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  1. Hi all, I have a question, need help from all the pros. The situation is simple. Given a fibaro heat controller FGT-001 without external temperature sensor. I do understand, open window detection monitoring the change of the temperature, and if within 15 minutes, it is falling rapidly, it took it as a window open, and close the radiator valve. My questions are: - how long it stays closed -what is the difference with rapid open window detection - can i somehow read the parameter if window detection is on, then an alarm would be set after like 10 minutes? -if yes, how? we speaking about a large number of radiators, mostly under or next to a window, and I would like to save on window sensors. Thank you in advance
  2. I don't know if this is normal operation or not, but it seems to me that the antifreeze is configured at 10°C by default. How long has it been freezing at 10°C? Why is it not programmed at 0.5°C which would be more logical? The problem is that I sleep with the window open. And when the temperature drops below 10°C in the room, the valve opens the radiator which leads to a huge loss of energy. I tried to manually set the valve to 4°C, but on the dashboard it still says 10°C... So I had to dismantle the heat regulator in my room... Will this be fixed? What can we do while we wait for this issue to be resolved?
  3. Hi, I have bought five heat controller. Two of them start to blink red regularly when I put them in charging, but after two seconds the red turn to blue and stay here until I disconnect the charger. Anyone know what this means? The remaining ones continue to blink red during charging process. Thanks in advance...
  4. How can I create alternate climate schedule for christmas holiday, when everyone is at home? I would not like to modify the regular one for working/school days. HC3 17 Heat Controllers / 10 Climate Zones
  5. Hello all I am new to Fibaro - unfortunately I have not found anything in the forum on this topic. Goal: In a room with two heaters to work together through a leading room thermostat. But I have the feeling that even though the room controller for temperatur is set (in my case the motion sensor) the temperature is only used by the Heat Controller thermostat. Have I set something incorrectly? Components: Home Center 3 2xHeat Controller 1x Motion Sensor What I have done: Defined a new room Set the motion sensor as the main temperature sensor for the room the 3 devices are connected: 2xHeat Controller 1x Motion Sensor Created a new zone with a schedule Problem: The set temperature is NEVER reached at the motion sensor - even though it should be the leading sensor?! What am I doing wrong
  6. Drodzy użytkownicy, W związku z utrudnieniami spowodowanymi ostatnią aktualizacją zdecydowaliśmy się rozpocząć akcję serwisową głowic FIBARO Heat Controller, w których doszło do usterki w procesie aktualizacji. Prosimy o bezpośredni kontakt z [email protected]. Zespół objaśni dokładnie cały proces postępowania i zbierze informacje potrzebne do darmowej wysyłki. Osoby, które zgłosiły już problem do naszego Działu Wsparcia Technicznego powinny otrzymać instrukcję niebawem. Raz jeszcze bardzo przepraszamy za wszystkie napotkane utrudnienia.
  7. Dear users, Due to the inconvenience caused by the latest update we decided to launch a servicing program of FIBARO Heat Controllers that were affected during the update. Please reach us directly via email address: [email protected] and you will be guided through the process. The team will ask for a number of details to arrange free shipping. Those of you who have have already reached our technical support and opened a ticket with them can skip the above step. You will receive the instruction shortly. Once again we are very sorry about the inconvenience.
  8. Hi guys, I have 7 heat controllers in HC3 at home. Three of seven are gone after few week using. I'm using only two heat schedules per day (morning and evening). Every time when heat controller is gone is: heat controller is fully open (full heating), any response on manual control, any response with control in HC3. Led ring not work, I can't do reset to factory reset (any response on holding button). Device looks like good in HC3, but nothing doing. Any ideas? Today was third dead Thanks
  9. Drogi użytkowniku, Pragniemy poinformować, że w związku z problemami z ostatnią aktualizacją oprogramowania 4.9 urządzenia FIBARO Heat Controller została ona tymczasowa wstrzymana. W związku z tym, prosimy by nie podejmować prób aktualizacji. Poinformujemy o jej przywróceniu. WAŻNE: W przypadku, gdy przeprowadziłeś już aktualizację i nie powiodła się ona prosimy by NIE USUWAĆ Fibaro Heat Controller z systemu. Może to doprowadzić do utraty responsywności urządzenia. Nasz zespół pracuje właśnie nad rozwiązaniem problemu i postaramy się informować o postępach na bieżąco. W celu przyśpieszenia procesu prosimy o umieszczanie wszelkich szczegółów dotyczących aktualizacji w tym wątku. Jeśli chcesz otworzyć osobne zgłoszenie, prosimy o kontakt z naszym działem wsparcia technicznego pod adresem [email protected] Bardzo przepraszamy za zaistniałą sytuację i wszelkie utrudnienia nią spowodowane.
  10. Dear users, We would like to inform you that due to the problems with the latest 4.9 update we had to temporarily suspend it. We ask that you do not proceed with the update for now. We will inform you when the update is available again. IMPORTANT: If you have already proceeded with the update and it failed, we ask that you DO NOT remove your Heat Controller from the system. It may affect it affect it responsiveness. The team is already working on a solution and we will do our best to inform you about the progress. To speed up the process please post all your remarks and details regarding update 4.9 in this thread: Update 4.9 related topics Should you decide to raise a separate ticket, please reach our technical support via email address [email protected] We would like to apologize for the inconvenience.
  11. I explain, in summer, i put my heat controllers in summer mode. For that i execute this commands: 1. api.post("/devices/"..id.."/action/setThermostatMode", {args = {"ManufacturerSpecific"}}) 2. api.put("/devices/"..id, {parameters = {{id = 2, value = 0, size = 4},{id = 3, value = 1, size = 4}}, useTemplate = true}) 3. api.post("/devices/"..id.."/action/setProtection", {args={"2"}}) 4. api.put("/devices/"..api.get("/devices/"..id).parentId, {properties = {pollingInterval = -1}}) 5. api.put("/devices/"..id, {properties = {saveLogs = false}, enabled = false, visible = false}) (1) I set my heat Controllers in Manufacturer Specific, but after few hours, he return to Heat parameter. For summer, the heat controllers must be fully open. (2) I change the parameters for deactivate OpenWindow notification and other. This command work, but the informations displaying in the HC3 not refresh data... Have a idea for force a "refreshStates" command to HC3 ? (3) It's the same with point (2), he work but not refreshed on HC3. (4) Copy this command normally sended by HC3 when i change the properties of the device. (I don't know what this command is for.) (5) Disabled heat controllers for be sure not be changed by the HC3 in the futur. But after few hours, the heat controllers return to Heat mode... Have you a idea, why heat controllers return to Heat mode after few hours and why when i change the parameters, the HC3 not refresh display data ? P.S. In my script, for be sure the HC3 not interfer with heat Controllers, i have deactivate the climat zones: Thanks for your help !
  12. Hi finaly i mounted my last Heat Controler 7/7. Firmware updated from 4.6 —> 4.7 With extra temperature sensor. Now with this last one i have the problem that in my HC3 under Notifications it keeps saying Calibration Failure.. Did try to do it bij hand, did a soft recalibration and still problem is not fixed. Temperature is doing well and it reacts to commando’s of setting a specific temperature. Just keeps trying to do a calibration. Are more of you having this problem.? And if so is there a way to solve this.? 5/7 i could install without any problems. Just 2 are give me a hard time, one is going back for warrenty ( after update the button doesn’t work anymore, other topic ), and now a other problem. So before i sent the first one back i have to know if i can fix this calibration problem.
  13. Hi there, I'm running a heat controller on fw 4.3 with a issue (running on a non-fibaro controller). When installed on a valve with the RA-N adapter the controller stays in a open position, turning the knob to white doesn't do anything and calibration closes the valve for a second and than open again. After the calibration the controller still don't close. I tried to install the controller on a other valve (one without the need for a adapter) and the controller works perfectly. Hope somebody can help me to figure this out. Cheers Alexander
  14. Hello I have following issue: my heat controller is installed in a seperate room (on the collector) and the bluetooth controller has not enough reach. The temperature sensor of the smoke detector is set as main buth the heat controller does not regulate according this temperature but uses its own internal sensor as reference (the storage room temperature). Is there an easy way if regulating this? I tried thermostat plugin but did not succeed. Would a seperate thermostat do the job? It's for childrens bedroom so the simpelest will do. Anyone can recommand a type? Thanks!
  15. Hi Apologies if this is in the wrong topic. I am hoping that someone may be able to point me in the right direction. Whst I'm not a novice, I'm certainly no expert with Fibaro having set my last house up. However in my new house I'm going to give the Heat Controller a try and I've failed at the first hurdle. Initially I have a heat controller to replace my TRV on the radiators and I want to use my old spare FGS 211 relay at the boiler. Can anyone help me with the wiring into the relay please. I'm going to be disconnecting my wireless receiver and replacing it with the relay. I'm unsure where the 2 cables that call for heat connect to on the relay. Thanks in advance.
  16. Jak pisałem w innym wątku, testuje głowice Heat Controller z zewnętrznym czujnikiem temperatury. Zgodnie z informacją w instrukcji jeden czujnik można połączyć z maksymalnie trzema głowicami. Wczoraj usunąłem obie głowice z centralki, zresetowałem je do ustawień fabrycznych, dodałem do centralki a następnie sparowałem z czujnikiem temperatury. Obie głowice przypisałem do jednego pomieszczenia, które zostało objęte harmonogramem. Po tych wszystkich operacjach w końcu głowice poprawnie pracują w/g harmonogramu (wzbudzona głowica sygnalizuje pracę z harmonogramem poprzez pulsowanie pierścienia na zielono), aczkolwiek co kilka godzin, jedna z głowic traci połączenie z zewnętrznym czujnikiem temperatury: Nie ma znaczenia, czy czujnik przypisany do głowicy był oznaczony jako "domyślny" dla pokoju. Obecnie na liście urządzeń widzę coś takiego: Czy ma ktoś jakiś pomysł jak się z tym uporać? Czy jeżeli nie sparuje głowicy 27.1 z zewnętrznym czujnikiem, ukryję czujnik wewnętrzny (27.2) i pozostawię czujnik 32.2 jako domyślny dla pokoju, to obie głowice przypisane do tego pokoju będą pracowały względem tego czujnika? Muszę przyznać, że produkt sam w sobie mi się podoba, ale na tym etapie nie powinien jeszcze zostać wypuszczony na rynek...
  17. Testuje obecnie dwie głowice HC (FGCD-001 ZW5) sparowane z jednym, zewnętrznym czujnikiem temperatury (FGBRS-001). Po sparowaniu czujnika z głowicami, w zakładce "Zaawansowane" głowicy opcja "opcjonalny czujnik temperatury połączony i przesyła dane" jest zaznaczona. Mimo to, nigdzie nie jestem w stanie znaleźć wskazań temperatury mierzonej przez w/w czujnik. Będę wdzięczny za wskazanie gdzie mogę znaleźć tą informację.
  18. Hi guys, Hub : ipad iOS 12 Heat controller firmware: 1.1.0 I have a problem with my heat controller homekit version. I have the heat controller in my bedroom and my ipad in the kitchen. On the ipad, the heat controller is not responding while another brand (eve thermo ) works perfectly. I would like to know if it possible to upgrade the firmware and how to do it? Best regards, Romain
  19. Hi Fibaro. I am using the Heat Controler with Homekit automation for some time now. No major problems with exception to frequent calibrations (which you need to address by the way). My issue is that whenever the Controller starts its cycle of descaling or calibration or whatever it is doing (engine works loudly for a couple of seconds), it doesn’t resume the temperature setting it had before. It sets itself to 20 degrees Celsious. I have to set the temperature back to its previous setup manually from automation again. My mode is set to manual and hold. The temparature is set by automation. My hub is atv4k. Could you please help with this?
  20. Hi, I have a problem when linking my heat controller to window sensor. What I want to achieve is that despite of schedules, when the window in the room gets opened, the heat controller should close the valve. When the window is open again, it should return to the normal operating mode. Both the heater and window sensor are linked to the same room. Both up to date regarding software version. I can see a read only parameter 'Opened window detected' but it never gets set. Can you help me and point me out what has to be set to make it work like 'smart home' should? Regards PeCe
  21. Hi, I am currently installing my heat controllers and have several rooms with multiple heaters. I am looking for an option to link the heat controllers within one room, so that if I change the target heat on one controller it is send to the other controllers in the room. I tried to crate an association but it is not stored. What would be the proper way to solve this?
  22. Minęło kilka miesięcy i pomimo zapewnień Fibaro moje termostaty nadal nie spełniają kilku przydatnych funkcji: 1) wytrzymałości na baterii powyżej trzech tygodni 2) odczytywania temperatury z dokupionego czujnika 3) regulowania temperatury zgodnie z nastawą Aktualizacji oprogramowania, przewidywanego czasu naprawy problemów - brak. W związku z powyższym chciałbym zwrócić dwa termostaty i dwa czujniki - towar nie jest zgodny z umową. Na jaki adres powinienem je wysłać?
  23. Hej, od wczoraj dzieje się coś dziwnego z termostatem w jednym z moich pokoi. Jak widać na screenie mam tam zestaw z czujnikiem temperatury. Sytuacja wygląda w taki sposób, że termostat jest cały czas otwarty, pomimo nastawy niższej niż aktualna temperatura w pokoju. Prawie się ugotowaliśmy w nocy. Pomogło dopiero ustawienie termostatu na OFF, dopiero wtedy się zamknął. O co tu chodzi??
  24. Witajcie, mam pomieszczenie, w którym głowica jest trochę osłonięta (t.j. jest wpuszczona w szafkę częściowo w otwartą półkę - rezultat rozwiązania konstrukcyjnego). Na urządzeniu mam temp 22. Ustawiam harmonogram na 22-23 stopnie. Dodatkowo zainstalowałem w pomieszczeniu czujnik ruchu, który ma przede wszystkim robić za czujnik temperatury. Na nim mam <20 stopni. Jest on ustawiony jako czujnik temperatury dla pomieszczenia. Pomimo ustawienia harmonogramu na 22 stopnie i ustawienia czujnika jako punktu odniesienia dla temperatury, grzejnik chodzi na swoim nastawie 22 stopnie i pomieszczenie się nie dogrzewa. Jak to skonfigurować by osiągać w pomieszczeniu 22 stopnie?
  25. I have just got a Heat Controller as a gift. However, our home has RAVL valves with a diameter of 26mm. The Heat controller does not have an adapter for this type. Has anyone got any experience with this problem and how to solve it? I really like the Fibaro Heat Controller and would be sad to have to go for another option.
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