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  1. Hello, I have an empty QA device (temperature device). What's the easiest way to set the value (temperature) using HTTP call (from outside HC3) to the API? Or do I need to provide some method in QA that i.e. the `callAction` REST API will use? I'd prefer to have empty QA and do everything via REST API.
  2. Micx

    email subject

    The new HC3 LUA sytax for email fibaro.alert('email', users, "xxx") has no room for the subject. The subject is always "Message from FIBARO". Is there a way to change this?
  3. After Fibaro ID password was changed, the password to log in to the HC3 is invalid. Someone who has experienced that?
  4. Dear Users, We have good news for those of you who are residents in Holland or Belgium and have been thinking of switching to Home Center 3 recently! FIBARO together with Google Store offer Nest Hub - totally free of charge when buying Home Center 3 at one of selected retailers or dealers. Check out the details of the promo as well as examples of amazing opportunities both products offer here: https://www.fibaro.com/nl/the-smart-google-promo/
  5. Hello, After a parameter change of a MultiSensor the 'busy indicator' kept circling without saving parameters so I rebooted the HC3. After the reboot all Leds on the front of the HC3 are solid copper except for the Security LED that is blinking. After that manual reboot my HC3 is not visible anymore in software. Nowhere. - Not in the Fibaro Finder - Not in the DHCP Client list of my Router - In the Fibaro Remote Acces website ( https://dom.fibaro.com/cmh/home-center/list) it is visible but in Red with a red cross icon. - In the HC3 configuration interface (COMPONENTS.DEVICE-LIST.MAIN-HEADER.LOCAL-LIST) nothing appears (icon keeps rotating). The procedures in the manual are not clear for me: -1- Using the (+) Recovery button it says "Put in Recovery mode". I did this but how can I see/know it is in recovery mode when I have no User Interface? -2- Hold for xx seconds when network-icon and wif-icon are blinking = they never blink except during startup. They also do not blink after holding the (+) button for 20 s. This means I do not get a change to reset the network settings or switch between Dynamic and static IP. Because the IP address stays invisble I can not find a way to do a factory reset because I have no User Interface. Can someone help me to get my HC3 up and running again? How can I factory reset the HC3 when I have no interface at all? Thank you in advance for your support.
  6. cag014


    Version 3.0


    This is JavaScript code, which displays debug information (in parallel to code development) at full screen on desktop (supports HC2 and HC3 controllers) Main purpose is to support scenes where debug information is in HTML format, like All-in-One Scene, Z-wave monitor/viewer, Z-Range analyzer . All other formats will be displayed in same format as in debugger window. Since HTML format is not supported by HC3 and debugger window is too small, it could be a helpful alternative for better view and debug your code. In many cases variables values include a lot of information (like jSON table) and it couldn't be reviewed by HC interface, this application offers to display Global variables (including QuickApp variables) on "big" screen. Follow information and features are supported: Display debug information of selected scene. (HC2) Display scenes debug information filtered by messages tags including levels (trace, warning,error). (HC3). Note: Currently all scenes print info in same debugger. Issue reported to Fibaro Group - in Progress. Start scene. (HC2/3) VD main and buttons' debug information. (HC2) Select and Press VD button. (HC2) Display current value of selected global variable. (HC2/3) QuickApp debug information. (HC3) . Note: Currently when debug info is loaded it clears debug info from HC3 debugger window. Display current value of selected QuickApp variable. (HC3) Turn On/Off (toggle method) QuickApp (HC3) Select and Press QuickApp button. (HC3) Note: Since HC3 doesn't support HTML format anymore, this is the only option to view and analyze information on upcoming All-in-One Scene and Z-wave monitor applications. After downloading the file please remove .txt extension. Currently supported browser are Firefox, Chrome or IE browsers. Recently Java Scripts are blocked by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) mechanism, please download Disable CORS file for further instructions how to disable CORS. How it works: Before execution, open the file to define HC IP-address and HC3 transfer protocol at User Configurable Parameters // ============= USER CONFIGURABLE PARAMETERS ================ var hcip={"HC3":"","HC2":""} var protocol={"HC3":"https"} On first run, login information will be required. (To keep your credentials secured, login data is not stored in file ) Application interface is very simple and self-guided. Select controller: HC2 or HC3 Select item : Scene, V Device, Variable, QuicpApp... Select item of previous selected section. Press "Reload" button to load debug information. By checking debug checkbox, API executed commands are shown. 1. If scene selected "Start" button appears. 2. If V Device selected list of available buttons shown and "Press" button appears. 3. If QuickAppDevice selected, list of available buttons shown. "Press" and "Toggle" buttons appear. By pressing "Toggle" button, QuickApp will turned ON or OFF in sequential order. 4. If Variables selected,list of available variables shown. By selecting the variable, his current value displayed.
  7. Hello I'm new to making scenes in HC3, -just bear with me. Thought to start with some simple things like Trigger and Conditioning. Have a source I want to get a message if the temperature is above 9 degrees But the scene is running even though the temperature is below 9 degrees (see picture) Have tried to read on how to do. Feels like it's a simple thing I am missing I have also the same problem with freezer (not unexpected but i guess ) But i would like to have that on -18 in stead
  8. catak

    HC3 issue

    Two nights ago i received over 100 mesages about the battery low level at a door sensor from my home. After i arrive home i login into the web interface and at that door sensor i unchek the notification for the battery down but the emails still arrive with this warning. From the web interface i did a reboot the HC3. After the reboot the HC3 made himself a autorepair or something like that, and after made himself an auto backup then didn't start and stuck on the rebooting. Ive pluged out and in from the power after 20 minutes of waiting and now i only see few fibaro devices and most of the devices that was installed are gone. Also can't see any device in the mobile app. Made a ticket yesterday morning but didn't receive an answer yet. Anyone know were the autobackup was made? Because in web interface i cant fiind any backup from that night.
  9. I'm really a noob with QA, and I've spent already hours and hours looking for a solution of my problem. Because HC3 does not yet support Somfy RTS, I want to control my Somfy roller shutters using Domoticz. I can easily operate them from Domoticz, and I can operate them also by an URL like, Off or stop) How can I integrate this in the standard QuickApp for the roller shutters? This QA has the following code: -- Roller shutter type should handle actions: open, close, stop -- To update roller shutter state, update property "value" with integer 0-99 function QuickApp:open() self:debug("roller shutter opened") self:updateProperty("value", 99) end function QuickApp:close() self:debug("roller shutter closed") self:updateProperty("value", 0) end function QuickApp:stop() self:debug("roller shutter stopped ") end -- Value is type of integer (0-99) function QuickApp:setValue(value) self:debug("roller shutter set to: " .. tostring(value)) self:updateProperty("value", value) end -- To update controls you can use method self:updateView(<component ID>, <component property>, <desired value>). Eg: -- self:updateView("slider", "value", "55") -- self:updateView("button1", "text", "MUTE") -- self:updateView("label", "text", "TURNED ON") -- This is QuickApp inital method. It is called right after your QuickApp starts (after each save or on gateway startup). -- Here you can set some default values, setup http connection or get QuickApp variables. -- To learn more, please visit: -- * https://manuals.fibaro.com/home-center-3/ -- * https://manuals.fibaro.com/home-center-3-quick-apps/ function QuickApp:onInit() self:debug("onInit") end I found a step by step tutorial, but only for the HC2:
  10. Hi Has anyone got the Philio 2 in 1 sensor (PAT02-1B) working in HC3? It should be compatible with HC2 as far as I've read. But when I add it to my HC3 it fails to configure
  11. Locally I can place the current class (self) in a variable and call an Object in this class. This code is working (localy): function QuickApp:onInit() local sender = {value='Yes', class=self} sender.class:localPrintValue(sender.value) end function QuickApp:localPrintValue(value) if value == nil then value = 'No' end self:debug('Can I print this : '..value) end [15.09.2020] [13:22:42] [DEBUG] [QUICKAPP105]: Can I print this : Yes If I send this variable to another class using fibaro.call(id, 'action', variable) , the call disappears into the darkness. Calling the Object in the other class(QuickApp) results in calling the nil value? !!! This next code is (because of the class=self) not working: fibaro.call(qaID,"updateMyProperty", {value=newValue, class=self}) function QuickApp:updateMyProperty (sender) local value = 0 if type(sender) == 'table' then -- Call comes from elsewhere.. value = sender.value self:debug('Device updated from: '..tostring(sender.class.id)..'.'..tostring(sender.class.name)..' with value: '..tostring(value)) else value = sender self:debug('local call, with value: '..tostring(value)) end end This is a pity because I would like to indicate in the called class where the call was coming from. Now I solve this by sending a table with : sender = {id=self.id, name=self.name, value=newValue}. Do I do something wrong? or has Fibaro disabled the oop function for sending object classes?
  12. Hello, I have a problem. After some time, when playing is stopped, Quickapp can't refresh fcPlayerStates and prompts :error fcPlayerStates: "Operation canceled". I'm using your app since 2 weeks or so, and that's the first situation of debug error. Similar situation was appaired when ieast device was disable and disconnected. Bart
  13. To share with you! I just found out that the Fibaro QuickApp and Scene editor also supports shortcut keys. A command pallet can be called with the F1 key. Important shortcut keys for me, are: 'Select All Occurrences of Find Match' (Ctrl + Shft + L), 'Troggle Line Comment' (Ctlr + /) 'Add Cursor below' (Ctr + Alt + DownArrow). Also handy, is the 'surround with' function. Select a word and type ', (, [, { and so on. Then the editor will automatically enclose the word with this character ?. If you want more information about the Monaco Editor, use in the editor (Alt + F1, Ctrl + H) to open the Monaco Editor Accessibility Guide... In the appendix you will find an Excel list with all the editors keys shortcuts!! Fibaro Editor Short cuts.xlsx
  14. Is there a way to cancel "callback" scheduled using `setTimeout` in QuickApp? Something like i.e. `clearTimeout` known from JS world? The `setTimeout` does not seem to return a value, but maybe there's some trick.
  15. Hello Community, Quick question, hope you could help After trying a QA for managing my lights, it looks like the HC3 didn't like it. Don't know why but the code has put some mess. HC3 keeps restarting, then going in automated repair with, truly, 2 sources (A & B) of the same issue but with two different OS version... It finally restart but reboots again after a few seconds. No trace in logs of an issue. I'm turning in round. My question, if i do a factory reset and then reconnect my account to the box, will i see my former cloud backups and be in a position to restore a "c" version ? (older)? thanks in advance for your answers, getting mad. br mathias
  16. Alarm Control HC3 new alarm concept could be used very efficiently by AOQ: For example: Assuming we have defined "nightSleep" which includes 1 doors and 2 window sensors. The zone is activated during the night (23:00~06:30). When the zone has breached we can send notification and/or send notification for breached device. When sensor has breached it will stay in breach mode and not monitored by alarm anymore, so additional breach is not identified. In order to monitor all sensors again, entire zone must be re-armed. Here is an example how to do it: jS2n={door=300, wSense1=410,wSense2=420, rgb=500} jM={ {0,"$blank",{timeSlot="06:30~23:00,23:00~,~06:30",initAct={"nightSleep","disarmAlarm",""}, trueAct={"nightSleep","armAlarm",""},falseAct={"nightSleep","disarmAlarm",""}}}, {0,"`door`|`wSense1`|`wSense2`",{state="alarm=breached",trueAct={{"Night Sleep Zone breached","sendEmail","$name at $room has breached"}}}}, {0,"$nightSleep",{state="value=breached",trueAct={{"nightSleep","disarmAlarm",""},{"nightSleep","armAlarm","5"}}}}, If you need visual indication of alarm status, we can add trigAct{} to set RGB Bulb according to alarm state by change last line as following: jS2n={door=300, wSense1=410,wSense2=420, rgb=500} jM={ {0,"$blank",{timeSlot="06:30~23:00,23:00~,~06:30",initAct={"nightSleep","disarmAlarm",""}, trueAct={"nightSleep","armAlarm",""},falseAct={"nightSleep","disarmAlarm",""}}}, {0,"`door`|`wSense1`|`wSense2`",{state="alarm=breached",trueAct={{"Night Sleep Zone breached","sendEmail","$name at $room has breached"}}}}, {0,"$nightSleep",{state="value=breached",trueAct={{"nightSleep","disarmAlarm",""},{"nightSleep","armAlarm","5"}}, trigAct={{"`rgb`","setColor,255,0,0,0","","{$nightSleep:value=breached}"},{"`rgb`","setColor,0,255,0,0","","{$nightSleep:value=armed}"},{"`rgb`","setValue,0","","{$nightSleep:value=disarmed}"}}}, You can use sendEmail, sendPush or sendiPush notification. Note: Using sendiPush you can define to execute scene or an action on any device (and any command) in the system. By pressing "RUN" button on iPush notification you can do follow: {"Night Sleep Zone breached","sendiPush,run_30","$name at $room has breached"} run scene 30 {"Night Sleep Zone breached","sendiPush,run85{turnOn}","$name at $room has breached"} turn ON device 85 {"Night Sleep Zone breached","sendiPush,run90{setColor,255,0,0,0}","$name at $room has breached"} set red color on device 90
  17. Converting Block scene with interactive push into Lua uses `api.post("/mobile/push"` call. Yet there's no documentation for this endpoint in Swagger. Anybody happens to know more about it? Options? I can partly reverse it from what's possible in Block scene, but I suppose there's more. HC3 with 5.040.
  18. Is making sences the only way to assign commands to The button? In HC2 i was able to assign commands directly on the button, if im remembering it right.
  19. Is it possible to write a (one) trigger for the HC3 scene that responds to all devices, whose interfaces are light. I don't want to write for every light device a trigger.. What I've tried, and it doesn't work is: { operator = “all”, conditions = { { type = “device”, property = “value”, operator = “anyValue”, isTrigger = true } } } OR id= Or id = {45, 46}, --omit altogether and hard to maintain OR id= fibaro.getDevicesID Or id = fibaro.getDevicesID({ Interfaces = {“light”,}, Properties = { dead = false,}, Enabled = true, Visible = true }), And changing 'device' to 'interfaces' or 'interFaces' doesn't work either. { operator = “all”, conditions = { { type = “interfaces”, property = “value”, operator = “==”, value = “light”, isTrigger = true } } } The only code that's working is: But, this trigger is only for 2 devices, and I have a lot more.... And I don't like it because it's hard to maintain.. { operator = "any", conditions = { { type = "device", id = 45, property = "value", operator = "anyValue", isTrigger = true }, { type = "device", id = 46, property = "value", operator = "anyValue", isTrigger = true } } } Can someone help me with this? please!
  20. Hi Some problem with understanding Lua in the new HC3 , Trying to find out how Global variable works. What is it i am doing wrong fibaro.setGlobalVariable("c","1") fibaro.debug("Scene16", fibaro.getGlobalVariable("c")) I am trying to find out as in HC2 a Variables Panel but can not find it. Please advice
  21. Hi, I'm new to Fibaro (HC3) and just finding my way around things. I've seen some reference in other forums that Quick Apps (buttons / controls) are not currently available in the Home Center mobile app - is this correct and still the case? Seems like a pretty basic requirement to be able to use Quick Apps doesn't it, or am I missing something? Otherwise, what is the point of them and how do you use them from your mobile other than building individual scenes for each action you want to take with it? Is anyone aware of a mobile app update on the horizon soon which will allow control of Quick Apps from the mobile app UI? Thanks
  22. I have deleted multiple aeotec mulitsensor 6, but they are still configured in the HC3 hub. They switched to hidden after i removed them, but are unable to remove them. I have tried to reset the hub. Is there i way to force them. Should it not be a trashbin next to device to force remove? if so that is missing.
  23. Hello, I'm a newbee with Fibaro. I have a Home Center 3, and I have configured it with rooms and devices. It seems to work properly using a connection via home.fibaro.com in my browser (I'm able to switch on and off my lights for example). But I'm facing an issue with the Home Center android app. Once connected with my fibaro ID, I'm not able to see any rooms or devices. I only use one user (the admin one) which is linked to my fibaro ID. I tried several ways, and search for tips into the web, but did not find any clue. Could you please help me to find what is the solution ?
  24. After adding Aeotec multisensor 6 to the HC3 the HC3 recognizes the Aetec MS6. The MS6 does not send any values. All remains at 0. HC3 does come up with a template for the parameters however changing the parameters is impossible, they remain at 0. Thanks, Willem Bousema Switching from HC2 to HC3
  25. Hello I wrote a QuickApp for controlling my Sony Bravia TV but I can´t find it in the Android app?
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