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  1. Witam. Czy w związku z aktualizacją w której FIBARO rezygnuje z LILI, można przyjąć że Alexa lub Asystent Google działają w języku polskim? I czy mógłby mi ktoś wytłumaczyć jak zintegrować Asystenta Google z Fibaro? Robiłem wg zaleceń...Zainstalowałem Google Home...Ale tam asystent nie reaguje... mam jeszcze aplikacje Google i tam asystent reaguje ale wyświetla mi linki do stron fibaro, ale nie "fibaro id".. Co robię źle?
  2. Hi, I have multiple devices hooked up to Alexa via the smart home skill. It seems Alexa now supports getting the status of a device: "Alexa, are Kitchen Lights on?" Is there a way to enable this for Fibaro devices as well? It would be extremely helpful to be able to ask Alexa for the device status. Right now we get a reply "Kitchen Lights does not support that" while other (non-Fibaro) Alexa integrated binary switches reply with the correct status.
  3. Hi I moved my Amazon hardware to Australia now that it is supported here. When I went to install the two Fibaro Skills it said that they are unavailable for Australia. That just doesn't make any sense unless I'm missing something. Fibaro, surely the skills should just be dependant on where Amazon decide to support Alexa products?
  4. Scenes are avaible throught the smart home part, but not in routines? why?
  5. Is it possible to link multiple Alexa devices to 1 fibaro ID? For example I have 1 Alexa in every room in my house. Thank You!
  6. I have installed Fibaro Smart Home Skill and Custom Skill by having requested Fibaro logins. Skills are enabled in Alexa app (for Echo Plus and Dot 2nd). For some reason Alexa app won't discover any of the Fibaro devices. I have for instance a dimmer for lights and its 'Controlled Device' type in the advanced menu is set to 'Lightning'. I have rebooted my HC2 as someone suggested in one of the earlier posts regarding discovery issues. Any hints to discover Fibaro devices?
  7. Fiabro Alexa has suddenly become a bit politer in my house. I am guessing a revamp of the server end. Not sure if there is a general improvement but certainly tries to be a bit more helpful. Keep it up @Fibaro
  8. Witam czy ktoś miał taki problem a mianowicie alexa niewykrywa urządzeń, obydwie umiejętności zainstalowane, hasło do id podane a mimo tego niewykrywa urządzeń co może być przyczyną ?
  9. Has anyone experienced any delays or lag when saying commands? i am getting delays of up to 4 seconds with anything on z wave. wifi with alexa is instant.
  10. I have sonos from alexa. in the integration does not work for me any roller shutter why?
  11. Hello! I have the following setup: -Fire HD 10 ( -HC2 (4.140) -Many Fibaro actors (switches, dimmer, rollershutter, etc...) I activated fibaro alexa skill and paired it with my fibaro id. This was successful. But if I start to search for devices inside the alexa app, there occurs an error... So, I cant search for the devices... Is there any solution for this problem? Please don't tell me the fire HD 10 is not supported... Thanks for the help.
  12. Czy jest szansa aby ALEXA "mówiła" i "rozumiała" po polsku i to w Polsce ? Chciałbym jej "umiejętności" wykorzystać do sterowania systemem Fibaro za pomocą komend głosowych. Czytałem o jej możliwościach i czekam na jej sprzedaż w naszym kraju. Czy ktoś ma jakieś informacje na ten temat ?
  13. Hi, hopefully posted this in the right place. I had a Home Center Lite and my Echo Dot was setup with all my fibaro devices and it worked great. I’ve recently migrated to a HC2, removed all my devices from HCL and added them in the HC2 one by one. Setup my HC2 with remote access and registered in my Fibaro ID. In my Alexa app I removed all my previous devices from the HCL (had to do this via as it won’t remove the via the iPhone app) and tried to discover the smart devices again. However, Alexa can’t find any of my devices in the HC2 and can’t find any scenes either. my network is ok, noth8ng has changed in that respect. Does anyone know if there’s a current issue between amazon and Fibaro? ive tried rebooting both Echo and HC2, removing HC2 from fibaro Id, reconfigure devices, disabled and enable fibaro skill, all of this and in different orders. Don’t really know what else to do or try, can someone with the same setup check to see if yours are working? I’ve had experience downtime with the service before, so hopefully it’s just that. Hope someone could confirm so I can stop wasting my time on this and start writing some Luca scripts
  14. Hello, For all those who want to improve the sound quality of Amazon Echo Dot - Alexa, it is possible to customize the equalizer. How that!? Command: Alexa, turn up/down THE bass/midrange/treble. Example: Alexa, turn up the treble. After that, volume (white circle) will grow up with treble and sound volume. To check bass improvement, try with one hand on device (for vibrations). With few commands the sound will be much better! I assure you. I waiting for feedback.
  15. Hey all, Im trying to get my amazon echo dot to communicate to my home centre 2 . i have linked the two skills and i have confirmed i have remote access enabled and am running V4.140. I haven't been able to discover any new devices in the alexa app, but alexa can see my home centre. when i ask her to perform any action she just responds with " i wasnt able to finish the action" . I did notice my fibaro ID and my local super user on the HC2 have the same usernames, but different passwords (i cant set them the same) . does anyone know if this is my problem, or what else the problem could be?
  16. A few weeks ago i installed two Echo Dot 2 at home. I enabled the Fibaro home skill. It is really a fantastic combo. It worked great. A bit slow. But still working. Yesterday morning when i tried to light up the livingroom, Alexa responded ”the device is not responding”. All devices earlier discovered by Alexa where unreachable. I tried to disable the skill and enable again. Still same problem. I did some troubleshooting and: The Fibaro worked as before. Fibaro App, Remote via home.fibaro.com and local. No problem. Then I created a new Amazon account, installed the Echo Dot again, enabled the skill and..... no devices could be discovered. All other services work in Alexa. Ideas ?
  17. So everyone seems to want Alexa to control the Home Automation system. I want it the other way round. I would like to run a scene which told Alexa to play the radio without me saying Alexa, play Radio 2. I've not yet found a way of communicating with Alexa other than by voice!
  18. Have been successfully using Alexa to control my devices and scenes for a couple of months now, but suddenly yesterday Alexa wasn't working. Checked in the interface and it was showing them all offline. Tried to rediscover them all and they all disappeared. I've tried all the usual things: rebooting my HC2, disabling and re-enabling the skill and re-linking my account, updating my HC2, etc etc. Nothing. Everything is fine in the HC2; everything in both the app (Android) and via the browser works; widgets work fine on Android. Any suggestions? I'm in the UK. Thanks, all.
  19. Hi Guys I'm curious to understand if people have any view on using HABridge versus the official Fibaro Alexa Skill for voice integration I've been using HABridge for quite a while on a Raspberry PI3 and that is linked to my Fibaro and works well, but is limited at times in terms of voice commands, whereas the Fibaro official custom skill seems to have a wider voice offering However HABridge runs locally on your network and doesnt rely on the Fibaro infrastructure to get to your HC2 whereas the Fibaro Alexa Skill does.. Any views? Thanks Andy
  20. After the release of the official Alexa skill for Amazon Echo, a number of us are unable to "Discover Devices" after successfully setting up the skill and connecting the Amazon account to Fibaro ID I wanted to open a thread to specifically debug this issue, as I accept that Amazon currently only supports (officially) US, UK and EU, and I was expecting that some restriction of cloud to cloud service maybe implemented from the multiple data extraction points involved in the layers of this integration... . However a number of UK forum users have also experienced the same. Therefore, I list the following steps I have undertaken to date without success in the hope that we can identify a fix/workaround, or simply discover that we should stop trying as it is possible that certain unsupported (officially) use cases won't allow (in the hope that this is the reasoning behind the "Custom Skill" Hardware - I am in New Zealand and also have a setup on a bench in Australia - Echo devices (both "Echo" model - Not Dot) Software version 5264 - Both using HC2 on v 4.120 - I use the remote access via Fibaro ID as designed - No Port forwarding or alternative setup With the above in mind, there are no setup configurations that are outside of what would be considered "correct" in terms of system design. The following is a list of steps i have taken to try and remedy the issue. - Reboot everything in various order (Network, HC2, Echo ) - Remove multiple layer network structure (disconnect access points and only use router) reconnect everything from scratch including forgetting known networks - Reduce Fibaro ID remote access to a single HC2 (rather than multiples) as the "Alexa tell/ask Fibaro to list Home Center Devices" appeared to not function - Fresh install of Alexa app (have to use device with US iTunes account) - Full reset (deregister AND reset button) of Echo - Checked Discover Devices still worked with other skill - (Logitech Harmony had no issues) To this point no success. I read in another post that a user found "alexaProhibited:true" somewhere in the REST API - I couldn't find it in mine. Things left to investigate: Potentially there are some port (UDP/TCP) access issues as Alexa is largely driven through outside communication Will send this detail to support to see if the developers can let us know if it is, in fact, due to restrictions driven from the Amazon build requirement If the above is the case, can we expect a workaround in the "Custom Skill" ? So now we open up the floor.. Let everyone know what you have experienced and add some value to see if we can debug effectively as a community.... Keep the thread clean and relevant to the task... pages of "+1's" are annoying to work through and voicing general dissatisfaction or opinion, while valued, is not what this thread is for
  21. Hi everyone, Exciting times ahead.. . .... @fat spotted that the official Fibaro Skill is now available in the Alexa store. Hi @T.Konopka - Do we need a new hc2 fw release to be able to leverage this or is it usable straightaway ? Feedback from anybody getting it successfully running most welcome... Thanks -f PS - I'll be looking this later and will try and create a Tutorial PPS - Looks like we don't need new fw, anything after 4.112 will work... # Interesting - activate VD through scenes
  22. Hi, In my HC2 setup I have few LED strips connected to RGBW devices and of course few devices in panel to control each strip separately. I have associated button click with all 7 devices to turn light. Moreover I have virtual device to control strips in different groups set. Right now I would like to be able to control those lights also from Alexa ( will be using HA Bridge ). Correct me if I`m wrong but above is not enough to control light via Alexa. In my opinion I need something like Virtual Switch as Dimmer under which I will have X LED strips assigned. It should allow to create link for HA to turn On / Off and Dim. Question is: How to create such a Virtual Dimmer?
  23. Hi @T.Konopka & @M.Baranowski I have 5 echo dots waiting for the Fibaro integration/plugin/solution. Could you indicate if it is still on the roadmap and when approximately you would expect to release it. I have been trying to stick with the Fibaro official devices and solutions but would like to move forward with voice control. I am trying to decide if I wait further or start installing HA bridge. More and more domotic providers are announcing compatability (picture below is from ISE2017 in Feb last.) and I think it would elevate the already great Fibaro offering to a new level. Thanks -f
  24. Hello everybody, I'm new in this forum and also in this "business" so please tell me if I make any mistakes and so on. At the moment I'm doing a renovation in my new house. We have decided to make all the electronic and cabling new. A bus system like KNX was discussed but in the end to expensive in my opinion. For the moment I "only" would like to control my rollers, my two jalousies, two LED stripes and maybe the spots at the ceiling via smartphone and if possible additionally via Amazon Alexa. The first idea was to use Warema web control because the jalousies are also from Warema but I don't wanna use different apps for all the things I like to control now and of course in the future. Warema doesn't need any switch on the wall for controlling (they use a "Pluggable radio receiver for an STAK/STAS connection" directly in the blind box) so we haven't placed switches at the wall for the rollers and Jalousies. In the meantime, I was nearly clear to use Homematic for all these things but while I was searching if everything runs as I imagined via Homematic I found Fibaro. Now I think this is the best for me!? What do you think? Summery: - is Fibaro the right Smarthome solution for me? - which Fibaro solution is the right one for me? - does Fibaro and Amazon Alexa work together? - does iOS and maybe also the Home App from the iPhone works with Fibaro? - is it possible to control the rollers, my two Jalousies and two LED stripes without and switch and how? I would be very grateful if you help me asap. Thank you very much in advance. BR Marco
  25. Hi, As I understood there is in progress to support alexa integration. What about the google home integration with Fibaro? I recently bought one and was thinking if shall I wait to have the integration ready or shall I consider moving all my smart home to smartthings? BR, Catalin
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