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Found 11 results

  1. I have two sheds that have PIRs connected to fibaro switch. The scene to turn on the light on entry (detected by PIR) is a tad slow. There is also an issue when you turn the light off and walk away and a few seconds later it turns on (in response to your presence a while ago). I was thinking that I could use an association. But is it possible to only turn on the light on PIR detection. I don't want the association to turn it off.
  2. How to synchronize the mode, temperature and wind speed of two HVAC I can't find a way in the associated page. Is there any way to synchronize with LUA scenes or other ways? Thank you
  3. Hi All, Newbie here - keen to learn. After heaps of playing around both with scenes and associations I am still having trouble achieving what should be a very basic task for the Fibaro system. All I’m after is motion detected, light comes on for 1 minute, then switches off (unless further motion is detected within this 1minute window then timer restarts). I have this set up in my pantry with a magic scene, works well but can be delayed so I’m hoping for an associations set up to help speed up the process. I have read many many forums and tried everything obvious to no avail. I managed to get the association to work for 1 minute and switch off....only for the light to immediately flick back on and the 1minute timer restart, this continued on a loop until I removed the association. What did I do wrong..?? thanks in advance for any help!!
  4. Hi , I look to use a "smart implant " to connect an alarm system intelligently to my Zwave network ( Use light flashing for a smoke alarm) I don't plan to use scenes but rather the "association " method I built a test set up where the smartimplant is fed with 9v DC , input 1 (IN1) goes to momentary switch. Goal is to light a yellow bulb when there is an contact closure on IN1 ( IN1 is configured as NO , binary input) It is associated to a Fibaro dual relay module , output 1 ( with yellow Bulb) Association is done in Multichannel mode: The association does not work Other setups using associations do work ( univ sensor with smart plugs, qubino relays with fibaro relays , fibaro dimmers between each other ...) so , why is this one not working? what is configured wrong? additional : what is the meaning of the "Security mode " [ in blue , top of screen ] ? is this a sign of encrypted comms ? if so , do other devices accept hte comms from the smart implant thanks for your support Geert edit : question resolved . A device in security mode can not be associated to a device in non-security mode. For smart implant , the mode is defined at moment of inclusion or [adding the device]
  5. Hi, Im kinda new to the automation world, I just purchased 3 Logic Home Control Fuga ZHC5010 Light switches and they work perfectly fine with associations. However, I have spent a bit of time trying to get them to function in pairs . The issue is that when i use two or more switches for the same lights (dimmers) they do not trigger each switch state meaning. if the light is ON already and you click on another switch wich state is OFF. you have to click twice to turn OFF the lights "i know small problem" I have tried using the Device Grouping function it works one way however when the slave is triggered it does not affect the state of the master switch. Then i have tried to include each switch in the association this sometimes result in a feedback loop going insane. (our nightbour knocked asking if something was wrong because the entire house looked like a Christmas three.) Is there any way to resolve this issue i just can't think of? Thanks in advance! Simon
  6. Hi, I am complete newbie trying to get up to speed with Fibaro/Lua. I have a HC2 running 4.160, several Fibaro Dimmers, a Netatmo weatherstation with two extra indoor modules, all imported into HC2, many Philips Hue lamps (not yet imported into HC2, working on it) and a HeatIT/Multireg Z-wave thermostat for my electrical floor heating in my living room. I find the thermostat is very inaccurate and the room temperature drifts many degrees. Also it only displays setpoint temperature, not actual temperature so I am not sure which tempeature the thermostat "sees". I have a Netatmo weatherstation indoor module in my livingroom that I would like to be used as thermostat room sensor instead of the built-in sensor, alternatively use the average between the two sensors. What is the simplest way of achieving this? I have recently chosen the Netatmo as the main room temperature sensor, but I assume this does not achieve what I want. Also I have considered creating an association between the Netatmo and the thermostat, but have not been able to find out how to do this. I tried searching forum and internet in general. Would appreciate any help the community can provide.
  7. I have had 2 relays switching heating panels working successfully with a SRT321 secure thermostat. I have recently added a third heating panel with its own relay. Every time I try to associate the thermostat/temp sensor with the third relay, it refuses to do so. (The 'corridor relay' in the picture. I tick and save, but when I return to it there is no tick.) All the relays are set up identically.
  8. Hi Probably a stupid question. Fibaro RGBW device and other devices I know that if I remove the mark in Group 5 "Single channel associasions - Home Center 2" so there is no connection between HCL and RGBW device. But what does that by default checkmark in Group 4 - Group 3 - Group 2 - and the group 1? Could it mean something to ram consumption and stability! ? [screenshot - 2016/11/09, 20_17_25.jpg]
  9. Hi All I am using the Fibaro lite device with the fibaro double relays 1,5wx2 When using a scene to switch a light on, the device switches on a whole lot of other lights which I dont want. I suspect that this is cause by associations. How do I make this stop Regards Ian
  10. Hi, I'm having real problems getting a dimmer 2 to control a Tkb dimmer socket from s2. Has anyone been able to get this to work? I've tried all the groups. Hc2 only allows me to set it into multi channel from a dimmer 2, but on a dimmer 1 it allows for single channel. I have them working perfectly from a dimmer 1. Also does anyone have a template for them? Hc2 keeps telling me I need one. Thanks! Tom
  11. Dear Community, I have to mention that I am a newbie in regard to the HC2 and just starting to configure the system. But I analyzed a behavior of the HC2 which seems a bit strange and I hope to get a solution via the forum as the support did not answer "quite fast". I use a MERTEN Radio Argus CONNECT 5095, Motion Detector. Regarding to several posts in the forum this motion detector should work fine with the HC2 even without a template. The device is recognized by the system and successful added. I created associations with 2 lights = working fine as it should. Afterwards I added a simple scene with content like “IF motion detected THEN send email or push or turn on light etc… Result: The Argus motion detector doesn’t work anymore. Even the associations do not work any more. Then: 1. I reconfigured the device, re-created associations = not working 2. I removed and re-added the device, created associations = not working 3. I deleted all motion-detection scenes connected to the device and removed and re-added the device, re-created associations = it is working! So the scene was one issue. But after I re-created a new motion-detection scene with this device = even the association which worked before does not work anymore and also the scene does not work/never worked. In another test, I recognized, that even if I change parameters in the device/advanced menu (like “Notify me”) the HC2 sends a table update for group 1 and 2 to the device and afterwards nothing works anymore. Even after a simple renaming of the device I get the same negative result. It seems, that if I add a scene with this device, it kills the functionality of this device. Any table update will also kill the functionality of the device. The strange thing is, that the associations are still shown correctly in the HC2 after the table update but do not work any more. Are there any workarounds to avoid this issue and to create a scene with this device? I have similar problems with other Merten devices like Merten 2-gang and 4-gang radio button. I can use them for on/off-functionality (associations only), but not add a scene for these devices. Thank you very much!
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