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  1. Hi, Is there a way to associate a RGBW controller (FGRGB-101) as a master, with a Dimmer 2 module (FGD-212) as a slave, either as a Z-Wave direct association or with a LUA script on the main controller? My goal is to dim LEDs connected to 110-240V AC, with a distant low voltage RGBW module. LEDs are connected to a Dimmer 2 module. 30 feet away, a 12V DC RGBW controller interprets the variable output of an analog sensor. I'd like to dim the distant LEDs accordingly to the level the RGBW module would set if it was directly connected to equivalent 12V DC LEDs. In other wo
  2. I have run several tests to check how the dimmer2 modules reacts on different light sources and amounts. It seems that when you use halogen light sources of more then 600 watts, and reduce the maximum brightness level enough so that the load does not exceed 250 watts, the dimmer gets overheated and turns itself off after some time. .. can anyone else confirm this behavior and perhaps know of a fix ?
  3. I installed a dimmer 2 several months ago and on the advanced set up panel i can give it Lili commands. This works well and enables me to turn the lights on and off using Lili. I installed two more dimmer 2 modules yesterday (the same firmware as the previous) but i dont have the option in the advanced panel to set Lili commands. This entrigued me so i checked all my other devices and it seems i cant find an option for this for any of them other than the dimmer 2 module already mentioned. What gives? How can i set voice commands to my other modules? Why is the option missing on the other t
  4. Hi, I have a Dimmer 2 that I'm using with 16x 5w Megaman dimmable LED GU10s (141391). It's in a 3-wire configuration. I'm using them with a Vera Edge but I don't think that's important for my issue. My issue is that it doesn't dim down anywhere low enough. At full brightness they report 87 watts, but at 1% dim, they are currently reporting 20.3 watts which is still pretty bright! Also, the dim range is far from linear. There is almost no decrease in light/power dropping from 100% to 50%. It's only when I get below about 40% that there is much noticeable decrease. I've done a couple
  5. Hi all, I've done a quick search but can only find incredibly complex scripts to work with the motion sensor on here - I'm just trying to learn the basics first! I have a Fibaro Dimmer2 controlling wall lights and a Fibaro Motion Sensor. I want to turn the lights on when it detects movement and then turn them off after it has checked for 5 minutes of no activity. Using this page by FibaroUK: http://www.fibarouk.co.uk/support/getting-started/motion-activated-lights/ and this LUA script: --[[ %% properties 56 value (Set to my Motion ID) %% globals --]] local motionID = 56 (Se
  6. Hi, I have a couple of Dimmer2 modules attached to single (toggle) switch and they work fine. I have one Dimmer2 attached to a double toggle switch 2 wire setup. It is the latter one that is causing the issues. When it hasn't been activated for a while, it acts strangely. Upon activation, either via switch, scene or within the app, it blinks for a split second, shortly followed by an attempt to turn on and then turns off again. Then I have to flip the switch a couple of times before it turns on completely. Then once it has been turned on it responds to commands perfectly. I
  7. Hello All, I have got a number of Philips Hue GU10 (color) spots sitting behind a dimmer2. I basically have these spots at a dim level of 100% at all times and use the Hue Plugin and scripts leveraging this plugin to control the dim level. It would be nice (ideal even) if I could attach a switch to S2 on dimmer2. Then capture dim levels from S2 to drive a scene that calls the Hue Plugin to pass on or synchronise the dim levels accordingly. I know how to set dim levels though the Hue Plugin, but have not been able to figure out how to capture dim levels from S2 on dimmer2. Is there
  8. Hi, Does anyone know if a dimmer2 can be used solely as a remote switch - using S2 only. i.e. without anything connected to S1 or Load I'm trying to control another Dimmer2 unit - one at the top of the stairs - with the light, the other at the bottom - where I just have 3-way power - but no light. Should this work? Do I need a Load on the Dimmer2 unit for the S2 to send events? Any suggestions? [i have a working Dimmer2 S2 -> Relay, but this dimmer has a light connected to S1 + L, so similar but not exactly the same!]
  9. Goodmorning, I installed a dimmer 2 in a very simple setting, just trying to understand the concept at first. I installed it exacly like this video: Result: - dimmer2 is found as device in my hc2lite - I can switch on / off a regular bulb (40w) - however it is not possible to dim the bulb (sliding via the webinterface simply does have no effect). Anyone a suggestion how to fix? And one another question: In my fibaro webinterface I see three 'dimmer devices'. 2 are working, one is not. What is de difference between those three? Best regards, Roel Nicolai beginne
  10. Hi, I'm new to Fibaro and am looking to wire in a Dimmer 2 to a circuit which has 2 way switching. As I am not an electrician, I do not understand why the lights only work with one of the 2 way switches on/off. I have the Sx terminal connected to wire going to the other switch with S1 connected to the switch at the Dimmer 2. There are neutrals at the switch which are connected to N and the system works OK as long as I don't use the wall switches. Can anyone help me please? Thanks.
  11. Hi, I have a Dimmer 2 with two switches. I want the S2 to control the on/off & Brightness of a Fibaro RGB Module. I've had the exact same set-up working fine with a Dimmer 1. The problem I have is the RGB Module doesn't come on with a single click, only with a press and hold. And when it does come on its not at its last state, rather it comes on at the min level. I don't really understand all the new associations, I currently have it set at EndPoint 0, Group 5, although I've tried Group 4 too. Whats strange is the RGB Module will switch off with a single click, it just won't switc
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