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Found 6 results

  1. I have moved to the HC3 and trying to work out how the LUA programming works. The HC2 programming seemed a lot more logical and I am struggling to work out how to convert some of my old routines over. One of the first routines is remotes. Setting this up by blocks wouldn't work as it looks like I'd have to setup a scene for each button for each remote. Could someone help tell me how to convert this simple program into a HC3 computable version? --[[%% properties13 sceneActivation%% globals--]]local buttonPressed = fibaro:getValue(13, "sceneActivation")if ( tonumber(buttonPressed) == 1) thenfibaro:debug("MiniMote button 1 pressed")elseif ( tonumber(buttonPressed) == 2) thenfibaro:debug("MiniMote button 2 pressed")elseif ( tonumber(buttonPressed) == 3) thenfibaro:call(4, "turnOn")fibaro:debug("MiniMote button 3 pressed - Light ON")elseif ( tonumber(buttonPressed) == 4) thenfibaro:call(4, "turnOff")fibaro:debug("MiniMote button 4 pressed - Light OFF")elseif ( tonumber(buttonPressed) == 5) thenfibaro:debug("MiniMote button 5 pressed")elseif ( tonumber(buttonPressed) == 6) thenfibaro:debug("MiniMote button 6 pressed")elseif ( tonumber(buttonPressed) == 7) thenfibaro:debug("MiniMote button 7 pressed")elseif ( tonumber(buttonPressed) == ? thenfibaro:debug("MiniMote button 8 pressed")elsefibaro:debug("No response")end Thanks
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Aeon Labs Minimote Icons (black and white)
  3. Hi , does anybody know anyway to get the battery level/status from a minimote remote control If I look at the device parameters through the api their doesn't seem to be any parameter for battery level which surprised me {"id":851,"name":"Twins Minimote W","roomID":15,"type":"com.fibaro.remoteController","baseType":"com.fibaro.actor","enabled":true,"visible":true,"isPlugin": false,"parentId":850,"remoteGatewayId":0,"interfaces":["zwave","zwaveSceneActivation","zwaveSceneActivationEvent"], "properties":{"parameters":[{"id":241,"lastReportedValue":0,"lastSetValue":0,"size":1,"value":0},{"id":242,"lastReportedValue":0,"lastSetValue":0,"size":1,"value":0},{"id":243,"lastReportedValue":0,"lastSetValue":0,"size":1,"value":0},{"id":244,"lastReportedValue":0,"lastSetValue":0,"size":1,"value":0},{"id":245,"lastReportedValue":0,"lastSetValue":0,"size":1,"value":0},{"id":246,"lastReportedValue":0,"lastSetValue":0,"size":1,"value":0},{"id":247,"lastReportedValue":0,"lastSetValue":0,"size":1,"value":0},{"id":248,"lastReportedValue":0,"lastSetValue":0,"size":1,"value":0}], "pollingTimeSec":0,"zwaveCompany":"AEON Labs","zwaveInfo":"2,2,78","zwaveVersion":"1.19", "availableScenes":"[{\"name\":\"\",\"sceneId\":7},{\"name\":\"\",\"sceneId\":3}]", "configured":true,"dead":"false","deviceControlType":"0", "deviceIcon":"103","emailNotificationID":"0","emailNotificationType":"0","endPointId":"0", "liliOffCommand":"","liliOnCommand":"","log":"","logTemp":"","manufacturer":"", "markAsDead":"true","model":"","nodeId":"62","parametersTemplate":"200", "productInfo":"0,134,0,1,0,3,1,19","pushNotificationID":"0","pushNotificationType": "0","remoteGatewayId":"0","saveLogs":"true","sceneActivation":"3","serialNumber":"","smsNotificationID":"0", "smsNotificationType":"0","useTemplate":"true","userDescription":""},"actions":{"reconfigure":0,"sceneActivationSet":0},"created":1508664192,"modified":1508664192,"sortOrder":584} does anybody have another way ? or is it not possible because it has a rechargeable battery ? The device in the UI has no battery indicator either (lower right) no battery indicator regular battery powered device Thanks
  4. Hi, Here is a project to create a dedicated sonos room remote using a minimote remote control. One of my kids asked if they could have a simple remote for the sonos player in their bedroom and this is what I created I use the sonos-http-api but I'm sure it could be adapted for the other methods to control sonos with the HC2 This is what we are creating ... 4 single press functions pre-programed Vol-, Vol+ are self explanatory PlayPause - this cycles between play and pause. If no music is selected (like just after a player powers up) then this button will select one of the radio favourites and start playing Favorites - allows you to cycle through your radio favorites with each button press.(more on this later) 4 long press functions can be programed These can be anything from starting a scene to selecting line in In the remote I created, the ling press functions are Sat Line In, ungroup zone, start Bedtime scene and one empty. Lets get started..... The solution has two parts A scene to interpret the button press and direct them to a VD Both scene and the VD are included at he bottom of the post. I use the one scene to interpret two minimote remote controls so adjust as you see fit You only need one scene even if you use multiple remotes/rooms and but you will need one VD per room If you don't use a HomeTable, please comment out this line wherever you see it local jT = json.decode(fibaro:getGlobalValue("HomeTable")) SCENE CONFIGURATION At the start of the scene amend with the ID of your minimote device id's to trigger the scene --[[ %% properties 851 sceneActivation 856 sceneActivation %% events %% globals --]] Adjust the references to the target Sonos RC VD(s) sonosVD1 = jT.vd.OfficeSonosRC sonosVD2 = jT.vd.GuestSonosRC Adjust the reference (851 below) to the remote at the start of each remote block of code if startSource["type"] == "property" and devID == 851 then And that's it for the scene..... VD CONFIGURATION This VD has the 4 single press functions programmed and the place to program the 4 long button presses as well Import the VD and add the IP address and port (probably 5005) of your sonos-htti-api and name and select room accordingly In the code for Button 1 to 4 amend the sonos player name to suit your player local zone = "Office" Button 4 contains a table with your favorites Amend the name in quotes in the table to match your sonos setup fav = {[1] = "4FM", [2] = "96FM", [3] = "Calm", [4] = "Heart", [5] = "Red_FM"} The code cycles through 5 favorites but can easily be adjusted to cycle through less or more You also need a place to store the current favorite and I use my Hometable for this by adding a entry to the respective room Add the highlighted entry to each room you have a remote for. Adjust the Button 4 code to match this reference local f = tonumber(jT.office.RadFav) + 1 if f > 5 then f = 1 end jT.office.RadFav = f fibaro:setGlobal("HomeTable", json.encode(jT)) s = Net.FHttp(ipaddress, port) r = s:GET("/"..zone.."/favorite/"..fav[f].."") If you don't use a HomeTable contact me and I'll help you create a global to do the same thing The final part is then to add functions to Buttons 5 to 8 that represent long presses of buttons 1-4 You don't need to if you don't want to I created these icons - There not great and if somebody has another one I'll gladly swap out for VD for Scene That's it Hopefully this will be of use to a couple of forum users, _af Minimote Sonoc RC.lua Office_Sonos_RC.vfib
  5. Hello from Mexico, I have just updated to 4.049 and I'm not able to configure the parameters on the minimote unless I make it through a virtual device. Also something funny: When I ID the minimote and press the 2 uper buttons they send the code to open the aeotec micro motor controller and the 2 lower buttons send the close code, evethough I have not paired them up yet or done any programming. Anyone have had this? Gracias
  6. I have tested Aeon Labs Minimote and Zwave.me RC2 (Formerly Duwi). Both these remotes get added to HCL but they wont work without LUA. Is there any way to make this work?
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