") which may be because multiple switches control the same light. My apartment is rather modern since it has been constructed in 2016. Is it possible to install the single switch 2 without a ground cable? I have seen tutorials which do so with the dimmer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQ8oCvIPT4s) but I did not find any information about the switch. I was thinking of bridging N and Q1 (for the dimmer they bridge N and O), but since I did not find any information on it, I did not dare to try it. Can you give me some insight?
  5. Hi, I'm trying to use the following setup: - HCL running 4.11 - Devolo two paddle wall switch (sames Popp or ZME WALL-C) - Fibaro RGBW dimmer - four white led strips - 24V power adaptor I managed to configure everything fine with 1 led strip. The wall switch is associated with the rgbw dimmer. The dimmer output is set as RGBW. The wall switch is set to send on/off/dim commands. If I press the up button it switched on/dims up, if I press the down button, it switches off/dims down. Dimming is instant and smooth and perfect. However, if I switch the RGBW dimmer module into 4 output mode and reassociate the dimmer to one of the outputs, the on-off switching still works. But the dimming (holding up or down button pressed) acts weird. It always starts from nothing and then dims up to full power. The same happens with both up and down buttons. So basically it ignores the current dim level and does not dim smoothly and correctly. Somehow the rgbw dimmer reacts to dimup and dimdown commands differently when it is in four channel output mode. Anyone has any experience with this or any idea I could try? I tried (almost) everything and can't figure out the reason for this. Cheers, Peter
  6. Hello I just start on fibaro and on a light switch I installed fibaro dimmer but on s1 I have set my push botton but it does not operate .... any idea why? i know it must be a stupid question ... thx in advance Greg
  7. I received a new HC2 because my oldone died. Thanks for that Fibaro. Sadly without my recovery stick wich a send with my old HC2. Its a struggle to get everything connected again with my HC2. And it is all fibaro devices! First reset the device (don't know if this is necessary) because disconnecting from de connected old HC2 is not possible. This is different on every device. Motion sensors, smoke sensors, and wall plug went (after several try's) well. I have a problem with resetting and connecting my 2x1,5 switch. Besides that you have to build it out to reach the B button. I reset the device with pressing the B button for at least 3 seconds and wait a minute to process the reset. Afther that put my HC2 in adding mode and pus the B button 3 times very fast. No reaction on my HC2. I build out my HC2 and put it within one meter from the swich and tried the reset en add as above. Still no reaction. I repeated the steps maybe 20 times. Slower, as quick as I can, etc. I also tried a reset and pushing the S1 switch without any results. To be shore to have the S1 switch I also tried the reset en S2 switch several times. I tried the above steps with the different checkboxes in HC2 commander for adding devices (secure etc.). The B botton is working. When I push it one time, I see the attached light go on or out. Before I open all of my switches I want to know how to reconnect my fibaro switch to my HC2. Do I forget something or am I doing something wrong?
  8. Hi, I'm confused by the Fibaro Options: There's a Relais (also called Relay Switch) FGS-221) and a Switch (FIBEFGS-213). What's the difference? The only thing I figured out is that the more expensive Switch actually does measure the energy consumption. Can anyone clarify?
  9. Hi, I would like to switch and mesaure my washing machine with FGS 2x3. In the manual i read, use only resitive load. I am confused about what type of load is washing machine? Inductive? Becasue of washing machine use motor, or resistive? Because heating the weather. Can i use FGS 2x3 with washing (dishwasing) machine? Please help me!
  10. Hi, thank you in advance for your patience and hopefully support. I'm a good programmer, I've limited electrician skills but I successfully installed 4 fibaro roller shutters following online tutorials and done some other small electric changes in my home Now I would like to modify my electrical system adding one Fibaro double relay switch, in order to remotely control two lamps. Actually each lamp is controlled by two push buttons and one Finder Relay like this one On each button there are 2 wires attached: 1 common neutral and 1 wire attached to the Finder relay. What I would like to achieve: replace the two Finder relays with one Fibaro Double Relay in the electric box, and have all 4 buttons still working. Do you think this is possible? I attach also a draw made by me with my actual system. If this is possible, do you have some hints for needed wiring? Sorry for my non-technical schema Thanks in advance for your time Best regards
  11. How can I read a keypress from a Z-WaveMe switch and then make a variable change. Button 1 = set variable as "home" Button 2 = set varaibel as "away" and so on..
  12. Hi, all. I have quite stupid question, but anyway want to hear your thoughts about it. Sometimes we use Vitrum switches: http://couturedigital.com/Wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Brookmans-Park-Vitrum-Z-Wave-Lighting5.jpg And we have to control one light source from different places. Current task: 1) 3 single channel switches. 2) They should work equally. If we turnOn first, after it second and third should turnOn. 3) So state should be always the same, no matter we control them phisically or from Fibaro UI. Could you please share your thoughts? What will be the best solution? Association? 1 -> 2,3 2 -> 1,2 3 -> 1,3 LUA code which allows to catch click event and turn on / off needed devices?
  13. Witajcie, chcę do swojej centralki podłączyć dodatkowe switche 2x1,5k. Poza standardowymi Fibaro są dostępne również switche Qubino. Za qubino przemawia: - pomiar zużycia prądu - możliwość podłączenia czujnika temperatury Dallas - cena (jakieś 10% tańsze) Czy nie będzie problemu z integracją tego z Fibaro, wykrywalnością czujnika temperatury, ikonkami, dostępnością ustawień itp.? Czy lepiej darować sobie i kupić oryginalne switche Fibaro? Najbardziej obawiam się, że ew. brak wsparcia mógłby kiedyś dać mi się we znaki przy jakimś kolejnym update HC2. Doradźcie proszę
  14. Hello, I've seen from the manual that it's possible to use the dimmer with a standard switch. It looks like I loose the possibility of dimming from the switch, is that correct? My question is: is it possible to use a normal switch with the dimmer module set as "Momentary switch" and manually using the switch to dim the light? Thanks, Dem
  15. I have an HCL and an RGBW controlling 2 lengths of LED strip. I also have a motion sensor and TKB socket. The motion sensor turns on the LEDs and the socket connected to a lamp. No problem. I have attached a momentary switch to Input 1 on the RGBW module and this works well by 1-click turning the LEDs down, and another to turn them up. Is there a way to turn the LEDs completely off (and on again) using this switch? Also, if this can be done, can it be linked to the socket as well so that they are both able to turn on and off via the momentary switch? This gives me the added use of being able to turn on the lights at the wall when the motion detection is disabled..e.g when I need more light during the day.
  16. Hi! I was planning to control my radiators using Fibaro FGS-212 relay switches. But it turns out my radiators are using 400V, that is they are connected to two phases, not one phase (at 230V) and one neutral. This setup seem to be quite common, at least here in Sweden. Is it possible to use the FGS-212 for this? If not, are there plans for such a z-wave switch. Thanks! /Pelle
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