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  1. Hey guys, I have the relatively new Hikvision 5mp cameras (model number below). Model: DS-2CD2142FWD-IS Firmware: V5.3.6 build 151105 The send screens button does not work and I've tried nearly everything. Has anyone else had any luck with their new cameras or can point me in the right direction? Thank you,
  2. Hi I have created 2 lua scenes to arm and disarm the alarm and this is triggered by a switch The intention is to replace the switch afterwards with a RFID keypad to trigger the 2 scenes I can arm and disarm the alarm with the switch So this is working .. no,problem so far But when the alarm is triggered to go off I can not start any scene any more So I can not disarm the alarm with the swicth anymore as the scene does not start anymore "Do not allow to stop Scene while alarm is running" is on But it not the same as "do allow to start Scene while alarm is running" The only way I found to disarm the alarm is via the PC, tablet or smartphone after giving the pincode I want also to disarm the alarm with the scene triggered by the switch ( RFID Keypad) Any ideas how to do it Thanks
  3. Does anyone have a DSC alarm, I am about to upgrade my alarm to control via the HC2 and I can get the DSC cheaper than the Satel. Has anyone got a DSC and can comment on it's performance, ease of use with the HC2?
  4. Hi, I have an HC2 v4.056 and an Aeon Labs Sirene. In the advanced settings, I can set the "Controlled Device" drop-down to many things, a few of which look interesting but I don't know what they are exactly for: - Alarm - Breached - Alarm - Arming - Alarm state I'm currently starting and stopping the sirene when the alarm is breached using scene, but I was hoping there is a better way... Thanks!
  5. Hi all, I just bought a HC and I'm trying to use it (amongst others) as an alarm. I've got a couple of Fibaro motion sensors and some door sensors. I created a magic scene that will sound my siren, an Aeon Labs DSD31 ZW080-C15, when the alarm gets tripped. The problem is that it will react immediately and I would like it to wait for 30 seconds before sounding. I can set it to 2 minutes in a magic scene, but that's way to long. So now for my question... How can I create a (LUA) scene that will sound the siren 30 seconds after the alarm gets tripped? And in such a way that I can stop it from (going to) sound(ing) by disarming the alarm. Thanks for helping me out. Evert
  6. I do not know where to start ... I want to configure a home alarm on HC2. With external and internal areas (motion sensors and a couple of windows sensors) I like to use the Fibaro's Alarm panel (I'm not sure how ) or through scenes ? Someone has done something already? Thank you!!!!
  7. As Fibaro has no external keypad system to arm or disarm the alarm, the only way to work is with the tablet. Is there a way to let your tablet (android) make a sound notification when arming the alarm or when entering the building when the alarm is armed? Maybe it's a nice feature in the future?
  8. All, I have configured a fibaro motion sensor and a z-wave alarm on my home center lite. I would like to be able to start a scene (e.g. when leaving the house) to turn the alarm on (manually). I've configured the following scene (see below), but when I run it, it immediately triggers the alarm, without any movements detected by the motion sensor. I've already tried to change parameter 1 of my motion sensor (sensitivity) but when I save it always returns to default state. Scene (also attached) Motion sensor == Breached and armed (no green time) (0 s in red delay box) Then Alarm = Turn on (no green time) (0 s in red delay box) I've tried with delays on both the motion sensor and the alarm but no luck. What I do to activate the scene: arm the motion sensor and then hit RUN on the scene -> this immediately triggers the alarm, without motion of the motion sensor. When I activate the scene even without the motion sensor being armed, it triggers right away (without any motion). Furthermore the motion sensor works pretty fine... . Anyone experience with this or any other way of configuring an alarm with manual triggering? Tx.
  9. Hi, I¨m trying to create a scene that will send a notification to my phone if the door sensor is breached while armed. I tried to do this using a simple block scene where the trigger is doorsensor == breached and armed then push notification to iphone for some reason it worked once, but then stopped working. Anyone have any idea? Fredrik
  10. Hi Everyone, A few moments ago, I decided to upgraded my Fibaro to version 4. I have now hit a big problem. I have been using a Wave.me Key Fob to turn off my alarm and siren. I click a button on my key fob and it runs a scene switching all sensors to safe mode and turns off the siren. On version 4, my Key Fob and web portal get locked out when the sensors are breached with a 403 Access Forbidden. This is really infuriating since I had this working perfectly before. Does anyone know if it's possible to allow scenes to be run when the alarm system is activated in version 4 or will l need to downgrade? For reference, I've been happily using the alarm from here: http://autohomeme.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/my-fibaro-controlled-alarm-part-2-setup.html For the last year. Much to my disappointment, firmware version 4 has broken this. I've also tried to enable the switch off alarm via key fob scripts in the alarm panel but this does't work either. Thanks, Andrew
  11. Hi, I have purchased a HC2 and FGSD-002 Smoke Detector. When the smoke detector is triggered, I want alarms on the mobile phones (preferably with option to postpone/cancel the alarm sound on the device), such as shown in the video ad. How can I set up this on Android? I can't find an option in the alarm panel.
  12. Hi This with the alarm buttons in the HC2 can turn off, do not want a lot of alarm on/off everywhere, after which I did not use to it, such as a door contact, I just want to show that the door is open or closed without getting alarm buttons. MrDTS
  13. Guest

    Multiple Smoke Alarms

    I am considering using Fibaro smoke alarms. We have a fairly large house so building regulations wants them in all habitable rooms, this means about 20 units. Can the smoke alarms be connected together so if one goes off they all do?
  14. Hello, I have a HC2 unit set up with a couple of sensors so far. I can active the alarm using my iOS apps (usually on my iPhone) , i.e. => choose "Alarm", select area/room, "Set Alarm", "Select" results in green light armed. If I then test the motion sensor by walking nearby the sensor (Fibaro HW) lights up. However, no alarm sounds and neither is any email or push notification triggered. Only when I relaunch the Fibaro app on the iPhone do I receive a notification (in the app itself) and the alarm sounds. It then displays the min / secs since the sensor was triggered. (i) Any advice on how I can get the alarm to be triggered right away when the sensor notices any activity - and how can I set up push and email notifcations? (ii) iPhone app (when on mobile data) takes ages to load (usually around 20sec) - "loading data". Any advice on how this can be improved without opening ports of setting up a local VPN interface? Thanks, TS
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