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Found 6 results

  1. I am trying to start a boiler and a heater from an URL that has a lot of prices and timestamps. I am using Home Center 2. I have no idea where to start from, I understand I need VD (Virtual Devices) and Scenes, but anything I have tried hasn't worked sadly. How can I start a boiler and a heater during the lowest prices with JSON timestamp values from an URL? If required, I can post the URL here. Can anyone help me?
  2. Hello. I have written a code in LUA 5.4 which gives me a list of prices and timestamps through a URL, and on FIBARO HC2 it wont work. I understand that FIBARO HC2 uses Lua 5.1 or something like that. I am trying to start a boiler and a heater using HC2, but I have no idea how to start with that. How can I start the boiler and a heater at the time when prices are low on HC2 using a website URL? If required, I will provide more information in the comments. Thanks in advance.
  3. I am using a Fibaro Single Switch and a Eve Door Sensor that checks if garage door is open or closed, to automate my garage door. The Fibaro Single Switch is connected to a Relais which is uses as a Trigger for the Garage Door Motor Control. I also have manual Triggers in the Garage to open and close the door. I have two scenes in my HomeKit configured: Open Garage - that will acrivate the Switch so the relais is triggered and the Motor is started. Then there is a Automation that checks the Door Sensor. When the door sensor openes, the fibaro switch is switched off so that the relais is released - the door will open to then end position. 2nd Scene os Close Garage - the Fibaro Switch will be activated again, the reails will again trigger the motor control and the garage door will close. The Automation now is, when door sensor detects door closed the Fibaro Switch will be switched off. It worked fine unitl some days ago the "open Garage" Automation is not working - The garage door will be opened, but the automation does not switch off the Fibaro Switch - that means that then Reails is alwas closed and the trigger to the Motor Control is "always on" - so the control does not react on close or other signals. I have to switch off the Fibaro manually with the HomeKit app or the Fibaro Home App. Beside that - the "close garage" Automation works fine. I alreade deleted the Scenes and the Automation. I checked for firmware etc. All other Automation is working fine. Anybody here with an Idea!? Thanks you
  4. Hi Fibaro. I am using the Heat Controler with Homekit automation for some time now. No major problems with exception to frequent calibrations (which you need to address by the way). My issue is that whenever the Controller starts its cycle of descaling or calibration or whatever it is doing (engine works loudly for a couple of seconds), it doesn’t resume the temperature setting it had before. It sets itself to 20 degrees Celsious. I have to set the temperature back to its previous setup manually from automation again. My mode is set to manual and hold. The temparature is set by automation. My hub is atv4k. Could you please help with this?
  5. Hello to community, I like to share some thoughts about the Fibaro as Home Alarm system that may think and act. As I m not a coder, I like to share basic ideas hoping that people like them and build a sence/vd to make them real. On the other hand, as I have been victim of home break in more than once on the past, I have start to take security more than serious. I know that it is told to forum that fibaro can not be used as a burglar alarm. I may agree if the burglar is a tech guru or is part of law enforcement body. In this case break in would be the smallest problem I may face. Also believing that I may have the most advanced alarm system can save me from break in. False, I admit that. I just need to go one lever higher from the common burglar to alarm system configuration. First of all, you need to think as burglar to build a security alarm for your property. Increase safety everywhere on same level. For example putting a security door with high tech locks may force burglar to search for a easy opening window. Do a security audit for your property. I believe to human stupidity (I was victim of that on first time). So let fibaro to take care whatever you do not like to repeat. Install sensors on smart way. Where I install a door contact I ALWAYS put a motion sensor out of that door. I have a sence that when motion sensor detects motion, it arms door contact for an amount of time, even the alarm is not armed. Placing a button close that door can provide the cancellation of door contact arm status. it is used on Patio doors, or garden doors that have limited access from outside as also limited movement. On entrance I ask from community to build a sence that can trigger a notification/alarm if someone is outside the door for more that 1 min. It can be useful for people living in apartments. Surprise unexpected "guests"! A strobe light is triggered in the period of night by a fibaro plug. Opening lights can help burglar to search on the rooms. A strobe light disorientates! Also people that have garden in front, sprinkler system can be a solution (a wet burglar is easily spotted in the first minutes) Get more that 1 siren and hide them. The new trend on house break in is to remove siren and submerge into water (game over). So be prepared! Use bluetooth tags for detecting people presence. IMHO is the easiest way to arm and disarm alarm. I wish some day fibaro can give a native ble interface. If someone has a safer or reliable way I like to discuss about. On vacation mode add dummy users with their email and assign them on the security sences. It may save you and your vacations. I wish one day in my Country to get an email address the police station close to me @Fibaro do you have any glass break sensors? Now days, burglars break door glass. No contact is activated, burgars get 3-5 secs time to cut power (game over). When you left property, set your cameras on continuous recording using sences/vd. There is a possibility to records movements out of the area you have placed for motion trigger recording (may be a second person that support the person that break in) Night time inside home? Arm the perimeter and lock the doors! That is not news BUT if you place a micro-switch on the frame of the door (where lock is placed) and triggered when you lock the door, you can do 2 tasks in 1. Locking the door, automatic arm the perimeter. you can you binary switch or even window/door contact ( @Fibaro great idea to have this interface). Keep notifications as low as you can. We, humans, get confused with much info and by time we could not understand the severity of info. Trap the central power panel with contact sensor. Even if it inside house, it is a good practice to understand if/when they powered down main power switch. it may be a good reason to power up a backup generator. Build a maintenance scheduler for z-wave battery replacement (z wave devices, batteries of UPS that supports Fibaro HC2, camera lens clean, etc) that can be send as notification. Hardware request: Build a pressure sensor. If you use a silicon tube full of water and put a pressure sensor on one end and the other side is blind, you can you installed it on fences as pressure sensor, connecting to fibaro binary sensor you can get protection from climbing fences, balconies with the minimum false alarm. For now that is my thoughts, ideas. Hope someone find them helpful or even better build them.
  6. Hi there Forum-peoples… Here’s my post on Window Automation using chain- and spindle actuators with an Roller shutter 2 module from Fibaro… Sure this is already done, but I think I found an way for easy hardware install and payable solution. An other reason is that i dint find a sollution within the Zwave products range that can open a roof dome up to 30cm or higher. First off all, something about me… I am an newbie in the Zwave (or so with Fibaro) world. I am learning by Trial on Error… The little things I know I learned in this forum and I follow @Sankotronic’s post mainly. Please keep in mind I am new to this, so always pick your own brain for your own solution you need for your house… I can only give you guys a head start or a burned down house. I needed a solution for my roof domes and for my bedroom top windows. So here is how I did it: You need the following: - The right motor for your window - A regular Roller shutter wall switch (not automated) - Some electric cabling - A Roller shutter 2 module from Fibaro - A piece of wood to bite on when you get frustrated (so your wife won’t hear you scream) - The Power of @Sankotronic VD and Scenes Choosing the motor: There are a few things you might wane consider before buying the most expensive thing for this project. - How much space do you have to screw on and place the motor. For my solution I always want to have a mosquito-net available. I build an extra wooden frame around my bedroom window to get it fitted. - How far do you want to have the windows opened? I personally (by Trial on Error) think that 30 cm will do for the roof domes. If you want more cm, then the motor you will need might be bigger and wont fit. - How much Newton power will you need. On the website I will give you, there is a calculation table you can use, about the Newton power you will need. But I think about 250N to 450N will be enough. The more Newton the more you pay. Also lookout that the Power of the motor wont crush your window (my rooftop is from the material PVC) - Take a motor with an in build auto stop! I think you need this to get it to work with the Roller Shutter 2 Module of Fibaro. You need to adjust a parameter (will discuss this later). - Take a good look at the currents you need for your country. For easy installation I went for 230V motors (and not the 12V versions). They could be directly connected to the Roller shutter 2 module of Fibaro. - Which type of motor do you need (Chain- or Spindle Actuator) I tried the Chain actuator first for my roof dome. But as it needs to open up to 30 cm the chain starts to hang to the right. So when wind blows there may be some sounds coming from the movement of the chain. I didn’t want this. If you only want to open an window for 15 cm then the chain version will work fine. A spindle actuator needs more space for placing. But I think a spindle actuator is ideal for Roof domes. For a top windows you want to go for a chain actuator. Else you don’t have the space for a mosquito net. Take a look at this website: http://www.windowo.eu/window_automation The company is in Italy.. At first I didn’t trust this website, because they have a few mistakes on it (like the VAT: it says its included but its not) I tested the website by beginning to buy 1 motor first. The delivery took about 2 to 4 weeks to the Netherlands. Then again they are so cheap its unbelievable… For my Roof dome I bought the: Spindle Actuator Raywin R45 450N 230V 50 Hz Comunello Mowin Raywin R45 - stroke (mm): 235-300 mm 2 motors for 261 euro (incl Vat and shipment) For the bedroom Top Window I bought the: Liwin L35 Chain Actuator 230V 50 Hz L=<1250 Comunello Mowin Comunello color choice: White 2 motors for 169 euro (incl Vat and shipment) I can adjust the max stroke with a dipswitch setting on the motors (Chain and Spindle) Choosing a Wall switch (no automation): I bought a standard roller shutter wall switch. With this switch you can’t push accidentally up and down at the same time… Not sure if it is important, but I went for this solution. So if your HC2 isn’t working you still can close your windows. Choosing a Zwave module: I went for the Roller Shutter 2 module from Fibaro. Yes indeed, you need some space in your walling to connect all cables, the wall switch and the Fibaro module… So keep that in mind for where you want to place the switch’s. I have two rooftop windows and two bedroom top windows… Yes you can connect all four windows to one Roller shutter 2 module of Fibaro (as long you don’t exceed the power levels of the module). But I need a different scene for my rooftop window (must close quicker when rain or wind) then for my bedroom top windows… So I decided to buy 2 Roller shutters… General tip: Buy only one thing of each item you need and make a test environment. Also test first and then place it. Connecting it all: Ok here you need to pick your own brain, if you cant then don’t start this project yourself. Get a friend to help you with the electricity etc. In generally you can directly connect the cable’s from the motor for up and down to the Roller Shutter 2 Module of Fibaro Q1 and Q2. Use S1 and S2 for your wall switch. Installing the Roller Shutter 2 Module from Fibaro: For me this was the most difficult part. If you won’t succeed at first, don’t give up (I almost did) Connect/install the Roller Shutter to your Fibaro. I hope you have first made a test environment to setup your first motor. You need to calibrate it for Max open and close. This took me some time and I found it easier to test it all, so I wouldn’t have to run across the whole house. On the “Advance-tab” of your Device under topic “Advanced” you need to put the “Controlled Device:” to “Blinds with positioning active” Parameter 18: Here starts your Trial on Error and you need that piece of wood I mentioned in the beginning and place it between your teeth… I have set my Chain actuator to 3 Watt for parameter 18. If you don’t change this setting it will not work. You now have to press Calibration button (almost back on top off page). If the Chain doesn’t go all the way up or down, adjust the amount of Watt. I noticed that while going Up or Down, the Roller Shutter 2 module of Fibaro needs to detect an amount of power. So it knows if the motor is on its top or bottom. This is also why you need to buy an Motor that has its own Auto Stop. So when the motor has power, the roller shutter module senses it and gives it current until the motor stops and doesn’t consume power. For my Spindle actuator it didn’t work with only adjusting Parameter 18. They are different motors so I had set this Parameter 18 to 6Watt. But still it didn’t always worked. Then I found that I also needed to adjust parameter 17. I set this parameter to 5.2 seconds. I think this is the time it waits when last minimal current was measured… So playing with Parameter 17 and 18 was my biggest struggle. Scenes Now you have created your devices, you need a scene… Again as a newbie I just created something that works for me. It has no clean code (error checking etc). I hope that @Sankotronic or others will use my solution so I can get a proper Scene in the future. Because I have Netatmo weather station I can use the CO2 lvl for automatic opening. Handy if you have visitors. It might also first check if the windows shouldn’t be opened in case of wind and rain. One other thing I like about window automation is that with an simple code you can at it to your smoke alarm, opening windows when smoke is detected so you get the change to run out of your house without to many smoke in your way. Even now you got use for the Netatmo Noise sensor. It can help you close your bedroom window when noice is detected. Not hard to code but I have no need for this now. For now I only created a scene for automatic closing, when it rains or when the wind gusts are too high. I did this for the wind and rain separately. I use an Netatmo Wind- and rainsensor. You will need the power of @Sanktronic [VD] Weather State v2.0 and [SCENE+VD] Netatmo weather station v2.0 - to get the weather information. Main scene for time based events v1.2.5 - for the scene’s to start. WindRoofDomeClose - Scene: When Windgust are to high i need them to close automaticly. --[[ %% properties %% events %% globals --]] -- setting up variables wT = json.decode(fibaro:getGlobalValue("WeatherState")) local stationNo = 1 local guststrenght = wT.netatmo[stationNo].wind.gust; local idroofdomes = tonumber(fibaro:getGlobalValue("IDRoofDomes")); -- IDRoofDomes is ID of my RolleshutterModule local idgsmibie = tonumber(fibaro:getGlobalValue("IdGsmIbie")); -- ID of my mobile phone local roofdomesstate = tonumber(fibaro:getValue(idroofdomes,"value")); -- Open or Close state if roofdomesstate > tonumber "0" and guststrenght >= tonumber "75" -- here i can adjust the Wind gust strength for Closing then -- Sending message to my phone fibaro:call(idgsmibie, "sendDefinedPushNotification", "183") -- 183 is the ID for my message created in the Notification panel -- Close window fibaro:call(idroofdomes, "setValue", "0") end RainRoofDomeClose - Scene: This script is checking the weather on http://openweathermap.org/ As a test I also added a check for my Netatmo Rainsensor. If Internet would be down, it works as a sort of fail save… Floors will be wet because it will take at least 15 min. to close. But rather 15 mins then hours of rain in my home when I am asleep in summer. --[[ %% properties %% events %% globals --]] -- setting up variables wT = json.decode(fibaro:getGlobalValue("WeatherState")) local stationNo = 1 local weathercastid = wT.openmap[stationNo].w_id; -- Weathercast ID local netatmorainsensor = wT.netatmo[stationNo].rain.hour; -- Netatmo rain/hour local idroofdomes = tonumber(fibaro:getGlobalValue("IDRoofDomes")); -- IDRoofDomes is ID of my RolleshutterModule local idgsmibie = tonumber(fibaro:getGlobalValue("IdGsmIbie")); -- ID of my mobile phone local roofdomesstate = tonumber(fibaro:getValue(idroofdomes,"value")); -- Open or Close state if roofdomesstate > tonumber "0" and -- rain detection from http://openweathermap.org/ ( (weathercastid == tonumber("200")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("201")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("202")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("210")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("211")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("212")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("221")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("230")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("231")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("232")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("300")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("301")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("302")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("310")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("311")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("312")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("313")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("314")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("321")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("500")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("501")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("531")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("502")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("503")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("504")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("511")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("520")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("521")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("522")) -- rain detection from Netatmo Rain Sensor or netatmorainsensor > tonumber "0" ) then -- Sending message to my phone fibaro:call(idgsmibie, "sendDefinedPushNotification", "186") -- 186 is the ID for my message created in the Notification panel -- Close Windows fibaro:call(idroofdomes, "setValue", "0") end Icons: Roof Dome device and scene: Bedroom Top Window Device: Note: Please keep in mind I am still a rookie… Not used to create this automation and not used to write about what I have created… Hope my post will help some of u to take a leap of faith and start automate your windows. I like to end this as @Sankotronic says: Enjoy coding and in this case assembling I am also working on a Walking Fridge solution… But as long my future wife’s name isn’t Fridge, it’s not going to happen
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