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  1. Hi, I'm trying to configure ZXT-600 with my HC3 but I have some challenges/bugs. *Disclaimer - at this moment I'dont want to use any specific AC. I'm doing this as a "dry run" before final installation 1. HC3 without any problem recognize ZXT-600 "devices". ZXT-600 is wotking wit USB power adaptor. 2. I'm trying to configure ZXT-600 based on manual (https://1d7d2411-2e94-4f8c-a95f-87afc2c677d4.filesusr.com/ugd/6dacfa_70e9d19869b44299b27f501fd1673f85.pdf) . At the beginning I added two parameters: - 27 [Set IR Code number from built-in code library 27 (0x1B)] - I choose one of the Mitsubishi - 30 [Set Auto Report Condition Trigger By Room Temperature change 30 (0x1E)] - I choose value what menas based on manual "Auto report if room temperature is different from last report. 1(0x01) = 1°F (0.5°C)" ZXT-600 has been assigned to room Kuchnia/Kitchen (details on below print screen) I used iOS Fibaro application for HC3 and it looks that HC3/ZXT-600 doesn't work ijn proper way. 1. Even when I'm using parameter "Auto report if room temperature is different from last report. 1(0x01) = 1°F (0.5°C)" temperature doesn't change. Mobile application and Fibaro HC3 dashboard present one value (updated during power adaptor has been detached/attached) Is it a bug, malfunction or my lack of knowledge how to configure devices ? 2. I assume that should be possible send IR commnad (on, off, cooling, heating ...) from mobile application->HC3->ZXT-600 to air condition IR receiver. Maybe I'm wrong or I miss something. Unfortunatelly I haven't or I can't see any places in mobile/web applications where I could be do this Please let me know about your thoughts/experience. Thank you
  2. Hi all I am really fan of the Fibaro marked - and i im thinking of an extra option. There are so few products working out of the box with Fibaro HC3 I would like to have integration for these products - and NO mittleware - and i have no problem paying for a working integration For my the fun is doing the automations and not the integrations. I guess there is other people like me that dont have all the time in the world just for creating integrations - and i can also see that several people have coding skills that would take me years to reach. What should it cost? I miss a place to trade with integration. Where people can request and - people having the time, energy and skills can do the programming. Roth Touchline - underfloor heating iRobot Nilan Velux KLF200 siemens home connect
  3. Hello, Please help with topic how to set aeotc siren 6 to turn on the sound until I disarm alarm.
  4. Cześć, Czy ktoś ma pomysł jak ustawić Aoetec Siren 6 tak, aby alarm nieprzerwanie się powtarzał do momentu rozbrojenia alarmu? Wczoraj miałem naruszenie czujki (na szczęście przez psa) i alarm włączył się tylko na 35s i cisza. Ja się obudziłem, ale reszta domowników już nie. A co jeśli jeden "dzwonek" nas nie obudzi podczas prawdziwego włamania? Jaka jest funkcja w LUA, aby powtarzać czynność do momentu spełnienia określonego warunku. (czy ten kod posiada cos jak elseif ?)
  5. Is anyone have experience with setting up garage door device built on smart implant + hc3? Currently it works perfect in my setup but looks like simple light switch, so i looking for any suggestions to turn it to garage door.
  6. So, i'm still setting up the HC3. And run into some problems. I have 2 Zwave devices: a 8 button wall switch and a Fibaro multi sensor. The wall switch is configured to run some scene's. And the sensor is for later use, but also "adopted" in the device list. This is the second time in a few days, that the zwave devices stop working. The buttons stop activating the scene's, while when i start the scene manually it still works. The multi sensor shows up with a red cross in the device list. When i noticed this before, i just rebooted the HC3. And then it all works again. How can i troubleshoot this ? The console doesnt tell me anything..
  7. Witam serdecznie czy ktoś z was wie cos na temat integracji HC3 z rekuperatorem KAISAI - wyprodukowanym dla KAISAI przez włoską firmę SABIANA . Jeśli ktoś potrafi napisać integracje proszę o kontakt sabianaCloud.yaml
  8. Hello everyone,.. I am pleased to announce that the first version of QA for controlling the iEAST streamer has already been published. It's the Lite version. You can download it here on the Marketplace: https://marketplace.fibaro.com/items/ieast-hc3-lite-player Current version: Lite 1.0.0 Date of publication: 7/08/2020 Last update: 17/08/2020 FUNCTIONS The functions of this Quick App are: Allowing to control iEAST Player from Home Center 3. You can control one device. It does support basic and advanced functions: Basic Control Chose the device preset (radio station/stream) – if your device supported this Initiate playback Button for Playback, Stop, Prvevious and Next track Toggle button, Pause/Playback Button for MUTE (unMUTEd will be when set some volume) Basic Rendering Control Get player volume and mute state Set player volume to a specific level and unmute the player if muted Increase or decrease player volume Get or Set or Toggle player mute state (Mute or unmute the player) Get or Set or Toggle player loudness state Basic Rendering States Get URL stream from device Get Title and Artist from device Get Play status – play/stop/pause/mute Get Volume level Show the QA status QA Properties Enable QA Debug Mode RELEASE NOTES - changelog Version 1.0.0 For HC3 v5.031 Support standard capabilities (PlayerControl, PlayerStatus) Displaying information on the currently playing (with some exceptions) Fully controllable from the LUA scenarios (see available command list) Directly controll the one of three devices For the future Support for select LineIN play mode Support fot Equaliser Toggle for STOP/PLAY MASTER / slave multiroom control support (in the Enhanced version) For more information, visit the Marketplace page: https://marketplace.fibaro.com/items/ieast-hc3-lite-player The description is part of the package. In case of questions, please write eM. EDIT 20200918: For debug some communication problem, pleas visit this post:
  9. Does anyone have experience with Foscam on HC3? I do not get a picture in preview. I connect to an external ip. Do I have to use https and install SSL certificate? I did not find the model I have so I had to use "other" I have to use MJPG streaming and use this path http://USR:[email protected]:IP/video.cgi
  10. Hi, From the resources available on the forum I managed to glue QA to support Yamaha Musiccast (tested on R-602N and WX-30 ). The code is certainly not clean and needs patches. Would anyone experienced be interested in helping to refine the QA and adding additional functions before posting it in the forum? Regards Michal
  11. i looks i i have a memory leak in Firmware: 5.070.810 If I reboot it drops to 80%, and if i restore backup, without events - it drops a little more. And after some days its close to 95%. My center is so slow - so it takes 5-10 seconds per update, click. Its close to worthless, im not even close to implement all feature.
  12. Is anyone has succeed to use https connection? I did follow Fibaro's procedure to install certification Download the certificate. In the Windows Start menu search for mmc app and open it. In the MMC (Microsoft Management Console) app go to File > Add/Remove Snap-In. Add Certificate Snap-in: Certificates > Select “Computer account” > Next > Next > OK. Now go to Certificates > Trusted Root Certification Authorities and right-click on “Certificates” Import the certificate. Find the certificate downloaded from the FIBARO Home Center 3. Import it. Done. Your connection with the gateway is now secure. but doesn't work on FIrefox. (Expiration date ?) Any extra steps required to install certification? Interesting it does work with Chrome !!??
  13. I explain, in summer, i put my heat controllers in summer mode. For that i execute this commands: 1. api.post("/devices/"..id.."/action/setThermostatMode", {args = {"ManufacturerSpecific"}}) 2. api.put("/devices/"..id, {parameters = {{id = 2, value = 0, size = 4},{id = 3, value = 1, size = 4}}, useTemplate = true}) 3. api.post("/devices/"..id.."/action/setProtection", {args={"2"}}) 4. api.put("/devices/"..api.get("/devices/"..id).parentId, {properties = {pollingInterval = -1}}) 5. api.put("/devices/"..id, {properties = {saveLogs = false}, enabled = false, visible = false}) (1) I set my heat Controllers in Manufacturer Specific, but after few hours, he return to Heat parameter. For summer, the heat controllers must be fully open. (2) I change the parameters for deactivate OpenWindow notification and other. This command work, but the informations displaying in the HC3 not refresh data... Have a idea for force a "refreshStates" command to HC3 ? (3) It's the same with point (2), he work but not refreshed on HC3. (4) Copy this command normally sended by HC3 when i change the properties of the device. (I don't know what this command is for.) (5) Disabled heat controllers for be sure not be changed by the HC3 in the futur. But after few hours, the heat controllers return to Heat mode... Have you a idea, why heat controllers return to Heat mode after few hours and why when i change the parameters, the HC3 not refresh display data ? P.S. In my script, for be sure the HC3 not interfer with heat Controllers, i have deactivate the climat zones: Thanks for your help !
  14. Dear all. I had an inquiry from a teacher at the Danish electrician education. They will put the HC3 in the curriculum, because smarthomes will be the future.✌️ so... to all the kids learning basic programming - we need a Proof of Concept.. How can I provide a solution where, i from an Internet website can control the something in the HC3, it could be a simple switch. So controlling the HC3 from another network that itself. What the want to achieve it the HC3 is on the home network. Have a website showing video stream with a HC3 controlles Bulb, and a button on the same website that can control the Bulb. Its for Exhibitions getting interest for potentially young students .. No MQTT or other mittleware, it needed to be done direct, like when Alexa, Google assistant is controlling this. No Firewall port forwarding As I see it, I need two moduels, One on the external website and one one at the HC3. Anyone up for helping with a PoC fort this? have some code already? or can structure the design? I think its in Fibaro interest to participate themselves also? Best Regards
  15. Hi, I really need some help. I have 2 soil moisture probes wiring in correctly (I believe) into the RGBW unit. Using a multi meter between the ground an IN1 & IN2 i get 3v and 8v readings. My problem is that no matter what setting I use in HC3 the preview window for each channel always reads zero. Have I got the wrong end of the stick? Please help me! Thanks, mike.
  16. Hi All, I have been searching for a while now on the forum, but have not find the solution to my problem. We do have the danalockV3 and the Fibaro intercom. Both device can be found in the HC3. Now the problem is that when we try to open the Danalock trough the intercom or in a scene, the Danalock doesn't respond to it. If i look in the recent history of the HC3, i can see that the scene has run. As well there is a action that is called Action: Device polling. Does anybody know how i can fix this? Happy to hear your answers. I am new in this world so please be free to ask me if you need more information. Greetings, Thomas
  17. If I restore a dead device connected to the HC3 through the mobile app. Then the device recovers immediately after the push of the button. But if I do the restore by code (in a HC3 QuickApp) then the device does not restore. I use (wakeUpDeadDevice(deviceID)) for this. local parentID = 201 fibaro.wakeUpDeadDevice(parentID) fibaro.sleep(1000) fibaro.call(parentID,'turnOn') Is there any other code similar to the code the mobile app uses?
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Those QuickApps intend to use as a slave devices on HC3 to emulate original devices on HC2/HCL or secondary HC3. The main purpose is to emulate devices of HC2 controller to create same environment on HC3 before migrating the devices. You can use these devices as standard HC3 devices in Lua, block scenes and QuickApp (triggers and control). After migration you just need to delete slaves and change device IDs in code. To make it easy, recommended to use json Home Table. In addition if you intend to keep HC2 or HCL as part of your Home Automation, these slaves provide an option to run your system on HC3 only. You can expand your HCL usage by using Lua, block scenes and QA on HC3 to control and monitor devices on HCL. Please use slaves according to device functionality. For sensors use SlaveSensor, for dimmers use SlaveDimmer, for RGBW dimmers use SlaveColor or SlaveColorW (option to change white level). It's very important to use correct KeyFob slave (sceneActivation or central Scene) After downloading the QA, open user_data file and enter credentials, IP and device ID. slaveRate value is in milliseconds and determines the time rate to fetch the data from original device. For example if device on HC2 turned ON, within 700 milliseconds the slave device on HC3 will be turned ON also Every slave device has an option to stop/start emulation by pressing toggle button .
  19. Hello, Does anyone have and would like to share a QA that would work as an alarm clock (turn on a specific device or scene at a set time and day of the week, from the interface and application)?
  20. Hello, I created following scene that turn off all the lights in my apartment: This scene should be automaticly launched while button 2 is pressed 2 times on Dimmer in Lobby. But it's not launching. It is properly running by mobile app. Does anyone knows what I am doing wrong ? What to check ? Regards.
  21. knuth

    HC3 LUA vs HC2

    In making the transfer from HC2 to HC3 based on a cloud backup (update 4.581 Beta) it is stated that "scenes will not be moved and need to be created again". That's OK, but it would be helpful when planning the transfer to know what the differences are (in syntax and available functions) between the two LUA versions. I know that the new LUA editor is documented in https://manuals.fibaro.com/home-center-3-lua-scenes/ . What I would hope to see in addition, is a side by side comparison of all the crucial differences, to enable a pre-edit of the old LUA scenes before entering them into the new editor. Something like this: If you used this in HC2 LUA: You need to do this in HC3 LUA: fibaro.debug("txt") fibaro.debug("tag", "txt") os.time() ??? etc. If we all contribute to such a table as we identify all the differences, we may be able to help each other prepare for HC3. Not all differences can easily be summarized in the simple two-column format above, however. For the new definition of conditions and triggers, it seems it would be more appropriate to give a few examples of old codes (with triggers) converted to new codes. PS: I haven't even decided to buy the HC3 yet! But getting a feel for the amount of re-programming needed to convert my scene is an important factor in making that decision. The suggested table is now shown in a pdf file attached to this post, see below. It is regularly updated as new contributions are posted. LUA HC2 vs HC3.pdf
  22. Hi, is it possible to play a sound(given text) on a google nest mini, when an event occur on the homecenter 3? greetings Paul
  23. I have added Intercom Qapp (HC3) Trying to create a trigger to sound siren when Button is pressed on Intercom. However I can't get the trigger to work; { conditions = { { id = 347, isTrigger = true, operator = "==", property = "buttonTwoIsPressed", type = "device", value = true } }, operator = "all" } Any ideas how to get it working?
  24. Hello, im looking for a HC3 Script which switch a Bathroom Fan on/off with dependency relative humindity. I found a HC2 Script from kapitano1 (https://forum.siio.de/t/lua-taupunktlueftung-im-keller/5206) My Lua skill is very low, so i tried to change the code to hc3 and add my ids. The script will run correctly when humidInAbs - humidOutAbs > 1 but the switch off fan code is not correct. And sorry for my english, but it is not my native language; i tried my best. Can anyone correct it please? Debug: 28.08.2020] [12:44:00] [DEBUG] [SCENE218]: - 28.08.2020 12:44:00 AußenTemp 21.59°C rel. Feuchtigkeit 57.0% [28.08.2020] [12:44:00] [DEBUG] [SCENE218]: - 28.08.2020 12:44:00 absolute Luftfeuchtigkeit Außen 10.969697021231g/m³ [28.08.2020] [12:44:00] [DEBUG] [SCENE218]: - 28.08.2020 12:44:00 InnenTemp 25.4°C rel. Feuchtigkeit 51.0% [28.08.2020] [12:44:00] [DEBUG] [SCENE218]: - 28.08.2020 12:44:00 absolute Luftfeuchtigkeit Innen 12.211619119493g/m³ [28.08.2020] [12:49:00] [ERROR] [SCENE218]: Declaration: { conditions = { { type = "date", property = "cron", operator = "match", value = {"*", "*", "*", "*", "*", "*"}, isTrigger = true } }, operator = "all" } Action: local date = os.date("%d.%m.%Y %H:%M:%S", os.time()) local EXP = tonumber("2.71828182845904523536028747135266249775724709369995") local pressure = fibaro.getValue(425, "value") -- Luftdruck local tempOut = fibaro.getValue(422, "value") -- Außentemperatur local humidOut = fibaro.getValue(424, "value") -- Feuchtigkeit local tempIn = fibaro.getValue(120, "value") --Temp local humidIn = fibaro.getValue(122, "value") -- Luftfeuchtigkeit local timeout_min = 5 -- Wartezeit local I1 = tonumber(tempOut) -- Temperatur (in °C) local I2 = tonumber(humidOut) -- Relative Luftfeuchtigkeit (in %) local I3 = tonumber(pressure) -- Aktueller Luftdruck (in Millibar) local I4 = tonumber(tempIn) -- Temperatur (in °C) local I5 = tonumber(humidIn) -- Relative Luftfeuchtigkeit (in %) local humidOutAbs local humidInAbs local run = 0 function actionToHigh() -- Aktionen bei Erkennung zu hoher Luftfeuchtigkeit fibaro.call(148, "turnOn") end function actionToLow() -- Aktionen bei Erkennung zu niedriger Luftfeuchtigkeit fibaro.call(148, "turnOff") end -- ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ -- Werte Draußen -- ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ function Voutside() --print(" - " ..date .. " AußenTemp " ..tempOut .. "°C rel. Feuchtigkeit " ..humidOut.. "%") humidOutAbs = 0.622 * I2/100 * (1.01325 * 10^(5.426651 - 2005.1 / (I1 + 273.15) + 0.00013869 * ((I1 + 273.15) * (I1 + 273.15) - 293700) / (I1 + 273.15) * (10^(0.000000000011965 * ((I1 + 273.15) * (I1 + 273.15) - 293700) * ((I1 + 273.15) * (I1 + 273.15) - 293700)) - 1) - 0.0044 * 10^((-0.0057148 * (374.11 - I1)^1.25))) + (((I1 + 273.15) / 647.3) - 0.422) * (0.577 - ((I1 + 273.15) / 647.3)) * EXP^(0.000000000011965 * ((I1 + 273.15) * (I1 + 273.15) - 293700) * ((I1 + 273.15) * (I1 + 273.15) - 293700)) * 0.00980665) / (I3/1000 - I2/100 * (1.01325 * 10^(5.426651 - 2005.1 / (I1 + 273.15) + 0.00013869 * ((I1 + 273.15) * (I1 + 273.15) - 293700) / (I1 + 273.15) * (10^(0.000000000011965 * ((I1 + 273.15) * (I1 + 273.15) - 293700) * ((I1 + 273.15) * (I1 + 273.15) - 293700)) - 1) - 0.0044 * 10^((-0.0057148 * (374.11 - I1)^1.25))) + (((I1 + 273.15) / 647.3) - 0.422) * (0.577 - ((I1 + 273.15) / 647.3)) * EXP^(0.000000000011965 * ((I1 + 273.15) * (I1 + 273.15) - 293700) * ((I1 + 273.15) * (I1 + 273.15) - 293700)) * 0.00980665)) * I3/1000 * 100000000 / ((I1 + 273.15) * 287.1) --print(" - " ..date .. " absolute Luftfeuchtigkeit Außen " ..humidOutAbs.. "g/m³") end function Vinside() -- ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ -- Werte Drinnen -- ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ --print(" - " ..date .. " InnenTemp " ..tempIn .. "°C rel. Feuchtigkeit " ..humidIn.. "%") humidInAbs = 0.622 * I5/100 * (1.01325 * 10^(5.426651 - 2005.1 / (I4 + 273.15) + 0.00013869 * ((I4 + 273.15) * (I4 + 273.15) - 293700) / (I4 + 273.15) * (10^(0.000000000011965 * ((I4 + 273.15) * (I4 + 273.15) - 293700) * ((I4 + 273.15) * (I4 + 273.15) - 293700)) - 1) - 0.0044 * 10^((-0.0057148 * (374.11 - I4)^1.25))) + (((I4 + 273.15) / 647.3) - 0.422) * (0.577 - ((I4 + 273.15) / 647.3)) * EXP^(0.000000000011965 * ((I4 + 273.15) * (I4 + 273.15) - 293700) * ((I4 + 273.15) * (I4 + 273.15) - 293700)) * 0.00980665) / (I3/1000 - I5/100 * (1.01325 * 10^(5.426651 - 2005.1 / (I4 + 273.15) + 0.00013869 * ((I4 + 273.15) * (I4 + 273.15) - 293700) / (I4 + 273.15) * (10^(0.000000000011965 * ((I4 + 273.15) * (I4 + 273.15) - 293700) * ((I4 + 273.15) * (I4 + 273.15) - 293700)) - 1) - 0.0044 * 10^((-0.0057148 * (374.11 - I4)^1.25))) + (((I4 + 273.15) / 647.3) - 0.422) * (0.577 - ((I4 + 273.15) / 647.3)) * EXP^(0.000000000011965 * ((I4 + 273.15) * (I4 + 273.15) - 293700) * ((I4 + 273.15) * (I4 + 273.15) - 293700)) * 0.00980665)) * I3/1000 * 100000000 / ((I4 + 273.15) * 287.1) --print(" - " ..date .. " absolute Luftfeuchtigkeit Innen " ..humidInAbs.. "g/m³") -- ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ end Voutside() Vinside() --if (humidInAbs > humidOutAbs) then if (humidInAbs - humidOutAbs) > 1 then print(" - " ..date .. " Bad 1.OG lüften!") actionToHigh() print(" - " ..date .. " AußenTemp " ..tempOut .. "°C rel. Feuchtigkeit " ..humidOut.. "%") print(" - " ..date .. " absolute Luftfeuchtigkeit Außen " ..humidOutAbs.. "g/m³") print(" - " ..date .. " InnenTemp " ..tempIn .. "°C rel. Feuchtigkeit " ..humidIn.. "%") print(" - " ..date .. " absolute Luftfeuchtigkeit Innen " ..humidInAbs.. "g/m³") fibaro.sleep(timeout_min*60*1000) else actionToLow() print(" - " ..date .. " Bad 1.OG nicht lüften") run = 0 end
  25. Hi when I add the powerview QA from fibaro HC3 (the built in one) it grabs my scenes from powerview and all is good. I can activate the scenes in "preview" and via lua. But.. the next day.. they don't work anymore.. I can then remove the QA and readd it.. then everything works again. Does anyone outthere use the powerview QA? have same experience? found a solution? Right now my only idea is that because I had automations running natively in powerview they ..for some reason.. break the link.. so after an automation has run in powerview.. something happens. I've now turned off my automations in powerview app and created a simple lua script to close the curtains tonight 30 minutes after sunset. tomorrow we'll see if they still work.
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