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Found 46 results

  1. Hey Fibaro family! A user from Singapore here wanting to make his unsmart home a bit smarter. So my dining room lights and stuff are using Philips Hue, no issue there, but my study room light I wanted to go with a ceiling light, and I wasn't willing to pay 400-500USD for a single Philips Hue Ceiling light, so I got a normal ceiling light. Now in Singapore (Not sure about other countries) the light switches at the wall have no neutral wire, and I get that. I'm quite blessed that my ceiling light is quite big and has a cover so I figured why not connect the switch inside the light itself, hidden underneath the cover. My uncle who's a certified electrician did exactly as the YouTube video said, Live wire into L (beside Q), then a new live wire from Q out to the light itself. The neutral (blue) wire from the ceiling goes into a wire connector, split out to 2, one into the light and another into N port of the switch. Now when I switch on my mains, there's a green light that shows on the switch for like 1-2 seconds, and then it switches off. I can't pair the switch via scanning the Homekit code whatsoever. Any suggested solutions as to what I'm doing wrong? Also, is the S1 and other L switch supposed to be in use? Cuz the manual suggests connecting it to the switch, but I'm placing my switch where the light is at the ceiling so.... hmmm.
  2. Hello, Apple Home app indicates, that there is update for Flood sensor. Did anybody successufuly updated Flood sensor via Fibaro HomeKit app? I have screenshot from customer, that it is not there. I have sent him following article translated to CZ (https://manuals.fibaro.com/knowledge-base-browse/updating-fibaro-homekit-accessory/). @I.Srodka, what is last version of Flood sensor (HomeKit one)? Regards, Jakub
  3. Witajcie! Mam pytanie do posiadaczy Motion Sensor dla HomeKit. Czy udało wam się ustawić powiadomienia dla konkretnego czasu? Ustawiam okres powiadomień dla zakresu godzinowego, mimo to dostaję powiadomienia cały czas . Macie jakiś pomysł w tej chwili jedynym wyjściem z sytuacji jest włączanie powiadomień jak każdym razem jak wychodzimy z domu i wyłączanie jak wracamy.
  4. Hello, My light switch has 2 wires as you can see in the drawing. Is the scheme I have correct for using Single Switch? Thank you for your response.
  5. I am trying to establish a direct connection between my raspberry PI 3 and Fibaro Motion HomeKit Sensor via BLE. Connection works, however i don't know the UUID and the characteristics UUID of the motion sensor result. Any ideas how to find the correct UUID?
  6. I am a new fibaro user. I bought flood sensor. I have Apple TV gen 4. I have iPad set as home hub. When at home both the home app and fibaro app update. When away from home i receive errors in both apps and they simply show "updating" or "two devices not responding". Can anyone help me? Thank you
  7. Hello guys, Is it just me or in app Fibaro for Homekit devices and in Home app it is unable to add any sensor into a scene (Automation type). I saw this with Flood sensor and D/W sensor. And i get that device is read-only. I want to read temperature and use it as a sensor for condition, not an acurator. I would like to test some heating control and use flood sensor as temperature sensor. Acurator is Fibaro Homekit switch. @T.Konopka or @I.Srodka, any ideas how to add sensor to a condition? Screenshot from app Fibaro for homekit devices:
  8. I have four door/window sensors compatible with HomeKit. Each consumes a brand new battery every three months or so. Is this right? For some reason, I have been under the impression that the battery should last over one year.
  9. Im not sure is this the correct thread to start this topic, but i didn't find another relatad to iphone app for HomeKit devices. Im using app version 1.6.1(1) So my issues are: - iphoneX support. - temperature units in settings (tired from Fahrenheit). There must be an option to change units
  10. Hi All, I recently bought 2 Fibaro Homekit enabled single switches. Tried to install one of them behind one wall light switch. The light switch is "ON/OFF" type and contains 2 wires: a live one and a neutral one. I split the neutral one in 2 using a 3 line connector similar to the video in the presentation of socket installation and connected one to the N terminal of Fibaro and the other one to the Q terminal. The Live connector goes to L terminal (next to Q) and the switch itself is connected to the second L and the S1. The pairing is successful with Homekit but the device will switch On the light and the will disconnect quickly. The app shows "connection fault" Any input on this situation?
  11. https://smartapfel.de/fibaro-stellt-vier-neue-homekit-produkte-vor/ and translated with google: Fibaro introduces four new HomeKit products From Yannic - 1 September 2017 4 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Fibaro is actually known for its Z-Wave products. At the end of last year , the Polish manufacturer for the first time trusted the HomeKit market. In addition to the door and window sensor and the motion detector, Fibaro also published the first Wassermelder with HomeKit Integration. In July, the CO sensor followed . Now the manufacturer has introduced four more HomeKit products at the IFA in Berlin. Fibaro Wall Plug The slim connector can be easily clamped between the consumer and the socket and can then be switched on and off. Just like the competition, the Fibaro WallPlug can also measure the power consumption. Fibaro Single Switch The Fibaro Single Switch can be hidden in wall switches and flush mounted boxes. Thus, for example, in the case of lamps with several light bulbs, it is no longer necessary to replace each bulb with a HomeKit-capable, but the flush-mounted module allows control via the light switch. Fibaro The Button The button works like a simple switch. Depending on how the button is pressed, up to three different HomeKit scenes can be controlled with one button. The switch is to be available in eight different colors. Fibaro Radiator Thermostat For the first time, Fibaro is also fond of heating control. In addition to the Z-Wave version, there will also be a HomeKit version. Like the Eve Thermo , the Fibaro Radiator Thermostat should replace the radiator thermostat . In contrast to the competition, Fibaro uses a built-in battery. This can be loaded via a USB port. A charge should be sufficient for a complete heating period. The built-in temperature sensor also enables automatic detection of open windows. At the moment, the information on the individual products is still rather poor. As soon as we know more, we will tell you of course. Fibaro Motionsensor Apple Homekit, 1 piece, FIB_FGBHMS-001 Price: 54,00 EUR Fibaro Door / Window Sensor, 1 piece, white, FIB_FGBHDW-002-1 Price: 58,90 EUR Fibaro Flood Sensor Apple Homekit, 1 piece, FIB_FGBHFS-101 Price: 68,46 EUR
  12. http://www.zizauto.com/goods.php?id=147 What is this? seems to be endorsed by Apple
  13. I bought a raspberrypi, is trying to bridge the homekit, who has this experience in detail can tell me? thank you very much
  14. Hi All, I've bought a new Fibaro motion sensor compatible with HomeKit. For some reason when I try to put in to inclusion mode, pressing the "B" button 3 times, nothing happens. The fibaro App on my phone picks up the new device via bluetooth, but I've lost my homekit access code. Is there any way for me to recover this code? Or is there a reason the motion sensor does not go in to inclusion mode with the latest model?
  15. I bought the HomeKit Flood sensor but starting to regret. 1. Functionality is not the same as Z-wave version. Can not be wireless powered. 2. I need to configure the tamper function to off. The manual states that you can but the app doesn't? The Only thing the manual states is use a compatible app! If I don't solve this I can't use the device... Any ideas?
  16. Hi, can the LEDs of the HomeKit-Version of the Fibaro Motion Sensor be deactivated? Unfortunately I did not found an option for that in the Fibaro-HomeKit-App nor in an other HomeKit-App. Hope you can help me. Luke11
  17. I have found an interesting info on connecting Z-Wave + ZigBee + HomeKit Bridge : https://9to5mac.com/2017/01/06/focalcrest-announces-mixtile-hub-to-bridge-existing-zigbee-and-z-wave-smart-home-products-into-homekit-siri-control/ https://www.macrumors.com/2017/01/06/ces-2017-mixtile-homekit-hub/
  18. Miałem okazję sprawdzić jak działa HomeKit Apple oraz nowe moduły Fibaro for HomeKit. Jeżeli ktoś jest ciekawy jak to wygląda w praktyce, to zapraszam do przeczytania http://applemobile.pl/testujemy-fibaro-homekit-pierwsze-urzadzenia-inteligentnego-domu-fibaro-wspolpracujace-z-platforma-homekit-od-apple/
  19. I want to ask when fibaro or planned to build server in China?Hc2 in China many functions are not all very embarrassed, and fibaro the hc2 equipment for receiving homekit? thinkes
  20. Dear users, We noticed that there is a confusion on the forum, therefore we would like to inform you that FIBARO produces devices working with Apple HomeKit platform and Z-Wave protocol. These are two separate product lines. FIBARO follows the newest trends, we are innovative and flexible therefore we decided to introduce devices working with Apple HomeKit platform - dedicated for intelligent home solutions. FIBARO introduces the first three devices working with HomeKit platform: Motion Sensor, Flood Sensor, Door/Window Sensor. We assure you that we continue to develop and expand our Z-Wave system. Moreover, be informed that there are two mobile apps: Fibaro App and Fibaro for HomeKit Connected Devices, they are dedicated for two separate lines of products. We plan to introduce at least a few new products working with Apple HomeKit platform and Z-Wave system in the next year.
  21. Dear Fibaro, In Juni, Apple announced that Fibaro will support Homekit. Yesterday they did another announcement stating that it support it now... (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8c-bYUQyw_M - Watch as from 58min) At least a communication towards your customers would be nice. Am I missing something? Or are we talking about another Fibaro company with the same logo? Thx Dre
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