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  1. Czy ta kamera może zostać zsynchronizowana z Fibaro? https://www.tp-link.com/pl/business-networking/vigi-network-camera/vigi-c440/ W jaki sposób można łatwo sprawdzić czy kamera jest kompatybilna z systemem? Z góry dziękuję za pomoc!
  2. Hallo ! New to this forum, and Fibaro 3 (5.031.33) I have 3 Arlo Pro Cam's that I would like to activate/de-activate with the doorlook ID lock 150 (Z- wave). If possible that Arlo actives 20 sec after door is locked. And de-activate when the door is un-locked Is there anyway to make this happen, beside ITFF? BR Joran
  3. Hi, I have a EZVIZ Camera CS-CV310 and I wonder how I can add it to the HC2 as there is no plugin for that camera. Any thoughts?  Thanks
  4. Hi I recently figured out that my scenes with sending picture to e-mail from a ip camera not working anymore. It stops working around November 2017, I think after update to 4.150 or 4.140. Now running 4.170 on HC2 and command "sendPhotoToUser" not working. Button with camera logo on the device which used to send a snapshot to mail, also doesn't work. Has anyone else same issue? Code which should send a picture looks like this: Exactly the same code coming from block scene, when I making new scene now and converting to lua. --[[ %% properties 874 value %% weather %% events %% globals --]] local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); if ( ( tonumber(fibaro:getValue(874, "value")) > 0 ) -- id 874 is triggering device or startSource["type"] == "other" ) then fibaro:call(648, "sendPhotoToUser", "2"); -- 648 is a camera id, 2 is a user id end Camera's settings and plugins/for cameras wasn't changed since this worked.
  5. Hello, I want that my HC2 sends a snapshot to me by mail from my Hikvision DS-2DE4A220IW-DE. I see the video of my Hikvision in my HC2 and the app, but snapshots still not working . I have created the LUA scene SendPhotoToUser to my user ID 2. JPG path: Streaming/channels/1/picture MJPG stream path: Streaming/channels/102/Preview There should be something wrong with the JPG path, so I have contacted Hikvision for the path url's of Hikvision camera's. (See attachment for document). The document shows that Snapshot using HTTP URL should be; http://<IP address of IPC>:<HTTP port>/Streaming/channels/1/picture. (NOTE: If the HTTP port of the device is still 80 (default), then “:<HTTP port>” is not required.) So for me it's: this works in the browser but not in the HC2. I tried with HTTP port and without the port, and with and without http:// and the beginning. Who could help me out with this? Kevin rtsp and http urls.pdf
  6. Implemented doorbird. Advice is to use Axis Generic cam in order to display live feed from the door bird intercom.
  7. I try to use my Edimax IC-6220DC but it does not work reliable. Does anyone can help ?
  8. Hi guys I have some trouble to found url for my ip camera can anyone help me
  9. Hello. I'm plannig to add an outdoor camera to my HCL, preferibly PoE. I can get good prices from DLink, but others will be good. Thks in advance
  10. I don't get my Motorola Fucus 73 cameras up in HC2 anymore, but Fucus 66 still works. Anyone else with the same problem? The username and password (in the Fibaro fields) is still admin / admin ? I use this: JPG: cgi-bin/jpg/image.cgi MJPG: axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi Left: ?action=command&amp;command=move_left Right: ?action=command&amp;command=move_right Up: ?action=command&amp;command=move_backward Down: ?action=command&amp;command=move_forward
  11. Hi. How to add 4 cameras to Fibaro HCL 4.100? I know http links to show all 4 channels: HIKVISION DVR DS-7204HWI-SH - DVR videorecorder with 4 analog kamerashttp://<USER>:<PASS>@<DVR IP ADDRESS>:<PORT>/PSIA/Streaming/channels/101/picture - Cam 1http://<USER>:<PASS>@<DVR IP ADDRESS>:<PORT>/PSIA/Streaming/channels/201/picture - Cam 2http://<USER>:<PASS>@<DVR IP ADDRESS>:<PORT>/PSIA/Streaming/channels/301/picture - Cam 3http://<USER>:<PASS>@<DVR IP ADDRESS>:<PORT>/PSIA/Streaming/channels/401/picture - Cam 4 How to use these links to add cameras in Fibaro Home Center Lite??? These links work great on Vera EDGE controller and other software to use with cameras.... Please, help. TNX!
  12. After my last update, my installed cameras did not want to work anymore. the models are DS-2CD2F42FWD-IWS, ds-2cd2142fwd-i, ds-2cd2442fwd-iw, and another camera with ip noname I do not have her model. How can I recover the impeccable camera in the fibrous home center2. Please help me to make a scene like when the door sensor at the entrance to the house changes the condition of the camera to send me a picture of who entered / exited the mail. Thank you in advance
  13. it's possible to integrate HC2 with an ip-camera by specifying URL:s for the video stream and controlling it with left/right/up/down URL:s etc. This is one-way communication from HC2 to the camera. Now, some cameras can be armed/disarmed, which means that it will start to record when it detects motion. The idea is that this should trigger an alarm in HC2. My idea is to have a scene which can arm/disarm the camera and then, when the camera detects motions it should trigger a scene in HC2. Has anyone figured out how to trigger a scene in HC2 when the camera detects motion? Is there any kind of support for this? Also, is it possible to arm/disarm your camera through HC2?
  14. Hello, I would like to share review/guide of Netatmo Welcome camera. Main reason for this, is that yesterday (09.02.19) this camera became available for Apple Home Kit, and live preview delay (through standard app) has been decreased from 6-8 sec to 0,5 (most probably these issues are connected). I wanted to use this one as baby monitor, 6sek was too much, but 0,5 is good enough - so I have taken it back from trash bin. Also I got a couple of questions - most probably this article could be filled. 1. Turn On and Connect to Netatmo security app 1. No problems with this, Netatmo app will guide through all process (rotate camera, share network data, etc) 2. After connection - live preview will work quite well, but with often "buffernigs" 3. Live preview delay around 0,5sek (a few days before was around 6, and confirmed by netatmo that it is normal) 4. Also I have noticed, that connection through LAN or WiFi - makes no difference for quality. 2. Connect to Apple Home Kit 1. There is separate option to allow access to Apple Home Kit - 2. During this image with code will be shown and saved to photos libraby 3. Go to apple home kit and make connection fast and easy 3. Get Snapshot and Live preview link 3.1. Go to https://dev.netatmo.com 3.2. Use your credentials (provided in p1) to Login 3.3. How to Get VPN Link: 3.3.1. Follow 5 steps on picture 3.3.2. Additional textboxes will appear 3.3.3. Leave everything blank, and press TRY IT NOW 3.3.4. Follow path until your camera, by pressing arrows on the left Body => Homes => Cameras => you will see your camera (actually you could compare mac address just to be sure) 3.3.5. Copy link without ", but with commas in the end. You will get something like this https://v9.netatmo.net...your_long_vpn_link_active_3_hours,, 3.4. How to Get local links - we are getting closer 3.4.1. Add /command/ping in the end on this link, and paste to internet browser E.g.: https://v9.netatmo.net...your_long_vpn_link_active_3_hours,,/command/ping Result: 3.4.2. Local Url - is your local link to get access to camera http://192.168._your_local_link Example: 3.4.3. Snapshot: Just add /live/snapshot_720.jpg result: http://192.168._your_local_link/live/snapshot_720.jpg Example: Put it in browser and you should see snapshot 3.4.4. Live Preview Add /live/files/medium/index.m3u8 result: http://192.168._your_local_link_5f/live/files/medium/index.m3u8 You can replace medium to low, poor, high - and get different quality levels. Put it in browser and you should see live video. If not, replace "index" to "index_local" 4. Connect to Fibaro 4.1. Devices => Add New => Camera => Advanced Settings 4.1.1.Choose Other model 4.1.2. Choose http as protocol 4.1.3. Write camera local IP, which you got from p3.4.2. e.g. e.g. 4.1.4. JPG path and MJP path to be the same: E.g. E.g. df6ds7fds68f6ds8f6ds8768ff6d/live/snapshot_720.jpg Please note: data on figure is informative
  15. Hello! I've a MJPEG stream on my network at If I open the stream at my webbrowser, I see the stream correctly. I putted in the webportal of Fibaro in a new camera. Protocol: http IP: JPG URL: /camera.mjpeg MJPG URL: /camera.mjpeg Problem is: I see a good view of the cam in the webportal, but I don't see a view (it says: No Video) in the app. And if I make a "screenshot" by clicking on the camera-icon in the webportal, I get an email with a corrupted JPEG-file. What am I doing wrong? Please help!
  16. Hello all, Some little scrotum has ripped bits off my car on my driveway so I'm in need of a good camera that can be integrated into my fibaro system. Does anyone have any recommendations for an outdoor camera, preferable wired, day and night with good quality I can use? Thanks
  17. Hello, I bought two Vstarcam C7824WIP. Has anyone experience in connecting this camera, or other Vstarcam, to Fibaro. I am not able to get picture / video in Fibaro Lite. Many thanks in advance. Roberto.
  18. hi, I need to know the advantages of using IP cameras integrated in smart home system. Because I cannot find any reason to connect it to my smart home network. most of IP cameras offer free mobile application and full service for live view, back up and so on... in addition, it is advisable to avoid using anything unnecessary in your security system, because it will degrade your security level. thank you.
  19. Hi, I've added my zwave door lock for the millionth time and synchronised it again, but I can't actually get the lock to open when a code is entered whilst it is synched and on the zwave network. If i remove it from the network then the codes work fine. I have about 2 weeks to work out how best to allow access to a number of people throughout the day as my mother inlaw who is very elderly has come to live with us, and requires a lot of external services and support. I've also got some issues with cameras that I would like to sort out as they don't show up all the time in the user interface when they should. So, as I'm doing this 'for real' now, I'm thinking of getting a secondary controller to control doors and cameras better. I believe Vera is a good option for doorlock, access and camera control ? can anyone confirm this please. I need to get something happening sooner rather than later, and since door locks are still limited and unreliable since many betas ago, my hand is being forced. Lighting is a dream currently, and with the fibaro button and sensors within the alarm system it's fantastic, but locks are very important to me now. Cheers, al.
  20. Greetings, I am trying to get a Dahua IPC HDBW4431EP-AS to show image on my tablet and smartphone, it works fine via a webbrowser but on the tablet and smartphone I get the black "no videoscreen". To compare I am using an Acti E12 camera aswell and while the quality/fps is low, there is image in the tablet and mobile app. The only considerable difference between these cameras I can see is that resolution of the Acti can go down to 640x320 pixels while the lowest setting for the dahua is 720p. Has anyone else experienced the same issue? Does anyone know if there are certain restrictions for which image streams the fibaro can show?(Settings/configurations that have to be made?)
  21. Got my camera working (Foscam C1), but the small jpg preview image in the web interface doesn't work. It does work in the app though. If I examine the URL HC2 is using to display the image it seems to add "?ts=xxx" at the end. That doesn't work well with the camera which doesn't expect two question marks in the url. The numbers behind seem to be some kind of serial number. If I remove that part the image displays. What is HC2 doing here?
  22. amatt

    Camera on TV

    Does anyone know of a way that when someone rings your doorbell and you are watching tv that it will display a live view on your tv of your ip camera located at your doorstep?
  23. Hi, I have decided to tackle the cameras part of my setup and I'm looking for some help and maybe some guidance from some of the camera gurus. I have spent the night reading the camera posts and unfortunately I am none the wiser I have decided to take the bold step and create a new post I have 4 Trendnet https://www.trendnet.com/products/ip-cameras/TV-IP311PI dome cameras and they are hooked to my Synology NAS Surveillance station .. all the is working dandy .. but I have this cool HC2 that I'd like to make work a little more for its money... I have the cameras added using the Hikvision Ds2cd2132i plugin. I understand the cameras are the same 'under the hood' In the web UI using chrome I can't see the picture but if I switch to Firefox I can see the picture. The same happens if I go directly to the camera UI so I'm putting that down to some chrome extension that is not compatible. This is the way I have them setup (hc2 settings and camera settings) JPG stream - Streaming/channels/102/Picture MJPG stream - Streaming/channels/102/Preview Ultimately I'd like to be able to detect motion in the area using my sensor and grab a snapshot but would like start small. I have not been able to get any tablet or phone to show the images either on my local LAN or remotely. I have tried iPad2, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy 4 (10" and 7"), Insignia Tablet (10-" android) or a galaxy S7 or S6 phones Considering what I have and what I have treid could anybody offer a course of treatment I could try (besides throwing the camera in the bin) Thanks in advance -f
  24. I didn't see this on the forum, but if your "a" user that does not have access rights to change anything, how come you can still read the userid/password from camera's? If you have chrome and right mouse on the camera image and say inspect, you can find below code: <img src="/api/proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2Fadmin%3APLAINTEXTPASSWORD%40192.168.1.61%2Fcontrol%2Ffaststream.jpg%3Fstream%3Dfull%3Fts%3D1485011648969" id="FG-39-jpegStream" style="width: 265px; float: left; margin: 20px 0px 0px 55px;"> I don't think that should be there..
  25. I'm looking for a solution to get more grip in my house to see what's going on after being triggered. I have an Aritech alarm system, attached to a binary sensor which is notifying Fibaro when one of our doors is being opened. This works fine... I have now two possibilities: 1. attach an alarm sirene like the Neo Coolcam, but this only produces a sound (like a doorbell) and some light flashing 2. mount an iPad to the wall and run the Fibaro app For finding a solution for option 2 my question is: would it be possible to pop-up the camera screen in the Fibaro iPad app to notify people in the house somebody is approaching via one of my doors in the house? Possibly along with a signal/sound? What do you think of the best app for an iPad which is mounted to the wall? Is Fibaro app the only option? I don't really like the app as my iPad home-screen as for end-users it's probably a bit too technical and I would prefer per room a picture with sensors/actors in the room to make things logical and easy for non-technical users. Any advice is welcome.
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