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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone, As many before on this forum I'm working on my heating system and want to convert my current single room heating plan into to a multi zone heating plan. I want to integrate my boiler into my heating plan but want to create some safety interlock that I won't fire up the boiler if all the thermostats are closed. I think this is a very important feature and often overlooked as the behavior of a thermostat is to close more and more when the thermostat is reaching it's set-point to prevent overshoot. So therefore I need to know what to position is of the valve, based on that condition i went for the TRV's of eurotronic as it stated in the manual that it is able to report it's current valve position. And it looked like everything would work correct with the fibaro template as I was able to set parameter 6 and enable the valve postion reporting. I think everything is configured correctly but i have a bit of strange behavior now in fibaro when I enable parameter 6. The setpoint value is getting overwritten with the valve position percentage: Setpoint displays: new setpoint in degree Celsius After few minutes same device is overwritten and setpoint value displays Open valve percentage (unit doesn't update and stays on degree Celsius): Enabled parameter 6. When i change setpoint and debug the info. I noticed the following behavior: Setpoint change -> Setpoint value displays setpoint -> after few minutes Setpoint value displays: valve position -> Setpoint value displays setpoint value again. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong values but here is the list of the available values: I wasn't able to locate the opening valve percentage value in this list to make a virtual device as work around.. Does someone have a solution for my problem? I would like to receive the actual setpoint and the open valve percentage on a different value/device.
  2. Can somebody help to make Sensor multilevel report in LUA. I have found working script for Vera controller, that send data from external sensor to eurotronic spirit thermostat. How is it posssible to transfer it to Fibaro HC 2? local function getLowByte16( value ) local high_value = math.floor(value/256) high_value = high_value*256 local low_value = value - high_value return low_value end local function getHighByte16( value ) local high_value = math.floor(value/256) return high_value end local Nod = <altid spirit> local temp = luup.variable_get("urn:upnp-org:serviceId:TemperatureSensor1", "CurrentTemperature", <devid temp sensor>) local ntemp=math.floor(temp*100) local Dat = string.format("0x31 0x05 0x01 0x42 0x%02x 0x%02x",getHighByte16( ntemp ), getLowByte16( ntemp )) luup.call_action('urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:ZWaveNetwork1','SendData',{Node=Nod, Data=Dat},1)
  3. Pozdrawiam i proszę o pomoc. Zakupiłem termostat jak w tytule do sterowania grzejnikiem w pokoju który jest poza innymi strefami sterowanymi z pieca c.o. W piecu zainstalowałem realy switch fibaro który ma dać sygnał o potrzebie grzania. Ta część działa bez zarzutu. Niestety nie potrafię z termostatu wyciągnąć informacji że właśnie termostat się otwiera i trzeba podać ciepło. Jeżeli chcę napisać scenę bloczkową na tę okoliczność to mam do wyboru tylko sygnał z czujnika temperatury pomieszczenia który znajduje się w termostacie Nie ma możliwości napisania sceny jeżeli termostat otwary --> to podaj ciepło. Jeżeli zamknięty to --> to wyłącz piec (switch) Jak to można zrobić? Spirit_Z-Wave_BAL_web_EN_view_04.pdf w zakładce on/off są 4 tryby: max, grzanie, grzanie oszczędne, off niestety nie można z tej zakładki skorzystać w warunku "jeżeli"sceny bloczkowej, pojawia się ona dopiero w warunku "to" czyli wykonawczym w warunku jeżeli występuję tylko warunek z temperaturą tryb config ustawia tylko temperatury dla grzania i grzania oszędnego Kolejny to problem to bark odświeżania się temperatury , to chyba jakiś błąd w HC2, temperatura odświeża się tylko po ręcznym odczytaniu konfiguracji
  4. Any news about the implementation of the Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave Plus Template. n Case you do not have it, I attached it again. id-0148-0003-0001-00-10-Eurotronics-.xml
  5. Hi, Adding an Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave Plus device to a HC2 results in errors regarding a missing template. (I'm still fairly new to Fibaro HC2 and I'm not sure what this means). I've also attached the device template from that screen to this question. Does Fibaro have an ETA on this? I've look through the template XML and it seems some of the values are wrong: The device should support Thermostat Modes: 0,1,11,15,31 while in the template it seems that only 0,1,11,15 are supported. The "31" mode is manufacturer specific mode, which is very important since it allows the device to be operated as a simple valve (at least that's what I understand from the manual). I'm mentioning @T.Konopka since I found multiple posts regarding Eurotronic on the Polish forum but I don't understand if work is in progress for this device. Thanks, id-0148-0003-0001-00-0F-Eurotronics-.zip
  6. Hello, I would like to ask you a question as for the compatibility of the Fibaro system with the third party product - Eurotherm Spirit Z-Wave Plus Electronic Heating Thermostat. It measures the temperature and automatically adjust the heat level. Here is the link the the product details: https://www.eurotronic.org/en/products/spirit-z-wave-plus.html As I understood the Fibaro Heat Controller is a remotely controlled thermostatic head to control temperature in a room and it works as the actor. Which means that it can react on events. Exactly on the same principle works also the Eurotherm Spirit Z-Wave Plus Electronic Heating Thermostat. I would like to automatically set temperature in a room depending on day time (time schedule), like it is possible to configure in the Heating Panel. But when I try to configure the Heating Panel in my Figaro system, I can not find any actor there except the Fibaro Wall-Plug (there is not included any other Fibaro device of the type actor in my system). Does it mean the the Fibaro system can recognize as actors only Fibaro devices? I believed that it can work with any other device which supports ZWave protocol (ZWave Plus) When I click on Panels -> Linked Devices -> Linked Devices - Heating -> Add -> tab. Advanced -> Main Device : as a sensor is selected the sensor build-in in the Eurotherm Spirit Z-Wave Plus Electronic Heating Thermostat (or the temperature sensor build-in in the Fibaro motion sensor in this room). Then I click the button 'Add'. Here I can not find any actor except the Fibaro Wall-Plug. As I mentioned above, this is the only Fibaro actor in the network. I followed the same steps as mentioned in the e-learning site at http://e-learning.fibaro.com/topic/linked-devices/ but without any success. I also searched the community for the issue and checked your e-learning site at http://e-learning.fibaro.com/topic/linked-devices/ but did not find anything. Here are my system details: Device type: Home Center 2 Firmware version: 4.160 The main reason why I chose Fibaro was the fact that it is compatible with any device supporting ZWave. But it looks that it is only a marketing strategy and the reality is totally different. Thank you very in advance for any suggestion how to solve this situation. Best regards Jan
  7. Witam Używa lub testował ktoś z Was głowice COMET marki Eurotronic pod Fibaro HCL/HC2 ? ponoć nie działają do końca poprawnie. Interesuje się nimi bo cena jest już całkiem niezła ok 200 zł brutto. Dodatkowo urządzenie w przeciwieństwie do głowic Danfoss'a ma możliwość raportowania do kontrolera Z-wave zmierzonej temperatury pomieszczenia oraz umiejscowienie wyświetlacza z przodu jest w moim przypadku dużo lepszym rozwiązaniem. pozdrawiam kosmacz
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