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  1. Hello dear users of Fibaro products! Fibaro introduced new way of handling location services including time and time zone adjusting by forcing reboot of the gateway if you do any changes to this settings. This means that if you want to adjust time or change time zone by selecting another city this will end with reboot. I don't need to emphasize how stupid this is since I never had such need with any other computer or device alike. As all of you know an old bug with NTP service is not solved for long time which really puzzles me why? Home center is not just a computer it is device that control our houses and ACCURATE TIME is of the essence! Since NTP service is NOT working properly, most of us start to use Clock Sync VD to correct time drifting that Fibaro development team was unable to correct for so long time. Unfortunately after Fibaro introduced this beta firmware 4.136 this is not acceptable solution since VD causes Home Center to reboot! Actually, even if you don't use Clock Sync VD anymore and you go to Configuration Location and try to adjust any of the settings there this will end with forced reboot! What I don't like with Fibaro is that THEY FORGET TO MENTION THIS NEW "FEATURE" to their users! There is nothing about that in change log for 4.136 or 4.140: This kind of behavior from Fibaro for me is absolutely not acceptable! I have a strong feeling that they are trying to make lab rat from me, my family and my home! I can't let them do that at cost to completely abandon their system if necessary. Also if this practice continue to negatively influence my family and our home I will have no other solution but to call other users to organize and raise law suit for not sharing important information to us and disturbing our homes and families. I really hope that it will not go that far and that Fibaro will show more respect and responsibility for their users! At this moment very unhappy, disappointed and angry Fibaro user Sankotronic BTW - This REBOOT HC if clock or time zone is adjusted is NOT FEATURE like @T.Konopka tired to sell it to us here: this is VERY NASTY BUG that requires quick response from Fibaro team!
  2. Greetings, I am trying to get a Dahua IPC HDBW4431EP-AS to show image on my tablet and smartphone, it works fine via a webbrowser but on the tablet and smartphone I get the black "no videoscreen". To compare I am using an Acti E12 camera aswell and while the quality/fps is low, there is image in the tablet and mobile app. The only considerable difference between these cameras I can see is that resolution of the Acti can go down to 640x320 pixels while the lowest setting for the dahua is 720p. Has anyone else experienced the same issue? Does anyone know if there are certain restrictions for which image streams the fibaro can show?(Settings/configurations that have to be made?)
  3. https://smartapfel.de/fibaro-stellt-vier-neue-homekit-produkte-vor/ and translated with google: Fibaro introduces four new HomeKit products From Yannic - 1 September 2017 4 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Fibaro is actually known for its Z-Wave products. At the end of last year , the Polish manufacturer for the first time trusted the HomeKit market. In addition to the door and window sensor and the motion detector, Fibaro also published the first Wassermelder with HomeKit Integration. In July, the CO sensor followed . Now the manufacturer has introduced four more HomeKit products at the IFA in Berlin. Fibaro Wall Plug The slim connector can be easily clamped between the consumer and the socket and can then be switched on and off. Just like the competition, the Fibaro WallPlug can also measure the power consumption. Fibaro Single Switch The Fibaro Single Switch can be hidden in wall switches and flush mounted boxes. Thus, for example, in the case of lamps with several light bulbs, it is no longer necessary to replace each bulb with a HomeKit-capable, but the flush-mounted module allows control via the light switch. Fibaro The Button The button works like a simple switch. Depending on how the button is pressed, up to three different HomeKit scenes can be controlled with one button. The switch is to be available in eight different colors. Fibaro Radiator Thermostat For the first time, Fibaro is also fond of heating control. In addition to the Z-Wave version, there will also be a HomeKit version. Like the Eve Thermo , the Fibaro Radiator Thermostat should replace the radiator thermostat . In contrast to the competition, Fibaro uses a built-in battery. This can be loaded via a USB port. A charge should be sufficient for a complete heating period. The built-in temperature sensor also enables automatic detection of open windows. At the moment, the information on the individual products is still rather poor. As soon as we know more, we will tell you of course. Fibaro Motionsensor Apple Homekit, 1 piece, FIB_FGBHMS-001 Price: 54,00 EUR Fibaro Door / Window Sensor, 1 piece, white, FIB_FGBHDW-002-1 Price: 58,90 EUR Fibaro Flood Sensor Apple Homekit, 1 piece, FIB_FGBHFS-101 Price: 68,46 EUR
  4. Hello community, I bought a fibaro wall plug last year and have used it to measure the power consumption of various devices (computer, reading lights, fridge, etc). Recently, I used it to measure the consumption of the AC unit (about 1000 W) and, while it was still functional, one of the sockets had completely fused with the AC plug, and I had to really pull to separate them. The plug was a type F Schuko, FIBEFGWPF-102, and supposed to be able to handle loads up to 2500W. I will be returning it since it's still covered by the warranty. Do you know if the new model (Gen 5) has this issue?
  5. Well guys it looks ofiicial. https://www.fibaro.com/en/products/co-sensor/ Great small life saving device to rooms with solid fuel boilers and fireplaces. Also good to garage. No other gasses won't affect it, becouse of very good CO detector in a device. And it has Temperature sensor inside. Sense only CO. Description of alarm at the back of the cover. It is Z-Wave Plus device and radio range, with my tested unit is great (Across my house). Pros: Small Siren - Neigbors came out to see what happened Desing - like smoke sensor. Solid plastic case - blown by car exhaust from a brick and did not broke it (that is how i actually tested mine) Great alarm reporting - immediately response across my whole house without retlansation Associations - tested with 2 wall plugs and works great Cons: Missing terminals for hard wires - i really miss this for connection to EZS (Paradox, DSC, Jablotron, ...) Some screenshots: GUI from HC home page Screenshot is in CZ so some legend here: Co detektor = CO detector (sensor) Teploměr = temperature sensor Nikdy nenarušeno = Never breached Poplach nikdy nedetekován = Alarm never detected GUI of it in settings.
  6. Hi @T.Konopka & @M.Baranowski I have 5 echo dots waiting for the Fibaro integration/plugin/solution. Could you indicate if it is still on the roadmap and when approximately you would expect to release it. I have been trying to stick with the Fibaro official devices and solutions but would like to move forward with voice control. I am trying to decide if I wait further or start installing HA bridge. More and more domotic providers are announcing compatability (picture below is from ISE2017 in Feb last.) and I think it would elevate the already great Fibaro offering to a new level. Thanks -f
  7. Can you implement a function to delete all msg when pressing button in mobile app? Not just in history Like "clear all message?" Yes or No
  8. Hello guys, Am I wrong or JSON body (in REST API) changed its structure in 4.122? I just came to it by testing Zipato RFID keypad in block scenes and wondered why it's not working . I believe, that Triggers and Action werent there on 4.120? Can anybody chcek it? I have 4.122 everywhere and i don't want to downgrade. Also i do not thing, that using capitals in in property values in an API is good idea. See property "runConfig". { "id": 114, "name": "test", "type": "com.fibaro.blockScene", "roomID": 0, "iconID": 5, "runConfig": "DISABLED", "alexaProhibited": true, "autostart": false, "protectedByPIN": false, "killable": true, "killOtherInstances": false, "maxRunningInstances": 2, "runningInstances": 0, "instances": [], "runningManualInstances": 0, "visible": true, "isLua": false, "properties": "", "triggers": { "properties": [ { "id": 549, "name": "value" } ], "globals": [], "events": [], "weather": [] }, "actions": { "devices": [ 549 ], "scenes": [], "groups": [] }, "liliStartCommand": "\"\"", "liliStopCommand": "\"\"", "sortOrder": 135, "lua": "--[[\n%% properties\n549 value\n%% weather\n%% events\n%% globals\n--]]\n\nlocal startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger();\nif (\n ( tonumber(fibaro:getValue(549, \"value\")) == 255 )\nor\nstartSource[\"type\"] == \"other\"\n)\nthen\n\tfibaro:call(549, \"secure\");\nend\n\n", "html": "<span id=\"hiddenFields\">\n<input name=\"lastAddedGroup\" id=\"lastAddedGroup\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"5\">\n<input name=\"lastAddedElementGroup_1\" id=\"lastAddedElementGroup_1\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"3\">\n<input name=\"thenBlockPosition\" id=\"thenBlockPosition\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"2\">\n<input name=\"lastAddedElementGroup_2\" id=\"lastAddedElementGroup_2\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"1\"><input name=\"lastAddedElementGroup_3\" id=\"lastAddedElementGroup_3\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"3\"><input name=\"lastAddedElementGroup_4\" id=\"lastAddedElementGroup_4\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"1\"><input name=\"lastAddedElementGroup_5\" id=\"lastAddedElementGroup_5\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"0\"></span>\n<div class=\"SceneAreaSection\" id=\"sceneGroup_1\">\n<span id=\"sceneGroupList_1\"><img class=\"scene_bracket_left\" id=\"group_1_element_0\" src=\"../img/bracket_left.png\"><div class=\"scene_device\" id=\"group_1_element_1\" name=\"group_1_element_1\"><input name=\"elementtype_group_1_element_1\" id=\"elementtype_group_1_element_1\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"device\"><input name=\"elementid_group_1_element_1\" id=\"elementid_group_1_element_1\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"549\"><div class=\"scene_device_head\"></div><div class=\"scene_device_centrum\"><div class=\"scene_device_dropdown\"><a onclick=\"xreopenAddDevicesWindow(1, 1, 'editScene'); return false;\" href=\"#\"><span class=\"txt\" id=\"deviceName_group_1_element_1\">Klávesnice</span><img style=\"margin: 8px 0px 0px 10px; float: left;\" src=\"../img/dziubek.png\"></a></div></div><div class=\"scene_device_tail\"></div></div><div class=\"scene_order\" id=\"group_1_element_2\"><input name=\"elementtype_group_1_element_2\" id=\"elementtype_group_1_element_2\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"operator\"><input name=\"elementid_group_1_element_2\" id=\"elementid_group_1_element_2\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"549\"><div class=\"scene_order_head\"></div><div class=\"scene_order_centrum\"><select name=\"select_group_1_element_2\" class=\"scene_order_dropdown\" id=\"select_group_1_element_2\" onchange=\"onSelectChange(this); onOperatorChange(this);\"><option value=\"4\">==</option><option value=\"29\">Není rovno</option></select></div><div class=\"scene_order_tail\"></div></div><div class=\"scene_action\" id=\"group_1_element_3\"><input name=\"elementtype_group_1_element_3\" id=\"elementtype_group_1_element_3\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"deviceValue\"><input name=\"elementid_group_1_element_3\" id=\"elementid_group_1_element_3\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"13\"><div class=\"scene_action_head\"></div><div class=\"scene_action_centrum\"><select name=\"select_group_1_element_3\" title=\"Zavřeno\" class=\"scene_action_dropdown\" id=\"select_group_1_element_3\" style=\"float: left; \" onchange=\"onSelectChange(this);\" data-device-type=\"com.fibaro.doorLock\" data-device-id=\"549\"><option value=\"12\">Otevřeno</option><option selected=\"selected\" value=\"13\">Zavřeno</option></select><select name=\"doorLockUser_group_1_element_3\" class=\"scene_dropdown\" id=\"doorLockUser_group_1_element_3\" style=\"margin-left: 8px; display: none;\" onclick=\"reGenerateDoorLockUsersOptions(this, 549)\" onchange=\"onSelectChange(this);\"><option selected=\"selected\" value=\"0\">Jakýkoliv uživatel</option></select><span id=\"handValue_group_1_element_3_RGBW\" style=\"display:none;\"><span class=\"Txt scene_RGB_label\">R:</span><input name=\"handValue_group_1_element_3_R\" class=\"scene_input rgbw_input\" id=\"handValue_group_1_element_3_R\" onkeyup=\"onInputChangeDevice(this,549);\" type=\"text\" value=\"0\"><span class=\"Txt scene_RGB_label\">G:</span><input name=\"handValue_group_1_element_3_G\" class=\"scene_input rgbw_input\" id=\"handValue_group_1_element_3_G\" onkeyup=\"onInputChangeDevice(this,549);\" type=\"text\" value=\"0\"><span class=\"Txt scene_RGB_label\">B:</span><input name=\"handValue_group_1_element_3_B\" class=\"scene_input rgbw_input\" id=\"handValue_group_1_element_3_B\" onkeyup=\"onInputChangeDevice(this,549);\" type=\"text\" value=\"0\"><span class=\"Txt scene_RGB_label\">W:</span><input name=\"handValue_group_1_element_3_W\" class=\"scene_input rgbw_input\" id=\"handValue_group_1_element_3_W\" onkeyup=\"onInputChangeDevice(this,549);\" type=\"text\" value=\"0\"></span><select class=\"scene_order_dropdown hidden \" id=\"handValue_group_1_element_3_property_value\" style=\"margin-left: 10px;\"></select></div><div class=\"scene_action_tail\"></div><div class=\"scene_time_centrum\"><div class=\"scene_time_dropdown\" style=\"float: left; padding: 2px 10px 2px 8px;\"><input name=\"valueTime_group_1_element_3\" class=\"scene_input\" id=\"valueTime_group_1_element_3\" style=\"width: 40px;\" onkeyup=\"positiveNumbersOnly(this); onInputChange(this);\" type=\"text\" value=\"0\"><span class=\"txt\" style=\"margin: 2px 0px 0px 4px;\">s</span></div><div class=\"scene_time_tail\"></div></div></div></span>\n<div class=\"scene_add_remove\">\n<a title=\"Odebrat poslední prvek\" id=\"deleteButtonGroup_1\" onclick=\"xremoveElementFromScene(1, document.getElementById('lastAddedElementGroup_1').value, 'editScene'); return false;\" href=\"#\"><img style=\"float: left; margin-right: 10px;\" src=\"/fibaro/img/remove.png\"></a>\n<a title=\"Přidat další prvek\" id=\"addButtonGroup_1\" onclick=\"setNoLua(); setLua(0); setClickedPosition(this); xgenerateFullMenu(1, 'editScene'); return false;\" href=\"#\"><img class=\"addButtonGroup\" style=\"float: left;\" src=\"/fibaro/img/add.png\"></a>\n</div><img class=\"scene_bracket_right\" id=\"group_1_element_bracket_right\" src=\"../img/bracket_right.png?v=1494339732339\">\n<div class=\"hr0\"></div>\n</div>\n<div class=\"SceneAreaSection\" id=\"sceneGroup_2\"><span id=\"sceneGroupList_2\"> </span><div class=\"scene_order\" id=\"group_2_element_1\"><input name=\"elementtype_group_2_element_1\" id=\"elementtype_group_2_element_1\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"operator\"><input name=\"elementid_group_2_element_1\" id=\"elementid_group_2_element_1\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"3\"><div class=\"scene_order_head\"> </div><div class=\"scene_order_centrum\"><select name=\"select_group_2_element_1\" title=\"A\" class=\"scene_order_dropdown scene_order_dropdown_operators\" id=\"select_group_2_element_1\" onchange=\"checkSceneOperatorChange(2); onSelectChange(this);\"><option value=\"1\">A</option><option value=\"2\">Nebo</option><option selected=\"selected\" value=\"3\">Pak</option></select></div><div class=\"scene_order_tail\"> </div></div><input name=\"selectOldValue_group_2_element_1\" id=\"selectOldValue_group_2_element_1\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"3\"></div><div class=\"SceneAreaSection\" id=\"sceneGroup_3\"><span id=\"sceneGroupList_3\"> <img class=\"scene_bracket_left\" id=\"group_3_element_0\" src=\"../img/bracket_left.png\"><div class=\"scene_device\" id=\"group_3_element_1\" name=\"group_3_element_1\"><input name=\"elementtype_group_3_element_1\" id=\"elementtype_group_3_element_1\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"device\"><input name=\"elementid_group_3_element_1\" id=\"elementid_group_3_element_1\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"549\"><div class=\"scene_device_head\"></div><div class=\"scene_device_centrum\"><div class=\"scene_device_dropdown\"><a onclick=\"xreopenAddDevicesWindow(3, 1, 'editScene'); return false;\" href=\"#\"><span class=\"txt\" id=\"deviceName_group_3_element_1\">Klávesnice</span><img style=\"margin: 8px 0px 0px 10px; float: left;\" src=\"../img/dziubek.png\"></a></div></div><div class=\"scene_device_tail\"></div></div><div class=\"scene_order\" id=\"group_3_element_2\"><input name=\"elementtype_group_3_element_2\" id=\"elementtype_group_3_element_2\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"operator\"><input name=\"elementid_group_3_element_2\" id=\"elementid_group_3_element_2\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"549\"><div class=\"scene_order_head\"></div><div class=\"scene_order_centrum\"><select name=\"select_group_3_element_2\" class=\"scene_order_dropdown\" id=\"select_group_3_element_2\" onchange=\"onSelectChange(this); onOperatorChange(this);\"><option value=\"7\">=</option></select></div><div class=\"scene_order_tail\"></div></div><div class=\"scene_action\" id=\"group_3_element_3\"><input name=\"elementtype_group_3_element_3\" id=\"elementtype_group_3_element_3\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"deviceValue\"><input name=\"elementid_group_3_element_3\" id=\"elementid_group_3_element_3\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"4\"><div class=\"scene_action_head\"></div><div class=\"scene_action_centrum\"><select name=\"select_group_3_element_3\" title=\"Otevřít\" class=\"scene_action_dropdown\" id=\"select_group_3_element_3\" style=\"float: left; \" onchange=\"onSelectChange(this);\" data-device-type=\"com.fibaro.doorLock\" data-device-id=\"549\"><option value=\"3\">Otevřít</option><option selected=\"selected\" value=\"4\">Zavřít</option></select><select name=\"doorLockUser_group_3_element_3\" class=\"scene_dropdown\" id=\"doorLockUser_group_3_element_3\" style=\"margin-left: 8px; display: none;\" onclick=\"reGenerateDoorLockUsersOptions(this, 549)\" onchange=\"onSelectChange(this);\"><option selected=\"selected\" value=\"0\">Jakýkoliv uživatel</option></select><span id=\"handValue_group_3_element_3_RGBW\" style=\"display:none;\"><span class=\"Txt scene_RGB_label\">R:</span><input name=\"handValue_group_3_element_3_R\" class=\"scene_input rgbw_input\" id=\"handValue_group_3_element_3_R\" onkeyup=\"onInputChangeDevice(this,549);\" type=\"text\" value=\"0\"><span class=\"Txt scene_RGB_label\">G:</span><input name=\"handValue_group_3_element_3_G\" class=\"scene_input rgbw_input\" id=\"handValue_group_3_element_3_G\" onkeyup=\"onInputChangeDevice(this,549);\" type=\"text\" value=\"0\"><span class=\"Txt scene_RGB_label\">B:</span><input name=\"handValue_group_3_element_3_B\" class=\"scene_input rgbw_input\" id=\"handValue_group_3_element_3_B\" onkeyup=\"onInputChangeDevice(this,549);\" type=\"text\" value=\"0\"><span class=\"Txt scene_RGB_label\">W:</span><input name=\"handValue_group_3_element_3_W\" class=\"scene_input rgbw_input\" id=\"handValue_group_3_element_3_W\" onkeyup=\"onInputChangeDevice(this,549);\" type=\"text\" value=\"0\"></span><select class=\"scene_order_dropdown hidden \" id=\"handValue_group_3_element_3_property_value\" style=\"margin-left: 10px;\"></select></div><div class=\"scene_action_tail\"></div><div class=\"scene_time_centrum\"><div class=\"scene_time_dropdown\" style=\"float: left; padding: 2px 10px 2px 8px;\"><input name=\"valueTime_group_3_element_3\" class=\"scene_input\" id=\"valueTime_group_3_element_3\" style=\"width: 40px;\" onkeyup=\"positiveNumbersOnly(this); onInputChange(this);\" type=\"text\" value=\"0\"><span class=\"txt\" style=\"margin: 2px 0px 0px 4px;\">s</span></div><div class=\"scene_time_tail\"></div></div></div></span><div class=\"scene_add_remove\"><a title=\"Odebrat poslední prvek\" id=\"deleteButtonGroup_3\" onclick=\"xremoveElementFromScene(3, document.getElementById('lastAddedElementGroup_3').value, 'editScene'); return false;\" href=\"#\"><img style=\"float: left; margin-right: 10px;\" src=\"../img/remove.png\"></a><a title=\"Přidat další prvek\" id=\"addButtonGroup_3\" onclick=\"setClickedPosition(this); xgenerateFullMenu(3, 'editScene'); return false;\" href=\"#\"><img class=\"addButtonGroup\" style=\"float: left;\" src=\"../img/add.png\"></a></div><img class=\"scene_bracket_right\" id=\"group_3_element_bracket_right\" src=\"../img/bracket_right.png?v=1494339732339\"></div><div class=\"SceneAreaSection\" id=\"sceneGroup_4\" style=\"display: none;\"><span id=\"sceneGroupList_4\"> </span><div class=\"scene_order\" id=\"group_4_element_1\"><input name=\"elementtype_group_4_element_1\" id=\"elementtype_group_4_element_1\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"operator\"><input name=\"elementid_group_4_element_1\" id=\"elementid_group_4_element_1\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"549\"><div class=\"scene_order_head\"> </div><div class=\"scene_order_centrum\"><select name=\"select_group_4_element_1\" class=\"scene_order_dropdown scene_order_dropdown_operators\" id=\"select_group_4_element_1\" onchange=\"checkSceneOperatorChange(4); onSelectChange(this);\"><option value=\"1\">A</option><option value=\"2\">Nebo</option><option value=\"3\">Pak</option></select></div><div class=\"scene_order_tail\"> </div></div><input name=\"selectOldValue_group_4_element_1\" id=\"selectOldValue_group_4_element_1\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"1\"></div><div class=\"SceneAreaSection\" id=\"sceneGroup_5\" style=\"display: none;\"><span id=\"sceneGroupList_5\"> </span><div class=\"scene_add_remove\"><a title=\"Odebrat poslední prvek\" id=\"deleteButtonGroup_5\" style=\"display:none;\" onclick=\"xremoveElementFromScene(5, document.getElementById('lastAddedElementGroup_5').value, 'editScene'); return false;\" href=\"#\"><img style=\"float: left; margin-right: 10px;\" src=\"../img/remove.png\"></a><a title=\"Přidat další prvek\" id=\"addButtonGroup_5\" onclick=\"setClickedPosition(this); xgenerateFullMenu(5, 'editScene'); return false;\" href=\"#\"><img class=\"addButtonGroup\" style=\"float: left;\" src=\"../img/add.png\"></a></div></div>" }
  9. Hi I have a good many devices that when they process an action (switch on/off) I get a Transfer failed followed a few seconds later with a transfer OK The screenshots above are on device masters (as I was naming them) but the same is seen on device slaves The action gets completed but I don't recall seeing the failed before It's across a number of device types Is anybody seeing the same or does anybody know what this is happening HC2 running 4.120 Thanks _f
  10. Hi everyone, Has anyone been able to wire in the roller blind module to the dooya group controller? Long story short, i have 3 roller blinds working off a group controller which is then connected to a switch. like this all blinds operate together. Be great to get some advice on how to wire in the module to the wiring which i have attached. Thanks. Kind regards, Taj
  11. I have recently installed a Fibaro Double switch 2, the lights connected to Q1 are working fine all the time, however the lights connected to Q2 sometimes do not switch on/off as required. I can turn off the first lights multiple times no problem, and at the same time the second lights do not, however this does not occur all the time. I'm pretty sure it can't be a communication issue, as the issue would happen on both Q1 & Q2. Anyone have any idea ?
  12. Hello, I've found this article on QNAP site ..... can we have some news about it ? Maybe we can have an HC2 virtualized on QNAP using an USB zwave module (like I do at this momenti with domoticz) ? Let us know ....
  13. HI, I have a troublesome FGS222 (v2.2) It was working fine up to when my HC2 had a meltdown a few weeks ago... and since then it has refused to play ball. I trued excluding and including, tried resetting it (hold down b button for 3 seconds) Normally any fibaro relay would include/ecxlude 5 feet away without any button press, this one is needy and seems to only react when it is within 6 inches of the controller. Should I sweet talk it further with dinner and a nice red or dig a hole in the back garden advice welcome -f
  14. Witajcie, Czy posiada ktoś informację na temat współpracy( a dokładniej zakłócania się wzajemnie) Satela Abux z urządzeniami fibaro. Pracują na tej samej częstotliwości stąd moje obawy. Najbardziej chodzi mi o to czy nie będzie to powodować chwilowej utraty połączanie między czujkami,a centralą Satela co wywoła alarm.
  15. Just a feature request, due to Fibaro ID in Fibaro application for Phones and Tablet. It's for iOS an Android Can you make Fibaro app work with password managers, like Lastpass, Roboform, ...? It gets very handy, when you need to change Fibaro ID for connection to different Fibaro ID. It is handy mainly for Distributors or Dealers, who needs to reconnect to customers Fibaro ID, to manage something with Fibaro via Mobile. I do not mentioned end-customer because i do not know end-customer, who is connecting to 2 Fibaro IDs. If somebody has something to add or is against it. Lets discuss it in this topic.
  16. Hi Guys, I have just been on the Vesternet (UK) website, and I noticed they have the Fibaro Keyfob coming in at the end of this month. I must admit I am very excited! When I messaged Fibaro Global at the beginning of the year they told me that they are going to be releasing some new products this year "that will make all my dreams come true" I find this hard to believe but none the less they are off to a good start! I Just can't wait for the intercom to come out! Is anyone else aware of any other new products which are available to buy in the UK that the home automation dealers are selling? Here is the promo video that came out earlier:
  17. Between the years I had some few seconds to learn about NodeJS, Alexa Skills and Fibaro API. I was able to create a Skill for Alexa to communicate with Fibaro HC2 (HCL should work also). For now it is written and configured for German language but can easily adopted to any other language. Disadvantages so far: The Fibaro Box must be available via internet by any port forwarded to HTTP port 80 only (unless you are creating a proxy in between). Dyndns and IPv4 are useful... The skill cannot get certificated and set up easily. For using it an Alexa Skill must be created manually and the code and all other options (like intents list, custom slots and utterances) must be pasted manually. Some smaller changes in the code is needed too (abbreviations, url, port, authentication). Also Alexa is responding only after asking for the keyword (like fibaro, house ore something like this). While using the Alexa Smart Home Skill it is not possible to have more usage than other already existing skills (like HABridge). Advantages/Possibilities (just some examples): - You are able to set temperature for a special period of time - You can get and set status of global variables - You can change up to two lights at once or all lights in one or two rooms at once - You can call scenes - You can get status information about open/closed doors, open/closed windows, bot at once, turned on lights - Status information about wall plugs (turned on or off and power consumption) - Change roller shutters status (with proper words like shut down instead of shut off). If anybody might be interested he can ask me for the code. I am going to publish it somewhere (maybe Github) in the next days if anybody else might get interested in this. Also code is still not perfect. There might be a couple of bugs and it might get written better. But it was my first time I was writing anything for Alexa and with Nodejs (don't know why I have chosen this language). Also I would like to know some more ideas what could be done additional. Also I am interested if anybody has some improvements (like communicating via home.fibaro.com).
  18. Hello I just start on fibaro and on a light switch I installed fibaro dimmer but on s1 I have set my push botton but it does not operate .... any idea why? i know it must be a stupid question ... thx in advance Greg
  19. Miałem okazję sprawdzić jak działa HomeKit Apple oraz nowe moduły Fibaro for HomeKit. Jeżeli ktoś jest ciekawy jak to wygląda w praktyce, to zapraszam do przeczytania http://applemobile.pl/testujemy-fibaro-homekit-pierwsze-urzadzenia-inteligentnego-domu-fibaro-wspolpracujace-z-platforma-homekit-od-apple/
  20. I want to ask when fibaro or planned to build server in China?Hc2 in China many functions are not all very embarrassed, and fibaro the hc2 equipment for receiving homekit? thinkes
  21. For some time i'm stucked with black screen and in attachement bellow is what is in middle and it always tries to re-fresh after some time it gets to login screen. In previous updates i had this screen for a 15 seconds max. Now it takes for cca 1 - 3 minute.
  22. I am trying to create an ASSOCIATION between Fibaro Motion Sensor and Fibaro Wall Plug. Motion Sensor sees motion -> Wall plug switches on. Both sensors work fine on their own. I’ve read the PDF manual from Fibaro web (http://materialy.fibaro.com/technical%20presentations/HC2_A4_MotionSens_RelaySwitch_Association.pdf) but this does not help. The latest UI works a bit differently. I have been able to get this to work using SCENES but it was way too slow. It took around 8 seconds from motion to turn on the lights. Instead, pressing light -button from Fibaro UI works instantly. No idea why there is such a massive processing delay?? Any and all help will be appreciated. I am a total newbie and need some assistance to get everything working. I am selecting Motion Sensor -> Advanced -> Associations GROUP 1 Single channel associations To be set: 20 Current (on device): 20 Multi channel associations To be set: Current (on device): I have Fibaro Wall Plug selected. Save -> Nothing happens. Notification screen remains empty. Light switch does not work. Are there some additional settings that need to be adjusted in Motion Sensor Advance mode??
  23. Dear users, We noticed that there is a confusion on the forum, therefore we would like to inform you that FIBARO produces devices working with Apple HomeKit platform and Z-Wave protocol. These are two separate product lines. FIBARO follows the newest trends, we are innovative and flexible therefore we decided to introduce devices working with Apple HomeKit platform - dedicated for intelligent home solutions. FIBARO introduces the first three devices working with HomeKit platform: Motion Sensor, Flood Sensor, Door/Window Sensor. We assure you that we continue to develop and expand our Z-Wave system. Moreover, be informed that there are two mobile apps: Fibaro App and Fibaro for HomeKit Connected Devices, they are dedicated for two separate lines of products. We plan to introduce at least a few new products working with Apple HomeKit platform and Z-Wave system in the next year.
  24. I have encountered very interesting behaviour in association between motion sensor (FGMS-001-ZW5 v3.2) and Fibaro switch 2 (FGS-2x3). I set multichannel association only in Group 2 in motion sensor. I also set parameter 12 to send ON only (value 1). In Switch 2 settings i set there Auto off only. 1st case scenario: Now, when i "breach" motion sensor for first time it turn Switch On as desired. I'm trying now to encrease time to have Switch 2 turned ON by "breaching" motion sensor. If i "breach" motion sensor second time, third time, ...., it turn off and turn on Switch 2. So relay will flash always, when i breach it. 2nd case scenario when i "breach" motion sensor for first time it turn Switch On as desired. I'm trying now to encrease time to have Switch 2 turned ON by "breaching" motion sensor. If i "breach" motion sensor second time, third time, ...., it turn Switch 2 to oposite state. So relay turn on or off, when i breach it. I laso made a video of that behaviours. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9qu634urtl09ry7/VID_20161213_093908[1].mp4?dl=0 Does anyone has same experience with this case? @T.Konopka Did Fibaro engeneers encountered this issue in a past?
  25. Hello Everyone, I got a 8 channel IP relay, that i would like to control with the HC2. I grabbed the network data that's being send out when i use the buttons in the original control webpage of the relay. It looks like this: curl '' \ -XPOST \ -H 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \ -H 'Referer:' \ -H 'Upgrade-Insecure-Requests: 1' \ -H 'Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8' \ -H 'User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_12) AppleWebKit/602.1.50 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/10.0 Safari/602.1.50' \ -H 'Origin:' \ --data 'saida1on=on' How could i get the HC2 to trigger this via LUA? Can it be done? I also found this.. Maybe someone can help me find out.. This triggers Relay 1 for an Pulse of 1 second, "saida1on=on" sets the relay on and "saida1off=off" sets relay 1 to off. curl --user admin:password --data "saida1pluse=pluse" If i can explain anything more, please ask.. I'm struggling with this for a few days now, and can't get this to work.
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