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  1. On the Android app, one scrolls sideways for the rooms, but vertically for the devices. All six of us keep trying to scroll the rooms vertically - which keeps turning off/on all devices in that room. Can the All-On feature be turned off ?
  2. Witam, Wczoraj zakupiłem centrale Fibaro. Po dodaniu kilku czujników, pojawia się problem przy połączeniu przez przeglądarkę wszystko jest ok - kontaktron ma ikonę drzwi i w zależności od stanu zmienia się ikona. Jednak na androidzie ta sama czujka ma ikonkę zapakowanego kartonu z logiem Fibaro. Czas ostatniej aktywacji jest prawidłowo wyświetlany, jednak nie widzę aktualnego stanu. Dodam, że pozostałe kontaktrony są widoczne prawidłowo.
  3. Since the last update I'm having issues that I cannot connect anymore when I'm connected via 4G (having HC2), it says "No internet connection". Last week I installed also a new HCL at my parents house and they are experiencing the same issue. When connected via Wifi, everything works fine.
  4. Hello, I recently updated to the app and cannot connect to my HC2 anymore. There used to be an option to enter the IP of the HC2 but I cannot seem to find it. The HC2 is not connected to the internet so I am not able to login via the Fibaro ID. Best Regards
  5. Last night I got a update on my Android phone with the new Beta version 1.14.0. But on the forum I can't find any news about this update. Does someone got some more info / experiences?
  6. My Android (Vers. 5.1.1) does not show the Fibaro Widget! How can I solve this issue?
  7. How can I use the new Fibaro-ID with my Android tablet Fibaro app ? App tries to connect only to home.fibaro.com ?!
  8. Hello! After updating my HC2 gateway to the latest 4.110 version I cannot longer login from the 3rd party app - ImperiHome on my Android devices. Hoes anyone else have this problem or is working properly for others? I'm afraid this is related to the login chances introduced by the latest firmware as announced here: http://mail.exciting-news.pl/p/3pj59y6xvr/jfb17wyk5b/ If it's something changed by Fibaro I hope that the Imperihome developers can fix it because the Imperihome app seams to be more practically designed with more customizable interface for user needs. I like the Fibaro tablet app but I have to press to many on screen "clicks" to execute some commands. Hope to get some feedback from Imperihome users.
  9. wouldn't it be great to have a windows app working similarly like the mobile apps? when working on a computer it would be really nice not to have to reacht for the mobile phone or log onto HC in a browser. as an addition, or even instead of such a software a really nice effect would be links on the windows desktop to start scenes / switch devices on/off. Wouldn't this also be a relevant and nice idea for homescreens on android smartphones?
  10. I can´t start a scene from a widget when it´s pin protected, how come? I would like to open/close the garagedoor from a widget but protect the opening scene from opening by mistake.
  11. Is there a way to sort the devices shown on the screen? In the example I would like to move the item 'keuken logeer'down a few spots on the list below the thermometers. Jordi
  12. I'd like to share with you a little experiment I'm working on: Google Now automation Taken from the video description: Hope you'll enjoy it
  13. Hi all, I installed a dimmer 2. Working properly. Situation I have for dimmer devices (1 master, 3 slaves). 1 master is not visible at devices, 2 of 3 are working. one is not. all four are in the room 'living room' 3 slaves are marked as 'controlled device' 'lighting'. Homecenter Lite Version 4.058 When trying to manage this dimmer the following happens: CORRECT: on my ipad / fibaro app dimmer is visible under the room 'living room' as lights. when I switch of the light in this room all lights (including the dimmer switches of) NOT CORRECT: for scenes I programmed for the lights in the 'living room' the dimmer is not associated. When switching the lights on in the room. The dimmer is not switch on. NOT CORRECT: on my android phone the dimmer is not visible (like on the ipad). When I switch on the lights in the living room, the dimmer won't turn on. The dimmer is not even visible in my app. I did the following: I restarted my homecenter lite I refreshed my connection / data on my devices (ipad / android phone) I waited a day (maybe cached data?) I deleted the dimmer and added it again. What did I miss / what can I do to solve this issue? Best regards, Roel Nicolai
  14. Hi everyone, I recently purchased a Sony TV (KD-65X8509C). The TV is updated with the very latest firmware. I can reach both HC2 and the TV through ping command, so I know network layer is all ok. I've installed the Sony TV plugin in my HC2 (4.056) I set the IP address (I can't retrieve the TV IP address from the browse menu) When I click on "request authorisation key" , nothing happens. I know this process is working fine when I add an additional software to control the TV (such as TV Side view from Sony). Am I missing something ? Any help or recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  15. When I include the Zipato RGBW Bulb I can see the panel and can use it in the web interface. But it is not working with iOS nor Android App. In iOS I can see a panel. But nothing is functional. In Android I cannot see anything. This makes the usage of the Zipate RGBW Bulb rather impractical. Any ideas when this will be fixed - or if at all? Otherwise I would rather send the Zipato RGBW Bulb back to Z-Wave Europe and buy a Philips Hue instead.
  16. As Fibaro has no external keypad system to arm or disarm the alarm, the only way to work is with the tablet. Is there a way to let your tablet (android) make a sound notification when arming the alarm or when entering the building when the alarm is armed? Maybe it's a nice feature in the future?
  17. I've purchased a 9 Inch dedicated home automation tablet. As a flush mount tablets the display has a low pixel intensity (800x480 - 16:9). This is not mean the tablet has a low quality graphics but only the pixel density. Like the Zipato in wall Tablet (800 x 480), I've received this message when the Fibaro for Tablet Start. I and all people that wants a serious and integrated home automation system need the app work on these tablets. I don't hink is a problem run the same interface for 7" and 10" on this resolution because the screen ratio is the same. Why not remove the block at the beginning of your app and let the user decide whether to continue run or not? I know there's the ImperiHome application but The Fibaro app is better and is near to my vision of home automation app... Fibaro Mobile Team: Why don't remove the constraint at startup and on alert popup leave the user to decide if continue or not? P.S. the Android version of tablet is 4.1.1 0 Quote MultiQuote Edit
  18. Zauwazyliscie, ze po jednej z ostatnich aktualizacji 4.036 lub 4.037 (nie wiem bo jestem po za domem i nie korzystalem z aplikacji przez kilka dni, a zostay one wydane w krotkim odstepie czasu). W aplikacjach mobilnych na androida (zarowno telefon jak i tablet) wszystkie wall plugi zniknely? Sa w systemie, przy logowaniu przez przegladarke i co ciekawe sa tez w aplikacji mobilnej na iOS. Sprawdzalem w uprawnieniach i sa dodane a jednak na androidach ich nie widac. Ma ktos ten sam problem?
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