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Found 18 results

  1. I have a case of turning off the air conditioner on the FIBARO software with the ZXT-600 to hang out. When I came back, the air conditioner was still working when no one was there. other times when weekly outings and similar situation above waste energy and cost money. But after checking again, the air conditioner is still operating normally. Does anyone have a solution to guide me to completely handle the above situation?
  2. The example JSON in swagger states that a request similar to the first code in this post sent to IP/api/devices as POST should create plugin. Well, response is (verbatim) the second code. I think that extra quotation mark appearing twice in "message" is an indicator of an internal error, and HC can't recongnize the device type. And I'm certain of that because after querying another device (IP/api/devices/{deviceId}), or querying device type hierarchy (IP/devices/hierarchy), that device type exists. I'm open to other opinions, perhaps I'm doing something wrong even. JSON in swagger: { "name": "name", "type": "com.fibaro.binarySwitch", "roomID": 219 } Server response: { "type": "ERROR", "reason": "Type not found", "message": "Plugin for type 'com.fibaro.binarySwitch'' does not exist." }
  3. Dear all, I have 4 FGK-101 sensors that cant be included any more. They were wrongly forcefully excluded and now i have tried to reintegrate them, tried to exclude them again and also tried reset several times with no luck. Anyone that have suggestions on how to save them? Best regards, Daniel
  4. I have one Dimmer 2 in a 2 wire connection. The load is 6 x 12v halogen spots, 35 watt. The load should not be to much as far as I can see, but I get Power Surge error all the time. The transformer is a standard transistor type. I have tested the following without any luck: 1. Adjusted max and min parameter 1 and 2 to minimum 20 and max 70% 2. Forced several autosync #13 3. Then manually forced the dimmer by parameter #30 to Trailing Edge mode, and tested leading edge as well, no changes 4. Even tried to change L and N to the "wrong" position just to verify 5. Fully reset the device Firmware is the latest, I think it's V3.5. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thomas
  5. Hi all, I have an issue trying to make and HTTPS POST request from my LUA scnene in Fibaro HC. I am getting "short read" error with the URL "https://api2.magicair.tion.ru/idsrv/oauth2/token" This is my scene: ============================================= --[[ %% properties %% events %% globals --]] local authData = "username=XXX&password=YYY" function doTest() print('Test!') local requestUrl = "https://api2.magicair.tion.ru/idsrv/oauth2/token" local httpClient = net.HTTPClient() httpClient:request(requestUrl, { options = { method = "POST", headers = { ["Content-Type"] = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded", ["Content-Length"] = tostring(authData:len()) }, data = authData, timeout = 5000 }, success = function (response) fibaro:debug (response.data) end, error = function (err) fibaro:debug ("Error: " .. err) end }) setTimeout(doTest, 5*1000) end print('Script start...') doTest() ============================================= I am getting the following in my log: [DEBUG] 15:16:52: Script start... [DEBUG] 15:16:52: Test! [DEBUG] 15:16:52: Error: short read I have been trying to play with headers, data format, timeouts and all parameters I could find, however I always get the same error with the provided URL. Other HTTPS URLS I tried with GET method works just fine. Also I have been trying to do the same with cURL and it works fine with the exact same set of headers and payload (with full credentials string, of course). So the issue is somehow connected with this specific URL: "https://api2.magicair.tion.ru/idsrv/oauth2/token" The Internet is saying that short read problem in HTTPClient request might be related to ciphering protocols mismatch between the client and server. So there could be some parameter regulating this? 2 main versions, which I see: 1. Some tricky param is required to form the correct HTTPS request. 2. Some bug / missing feature in HTTPClient implementation in HC2. Anyway I am stuck and need the help from the community and HC developers. Has anyone seen something similar? Any clues? Please help! Many thanks in advance. PS Using the latest FW 4.51 of Fibaro Come Center 2
  6. Hello guys, I want to connect two HC2 over internet using gateway connection, but how can I do that. When I try to add a HC2 over gateway connection I enter the public ip and and the creditials but it says that you must check if HC2 is connected to the internet.
  7. Hi, After 2 months my HC2 suddenly stopped responding. I can't ping it, I can't access it via web interface. I decided to connect monitor to external port and first message I got after boot was: e1000e: 0000:01:00.0: The NVM Checksum Is Not Valid Looks like critical error. Probably eth0 device cannot be created and HC2 doesn't receive IP address from dhcp server as there is no connection. I tried to reboot device several times. Sometimes lights on the ethernet card are completely off and sometimes they are on (both green and yellow). Any ideas? By the way - HC2 was very hot when the error appeared. Kind regards, Michal
  8. i´ve just received my flood sensor this week and tried to pair it with homekit, the process went well, code read, etc. but at the end it says that the code is wrong and try again; i've done this for at least 15 times all with the same result "wrong code". I've already contacted support but they just limited they response to a "This is strange situation" but no solution nor sending the right code.
  9. Hi guys, I recently purchased a home center 2. Very cool happy with it. Now I want to change some of the icons for devices. But when I upload an icon I am redirected to a completely white page and nothing happens anymore. I downloaded some new icons from this forum and checked them with photoshop if they are ok. 128x128pixels and png format. So should be okay then right? Does anyone know what I can do about it? I am using a Macbook Air 2013 model by the way.
  10. For some time I have those sliders on the right side of my VD's, i think it started in V4.141beta > I am now at V4.150, but still the same.
  11. Is there also a Scene error checker available on this forum?
  12. When trying to change Everspring SP814-1 motionsensor parameters, the values will not be stored. I have seen this before in old firmware releases, but noticed it (again) when I re-added the sensor into the HC2. I wanted to re-use it, and it was still laying in some drawer. Now I know why.... Attachment: Manual_Everspring_SP814.pdf EDIT: Parameter 2 can be set once to 0. This disables the PIR-function. When setting this to 1, it will not be written. Enabled it again by soft-reconfigure the device. EDIT2: Added device template: id-0060-0001-0002-01-02-Everspring-.zip
  13. Hejka Czy tylko ja tak mam że nie mogę się zalogować na centralkę ?? It's only me, that I can't login on my HC2 ?? Przez aplikację na androidzie nie loguje się, przez stronę (chrome) loguję się na swoje konto, ale już dostęp zdalny wywala błąd: In android I can't log in, by the web site (chrome) I can login on my account, but I get error in remote access: 502 ERROR The server returned an error. dom.fibaro.com cannot be displayed. FIBARO, dawajcie jakieś info na maila (przynajniej) że coś robicie, albo że serwer padł i naprawiacie. W ogłoszeniach na forum cisza, albo ja robię coś nie tak. FIBARO, make som info on emails that You doing something, or that serwer is dead and is under maintenace. In announcements is silence, or I'm doing something wrong.
  14. Good evening everybody, I am new to the Home Center 2. Before today I used a Raspi 3 with "Home Assistant" and I have quite a few z-wave devices, like the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2, Fibaro Motion Sensor and so on. Since the whole "Home Assistant" thing did not work out 100% with all z-wave devices (problems with Sensative Strips binary mode, Motion Sensor, z-wave USB stick crashes) and it is also pretty uncomfortable to configure, I decided to go the Fibaro Home Center 2 way. Since I am pretty impatient I ordered the Home Center 2 from Amazon prime-now same day and just got it delivered. After unpacking and connecting to the router I receive a "503 error - server unavailable". I rebooted everything and still the same. Things I tried: - empty caches, using different browsers and computers - recovery - even it should be on factory settings anyway - disconnect a couple of minutes from power - reboot Fritz!Box (using a 7590) I spent now 3 hours and I still have not seen any login screen. Very frustrating! Oh yes, the leds: the right 3 ones are on, the "update available" is blinking. Any ideas from someone beside sending it back to amazon? Regards, any help appreciated, Marc
  15. Hola: A client asked Us for help when an error 503 appeared in his system. The firmware was 4.130. This issue came up 24 hrs before his deadline with his client ! We wanted to replace his HC2 so that we may continue to explore this issue but he insisted that he could re do all over the project, and then if the error came back he would send us the HC2. He tried to do recovery using the cloud backup but it didn´t help, here are some screen shots of the process when we help him. This was the 3rd time he tried recovery, he had tried with and without erasing the z wave network Whenever he asked for not erasing the Z wave network this is how the system looked afterwards . The system has over 50 z wave devices If he tried to recover the latest backup the error kept coming We believe that he did factory restore and the problem was Solved… Any light on the matter would be highly appreciated
  16. Hello all, I have a HC2 with several modules, i recently purchased 5 pcs FGSD-002 smoke sensors to include in the setup. Last week i have added 1 sensor in the Garage, without any problems, everything working fine. Now i wanted to add the ones for the kitchen and for the living room. I followed the procedure as described in the manual. During the adding device proces, the devices are added. But when I go to unassigned devices, it shows the smoke sensor is a motion sensor. I grabbed the second smoke sensor, followed the procedure again, but with same result. Both end up as motion sensor and not as smoke sensor. In addition to that, it shows that the battery level is low. I have tried: - rebooting the HC2, both through reboot button in the software, as well as a hard reboot by unplugging the power. - I have resetted the smoke sensors - I have tried to keep pressing the b button while the device is added - I have changed the device in the software to smoke sensor, but temperature readings remain 0 and the battery level states low. When added, the devices are recognised as Fibaro device (manufacturer), but the part number remains empty. The sensors are both brand new, I took them straight from the sealed box to the include process. Setup: 1 x HC2 3 x zwave.me dimmer 3 x zwave.me wall switch 1 x fibaro smoke sensor 3 x zwave.me shutter switch 5 x fibaro v2 roller shutter (4 x fibaro smoke sensor) The HC2 is connected to a router, the router is not connected to internet. Does anyone have an idea what i can do to include these smoke sensors properly?
  17. Hello there. I mafe new programs for RGBW, and when i am trying to activate them i got error on HC2 saying: [14:06:20] COMMAND_FIRMWARE_UPDATE MD STATUS_REPORT: NodeID: Any ideas? Already did complete reconfigure, then reset and restore from backup. same *. thanks
  18. Hello, Has anyone had any experience with a wall plug doing this? I can include & remove from the system, it seems to respond to the commands from the GUI, but there is no "click", nor does it turn on anything connected to it. I have tried to reset it, but holding the button for 15-20 seconds, as described in the manual, doesn't get me a yellow ring. Help would be appreciated. IMG_4074.MOV
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