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  1. Hi, I've bought a Netatmo thermostat and its relay, it's now working fine with the Netatmo APP, fully integrated in Apple HomeKit but something happens in Fibaro. I installed the plugin and did all necessary steps to bind the Netatmo account and Fibaro, I see the message Your account is connected in Fibaro but no new devices are coming up. I'm just wondering if Fibaro is not supporting Netatmo thermostat, or whether I shall code something in the Netatmo APP program site. Any clue or hint to solve the issue? Thanks!
  2. Hey Guys, Trying to send a HTTP String from my HCL VD but it's not working.. anyone see what I'm doing wrong, String I'm trying to send is: GET https://api.thingspeak.com/update?api_key=MYKEY&field1=
  3. Hi, just an idea for future updates: To let a user to specify any device's friendly name (to use in scenes, VD) Every new device has ID (its r/o property) used to address in scenes etc. But in big system the ID tells nothing, and its very hard to operate with numbers. I read the forum, there is HomeTable workaround for this, but IMO the best would be to have editable device friendly name in device properties. Lets say it will assign "device.<id>" by default. Also would be great to add a few functions to lua framework like: fibaro:GetValueByName("<device_name>","value") And let users to use device_name as triggers. BR
  4. Good day, I started my system with a HCL 2 controlling lights, then 2 weeks later I acquired the HC2 due to large quantity of elements to be added and also to cover a bigger area (plus all the additional services in the HC2). At this point I imported everything from the HCL to the HC2 with no issues and i was controlling the lights with no issue. However, after continuous usage, HCL keeps going out of service after a few minutes, then I have to restarted, either with the web page or unplug it from the outlet. With the reset it works again as expected but after a while (around 30min) it goes out again. I tested the IP configuration and it does answer to a PING from a computer but the system it self is not working. Please let me know if this error occurs frequently and if there is a software version that can be used to avoid this to happen. regards, Andres
  5. Hello, I created a non-admin user with access to several devices in HCL(4.140) . When I'm logged and tried to modify some values in my heating panel i was not able to do it. Also tried to set the hotel room mode on but i have a http 500 error during setting it up. Would be great that a user can adjust the heating panel based on their needs without having an admin access. Anyone has a solution or faced the same issue? Thanks
  6. I just wanted to change the password for the admin (Configuration - Access Control - administrator - change e-mail and password) of my HCL and as usual i used internet explorer, mainly as in other threads it was recommended to be the fastest, clicking around in the different views of the HCL. Instead of showing the wizard I get a blank screen only (pale blue). When I do the same in Chrome or firefox the wizard shows up and all is fine. Yes, history deleted. anyone else facing the similar/same?
  7. I need to control multiple roller shutters with a slider on a VD. I can control one device on the VD, but i need to control 11 roller shutters and i cannot create a group because i have to controll them in scenes with others values. Can anyone help me?
  8. Hell All! I am a new user to Fibaro... so far so good... A few questions though... 1. How can I set a widget (iOS) to toggle a device? I assume create a scene, but scenes need trigger, there is no "button" trigger as sone other systems have... This would allow me to toggle a specific device on and off from iphone today screen 2 .I'm not quite sure what a virtual device is, seems like just devices that are IP based? 3. Do not understand variables panel... I can create them IE: Alarm is armed... but doesn't tie into anything... 4. Will the alarm, ARM itself if I have created a GPS zone or will I need to create a scene to ARM and DISARM the system.. Thanks, I appreciate the help!
  9. Hi there, I'm trying to set up a Virtual Device in my HCL to control the Roomba at home over a RooWiFi board. I tried the code shown in this page, but cannot get it to work. I was just wondering if this is because the hub is a HCL (and not a HC2) or something else, anyone with a similar experience that could provide some light? Cheers!
  10. Now got the ID, it is the ID, shown in the general tab on the master of the device. Strange however is, that in VD's the ID listed as shown below is to be used. Question now is, which is the ID within the Z-wave network. I just wanted to get the latest and greatest features of my devices, so I started to soft reconfigure. I took the one I could easiest live without and/or reconfigure the hard way. Strange: in the device page, it shows me ID 134 in the information window it shows me ID 133. Might be related to 1.140 might also not be related to 1.140. I have so far never noticed this difference. I also did reconfigure with other devices and every time the ID differs by 1 (ID in device page is +1 compared to the ID in the info window) Scenes however still work with these reconfigured devices. any clue? Update: soft reconfigure done with a fibaro relay switch, the difference is 11. Things are getting weird. Also here when I manually trigger scenes, activating/deactivating the device it all works.
  11. Hi I would like to manage notifications or other settings in Hikvision camera. According to Hikvision guides http://www.hikvisioneurope.com/portal/index.php?dir=Integration and Development Materials/03--Protocol/01--HIKCGI Protocol/ It's possible to send these kind of commands in a virtual device? Something like this: PUT /System/time/ntpServers/1 HTTP/1.1 Authorization: Basic YWRtaW46MTIzNDU= Content-Type: text/xml Host: Content-Length: 268 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <NTPServer> <id>1</id> <addressingFormatType>ipaddress</addressingFormatType> <ipAddress></ipAddress> <portNo>123</portNo> <Extensions> <synchronizeInterval>60</synchronizeInterval> </Extensions> </NTPServer> Is this possible? Using HCL and 4.105
  12. Hey Guys, Trying to send a HTTP String from my HCL VD but it's not working.. anyone see what I'm doing wrong, String I'm trying to send is: GET https://api.thingspeak.com/update?api_key=MYKEY&field1=
  13. Hi everyone, With this my first message in the forum, I'd like sharing an issue I'm having with my HCL Notification Center, it might be that someone already went through it and can support me. It seems that at some point my HCL 'crashed' while I was soft reconfiguring some of my devices, once the system was up again it went on reconfiguring the devices queued until it finished. My issue is now that it looks like the device the HCL was reconfiguring while it crashed appears as 'pending' to reconfigure in the Notifications center all the time, even if I click on the 'cancel' button, the message won't go away (see attached image). I also tried starting a new soft reconfiguration of this same device, which starts immediately after I initiate it and finishes all right, but this previous message remains there... It's rather annoying honestly speaking. Has anyone gone through this before? any ideas on how I can get rid of this message? Cheers, Sebastian
  14. Hi. I have a fibaro HC Lite and have recently bought a Sonos Play:1. I would like to use the double click of my kitchen light switch to 'play' the speaker and then again to pause it.I've installed the plugin and have it working but I cannot see the device when in the graphical blocks scene builder, nor is it showing as a virtual device.I also tried to get the hcl virtual device to import but it just kept on saying doesn't support LUA code. Even though it was the specific home centre lite virtual device control plugin from the fibaro website.What am I doing wrong? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I only bought the play:1 as it works with FibaroCheers,Steve
  15. HI I am running 4.134 (just updated issue was in 4.133) I have a very simple VD to change a variable Variable is "Position" VD Below PUT /api/globalVariables/Position HTTP/1.1 Host: Authorization: Basic a2VsdmluQHN1ZHMzMi5jby5uejp######## admin user and password (in my case admin is email address) {"name":"Position","value":"Home"} And PUT /api/globalVariables/Position HTTP/1.1 Host: Authorization: Basic a2VsdmluQHN1ZHMzMi5jby########## {"name":"Position","value":"Out"} Screen shots attached. Basically it does not work anymore but I can't work out why, I have other VD's that have stopped working but the Reboot one works fine
  16. I've activated both Fibaro skills last night and successfully linked the Echo to my Fibaro HCL. I was able to control all connected devices through Alexa. This morning Echo indicate that all my devices are offline even though my HCL is online and fully functional. I've disabled the Fibaro skill and reconnected again with no luck. Anyone have an idea how to get this fixed?
  17. I am running a fairly simple setup with some 20 switches/dimmers and about 20 scenes, really nothing fancy. All hardware is Fibaro. The system is freezing or crashing continuously, works fine for a few hours and then stops. I have not been able to find the root cause. Not an expert, but worked professionally with software for 20 years... Have read about poor quality releases and many bugs, but is what I experience specific for me or rather normal?
  18. Does HC Lite support Security S2?
  19. Hi this is my first post! For a long time now I have been trying to get my HCL to send a string to my Raspberry Pi running Domoticz, I have managed to get weather and other devices to feed into the HCL but cannot get the HCL to control lights when setting up a virtual device. Can anyone help me, if I put the below into IE I can turn the light On: If I put the below string into HCL under a virtual device nothing happens: GET /json.htm?type=command&param=switchlight&idx=25&switchcmd=On&level=00x0D0x0A What I want to be able to do is control my LightwaveRF devices from my HCL. All the LightwaveRF devices are working on Domoticz on the Raspberry Pi Could anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Many thanks Vince
  20. I try to coverage a medium area but the relay and other zwave device don't have good coverage also with mesh network. I installed HC2 with HCL (master & slave) on many places on house but don't work properly, I think we need a better antenna. If I colocated the slave on one side of the house some device don't work also a few meter. The house was built with blocks (20 cms) with rock decoration the wall in some places, tempered glass, and steel girders.
  21. Winter has gone and 30 degrees are back in town so time ago I stopped all scenes that control the heating system in the house. We are talking about 16 scenes changed from automatic to manual, but I did not stop the automatic daily restart scene. Immediately after that, the used RAM dropped from 99% to 80%. Now, looking at the RAM usage I can read numbers between 96 and 99% without implementing anything new. Yes it eats RAM, a lot, not known why, not possible to do anything about that. I read that people with FW 4.130 are less happy then 4.120 or 4.110 or xxxxx. Guys nothing changed, it's always the same story. Don't think that a new FW is totally rewritten from zero every time and in the correct way, it is just a bunch of extra coding squeezed inside the other rows of code. Hardware remains the same. Issues remain the same. Sad but true (cit.)
  22. Hello there, Till i write ticket to support i want to ask a community. First of all customer has HCL, so please no lua. Jest received info from a customer that notifications does not work on his iPhone 7. Do you experience same issue or is it working for you? Customer has set some push messages in Notification panel. He set some push on device status change (device configuration) and made some scenes for it. Those scenes were starting manually. Maybe there is topic regarding that and if is, please point me to it. But i do not want to "necrofile" old dead topic.
  23. hi friends! want to do virtual console TVSAT on the Fibaro Lite. For a start, the two buttons on/off Tell me what has to be done in line fibaro:call(id, "setThermostatSetpoint", "", "") below this button included 12 value programmed by me 25 parameter? and what tick to deliver, and which are not? Please send me a screenshot of who is able to configure. not working please help
  24. I do intend to use the RGBW controller in a battery driven device to tell me some status info and to interact with the device, using the outputs of the RGBW. Connection to the device will be fully isolated. All inputs and outputs thru signal relays, to ensure a proper decoupling and level shifting without interference and especially to keep the GND properly separated. creating the 24VDC from the battery using a voltage regulator. When looking at the documentation, the thing I want to implement is like the schematics in figure 7 (http://manuals.fibaro.com/content/manuals/en/FGRGBWM-441/FGRGBWM-441-EN-A-v1.01.pdf), having 4 independent inputs and controlling outputs. I do not need any dimming functionality; it will be simply on and off all interaction with and from the RGBW with momentary contacts/relays. The outputs of the RGBW would drive a relay coil for a second or so to tell the device something (e.g. simulating a key press) What worries me in the figure is that the Green and Blue output are not connected. Is this just for simplification purpose in the figure or are these two outputs in this mode not usable? Anyone using a setup like this?
  25. Hello everybody, I have installed the temperature sensors to my already working system. I added the DS18B20 to the window and door sensors. So all the door and window sensors are configured and used in the HCL system Question is now, which reconfiguration is needed to get the sensors visible as active devices? Soft reconfigure device? I would prefer this one, so I do not loose all the scenes and VDs using the window sensor Reconfigure device? The brute force way, removing and adding the z-wave device? I hope this is not needed thanks for advice kuno
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