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Found 3 results

  1. Hello to all, I use a FGWP102 Metered Wall Plug Switch to switch in combination with a window open contact. In addition I would like to setup a rule which sets the FGWP to off only if the momentary power is over 5W and the window is open, for example. In normal operation the power consumption is only less than 1 W. With the standard setting for Par 11 (15%) the Switch constantly reports change of power because the change from 0.3W to 0,4W is more than 15%. Naturally I can set this to 50% to avoid permant reports. But in my opinion this makes nos sense, because 50% of operating at a higher level (e.g. 200W) is nuch too much. From my point of view there should be an additional parameter to have a minimum change in physical units (not in %) which must also be true to generate a report. If % is the only way, than it should be in % of measuring range and not of momentary value. This is useless. Any ideas how to manage this without having permantly changes reported?
  2. Hello Fibaro community! This is my story I want to share with you so that if you find yourself in this story don't have to go through whole process like I had! Few months ago I had a lot of trouble with my internet ADSL connection. First of all it was slow for my fast growing home automation, but also I had problems with occasional disconnections and failing speed. Due to my frequent complaints my internet provider finally send servicemen to check what is going on. He checked my internet connection and find out that it is capable for VDSL and that my old Siemes router is source of all my problems. He replaced old ADSL router with new VDSL router ZXDSL 931 from Chinese ZTE Corporation. During installation he told me that this new router is a trouble maker but that they don't have any other better model to offer at the moment. So, he did his homework and after just half hour I had new much better internet connection. Since he told me that this router can be trouble maker I connected it to Fibaro wall plug FGWP102, version 3.2 so that my Angelina (HC2) can reset it if internet connection is lost. At the beginning everything looked just fine. Now when I look back, there was some problems like camera loosing stream for a split of a second, or HC2 web GUI home page stop refreshing, but I blamed camera and my Angelina. Also, every time when we wanted to watch some movie on Apple TV, we had to pull network cable from Apple TV and connect it back to be able to connect to my iTunes library, but again I blamed last tvOS which I installed by chance just around time when new VDSL router was installed. Anyway, we could live with all this little troubles, but then things start to get worse and worse until last week when I loose my mind. I had to refresh HC web GUI pages very often because it was just stopping showing current state, especially when I didn't touch it for some time. Every morning when I wakeup my Mac, web GUI was showing state from last night when I put Mac to sleep. Also, devices start to loose connection to the internet even router was connected. Several times I couldn't connect to the HC locally or remotely even three LED's from the right side on the front panel were lit and z-wave LED was flashing normally. After rebooting HC it was ok for some time. At first I blamed network switcher so I replaced it with new and better one. But all trouble remained and get even worse. Every time after rebooting router it was ok for short time and then problems again. It is interesting that BOSCH thermostat was always first to loose internet connection and is connected over WIFI. Then next was Philips HUE bridge connected with wire and then almost all our mobile devices one by one. I spent yesterday all evening until late hours investigating and when nothing else left I decided to remove Fibaro wall plug and connect router power supply directly to socket. After that all my problems with network and internet despaired! From that moment until now everything is back to normal. My BOSCH thermostat is happily connected to the internet, my Angelina this morning was showing current status after waking my Mac, wakeup music this morning sounded better, Angelina's good morning greeting was not missing and, oh God, even coffee had a better taste So, even it may sound impossible, that small nice looking Fibaro wall plug was source of all my troubles! Now I remember, during Christmas time, I was using Fibaro wall plugs to control our Christmas lights and first evening when I turned them off, children called us to see stars in their bedrooms. It was really interesting because even plugs were turned off, small LED's where still faintly glow in the dark! Also at the beginning I used Fibaro wall plug to control our TV. But I had to remove it because I noticed that sometimes when I turned On TV with the plug at first picture was scrambled and then get blank and only sound remained! Then I had to turn it off and back on to get picture! After removing wall plug no trouble with picture any more! I have one Fibaro wall plug that was delivered to me faulty from Vesternet. Since I was away from home I could not return it within their return policy time. Now I know that whatever element Fibaro uses to turn on/off connected devices it is not relay but some electronic element possibly triac that can cause trouble to some switching power supplies. I will disassemble that faulty plug to see what is really inside. So, before you start twitching your hair and blaming your HC or any other device in that matter for troubles you have, check first what is connected to Fibaro wall plug and try how it will work if plug is removed! Thank you very much for reading my essays! Maybe you find them useful or maybe not
  3. Hi If I do an association from a contact to a FGWP102 nothing happens, it works from the same device to Relay2, dimmer and other devices (except the FGWP102) I have tried several and also taken a brand new and associated, same issue I see in the event panel that the contact is activated. A scene is not working towards FGWP102 so ??? Regards Erik Loeth
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