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  1. Fibaro is great company with great products that are also compatible with Samsung SmartThings Hub / system. Are there any plans for Fibaro Intercom and SmartThings integration? (simple things like, accepting push for call, button for opening gate for start)
  2. Hello, I bought Fibaro Intercom, and was very disappointed after figuring out that there is Android application, but only for usage, and not for configuration/settings. Anyhow, I have good neighbor who borrowed me iPhone for several minutes to do one-time installation and configuration of Fibaro Intercom. Anyway, I still do not understand, what are Fibaro plans for Android Intercom application, will it have settings options? will I be able to listen history and do video recordings playback? If answer is yes, please provide any ETA, how long does we (users) need to wait for such a features? If answer is no plans, then please write, big letters, on your Intercom product documentation that "Android application is not supported with settings and all features" Also, other option would be, having a web interface, where configuration and some playback features are possible...
  3. Have you tried hikvision intercom devices with Fibaro HC2? Looks like they support SIP and pretty cheap. https://sassec.wordpress.com/2015/09/14/highlights-hikvision-ip-intercom-familly/
  4. Hi Fibaro Team, I kindly ask to support me to solve some problems. 1. The ipad where I´m running your app on doesnt ring when it is locked. I have to leave it always on when I want to be notified about a visitor. Thats not really acceptable from several points. 2. The sound is scratchy and there are cuts in transmission, so several words may be missed. Not acceptable for an Intercom at all. 3. I also experienced that the ring function stops working sometimes on the device itself. I press the ring button an nothing happens. Normally it makes a sound with blinking blue lights. Sometimes it does not and in this case no notifications are sent to the iOS devices. The Intercom needs to be restarted to get it work again. 4. The ring tone cannot be changed. The app ring tone it horrible. The problems exist on both WiFi and LAN connection. I really love the disign of this cute device but all the points above make it unusable at all. Thanks Alex
  5. I’ve hard wired the LAN to my Fibaro Intercom. The app discovers it and as I get to the point of finishing the set up a screen appears that says “Registering the device this may take a while” after about 2 mins the system times out and I start all over again. I’ve tried doing this multiple times but I’m unable to get through this step. I’ve tried using the wireless network but the same happens. Obviously both the LAN and wireless network work. I’ve also tried setting the LAN manually and assigning a static IP but the same happened. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?
  6. Guest


    Hello intercom users, Yesterday I had an indication of a firmware update in the intercom app and spontaneously clicked on update and waited. At 29% was the end and I have finished the app after a long wait. Now I have the firmware version 4.1.4_85_e0ec43a_REL - is this a new version?
  7. It's clear to me that LILI has been removed from this latest release and therefore also the icon in the bottom bar of the APP, but i can't understand why the Fibaro Intercom icon was also deleted, and it was removed the APP from the Apple store. Even though it has never worked well is still the only application with which i'm managing my home VoIP network to which the videogate is also connected? What does fibaro have in mind? And above all what does the HC2 user who based his project on this application for the management of VoIP clients, if you want to remove this app? I am astonished Enrico
  8. Hello! Yesterday a new article was published in our Knowledge Base: FIBARO Intercom in FIBARO Home Center Interface The article presents how to connect the FIBARO Intercom with our Home Center and general interface appearance. I think it's quite informative article and it's worth reading it : )
  9. Hello! This is a piece from our Knowledge Base but I think it's also worth sharing it here: https://manuals.fibaro.com/knowledge-base-browse/fibaro-intercom-ios-app-installation/ It's a description of a setup process of the FIBARO Intercom on iOS.
  10. Intercom freezes once in a while - runs fine for several days and then stops spontaneously communicating, however is still reachable over app. No more rings/calls broadcasted. After a reboot over app intercom works fine again - however leads to missed calls at the door which is annoying - Unreliable performance is difficult especially when away. Intercom is hardwired with PoE. Anyone same experience or solution? Thank you Pfirry
  11. I am reading through the intercom manual and still there are some things not clear to me: The intercom does not support the Zwave, how does it communicate with the Home center? Is it possible to control a gate via an actor and not with the internal intercom relays? if not what's the benefit to have it installed together with a Fibaro installation?
  12. Does anyone have experience with connecting and configuring the external relays - the available documentation and the manuals are very poor and minimalistic. Thank you
  13. Is there no Intercom App for the iPad - or for the desktop/OsX ? Notification/Ring to the iPhone app is unfortuntaly only inconsistently working.
  14. Burhan


    Hi people, When I try to register/login to the intercom (VoIP client) app on my iPad, I get this error message: "Username contains illegal characters" Does anybody know how to fix this? Think I almost tried everything /B
  15. I am racking my brain how i can wire a FGS-222 double relay 2 to my 2 wire intercom. I have read the manual and realized it does not have a COM input showing with in the BUS line input. I included a wiring diagram showing the only two connections i have to work with. I know that to activate the door and gate are both dry NO (no contact) connections. powering isn't an issue, its just trying to figure out what wires go where, being it doesn't have COM input... Any pointers or advice would be great! Thanks!!
  16. I just saw those on video from ISE 2017 with DoorBird and i found them great in terms of design. That 3 button version seems to have button/display. According to my info, they will be released this year.
  17. Hello! I'm trying to install a video doorbell that allows bidirectional audio with the Fibaro Intercom interface. I've found a way to use an IP camera with a double relay that can do the trick as a video doorbell minus the audio. There's no problem it is a WiFi product like Skybell HD, I just want to use it within the Fibaro Intercom with video and audio. Thanks!!
  18. Hi all, Has anyone tried to make a Ritto intercom smart? I've started a project like this and would like to ask if anyone has had experience with this so far. For the setup I'm thinking to use a Fibaro universal sensor and a qubino fluash 1D relay running from the 26VDC powering the intercom. My idea is that there is a led which turns on whenever someone rings the bell so I'd use the universal sensor to pick up that and send me a notification. Is that possible with the universal sensor? To be able to open the door I'm planning to use the relay that would switch the button. Already soldered two wires to the legs of the button and tried if it works if I short them manually. It does work, so I assume it would work with the relay as well. I'd appreciate any experience, ideas. I'll keep this topic updated as I proceed with my project. Cheers, Marton
  19. We test intercom which fully works with the system Fibaro. Currently, intercom works with IOS, iPad and iPhone apps. Tested on 4,061 beta. Price : 595 euro Shipping whole Europe: 15 euro
  20. I have IP BELL Plugin for door intercom. There are two buttons on the device : "Open Door 1" and "Open Door 2" I want to make a virtual device from where I could call these buttons. I tried : "fibaro:call(577, "pressButton", "1") where 577 is ID of my IP BELL device and I assumed that buttons for opening the doors are "1" and "2" respectively but this does not work. Any hint / advise on this ...
  21. Cebit 2016 Fibaro intercome sample first view
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